LNTMG-(61) Elementary School Student

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Song Yi rarely comes to visit, so Xia Ye stayed with him for a day. School started right after summer vacation, so he and Han Yichen had to go back to school.

  Song Yi drove himself back to Qizhou in the morning, but Han Yichen wanted to invite Sing Yi to dinner, he had fought together alongside him, and he now regarded Song Yi as one of his brothers.

  Song Yi stayed for a while and had dinner with them at noon, since the two high school students still had classes in the afternoon, so they found a restaurant near the school and ate grilled fish.

  After school was over, Xia Ye and Han Yichen came out wearing their school uniforms. Song Yu was sitting and was already waiting for them, he was wearing a well-dressed suit, and looked like he was a successful person.

  Han Yichen was very excited when he saw him, he put down his schoolbag and said enthusiastically: “Lao Song, the grilled fish in this shop is superb, it’s delicious! Wait, I know a small shop also has some good specials, I’ll buy one for you, his family opens in the afternoon, if you miss it, it will be all gone!”

  Song Yi wanted to stop him, but Han Yichen had already ran out.

  Xia Ye smiled and said: “It’s okay, you let him go.” He brought Song Yi a cup of tea, and asked while drinking, “By the way, what’s the matter with the person you fired before? Old Ape felt uneasy that something might have happened between you two, since you are both his juniors.”


  After signing the contract, Song Yi had nothing to hide from the boss. He explained: “He didn’t have dirty hands and feet, but it’s just that he was in contact with people from the Qin family. Mrs. Zhuang’s assistant helped us with this and let me know, so when I confronted him about this, he admitted it.”

  Xia Ye was silent for a moment, patted his shoulder and said, “You were right, I should thank you.”

  ”It’s my job.”

  Old Ape is a good old man, he is usually kind, and feels that everyone is good. He belongs to the kind who takes half of the blame even if it was his junior who made that mistake, but Song Yi was different from him. He takes the company more seriously. Xia Ye is the core of the company, and naturally there couldn’t be any room for even a small mistake. Especially when he heard that Xia Ye and Zhuang Ya were at odds that day, he was clear in the choices he had to make. He knew that it was impossible for such a person to stay in the company.

  Song Yi has never shown mercy to others or to even himself because that’s his principle.

  This is what Xia Ye admired most.

  Song Yi sat there as he laughed: “You are much better than me. When I was a teenager, I only knew how to study in college for my test, and I didn’t know what to do next. Meanwhile, you’re still in high school, and you already have your future set out.”

  Xia Ye said: “You are still young too.”

  Song Yi shook his head, “It’s not entirely a matter of age, I’ve only managed to find something to do. A gap that separates people from one another, it was hard for me to admit this, but when I first saw you, I knew that it was true.” He traced his finger alongside the edge of his teacup, and said emotionally, “The most terrifying thing is that you know what you want to do, and what you want at such a young age, I would have been lost if I won pot of gold.”

  Xia Ye glanced at him unexpectedly. Song Yi had always been a person who had an air of confidence, this was the first time that he was really understanding him.

  The two whispered a few words, and Han Yichen soon returned.


  Student Xiao Han ran in with a box of snacks, looking expectantly: “Lao Song, come, you taste it! This is their signature dish, I specially asked the boss to add more!”

  The paper box was placed on the table, filled with small octopus balls, sprinkled with a thick layer of bonito flakes.

  Song Yi: “…looks pretty good.”

  He took one of the chopsticks, took two bites, and commented again: “It’s delicious.”

  Han Yichen said enthusiastically: “It’s delicious, right? You eat this, this one has mustard sauce, it’s a very special unique recipe!”

  Song Yi was forced to try the gourmet snacks of modern teenagers. When the mustard smell drifted to face, made his eyes and nose flush. He took off his glasses several times to wipe the corners of his eyes, rarely showing a bit of embarrassment, “Okay, I have eaten enough of these.”

  ”Old Song, isn’t it delicious?”

  ”It’s good.”

  Although he said so, Song Yi put down his chopsticks and refused to eat any more.

  It just so happened that the grilled fish from the store was also delivered. Song Yi glanced at the grilled fish, which looked normal, and he was relieved for a while.

  During the banquet, Han Yichen also wanted to recommend his favorite drink to Song Yi, “Lao Song, how about trying coconut water? You should try out some Mango juice, it’s very delicious!”

  Song Yi immediately said, “You can drink it yourself. I like to drink boiled water.”

