LNTMG-(64) Brother Xia

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After a gang of children looked for a while, a couple of boys that were the same age as them showed up. The leader had thick eyebrows and big eyes, wore a small sportswear, wearing brand-new small sneakers on his feet, and had an electronic watch. When he saw Han Yixing and his group, he immediately ran over, and happily said, “Here! Hurry up, I see them!”

  Han Yixing raised her head when she heard the voice, but was not very happy when she saw the other party: “Guo Xiaohu, what are you doing here? You are not from our community.”

  Guo Xiaohu ran over with a couple of other kids, while he kept his eyes towards the person behind Han Yixing. He was dumbfounded when he heard this: “What’s wrong with people living in different areas not being allowed to be here?”

  Han Yixing frowned: “Why don’t you just stay with your community to find the panda?”

  Guo Xiaohu was inexplicable, “Who said I came to look for a panda? I came to look for Tang Jinyu.”

  He said this as he bypassed the little girl who was standing there, and turned to look for Tang Jinyu in the back row. After seeing him, he smiled and said, “Tang Jinyu, look!” He showed off his new sneakers and said proudly, “They are brand new!”

  Tang Jinyu glanced down, habitually supporting him: “White.”

  Guo Xiaohu leaned closer and walked side by side with him, “Yes, I picked this color specially, it’s the same color as the pair you wore in gym class.”

  The elementary school requires them to wear a school uniform, it’s not any different if they wore something else with their uniform. That was, until the teacher will ask everyone to change into sportswear and prepare a pair of sports shoes during gym class. Tang Jinyu’s clothes were all made by Chen Suling, and they have never been remodeled, so his small sneakers are often different, but during this time, Chen Suling has had a special liking towards white, and would prepare small white shoes for her child. Meanwhile, Tang Jinyu who didn’t seem to mind and just agreed to everything his mother said.


  Guo Xiaohu was in the next class. Both classes had the same gym teacher, and they would often share a class together. They have also participated in tug-of-war competitions. Guo Xiaohu especially likes Tang Jinyu, he has been playing with him since kindergarten, but now that he is in elementary school, he would often come over to look for him.

  Han Yixing led the team to look for the panda in front, and Guo Xiaohu talked to Tang Jinyu from behind.

  Guo Xiaohu leaned closer and said with a smile on his face: “Hey, I’m going to transfer to your class.”

  Tang Jinyu: “Congratulations?”

  He didn’t know why Guo Xiaohu had to come over. Last year, this one wanted to change his class, but he didn’t make it. It is estimated that he would be left behind if he came to his class. There’s not much difference between the first class and the second class, and they had most of the same teachers.

  It was just that after Tang Jinyu entered elementary school, the grades of the first class stabilized, and second class also stabilized. Since, he would rank first every year.

  No only can he read just fine, but every time he looks at his test paper, he feels like the questions are very simple.

  Tang Jinyu wondered, maybe Guo Xiaohu was particularly motivated and wanted to get a good grade in the exam. He also heard that he was the class leader of the second class.

  Ji Yuanjie on the side, felt a little nervous, turning his head to look at Guo Xiaohu from time to time. The more he pretended to be casual, the more obvious it became. Guo Xiaohu quickly noticed it and frowned at him: “Why do you keep looking at me?”

  Ji Yuanjie immediately turned his head to look at the sky, “No, no.”

  Guo Xiaohu snorted, rolled his eyes, and immediately said, “Hey, Han Yixing, this Ji Yuanjie doesn’t belong to your community, right? Why can he follow?”

  Ji Yuanjie was very nervous, blinking very quickly due to his nervousness.

  Han Yixing took special care of her own people, and didn’t look back: “He volunteered to join our volunteer team. Besides, I didn’t allow you to follow us, but didn’t you still come anyway? You should reflect on yourself before you say that to others!”

  The little girl was very eloquent, and Guo Xiaohu is able to refute her, but Han Yixing wouldn’t suffer any loss.

  The Han family also moved to the villa area here at the beginning of the year, not far from the two families of Xia Tang. Han Yichen has made a lot of money with Xia Ye in the past two years. Most of the money he earned was given to his mother. Han’s mother was more conservative, and saved most of the money for Han Yichen. The rest was used to buy a house for investment. One villa was for the whole family, and the other two small buildings have been bought, with Han Yichen’s name written.

  Ji Yuanjie’s house was separated by a road from Xingxing’s house, and he often comes to play with her, and he was also Tang Jinyu’s table mate, and he was very familiar with the children in this community, and Xiao Ji has a good temper, and everyone liked him.


