LNTMG-(67) Early Snow

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Xia Ye returned from the winter vacation in the first year of university, and brought more things to the house than when he left.

  When he reported back to school, he brought only a few pieces of personal clothing and identification. When he came back, he packed two suitcases full of specialty products. The backpack was filled with dried fruits and candy. He didn’t buy roast duck or something, he only brought snacks that the little guy would like.

  It was in the afternoon when Xia Ye arrived home. After taking a short break at the airport, he took his backpack and went to the front yard, only to find that there was no one at home. He thought that this was a bit strange. He called his dad and asked, “Dad, where is Xiaoyu?”

  Teacher Xia was still at work in the unit. He didn’t expect that he could come back so early. He smiled and said, “You forgot, the elementary school still isn’t in winter break yet. You have to wait a few more days. You can rest at home and see him tonight.

  Xia Ye just remembered that his winter and summer vacation always came later in high school. Every time his brother would wait for him at home waiting for him to come back from school, but now that he has an early winter vacation in college, it was now his turn to wait for the little guy.

  Xia Ye didn’t stay at home either. Seeing that the time was almost up, he went to pick up the little guy at the entrance of the elementary school.

  Outside the elementary school was always the busiest. There are more than a dozen small shops on the two adjacent streets. They had everything from snacks to toys, and the names were also varied. A little further down the road was a snack stand. They would also sell popcorn and roasted sweet potatoes. Especially in winter, the uncle roasting sweet potatoes was always next to a candied haws seller. On a small cart, there was the boss with 20 or 30 candied haws stick on the ground, red and eye-catching.

Xia Ye looked down at his watch, calculating that it was almost time.

  Sure enough, he heard the bell ringing from elementary school, and the campus was full of excitement. The first wave of people who ran out were all young boys, and they rushed to buy snacks together.

  ”Run! Today the’little hero’ has just issued a new card. I must get the lucky number seven little lion!”

  ”I want the one to play with the 5th, which one of you can get it and exchange it with me!”

  The pencil case in the schoolbag carried by the little boy in the lead clanged, and the few behind them ran fast, brushing them and ran away from Xia Ye.


  Xia Ye glanced at them, paused for a moment on their running figure, and quickly recovered.

  His younger brother has never run like this before. In his memory, the little guy would walk very carefully, not only for himself, as if he knew from an early age that he would worry his family if he fell and got hurt, he was so well-behaved.

  Xia Ye waited at the school gate for a while. Tang Jinyu walked out with a few friends. At first he tilted his head and talked to the classmates next to him, but he didn’t know what was going on, when the little guy suddenly looked around.

  Xia Ye waved at him and the little guy’s eyes lit up, he abandoned his little friends and ran over. Xia Ye stretched out to hold him. After half a year, he was still so proficient in his movements. He threw himself into his arms and hugged him hard, calling him brother.

  Xia Ye laughed, stretched out his hand to pinch his little ear, and asked, “Is it cold?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, with excitement on his small face, he couldn’t help but look up at him as if it wasn’t enough.

  Xia Ye hit him with his forehead, and teased him: “Isn’t it enough? First say yes, you can see, you can touch, but you are not allowed to drop the golden beans.” He raised his hand and rubbed the little guy’s head, his voice softened, “If you cry too much and get sick, you can’t step on the snow.”

  Tang Jinyu originally had a sore nose, and he was happy when he heard the last sentence, and nodded and said, “I’m going to step on the snow, brother, it’s snowing late this year, and it hasn’t fallen yet.”

  ”Well, it has snowed for the past two days.”


  Xia Ye said according to the weather forecast, and his brother immediately joined in, as if he had summoned the snow, Xia Ye was amused by him.

  The small classmates who had been with Tang Jinyu before ran over. Han Yixing was the leader. She was very happy when she saw Xia Ye and shouted, “Hello, Brother Xia Ye!” The next few children shouted elder brother together with their heads looking up. Looking at the two brothers, especially Tang Jinyu, who was hugged so high, and the children that didn’t have an elder brothers were very envious.