  Han Yichen wanted to persuade him again. Xia Ye on the side helped decide to help Song Yi, and started talking about the company’s business. Song Yi was relieved and was finally able to socialize with them normally, eating grilled fish and talking to them about the company benefits during this period of time. 

During the dinner, Han Yichen wanted to interrupt several times, but Song Yi was able to stop him.

  ”I went to the Longteng Internet Cafe specially this morning to take a photo with their boss. I also took the first computer in the Internet cafe that uses the network management charging software, so that I can use this picture later when the company celebrates our first anniversary. I suggest taking some photos and videos every year in the future. When the company gets bigger, it will have some very good memories.” When Song Yi finished speaking, he felt even more confident with his job, his eyes shining with determination, “Let’s take a picture after dinner, today is a very commemorative day for me.”

  Han Yichen wondered: “In memory of what? Is this your first time being here?”

  Song Yi smiled and said, “It’s a special occasion.”

  Han Yichen grinned and said, “Lao Song, you sound just like a foreigner, besides I have already regarded you as a good brother! Don’t worry, if I have the chance to eat something good in the future, I’ll definitely share it with you!”


  Song Yi respected the junk food he ate, and worked hard to talk about the company, in order to stop eating the box of small octopus balls.

  Song Yi eloquence was good, especially when he was in a brand new territory. He throws words out unambiguously without even blinking, Han Yichen couldn’t help but scratch his head and watch him as they kept talking about the company that only has a few leased offices and said, “This is great for the  company, we are about to set sail.”

  Han Yichen muttered, when have they been so awesome?

  However, Lao Song’s words were sonorous and powerful, and he also cheered for his brother, echoing them for a while.

  After eating the grilled fish, Song Yi bid farewell to them and returned to Qizhou City.

  When Han Yichen and Xia Ye went back, he was still worried: “Is Lao Song okay? Isn’t he working too much for the last two days? He must either be tired or confused because I didn’t understand what he said about the capital chain and listing.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “Maybe he is tired, but he will be fine after a while.”

  ”Because he will have less work now?”

  ”No, because Lao Song will adapt.”


  Xia Ye was right. What followed was the contracts of other game makers. From the summer vacation to promote “Miracles”, they made a good start. In the next six months, advertising and promotion flooded like snowflakes. Song Yi strictly controlled which games according to how Xia Ye wanted. He wouldn’t work with small games that offered them a lot of money, but instead work with games that had a good reputation, and there wouldn’t be any problems that kept them under control, and by the end the year, it will be a win-win situation.

  It’s just that the promotion of “Miracle” was put out a few months earlier, during this period of time a single player game base was laid out, and it was likely to sweep the country.

  What followed was the emergence of a large number of domestic and foreign small and medium-sized development teams and Internet companies. A series of online games such as “Tian Xia”, “Dragon Race”, “Red Moon”, “Jin Yong Qun Xia Biography”, etc. have become popular, which has become the reason for countless young people to crowd into Internet cafes.

  Because of this, the number of domestic Internet cafes has skyrocketed. It has nearly tripled in just two years. It can be seen everywhere in the streets and even in alleys. It has become very popular that sometimes you need to be ranked in order to play the game.

  When the owners of Internet cafes count the amount of money they made, online game developers would also hold their breaths, while also fighting each other in this area. In this era, where most people don’t have their own computers at home, Internet cafes became their main battlefields.

  And the game panel in Xia Ye’s hands has become a battleground for military strategists. Sometimes, several major game manufacturers will quarrel about their ranking.

  Song Yi said with a smile that they were like supermarket shopping guides, holding the first row of shelves.

  This “shelf” was really a sweet potato.

  Qiao Zuo “Miracles” led the way this year. The number of online users soared from 100,000 to 600,000 people online at the same time in just one year. In the later period, it was rumored that millions of players were online.

  Whether it was true or not, it’s really hard to buy point cards in “Miracles”. In some remote places, people even drive to cities hundreds of kilometers away to buy point cards, because the game was so popular that the demand for the point cards exceeds the demand, they were even scolded by the players online.

  A local tyrant went to the Loulan Forum to buy a pop-up advertisement and used the pop-up to scold the game developers. This type of behavior even appeared in the local newspaper. Many netizens even went to the Loulan forum to pay tribute to the price of the pop-up window, which made Loulan more popular, and it was a wave of propaganda invisibly.

  After Xia Ye and Qiao Zuo discussed it, they asked Qiao Zuo to cooperate with the local Internet cafe and set up an online sales system for them to directly install the sales channels into the Internet cafe.

  In this way, as long as people go to the Internet cafe to pay, you can buy game points on the spot, which solves the problem of buying points.

