LNTMG-(68) New Year (1)

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 Xia Ye had a couple extra days during his winter vacation than the little guy, but he didn’t go out as much, staying at home to work, and accompanying Tang Jinyu.

  He originally thought that he hadn’t seen him in half a year. How long did he have to repair for a few days to regain their previous intimacy, but the little guy had no problem at all. From the first day when he picked him up at school, he chased after him as affectionately as before, calling him brother.

  When the elementary school started winter vacation, Tang Jinyu ran over with a small school bag and took a corner of Xia Ye’s desk to do his homework seriously. The little guy was not loud or noisy. He only put an exercise book and a stationery box there. The pencil makes a rustling sound when writing, and after taking the eraser and fixing the typo, he will obediently put the eraser away and throw aside the eraser crumbs into the trash can.


  Sometimes there will be a cup of hot milk on the table. Xia Ye was busy on the phone and would knock on the table. The little guy would stop writing and take a sip from his cup of milk. Just like when he was a child, he had a milky mustache on his mouth, and the bottom of the cup would be shown to him, indicating that he drank it all.

  Xia Ye laughed, and pointed to the corner of his lips. The little guy obediently jumped off the chair to wash his hands and wipe his face. Halfway through, he would come back again, and took his own cup of milk and washed it along the way.

  Basically it doesn’t cost much, it’s especially easy to take.

  Compared with before, Xia Ye made significantly more calls this winter.

  He said before that he would take a break, but Song Yi refused, and Manager Song only promised to give him half a month to relax.

  But there was no way, before the company started recruiting people, even after the network management software was sold, there were still more than 20 people. Song Yi, the chief manager, pays everyone a salary every month. Most of the money in the bank was spent on a house in the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Now, he had a small change – a total of one million yuan in cash. As soon as he saw that little money in his account, he was anxious and angry, and he wanted to let his boss personally take on a few bonus contests challenges for hackers.

Anyway, there is still half a million,  what if there was an emergency?

  But after the company’s last loss, no such grievance has emerged.

  After hearing his report, Xia Ye asked, “How is Loulan’s situation?”

  ”The traffic is not bad, it’s up a bit more than before.” Song Yi looked through the report and read a few values ​​to him. The Loulan Forum was independent, not sold with the pop-up software, and was still drawing a small amount of fees. The advertising rake was a bridge of communication. However, the people who have come to the forum in the past two years have not only sought advertising cooperation. The number of Internet users has increased and they basically discuss about anything,

  Song Yi read several popular traffic points to him. The game “Miracle” ranked first, followed by discussions related to recent ball games.

  After listening to him, Xia Ye thought for a moment and said, “Expand some popular sites in Loulan, recreate a few websites, and link them to each other. If they want to play games, you can find Han Yichen and Qiao Zuo’s people. The person who posted the post used to be the moderator to stir up the atmosphere.” Xia Ye himself was also watching the forum. He flipped through the names of several posts. Song Yi responded back on phone and wrote them down.


  Xia Ye said again: “In addition, create an external link website, try to cooperate with sports news and other programs, and ask for the broadcasting rights of recent football matches. I would not be assured if this matter was handled by somebody else. Please work hard and take a trip in person.”

  Song Yi agreed, “Would you like text or video broadcasting rights?”

  ”Text.” Xia Ye didn’t hesitate, he chose this target from the beginning.

  The network is better now than in the previous two years, but the video still needs to be buffered for a long time, and live broadcasts aren’t reliable. Moreover, TV stations will not easily agree to broadcast broadcast authorization. After all, TV stations also need to rely on the popularity of football games to sell advertisements. They are all people who eat.

  However, the TV broadcast is too slow. There is a time gap. Some fans can’t wait to watch the next day’s broadcast, and often the sales of newspapers will be much better at this time. There was no other way, even if it was text, it’s still the fastest way to deliver news.