  Xia Ye nodded.

  Han Yixing looked forward to it again: “Is my brother back too?”

  Xia Ye shook his head, “Your brother has something else to do. He won’t be back two days later.”

  The little girl was particularly disappointed.

  Xia Ye paused, and then said to her: “Your brother asked me to buy you some delicious food.” He made up these words on the spot. Han Yichen had something to do in the capital and was going to be late when he came back. He said this because he was afraid that the little girl would be sad, but he couldn’t take it back, so he looked around and said, “Take a pick, he said that he doesn’t know what you like to eat. Let you take it yourself. choose what you, I will buy it for you.”

  The little girl was excited: “Can you buy me anything?”


  Xia Ye looked around and followed the envious little classmate again, and said generously: “Are you Xiaoyu’s classmates? Go pick it too, take whatever you want.”

  A group of children cheered and yelled “Thank you brother” together, and followed Han Yixing to the nearest small shop to pick something. It was a holy place in the hearts of elementary school students. All the delicious things in the world are in it!


  Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu’s hand and walked over, and asked him, “How many are you going to pick?”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t let go, but looked up at him: “I won’t eat.”

  Xia Ye said strangely: “Then what do you want?”

  The little guy shook his hand, his eyes curled up with a smile, and looked at him without speaking.

  Xia Ye’s heart suddenly softened, raised his hand and squeezed his small face, and smiled.

  Han Yixing bought a lot of small snacks and a whole set of Digimon stickers. The rest of the children didn’t dare to take so many. They were all polite and only took snacks that were worth 50 cents, the kind of dried figs in the gray bag. One bag of these can be chewed for a long time.

  Xia Ye handed a large bill to the boss to retrieve more than half, but he didn’t ask for the change, and stuffed it into Tang Jinyu’s small schoolbag, giving his brother pocket money.

  This move aroused the envy of the little students next to him. You must know that they have at most one yuan for breakfast every day, and their pocket money was very small. Tang Jinyu’s brother just gave more than one! Ji Yuanjie bit a bag of dried figs and was very envious. He thought Tang Jinyu’s brother was really good!

  Much better than Xing Xing’s brother. Last time he called Xing Xing to ask about Xing Xing’s homework. Brother Han picked up the phone and found out that he was a little boy.

  After biting his snacks and comparing them carefully in his heart, Xiao Ji firmly voted for Brother Xia.

  At night, Chen Suling bought a lot of vegetables and mutton, and the family gathered together to blanch hot pot to eat.

  The mandarin duck pot was cooked at home, with red oil chili on one side and mushroom broth on the other. The thinly sliced ​​lamb rolls are placed in the pot, and they are quickly reduced into fragrant cooked meat, fat and thin, and mixed with bites. The soup was spicy and delicious.

  Tang Jinyu can’t eat spicy food. He ate a small piece of corn on the side and it was delicious. After eating vegetables for a while, the adults in the family started to feed him meat and fish balls, as well as fresh egg dumplings, which the child ate, and soon his belly was round.

  Xia Ye had a big appetite, and finally cooked some noodles. Tang Jinyu couldn’t eat it, but he refused to leave. He sat there with him and asked him if it was delicious.

  Xia Ye gave him a piece, and Tang Jinyu ate it with relish, “Brother’s noodles are so delicious!”

  Tang Hongjun said immediately: “This is the seasoning made by my father! The whole hot pot is made by my father, Xiaoyu!”

  Tang Jinyu turned his head and boasted: “Dad is really amazing!”

  Tang Hongjun proudly said: “Yes, I know that Xiaoyu likes to eat this soup the most. Dad bought it at the supermarket after work. He specially found it to cook for you and your brother. After two years, baby will grow up, and can eat chili as well, and then you can taste the red soup here.”

Xia Ye was interested and said, “Uncle, Xiaoyu likes this brand of hot pot ingredients now?”

  ”Yes, there are tomatoes, and he likes them too.”

