LNTMG-(63) Runaway Bride

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As winter passed, the weather gradually warmed up, and Tang Jinyu’s body quickly improved.

  When Tang Jinyu went to school, it was already March, and elementary school had already started. When he returned to his class, his deskmate Ji Yuanjie carefully helped him wipe his desk and chair.

  Most of Tang Jinyu’s current classmates are the children he went to kindergarten with, but only Ji Yuanjie and Han Yixing were transferred from the same class as him.

  He and Ji Yuanjie were shorter and sat in the front of the class. The two boys were surrounded by girls, and Han Yixing sat behind them. She was now the class leader of class two, sitting in the middle of the classroom, and in charge of the discipline of the whole class. 

  Ji Yuanjie was very happy that Tang Jinyu came back, and was finally no longer a little green leaf surrounded by the ten thousand flowers, and now they are two small green leaves.


  Ji Yuanjie intimately wiped Tang Jinyu’s table with the small handkerchief he brought, and then quietly approached, confided his inner troubles with his tablemate, “Xiaoyu, I almost died yesterday.”

  Tang Jinyu was startled, “What happened?”

  Ji Yuanjie was sad: “Do you know the ham sausage?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded.

  Ji Yuanjie glanced carefully to the left and right, and whispered, “You know about my Doudou?”

  Tang Jinyu continued to nod. Doudou was a little milk dog recently raised in Ji Yuanjie’s family, and was spoiled by them. It was very cute. “What happened to Doudou?”

  ”Yesterday, I was eating ham sausage, when my mom asked to feed Doudou. But after smelling my ham sausage, I couldn’t help but take another bite, and I ended up swallowing it.” Ji Yuanjie’s voice was still horrified, “I was so scared that I didn’t dare to sleep last night. I thought I was going to die.”

  Tang Jinyu asked puzzledly: “Did you think you would die if you ate a piece of ham sausage?”

  This time it was Ji Yuanjie’s turn to look puzzled, and asked, “Did your mother not tell you?”

  ”Tell me what?”

  ”There is sodium chloride in the ham sausage . My mother told me that a person can only eat one ham sausage a day, and eating two ham sausages will kill you.”


  Tang Jinyu endured it, and didn’t tell his little table mate that sodium chloride is salt, but Mother Ji worked hard, so let’s keep this white lie.

  The worries of the primary school students quickly disappeared. Ji Yuanjie found that he became happy again, when he discovered he was still alive. He opened the textbook and intimately told his friends what he said in the class yesterday, as well as the texts he learn today.

  ”Ji Yuanjie!”

  ”Don’t speak!”

  During the self-study time, the small class leader Han Yixing, who sat on the podium in place of the teacher, began to roll call without mercy.

  Ji Yuanjie said honestly: “Well, I’ll just talk to Tang Jinyu about the text…”

  ”Don’t disturb Tang Jinyu’s study!”


  Ji Yuanjie retracted and secretly handed the book to the same table to show him the homework set out yesterday.


  Tang Jinyu took a look, it had the lesson, and a practice test at the end of each lesson. Since he had nothing to do when he was sick. Xia Ye took out a textbook, and read it to him as a story, and then made him fill out most of the exercises in the book. The progress of his study was far ahead of that of his classmates.

  He had a relaxing day in the class and was taken home after school.

  The Tang family was not worried about Tang Jinyu’s study, only his body, and they all say that the body is much more important than his studies. Tang Hongjun and his wife never thought of much their child should achieve in life, they were already satisfied with what they had. Compared to other parents that were looking forward to their children becoming successful .

  After experiencing this sickness, Tang Jinyu turned into a skinny kitten again, and the whole family was thinking of ways to fatten up the child. Tang Hongjun studied a lot of recipes for this, and even went to find the chef at the unit’s cafeteria to learn how to cook fried dried fish, and he would come back every day and made it for him in a variety of ways.

  In order to have a more dining atmosphere, the Xia family father and son who lived nearby would also join them for dinner. Since there were a lot of people eating so much delicious food, Tang Jinyu appetite improved a bit.

