LNTMG-(65) Bonus

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  On the other side, Han Yichen was reviewing in full swing.

  He now goes to chat rooms less, and uses communication software to contact him. The name on the school is 03rd Zhunqing Beisheng, but Old Ape does not respect him as a high-achieving student.

  ”59 distinguish Peking University students!”

  ”That’s my first year of high school grades, What are you doing to make a difference!”

  ”You tell you how many points you scored in the last test, come, you tell me aloud!”


  ”You should be ashamed!”


  Han Yichen looked dazed, he thought Old Ape would praise him.

  Old Ape was on a video call with him, he held the lesson plan across the screen, slamming it on the table, and said sadly: “You should not only be sorry for the guidance book that was written by our Dean Tang, you should be sorry towards me!”

  Han Yichen’s foundation was not bad, but it’s just that he thinks too much. After solving a question problem halfway, he would fall back to his old habits. Old Ape has tried to correct it several times before, and he wanted him to come over from Qizhou City to fight him. As the college entrance exams approached, Han Yichen’s bad habits were finally broken by Old Ape. The main reason being because Old Ape’s tone let no room for excuses, Han Yichen was taken aback by what he said. After trying to rebut Old Ape, he was beaten by Old Ape and scolded him impolitely for insulting mathematics.

  Whenever Han Yichen had a small idea, he would be criticized by Old Ape: “This is the material compiled by the old dean of our several colleges. It was written by my male god himself, how can there be any mistakes!”


  ”You should be inspired in your heart, and always remind yourself what kind of master you are facing. You should feel glad that you even have the chance to touch this book, do you understand?”

  ”Shut up, listen to me!”

  Classmate Xiao Han tried to refute, but the table was beaten by Old Ape, and he was scolded: “If you don’t apologize to me and my husband’s lesson plan, I’ll drive you out of the school!”

  ”You didn’t enter Dean Tang’s division either…”


  Old Ape didn’t get to go in, but his heart had been left in the courtyard.

  Last month, it was the eldest grandson’s birthday, he had sent their royal highness a “Gathering God of Wealth Bull” ornament, 24K pure gold with two horns on the top of the big Taurus plus mahogany base, which is particularly in line with the temperament of a Taurus!

  Under the supervision of Old Ape, Han Yichen’s college entrance examination scores have been greatly improved, and Xia Ye also played a role in it. He tutored Han Yichen with other subjects. Han Yichen was a little embarrassed when he was first tutored by someone one grade lower than himself, but he almost knelt down when he saw Xia Ye’s report card.

  Except for Chinese and English, only two points were deducted, and all his other subjects got full marks.

  Han Yichen tremblingly asked him: “Xia Ye, tell me the truth, was it you who skipped a course and passed the top five of your grade last time?”

  Xia Ye thought for a while, nodded and said, “It was me.”


  ”I don’t understand what you are still doing in high school. You should take the college entrance examination with me this year.”

  Xia Ye flicked his test paper and said flatly: “My  teacher also asked me this, but I want to experience my high school life more. It’s close to home and it’s convenient for me to take care of my family, I don’t want to rush to college.”

  Han Yichen was completely shocked by his self-confidence, and honestly followed his studies.

  With the assistance of Old Ape and Xia Ye was very effective, and Han Yichen’s performance improved by leaps and bounds, and he was 5 points short of the admission line of Qingbei.

  However, he was lucky, he had received bad news in the morning, and had received good news in the afternoon. He won the gold medal in the National Youth Computer Contest that he participated in before. The admissions office of Qingbei University specially went to the school, and said that they would make an exception in this situation, taking priority of his talent.

  Han Yichen’s mood went up and down in a single day, making him tired.

  The Han family set up a few tables in the best hotel in the city to celebrate, and both Xia and Tang families went. The parents of the Han family thanked Teacher Xia and Xia Ye. Han Yichen’s father also brought Mr. Xia two glasses of wine. He knew that Mr. Xia was in poor health, so he changed the red wine specially, and thanked him and praised Xia Ye’s excellence. 

  In the past two years, Teacher Xia has listened to a lot of compliments before, and said with a smile: ” Xiaochen himself is talented and worked very hard.”

  The adults were polite, and Han Yichen came over and whispered: “Xia Ye, what has Old Ape been up to lately? I invited him to come, but he didn’t come. I wanted to thank him in person.”