  Tang Hongjun said a few things, and Xia Ye wrote them down. He was not very good at cooking, but he could do something simpler.

  Tang Jinyu sat aside and turned to look at the window, and suddenly said with joy, “Brother, look! It’s snowing!”


  The first snow came a bit late this winter, but it fell very heavily. Large drops of snowflakes fell and spread into a thick layer, and the ground quickly turned white. Tang Jinyu ran to the window to watch the snow. Xia Ye watched with him for a while, then bent down to ask him, the little guy immediately nodded and rushed to hug him, Xia Ye picked him up and hugged him, and said as he walked: “Auntie, I will take Xiaoyu out to play, and I will be back soon.”

  Chen Suling urged: “Wear more. You both remember to wear a scarf and gloves. There are newly bought gloves at the door, one for each person, don’t forget.”

  Xia Ye laughed and said, “I see.”

  The two were dressed. Xia Ye was in a black and white down jacket. Tang Jinyu still wore a matte and blue down jacket. The scarf, hat and gloves were all white and fluffy. He wore little boots and walked on the snow as he stepped on the road. The little guy stepped on it for a while, then suddenly smiled, and said, “Look, brother, my footprints are as big as yours.”

  The little guy stepped on a straight line, and the two small footprints combined were indeed the same size of Xia Ye’s.

  Xia Ye was afraid that he would fall and stretched out his hands to hold him, but the little guy misunderstood him, holding his arm and starting to climb up again. Xia Ye didn’t stop him. After he climbed up, he laughed and said: “How old are you, come down and walk by yourself.”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, he was a little embarrassed, and whispered: “Brother is carrying me.”

  As if carrying him was less shameful than being held, Xia Ye raised his eyebrows and looked at him. The little guy touched his forehead gently, and laughed, “I miss you!”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and lifted him up.

  There was only a row of footprints in the snow, but Tang Jinyu didn’t care too much. He held Xia Ye’s neck and talked to him from behind, chattering about everything. After talking for a while, he held Xia Ye’s neck and stretched out his small gloves, showing him what he just picked up, and said happily, “Brother, look! Give it to you~”

  Xia Ye smiled, “I brought you a lot of delicious food from the capital. Both boxes are full. I plan to take it for you later, and I only get some snowflakes?

  ”There are so many things to give to brother!”

  ”What do you have?”

  ”I can’t remember. I save a little every day. We went on an autumn outing this year and there was a leaf that looked very beautiful…”

  Speaking of a leaf, it was naturally endless. Tang Jinyu didn’t go home at night, so he went to live with Xia Ye, and first received Xia Ye’s gift. Xia Ye sat cross-legged on the carpet, and the little guy sat in his arms and went to see the candy and toys he brought back. Each of them was enthusiastically praised, and there was nothing he disliked.


  Xia Ye felt that this gift was too easy, but he still pinched the tip of his brother’s nose and said, “Today, you can only eat one candy. Pick one by myself. I will supervise you brushing your teeth later.”


  Tang Jinyu was very obedient. He chose the Begonia fruit recommended by his brother that didn’t have any sugar. After washing, he could eat the whole fruit. The taste was a little bit sweeter and sour than apples. The little guy was very satisfied with it.

  After eating small snacks, Tang Jinyu brought his small box over and gave him all the small gifts he had accumulated over the past six months. There was everything in the box, a good-looking brand-name watch, a plastic bookmark, a small stamp from the essay contest, beautiful leaves…

  That leaf was made into a specimen, as Xia Ye taught him how to make it, and it is well preserved.

  Xia Ye picked it up and played with it, and said, “Good job.”

  The little guy looked up and looked, expecting: “Brother, next time we should go together, I will tell my father, he marked it on the map, and said that we will go and play with the whole family.”


  The little guy was tired from playing at night and soon fell asleep. He was still holding a teddy bear that Xia Ye brought him in his arms. With his cheeks pressed against it, he could vaguely see the small dimple on one side, which was shallow and sweet.

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