  In fact, Tang Hongjun also discovered that his child still liked to listen to Xia Ye the most.

  It was most likely that his child worshiped his older brother. Under the influence of his role model, Xia Ye who was eat a lot of food, made his child eat more food every day.

  The two families then started to eat more together frequently. Chen Suling had relatively a lot of free time and was responsible for purchasing food. Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia would get off from work to be the chef, and Xia Ye was responsible for washing the dishes.

  Tang Jinyu was assigned a new task and sat on the sofa to finish drinking a large glass of milk.

  Tang Jinyu’s milk powder was replaced with fresh milk. Every time he finished drinking, he had a white mustache on the top of his mouth, and he would show the bottom of his cup to the adults at home, “I’m done drinking!”


  Tang Hongjun praised him: “How awesome, dad will give today’s reward to put in your piggy bank.”

  As he said this, he took a one-yuan coin and put it inside the naive-shaped piggy bank that was on the table in the living room. A crisp ranged out, as the coin went into the piggy’s belly. This was also the reward mechanism they have recently given. There are a total of five people in the family, and all four of them are competing to buy snacks or toys for the child. There was really no shortage of anything, so it was changed to “pocket money.”

Tang Jinyu has never used this money, and instead saved it. Sometimes he picks up his piggy bank and shakes it to listen to the noise.

  Tang Hongjun came over and hugged him, wiped the child’s face with a tissue, and said with a smile: “Xiaoyu ate an extra piece of beef tonight, and just drank a large glass of milk, how amazing!”

  Tang Jinyu immediately started the support mode: “Daddy was great, beef stew with potatoes was the best!”

  The father and son held each other for a long time. Tang Hongjun felt sweet in his heart and said to him: “Xiaoyu likes eating so much, then next time dad asks your brother to learn it, he will cook it for you when dad goes on a business trip.”

  ”Dad, I will learn it!”

  ”You will learn again when you grow up, haha.”

  ”I will learn how to make it for my brother~”


  Tang Hongjun wore an apron, but he did not go to the kitchen to take off. He sat there holding his child and reasoned with him: “Xiaoyu, you can make it to Dad first after you learn it! Give your dad a taste first, and then you give it to your brother.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “Give it to Dad!”

  Tang Hongjun breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled again: “Hey, that’s right, baby, let’s give it to Dad first!”

  The family sat there and chatted for a while after eating, and Xia Ye took a seat and went back upstairs to review his homework. Teacher Xia has nothing to do, the orchestra was off this season, and there are not many performances for them. He would have plenty of time at night, so he would stay over and play chess with Tang Honjun.

  Tang Jinyu would sit there and watch them. Teacher Xia felt distressed that he had just recovered from a serious illness, and refused to continue his piano lessons. So he found an excuse, and taught him how to play chess and let the child continue to rest for a few more days.


  The TV on the side was on, showing news from the local TV station. Generally, it only broadcasts some local people’s livelihood programs, and now it is scrolling to broadcast news about a missing panda.

  Teacher Xia put a pawn across the river, looked up at the TV and said, “They still haven’t found it yet. Haven’t they been looking for it for several days?”

  Tang Hongjun also took a look and said, “Yeah, you said that this giant panda was well kept in there and has a special person to take care of it every day, how can it be missing?”

  Tang Jinyu looked up and watched the TV. He had watched the news on it several times. As expected, the breeder came out after a while and stood with a distressed look on their face, while being interviewed.

  Breeder: “Bai Xue was just sent from the Giant Panda Conservation and Research Center this year. We prepared what it likes to eat with strict accordance within the regulations. The bamboo was all purchased from Rongcheng, they were the most fresh and the most prepared. Bai Xue’s favorite food to eat are apples, she ate a half pot of apples the day she ran away…”

  Yes, Bai Xue escaped, and it was not the first time that it escaped. Every time she would climb over the wall after eating and drinking, but only this time it went through three iron gates while the keepers were cleaning. She climbed over a fence and disappeared into the vast mountains and plains.

