LNTMG-(66) Fish-Farming

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  Old Ape originally stood by and watched the excitement, but suddenly he was caught off guard by the war. The project he was now leading this team to write a TV set-top box program for this company. That company has big ambitions and was doing this at the same time. This project includes the field of their network security, sometimes when Old Ape was with that company, he would listen to their team bragging, even though they didn’t really know much about technology, so he was very worried about them.

  The company did not know which expert came up with such a press release. It is estimated that the term “hacker” has become hot in the past two years. They wanted to catch up with the enthusiasm and follow the trend to make such a press release to challenge global hackers. Strictly speaking, this was actually a marketing method at best, and it is intended to attract people’s attention.

  Maybe they themselves didn’t expect to provoke a great god like Xia Ye.

  Old Ape felt that he was too difficult.

  After weighing them, he still bowed his head when it came to money, besides it didn’t say in their contract that he couldn’t be involved in this. He was only temporary working for them, after he finished the set-top box program, he had to go back to school!

  Old Ape happily tested the depth with the offensive and defensive software, he was bound to win the 500,000 bonus.

  Han Yichen was more thoughtful than he was, he expanded the scope of his opponents a bit. Not only did he challenge the company, but also targeted other hacker groups. He felt that these people were more threatening. What if someone was faster than them?

  Xia Ye said: “I can guarantee that no one will move faster than us.”

  ”What if…”

  ”That won’t be the case.”

  Xia Ye’s words were firm, and Han Yichen was relieved.

  On the night of the public test, Xia Ye and the others broke through that company’s firewall in 15 minutes, but because the other party only gave a designated offensive and defensive webpage, they did not say how they will give the winner their reward. So, Xia Ye replaced the colors on the original webpage with black and white, and put a picture on the homepage on full screen, with white text on a black background, with the words written:

  Pay money. ——X

  At the same time, the company’s official website was hacked, and the hackers left behind thousands of words of sarcasm, and questioned the company’s test, saying, “This game is for elementary students, and not Interesting. It’s better for them to use your official website to practice around’ they ended the attack, leaving a flower mark at the end of their name.

  The company’s official website and test website were cracked at the same time, and it was chaos. They originally just wanted to hype it, but they ended up planting a bitter fruit, and it was widely reported by the newspapers, so they didn’t plan to do it again for a while.


  The bonus was also quickly claimed. The person in charge of the company originally wanted to contact them online, but the person who received the money was very careful. The online contact was used as a springboard, and the location of the specific IP was not found, and the account used to contact them couldn’t be verified specifically. The company could only give up, and it was really lost.

  Song Yi sent the money, Song Yi felt helpless about this. He originally created the account for further cooperation with Qiao Zuo and to facilitate the future operation of the company, but he never expected that it would be used to help them collect their money.

  Han Yichen divided 150,000, and smiled widely: “Lao Song, how can you can’t say that, what kind of money laundering, this was originally the result of our hard work.”

  Old Ape also took his share and firmly agreed: “Xiao Han is right.”

  The two of them felt that they did not contribute as much as Xia Ye. They divided 300,000, and the remaining 200,000 was given to Xia Ye.

  Song Yi deliberately asked this, because Xia Ye’s attitude was too strange. If they needed more money, it wouldn’t be worth mentioning compared with the company’s current flow, and it was not worth his busy schedule.

  Xia Ye said: “It’s okay, I just want to give a gift.”

  Song Yi asked, “Who is it for?”

  This time Xia Ye didn’t reply, his profile picture turned gray and he went offline.

  When Tang Jinyu was in third grade, Xia Ye took his college entrance examination.

  With the expectation of the adults and school teachers of the Xia and Tang families, he won the provincial champion of that year and chose Qingbei University in Beijing.

  This time, both Old Ape and  Song Yi came over from Qizhou City to celebrate. Han Yichen also returned from Beijing two days earlier. Because Xia Ye and he chose the same major, Han Yichen was very happy these two days and felt that since they were going to the same school. That their bond would grow, and all the bulls that were blown out in those days have all come back.

Xia Ye only got together with them for one day. He didn’t go back to the Qizhou company with Song Yi and the others, nor did he agree to Han Yichen’s invitation to go to Beijing to have some experience in advance. Instead he stayed at home to accompany the little guy during summer vacation.

  He carried Tang Jinyu on his back to find a firefly for summer vacation, but until the summer vacation was almost over, the firefly was not found.

  Tang Jinyu lay on his shoulder, especially reluctant to let go of him.

  Xia Ye walked with him on his back, “Wait next year, next summer I will accompany you to find it.”

  ”I’ll be back during the winter vacation. When it snows, I will take you out to step on the snow and build a snowman for you.”

  ”You haven’t eaten dried crabapples, have you? It’s a bit sour and sticky, but the fresh ones are a bit like a small apple, especially a small one. Don’t you have to eat an apple every time? When my brother comes back, I will bring you Begonia fruit, and Xiaoyu can eat one in a bite.”