  Someone took a fancy to this sales system and wanted to invest in the purchase, but Song Yi rejected it.

  The other party also wanted to discuss with other senior executives of their company, but after looking around, they found that only one Song Yi could be found.

  The others could only find the head and not find the end, they couldn’t find boss Xia that Song Yi had mentioned before, so after a couple of tries they had to give up.

  Song Yi sits steadily in the company, and this big manager should do his duty without slacking.

  He looked at the report data on the screen, and treated them as chess pieces, and tried to play the only game at hand.

  He took all the caution, because he was not qualified to lose.

  While Xia Ye is making money, he also had some troubles.

  When Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu to a nearby newsstand to buy a picture book, he found that several newsstands were closed. When he asked about this, he found out that they used to make a lot of money by selling cards on behalf of others, but now the outlets of cards have been canceled, and some newsstands couldn’t go on, so they closed down.



“This is the rise for lottery tickets, It’s a lottery ticket seller!” the other party explained.

  Tang Jinyu was a little bit reluctant. When the newsstand came during the summer, there would always be a freezer outside and also sell some snacks, like ice cream. Every time that he would come here, he would whisper to his brother if he could have some.

  Xia Ye took his hand and said, “Let’s go, I will order you a picture book for one year from the post office.”

      Tang Jinyu was even more disappointed.

  Xia Ye rubs his head. The little guy has grown up a little bit and has bigger eyes, but all of his careful thoughts can be seen through at glance. He suppressed his smile, and said, “Next time I will take you out to eat ice cream alone.”

  The little guy really became happy, took his hand and bounced all the way home, whispering to him about school.

  ”Brother, I had class today, and learned something new!”

  ”What did you learn?”

  ”A  crow drinks water……”

  Xia Ye didn’t hold back, and smiled.

  It’s said that a seven-year-old and an eight-year-old kid are usually naughty, but Xia Ye feels that his brother is no different from before, and still just as likable, he speaks slowly and has a soft personality. Just saying a couple of words would make him happy.

  Business is going well and time flies quickly.

  Xia Ye entered the first grade of high school, and soon reached his third year, in the blink of an eye, and Tang Jinyu also began elementary school, and was in second grade.


  Tang Jinyu, who was now eight years old, has grown taller, and his eyebrows have opened a little bit, but he was still as delicate and cute as he was a child. He has fair skin and a dimple on one side of his cheek, and had a sweet smile. The only thing that didn’t change is that even though the Tang Jinyu was growing taller, his hair was still soft, and it was always a mess whenever he woke up.

  During the two years in elementary school, the tension that Tang Hongjun and his wife had from the beginning has gradually relaxed a little.

  Their child also had a fever in winter, but the situation was not as severe as before, and was fine after staying at the hospital for recuperation. Every time that Tang Jinyu was hospitalized, the whole family would be mobilized, but as long as Tang Jinyu was awake, there would always be at least one family member by his side. Sometimes it was Tang Hongjun who was peeling apples for him, sometimes it was Chen Suling who warmed his cold hands, and sometimes it was Teacher Xia and Xia Ye. Xia Ye would secretly bring him some small snacks, saying that he could not eat it, but leave them for himself to play with.

  Xia Ye touched the child’s soft hair, “There is still a whole box at home. When you are better, I will give it to you.”

  Tang Jinyu remembered something vaguely in his dream, but when he woke up to see his family and Xia Ye, he couldn’t remember clearly, he rubbed his small face against Xia Ye’s palm, and whispered to him: “Brother.”

  Xia Ye sat by the bed and hugged him, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  ”I seem to dream of you.”

  Xia Ye laughed, “What did you dream about me?”

  ”My brother was kind to me, and…and school…”

  The little guy worked hard to remember for a long time, but Xia Ye flattened down his eyebrows, and calmed him down: “It’s okay, just forget it if you can’t remember, brother will treat you better in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu lay down in Xia Ye’s arms, rubbed his head and tried to push away the feeling that he felt, and hugged him tightly with small hands.

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  1. Lao Song! How could you not like my favorite “octopus balls”?! I always arduously wait for mine since they’re made to order in our area (≧▽≦)

    God Xia Ye, please bless us with your intellect and money making skills~

    Thanks for the update! 💕

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  2. I appreciate this time skip that doesn’t feel like a typical time skip! Song Yi becoming the ultimate manager, Han Yichen reminded me of a puppy, Xia Ye dominating the industry, Tang Jinyu still being a cutie even as he grows! Ideal slice of life right here.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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