  Guo Xiaohu was different, he lives far away, but he always comes to play and joins their team forcibly.

  Guo Xiaohu was still trying to strike up a conversation there, leading a few small attendants to chase Tang Jinyu and said, “Xiaoyu, do you want to go to my house to play?”

  Tang Jinyu moved the grass with his bamboo pole, shook his head and said, “No.”

  ”Why, I have a game console at home, I also bought a big Transformers that can change into a car, don’t you want to ride it?” Guo Xiaohu tried to convince him, by bringing up a children’s car that has two seats for two people.

  Tang Jinyu was happy, and shook his head: “No, you can take Han Yixing for a drive.”

  ”Why would I take her!”

  ”I won’t play with him!”

  The boy and the girl spoke at the same time, and glared at each other, then turned to look at Tang Jinyu and said, “Don’t you also have a car? You take me…”

  This time it was too unified, and the two of them began to stare at each other again. Guo Xiaohu gritted his teeth and said, “Why should I take you?”

Han Yixing was not to be outdone: “If you don’t take me, do you think I would take you!”

  ”Of course take me, Xiaoyu and I are good brothers, you see even our sneakers are the same color!”

  ”You still want to be Xiaoyu’s brother? Brother Xia is very powerful, make sure you don’t say this around Brother Xia, or else he will slap you onto the ground with a single slap!”

  ”Don’t you say that Xiaoyu is your brother all day long, aren’t you ashamed!”

  ”You are not ashamed!”

  Tang Jinyu, who had a car, didn’t dare to speak. He also had toy car like Guo Xiaohu. He used to play with it when he was a child. Now he doesn’t play with it very much, he instead preferred a small bicycle. Sometimes he would follow his brother outside, and ride around the area, with his two small training wheels, fast and steady.

  The children had limited time for activities, and they had to go home after playing for a while, but there was one small problem.

  Ji Yuanjie’s key was missing.

  ”My parents are working overtime at night and can’t come back. They asked me to bring the key myself. I was afraid that I would lose it, so I tied it with a string and put it around my neck…” Ji Yuanjie frowned, “I just touched it a few minutes ago, and it was still there.”

  When a group of children were looking for the pandas, they also started to help Ji Yuanjie find his key. They didn’t even know when Guo Xiaohu got two magnets from, he tied them with string and dragged the magnets to the ground and ran back and forth, “Keys are made out of metal, so we should be able to find it quickly with this!”

  ”Will it work?”

  ”It’s definitely possible. I used a magnet to suck the coins in the piggy bank secretly before. It’s great!”


  A few fast-running boys ran around like it was a relay race, they ran around the community, and searched the places they had been before. The magnets that were dragged on the ground, attracted a few coins, and pieces of iron, and they even found a beautiful earring with diamonds, but they still didn’t find Ji Yuanjie’s key.


  Guo Xiaohu ran back all the way, holding a key with a red string and asked him: “Is it this one!”

  Ji Yuanjie took a look and shook his head, “No, my key is a little smaller than this.”

  Some children were going back home during this point, but Ji Yuanjie still hadn’t found his key, and he didn’t dare to go home.

  In the end, Tang Jinyu thought for a while and said, “Let’s find someone to help.”

  Ji Yuanjie hesitated: “Who are you going to ask?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Let’s find my brother.” He wanted to call a locksmith, but they were only a group of children, and it was estimated that if they did call the adults wouldn’t believe them, so it was best to ask for help directly.

  It was much better to find his brother than to find his parents. In addition, Tang Jinyu has a small phone in his pocket, and a group of children look at him eagerly, waiting for him to ask for help. Han Yixing said that she also has an older brother, and raised her hand to ask if they call her brother first, but her home phone got through and no one answered him. Han Yixing was disappointed and said: “My brother must be reviewing in his room.”

  Ji Yuanjie tried hard to flatter her: “Your brother works so hard.”

  ”No, my mother broke his leg when she heard that he failed his exam.”


  Han Yichen will take the college entrance examination in less than a month. He bragged two years ago that he was a top student in Qingbei, but now if he fails to pass the exam, he will be embarrassed. In the end, he had to ask Old Ape to do pre-test counseling, and learn mathematics along with his fate.

  When it was Tang Jinyu’s turn, his brother picked up before the beep was over, “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Brother, we are at Xingxing’s house. A kid has lost his key and can’t get home. Can you help us find an uncle who can fix a lock?”

  There was a pause on the phone, and he said something to someone, and then said: “I see, wait, I’ll be there soon.”

  Ji Yuanjie was particularly envious, “Your brother is so kind to you.”