  Xia Ye said a lot, but the little guy on his back was still gloomy, and lacking in energy to look around.

  Xia Ye paused, took out something from his pocket and handed it to him, “Stupid baby, this is for you.”

  Tang Jinyu took it and asked in a low voice, “Brother, what is this?”


  ”Passbook.” Xia Ye smiled, “You are still young. I asked my aunt to ask for an account to save some money for you. If you want to see your brother in the future, tell your mom, let her take you to the capital to find me, okay?”

  ”Brother, I have money myself.”

  ”It’s not the same. I’m giving this to you, keep it with the ticket.”

  The little guy rubbed his back vigorously, nodded and said okay.

  Xia Ye didn’t dare to put him down and looked back. The little guy was crying , but there was no sound, but his shoulders were wet, and his heart ached.

  When Xia Ye started school, both Xia and Tang went to the airport to send him off. Originally, Chen Suling wanted the driver to drive him there, but Xia Ye refused, and did not bring any extra luggage, just a small suitcase and a backpack, as if he would come back anytime, and was only leaving temporarily.

  Tang Jinyu tried to endure it, but as soon as the sound of the airport flight announcement rang, he couldn’t help but rushed over to hold Xia Ye and cry. Xia Ye looked at the little guy holding his leg, crying so much that he hiccuped. He has never seen him cry like this before, he felt a little loss for awhile, he hugged him and coaxed him for a while, but the more he coaxed the more the little guy cried, holding his neck and not letting him go.

  In the end, it was Chen Suling who took her child over, patted her little son on the back to coax him, and nodded to Xia Ye to tell him not to delay his trip.

  Up until Xia Ye got on the plane, he could still hear the little guy crying in his ears, he cried too much, and he didn’t know if he would have a sore throat or get sick once he got back home.

  After arriving at school, Xia Ye first called home and simply reported that he arrived safely, and then asked: “Dad, is Xiaoyu going to be alright?”

  Teacher Xia said: “How could he be okay? After crying all the way, your Uncle Tang and Aunt Chen couldn’t coax him. You know how he wanted that skateboard once before, but we didn’t buy because we thought it was too dangerous? This time, Uncle Tang said nothing, and brought it, but he didn’t even look at it when it was brought back. He stopped crying once we got home, but his eyes were swollen…”

  Xia Ye frowned, “I’ll call him.”

  Teacher Xia stopped and said, “Next time, he finally stopped crying. If he hears your voice, he’ll remember it again.”

  Xia Ye thought for a while, but couldn’t help but temporarily called Chen Suling to ask about the situation. Only when he knew that his throat was a bit dumb, he was relieved that he was not sick.

  The university courses were smooth, but Xia Ye has taken a few more courses, which made him a bit more busier than Han Yichen.

  After New Year’s Day, Xia Ye turned 18 years old. Teacher Xia went to visit him on his birthday, and transferred the company affairs and the money in the account to him on the way.

  Teacher Xia smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, “Xiaoye, when you grow up, you will be in charge of this in the future.”

  The first thing Xia Ye did when he got the money was to fly to Qizhou City to find Song Yi.

  He had been to Song Yi’s office several times, but this was the first time that he was sitting in the meeting room and had a serious conversation with him.

  Xia Ye knocked the file on the table, thought about it for a moment, and said, “You can make a move.”


  Song Yi waited for these words for three years, and he naturally had no objection to this.

  The market that they were now in, had several big companies ended, and they have entered a fierce battle. The technology of the previous two years was no longer a problem for people now. What the other party wanted was their well-established market, and they needed a reason to invest. Instead of spending their time here, it would be best to take a lot of money out and quit. Since there would be an even bigger market in the future, as long as he follows Xia Ye.

  Song Yi was very interested in Xia Ye’s next goal, “Mr. Xia, what are your plans next?”

  Xia Ye said: “I plan to rest for a while.”

  Manager Song who has been working for three years: “…”

  Xia Ye sat in the boss chair and turned halfway around, then turned back to look at him and asked seriously, “Lao Song, how much money is left in the company?”

  Song Yi: “What’s wrong?”

  ”I plan to divide it.”

  ”For what?”

  ”A house, a house in the Shanghai stock market, do you want it?”

  Song Yi thought that Xia Ye was joking, but he remembered that Xia Ye took a business class about Shanghai Stock Exchange, and he was serious.

  Xia Ye took him to see the real estate. The reason why he wanted to buy a house in the Shanghai stock market this time was because of a policy.

  In order to promote the economy and attract investment, the Shanghai Municipal Government has given preferential policies to investors, home buyers and “introduced talents” and other foreigners. Anyone who invests can enjoy the benefits of an official account and issue a blue-printed account. After a certain period of time, it can be converted into an official account.