  Xia Ye knew better, and said to him: “Old Ape is busy with the project.”

  Han Yichen curiously asked, “What kind of project? Didn’t he graduate this year?”


  Old Ape graduated with his PhD this year, but he was left behind by his professor of their computer school. Professor Zhu was Vice President of S University, he attached great importance to ​​Old Ape and was reluctant to let him go after graduation. Principal Zhu cherishes his talents, but he was a little annoyed by his application reports that made Old Ape jump around to different academy’s every so often, so he decided that he would simply send Old Ape to get some experience outside, and lead a team to cooperate with a company’s emerging project.

Principal Zhu was afraid that Old Ape would have a bad temper since he was getting old, but after seeing Old Ape running around to a number of different colleges, trying to fight with a number of people, just to be in Mr. In Tang Hu’s class, he would run to listen to his lectures. Old Ape would even wait downstairs from the podium for Mr. Tang Hu, with some tea and water, and he also got several papers from a few institutes to follow along, and he also handed in each copy in completely, who wouldn’t find this irritating!

  The whole school thought this guy was Mr. Tang Hui’s apprentice!

  This rebel!

  Unfilial son!

  Dean Zhu decided to increase Old Ape’s workload, and let him deal with party A, deal with companies outside, and let him receive the severe beating from society.

  Old Ape was now bitterly exiled, leading the team to go out for practice, it was said that he lost two or two pounds after staying up late to write programs.

  Han Yichen felt embarrassed after hearing this, and immediately made a wish: “I hope that I will live better than Old Ape in the future, and experience college life seriously, and have a beautiful girlfriend. It would be better if I could hold a small hand. “

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him curiously.

  Xia Ye pinched the little guy’s neck to turn him back around, and gave him a piece of hoof meat. “Don’t listen to him, these words of your Brother Han are unhealthy.”

  Han Yichen protested: “I say that my words are the healthiest, okay, who would want to be like you? Spending a lifetime with your computer.”

  Tang Jinyu asked while eating that piece of meat, “Brother, you will also…”

  Xia Ye picked another piece of broccoli for him and fed it into his mouth.

  Tang Jinyu struggled to swallow, still wanting to ask, but was stuffed with another meatball.

  The little guy was obedient, and didn’t continue to ask.

  Because of Han Yichen’s affairs, everyone was happy for a while, and Han Yixing was especially proud. The only regret that the little girl had was that the summer was almost over, and Bai Xue was still missing.

  The children were very depressed.

  It would be very likely that the country would not get another panda for the next couple of years.

  Tang Jinyu was also a bit disappointed, he liked pandas, and before Bai Xue first arrived, his brother specially took him to buy several panda toys that looked the same as Bai Xue, with round black ears and a small scar on the bridge of the nose. It had a scar, but it didn’t damage its beauty at all, it was still round and beautiful.

  But soon, Tang Jinyu got busy again.

  The watermelon he planted this year has matured.

  Although he remembered the variety of plants that he grew, he planted one that was called Algaonema, but what was produced in his yard was a big watermelon with flowers.

  Tang Jinyu tried hard to pretend not to see it.

  When the whole family was working hard with their acting skills, Tang Honjun was on the front line, earnestly boasting: “This melon is good at first sight. It’s a lot bigger than last year, Xiaoyu, Dad promises you that this melon must be absolutely beautiful, and it will be big and sweet!”

  Father Tang has perfectly fulfilled his promise this year and will definitely let his child eat the watermelon grown by himself!

  This year’s melon was really sweet. The family picked a small pavilion in the yard on a full moon, but since Tang Jinyu couldn’t eat ice, they soaked the watermelon in cold water for an hour or two, and it tasted cold and sweet, and was especially refreshing.


  Tang Hongjun chatted with Teacher Xia for a while, then turned around and asked Xia Ye: “By the way Xiaoye, what are your plans for next year? Are you planning on going to college?”

  After saying this, Tang Jinyu stopped eating his piece of watermelon and looked up at them.

  Xia Ye thought for a while, and said, “No, I want to continue going to school with Han Yichen.”

  Tang Hongjun nodded and said, “It’s not bad, you’re still in the top school in the country, even if it is a computer major.”