  Guo Xiaohu on the side said: “Me too.”

  Han Yixing rolled his eyes, “Tang Jinyu’s brother is kind to him, what’s so good about you!”


  ”What about you? Brother Xia bought Xiaoyu a few cars before. Your cars were all things Xiaoyu used to play with two years ago! Brother Xia also bought Xiaoyu a computer and took him to play games. I also took him to the Science and Technology Museum and the Botanical Garden, and we went to the Children’s Palace during the weekends, and Brother Xia would drop off Xiaoyu!” The little girl argued with these reasons, and said with her arms crossed: “How can you ever be compared to brother Xia?”

  Guo Xiaohu: “I will have money in the future, so I will buy it for Xiaoyu. I’ll give him a certificate that would be worth three good students!”

(Note: Three good students-(good in study, attitude and health)

  ”Huh, you don’t have to, since Xiaoyu himself is a good student. You also forgot to wear your red scarf today, I have seen you wear it several times before, you bought one at the entrance door!”

  Guo Xiaohu blushed, and looked at Tang Jinyu, who was looking aside, he immediately jumped up and quarreled with Han Yixing, “It’s not true! I just want to buy something for myself!”

  The two were pinched at each other’s throats, and neither of them wanted to give in.

  Tang Jinyuwanted to intervene, but later it turned out that their quarrel had deviated from the subject. So he simply stepped back and let them debate freely.

  Ji Yuanjie followed him, whispering in an enviable tone: “The two of them have a good relationship.”

  Tang Jinyu: “???”

  No, did you understand it wrong? The relationship between the two of them is not good at first sight!

  Xia Ye came quickly and found them within a few minutes. When Tang Jinyu ran over, Xia Ye picked up the child, he was tall, and the group of children looked up at him and whispered about Tang Jinyu’s brother.

  Xia Ye asked: “Who lost their key?”

  Ji Yuanjie raised his hand cautiously. Although Han Yixing praised Tang Jinyu’s brother so well, the group of children were still a little scared, especially with Xia Ye indifferent face, they all felt a little soft when they saw him.

  Xia Ye glanced at him and told the others: “Han Yixing will take everyone else home, it’s getting dark so no more playing around. I’ll take Xiao Ji and call a locksmith and send him home.”


  Han Yixing nodded, and immediately took the other children back obediently, and followed Xia Ye’s words 100%.

  Tang Jinyu wanted to come down and walk by himself. Xia Ye looked at his legs and said, “You walked too much today, let’s go home first, and ride around your bike today.” It sounded more a confirmation, and it didn’t give him much of a choice, so he was carried directly home.

Ji Yuanjie followed them all the way. He had been to Tang Jinyu’s house many times, but it was the first time going to Xia’s house, he was like a little quail the whole way.

  Xia Ye opened the garage door, there were a few children’s cars parked there, there were simulated electric cars, and two small bicycles with training wheels, one large and one small. Xia Ye pushed out a larger one and helped Tang Jinyu ride his.

  Ji Yuanjie couldn’t help but glanced at the children’s car. He actually ridden in this car once. When he was in kindergarten two years ago, Tang Jinyu drove out and took him around the community for a while, and it looked like a real car.

  Tang Jinyu rode his bike over and said to him: “Come on, come up, I will take you back by bike, my brother walks fast, otherwise you won’t be able to keep up.”

  Ji Yuanjie agreed, carefully climbed onto the back seat, and stretched out his arms to wrap around Xiaoyu’s waist.

  Xia Ye glanced at him, “Remove your hands and grab the seat of the bike.”


  Ji Yuanjie was trembling, let go of Tang Jinyu, and grabbed elsewhere, and listened carefully.

  Xia Ye escorted them over, called his house to talk about the situation, and watched the locksmith open the door and send Ji Yuanjie into the house., and then led Tang Jinyu back home.

  Tang Jinyu rode hard, catching up with him and said: “Brother, I have grown a little bit taller.”

  ”Oh yeah?”

  ”When I get older, I can take you by bike.”

  Xia Ye laughed, looked down at him, rubbed his head and said, “Then you have to grow faster.”

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  1. I really appreciate ths author having children act like children here! The petty squabbles over the favored friend, buying adults’ lies, trying to find the lost panda in their own neighborhood! Makes me nostalgic! Haha!

    Also, that hands off moment made me giggle. I know it’s not meant to be romantically possessive at this point (more like overprotective) but I still loved seeing it!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. I really like the slow pace of the story, I wouldn’t mind the story to slow down and narrate the childhood of TJ. Thank you for the chapter 😊😊😊😊

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