  The Shanghai stock market’s taxation policies are very favorable to the company, and good education and college entrance examination scores are another attraction for Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye said to Song Yi: “Xiaoyu will learn music from my dad in the future. Shanghai stock market conditions are better. There are many competitions and activities there. If you study there, you don’t have to come back. Since we have a company here too, and can just take care of him nearby.”

  Song Yi nodded, but was confused again: “Xiaoyu is learning music now?”

Xia Ye said: “Yes, my dad called two days ago and said that he was already registering for the competition.”

  ”Where is the competition?”

  ”Instrument competition in our city’s elementary school group.”


  Song Yi had doubts, but Xia Ye was the boss anyway, so he did what his boss told him to. Finally, he bought an office building in the name of the company, bought a house for several high-level managers, and settled an account on the way.

  Han Yichen was very concerned about this. After all, his sister’s grades are not top-notch, and he was still a little worried that the little girl will suffer setbacks if she fails her college exams in the future.

  The only person in the company was Old Ape who has not settled down, and Old Ape firmly said: “I want to stay in Qizhou City to provide for Mr. Tang Hui. It is absolutely impossible to leave!”

  After finishing the company’s affairs, Song Yi helped Xia Ye buy a few houses in his own name. Xia Ye’s previous business was done in the capital. In the past three years, he has indeed made a lot of money, and his worth has already exceeded 1,000 yen. It was not an exaggeration to say that it is an upstart.


  The Shanghai Stock Exchange’s Blue Seal account was also for individual purchases. A 70-square-meter house in Pudong District can be issued with a blue seal account for a purchase of 350,000 yuan. After a few years of inspection, it can be settled. It is said that this year is the last year of the policy, and many people bought houses.

  Xia Ye didn’t choose these new houses, but carefully selected the next two days, and finally chose a second-hand school district house.

  Since  they came late, there was no other better location. Song Yi looked for a long time to find a house close to the road. After seeing it, Xia Ye was not very satisfied, frowning and asked: “There are no other houses?”

  Song Yi shook his head, “There is only this side, but this is 120 square meters, the area is the largest compared to other communities.”

  Xia Ye took a brief look, and then asked, “How many sets are left?”

  Song Yi thought he wanted to watch it, so he asked the agent, who quickly turned over the album and said to him: “Mr. Xia, there is really only one room left here. What you see now is the one with the best lighting. One set, there are two remaining sets, one set is downstairs, and the other set is on the top floor…”

  Xia Ye interrupted him and said, “I’ll buy them all.”

  The agent was taken aback for a moment, and he was ecstatic, and nodded again and again: “Okay, do you need to take a look Mr. Xia? The one on the top floor is also good. The balcony is also a bonus, it’s big, and you can grow flowers!”

  Xia Ye thought for a while, but he didn’t know what he had added to his brain and suddenly he felt better, and said to the agent, “Let’s take a look.”

  The agent didn’t bring all the keys, so Xia Ye and the others waited here for a few minutes, while the agent hurried back to get the keys.

  Xia Ye turned around in this house and looked at it. The living room here was very spacious with good lighting. The place where he stopped by was suitable to place a piano in. The little guy can practice piano here during the day. Xia Ye looked at the open space, and the corners of his mouth raised a little. In the past two years, his brother’s feet could not reach the ground while sitting on his stool. But this year, he was already like an older child who could sit firmly on his own.

  When Song Yi saw his fingers pressing the piano, he knew who he was thinking of, “You are so kind to Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye said: “He was kind to me, too.”

  Song Yi couldn’t imagine that he was already a complete adult, and there was no defense that he could break through.


  Xia Ye thought of the little guy, his expression on his face was not the same as usual. He said to Song Yi: “Old Song, when I started school this year, do you know how badly Xiaoyu cried at the airport?” Xia Ye was silent for a moment and suddenly laughed, and said, “You don’t know how my brother looks so cute when he cries.”

  Song Yi: “…”

  ”Really, I have never seen him make a fuss like this. This was the first time he told me what he wanted, and when he told me not to go, I couldn’t do it.” Xia Ye retracted his fingers in the void and stood there,” I thought about it. In the first year, he would cry and would not let go of me. Maybe in the second year he would hold my leg and not let me go, and then in the third year he would learn not to cry, and would wave his hand to me and say ‘Brother have a good journey.”

  Song Yi thought this was normal, but Xia Ye shook his head and said, “I don’t want him to grow up so quickly.”

  ”Children all grow up.”

  ”Well, I want to watch him grow up next to me.”

  The agent soon returned with the keys, and Xia Ye followed to see the two houses and bought them all.

  The agent said excitedly: “Mr. Xia, please, let me take you through the formalities!”

  Xia Ye followed the agent to go out, Song Yi was already numb from behind, he spent the past two days like running water, not even blinking when he spent millions of dollars in front of his eyes. His boss was so capable, he spent three years of hard-earned money, and spent less than three days to spend it all.

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  Song Yi: Abnormal.

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