  The breeders felt heavy during the interview, and it was difficult not only for them, but for the whole city to accept it.

  Last time Bai Xue escaped from Suzhou City was six years ago. At that time, Bai Xue went to Suzhou City to carry out breeding missions with other giant pandas, but not only did she have no cubs, she also beat the other male pandas in Suzhou City, and ran away.

  Suzhou City has strong financial resources and immediately started a large scale of people to search. When people in other cities saw the news of them looking for pandas, they thought that it was funny.

  The runaway bride was very wild and arrogant. She ran across several provinces, crossed mountains and rivers, and went all the way north to Shanhaiguan. Finally, she was caught in Inner Mongolia.

  After learning the news, most of the people in the northern province were silent.

  Bai Xue has been here.

  And they didn’t notice it.

  No wonder their city was not worthy of having a panda, it hurt their hearts!

  The people in Suzhou City also received a painful lesson. After Bai Xue’s incident, the pandas in their city were confiscated, and the country did not send them pandas for a long time.

  Suzhou City: It’s not what we thought!

  Suzhou City: It ran away on its own!

  And just this year, Tang Jinyu’s city will also face this nightmare, and their Bai Xue ran away.

  They were different from the city of Suzhou. They have prepared for so many years to get a giant panda. If their panda ran away, then they will definitely not send them pandas again.

  People in the whole city began to spontaneously search for the giant panda. TV stations broadcast the news in a loop. Bai Xue’s photos were printed and posted everywhere. From young and to old people, as long as they had time, everyone would go to the street to look for Bai Xue. With a glimmer of hope, trying to retrieve their giant panda.


  The doorbell of the Tang family was rang. Tang Jinyu ran to open the door. Standing outside were Han Yixing and Ji Yuanjie. When Han Yixing saw him, he asked, “Why didn’t you come out just now?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I was eating.”

  Han Yixing was heartbroken and stomped: “The panda is lost, why are you still in the mood to eat!”

  ”Well, I think if the panda is hungry outside, I will eat a few mouthfuls…”

  Han Yixing stretched out her hand to pull him, and urged: “You tell Aunt Chen, to go out with us!”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and ran to his mother. Chen Suling glanced at the children at the door. When she saw Han Yixing, she was relieved. She helped tidy her child’s hair, and said with a smile: “You can go, but make sure that you play around here, and not run too far, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and went to find other children.

  Han Yixing took the lead to find the pandas. Every child held a bamboo pole in their hand—a few of them were tall, but not tall enough for they to climb it, but tall enough in lure Bai Xue, if they were able to encounter it.

  Tang Jinyu was also given one, and there were traces of clothes hangers on it for a long time. He felt that this bamboo pole might not fool the panda.

  Han Yixing continued to search and said: “Everyone pay attention to the vicinity of the bushes. Pandas may hide in them. If you see black and white, you have to call it out, okay?”

  The other children followed closely behind her and said okay.

 Han Yixing said again: “Also, you can’t go too far. We are responsible for searching around the area where we live, and we can’t cross the boundary!”

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t help asking: “Why are we responsibility for this area? Who said it?”

  ”My mother said so, she said that it was required to do, since it was on TV, and the whole city is looking for it, and everyone has to be responsible for this area.”

  ”What area are we responsible for?”

  ”The neighborhood where we live, my mother said to look around thoroughly.”


  Tang Jinyu admired Mother Han a little, and felt that she was really a goddess with both beauty and wisdom. She immediately controlled her children within the range that she could see, and couldn’t fault her.

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  1. Are they going to find the panda? 😂 I think I like the transmigration/rebirth logic of this. Others even though they are just a baby will remember everything, even though as a child we forgot most of our childhood. I also like the way that the author gives way to TJ to remember them even just in dreams. Are the snow a trigger or something? Because there is a strong memory of snow in his last life? I dunno but thanks for the chapter 😊😊😊😊😊.

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