  Chen Suling held a fan to drive away the mosquitoes from her child, and curiously said: “Xiaoye do you want to start a business in Beijing? The environment over there is good, it’s better than Qizhou City.” When the adults chatted, they also thought about which college Xia Ye would choose. It was either Qingbei or S University, which are the top domestic universities, but in terms of the employment environment, Beijing was indeed good.

  Xia Ye said: “It’s still too early, I haven’t thought much about it yet.”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “It’s not too late to start now, you’ve been doing business for years now, but from my experience I think that you should stay here, you have a bright future ahead of you.”

  Tang Jinyu hiccuped, Chen Suling poured him a glass of water, but her child kept hiccuping, so it took a while for it to go away.

  Chen Suling squeezed the tip of his nose, and teased him: “Aren’t you afraid that your brother might be going away?”

  The child shook his head and looked at Xia Ye eagerly.

  Xia Ye got up and hugged him, and said, “Auntie, I’ll take Xiaoyu out for a walk. I told him yesterday that I would take him to catch fireflies.”

  Chen Suling nodded and said: “Okay, come back early.”

  Xia Ye hugged him and went outside. It was dark and there were not many people walking in the community. He hugged the little guy, while holding a flashlight in his hand, illuminating the road ahead one after another, and after a while. The little guy buried his head in Xia Ye’s arms and whispered to his brother.

  Xia Ye took the flashlight in his hand and asked, “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu asked him, “Are you going to go to school that’s far away?”

  Xia Ye hummed.

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “Brother will be gone for a long time.”

  Xia Ye rubbed his little head. Four years was indeed a long time for the little guy. The little guy would be grown up by the time he comes back.

  In the next few days, Xia Ye obviously felt that the little guy became more clingy, to be precise.

  Whenever he would come back from school, Tang Jinyu would run over with a small school bag on his back without saying a word, only occupying a small corner of his desk and immersed himself with his homework. When Xia Ye was using the computer, the little guy sat aside and played with the laptop that Xia Ye gave him, sometimes he would have some problems using it and Xia Ye would teach him how to do things. Tang Jinyu learns things quickly and has a good comprehension, he quickly learned two small programs, and for the first time made a small fish made of geometric building blocks, it was red and blue, shaking it’s head and wagging its tail, it was clumsy and cute.

  Xia Ye praised him.

  When he turned around, he took this clownfish as an avatar and used it for a while.

  Han Yichen saw this, and he was curious and asked, Xia Ye lightly wrote: “Xiaoyu is playing.”

  Xiao Han refused to admit defeat and called his sister. The next day he also changed his profile picture. It was a big pink mushroom. The surrounding circle was drawn with black and blue lines and a golden bright pattern was added, this was poisonous type mushroom.


For this reason, Old Ape asked in the chat group, “Has Han Yichen been hacked?”

  Xiao Han immediately jumped out and said, “Of course not!”

  ”What’s the matter with your profile picture?”

  ”This is proof of love!”


  Old  Ape felt that Xia Ye’s love was obviously stronger, and he was very worried about Comrade Xiao Han’s aesthetics.

  Xia Ye rarely showed up in the chat room and asked them, “Have you guys been free lately?”

  Han Yichen, a freshly enrolled college student, has the most free time, and immediately responded: “Yes, yes!”

  Xia Ye: “Do you want a big ticket?”

    (Note: big ticket- constituting a major expense.)

  Seeing this sentence, Manager Song, who had been diving, couldn’t help but asked: “How much is it?”


  Manager Song went off-line to work on company affairs and has no interest in this ticket.

  Han Yichen was very interested: “Let’s talk about it, what exactly are you doing?”

  Xia Ye sent a brief explanation, It was one of the latest press releases issued by a company. They have made challenges to global hackers, and said that whoever can break past their firewall program of their company’s designated webpage within the specified time, they will be given 500,000 yuan.

  Han Yichen: “It’s kind of interesting, the time limit will be over in a few days? I happen to have some time to fuck them!”

  Old Ape jumped out and shouted, “Stop it! It’s a company that I am working with that you want to black out!”

  Han Yichen: “What about your company? Aren’t you writing a set-top box program for your project?”

  Old Ape: “It was written for this company!”

  Xia Ye: “The bonus can be split equally.”

  Old Ape: “…Well It’s not entirely impossible.”

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