  The same was true for networks in the 2G era. It does not yet have the capability of smooth video transmission, but the response to text news was even more enthusiastic.

  Online communication is mainly based on words and pictures, and all kinds of posts that are easy to resonate are very easy to become popular. Among them, fans are the most concerned, the most widely spread, and the highest user viscosity. At the same time, sports news was also the lowest risk.

  Song Yi knew the importance of this, and immediately guessed Xia Ye’s next plan. The recent game was just a test to check the water. After testing the depths, the next thing was the highlight after New Year’s. They know that there are a lot of games scheduled for 2004, such as the AFC Cup, the NBA, and the Athens Olympics and so on.

  Song Yi felt energetic once he had something to do.

  For the next period of time, Song Yi was busy with the new website. Until Tang Jinyu finished his winter vacation homework, the new website was still in rough shape.

  When Xia Ye talks with Song Yi on official business every day, he does not deliberately avoid the little guy. He does not accurately distinguish between the office and the home when he works. He will do it when he thinks of it, and he will feel more comfortable after he finishes it.

  After making several changes, Xia Ye nodded and expressed his approval, “Let’s do this first, you can let everyone rest for a day, and I will do the test.”

  Song Yi’s voice over there was a little tired and said: “You have forgotten the date, it’s almost New Year’s, the company will be on holiday tomorrow, until…” He flipped the calendar, “It’s the eighth day of the month, everyone should have good holiday and rest, and start working again next year.”


  Song Yi hung up the phone and hurried to send out the holiday notice. He used to think that he was a workaholic, but Xia Ye was much worse than him. This person said that this was a real break, but he didn’t do anything. Once he started working, he couldn’t break out of his state, which made him remember the pressure of sleeping in the office for more than ten days when he just received Qiao Zuo’s  first promotion three years ago.

  Tang Jinyu was listening, waiting for Xia Ye to hang up the phone and curiously said: “Brother, do you want to make a new website?”

  Xia Ye took him over and asked the little guy to sit closer, and open the website test page to show him, “That’s it, what do you think?”

  Tang Jinyu has seen this Loulan Forum, and the membership number was still very high, which was 06. He sat on Xia Ye’s lap and looked curiously at the new website. The content was a bit more expensive than the previous Loulan. The dates written on it were messy, and the scrolling news was particularly frightening:

  ”Photo-AFC Cup China Men’s Football Team beat Japan 4:1 to win the championship, all the players cheered!”

  ”Graphic-China Men’s Football World Cup defeated Brazil 4:1 to win the championship, the momentum was like a breeze!”

  ”Graphic-China Men’s Football World Cup defeated the Italian team 4:1, and the players came to the stage to receive the award!”


  Nothing was true.

  Tang Jinyu took a closer look at the date. It was 2030, and this would happen 26 years later. It is estimated that the people who do the website program are also fans, and are crying blood and tears.

  The new website talks about other related news besides sports. After opening, you can browse the website at will. If you register as a member or if people pay attention to a certain amount of games, a small pop-up window will be sent separately, so that people will not miss the latest news.

  After Xia Ye tested it, he took Tang Jinyu and registered his first member account. The name was still used as the previous one: LittleFish


  Xia Ye took him to read it again, pinched the tip of his nose, and said with a smile: “A little fish, just like you.”

  Tang Jinyu immediately joined in: “Brother’s name is the best!”

  Xia Ye also registered his membership. Tang Jinyu was number 00 and his number is 01. They are both at the top, as simple as ever, with only an “x”.

  After posting, Tang Jinyu took a look and asked, “Brother, can I also send messages by myself?”

  ”Do you want to send a private message?”

  ”No, I can also post a few words like this and add a photo…” The little guy gestured to him and arranged a simple arrangement, “Can I send it out by myself, can it be displayed at the top?”

  Hearing his arrangements, Xia Ye paused for a moment, and thought for a moment: “Well, it’s not difficult to operate the Internet. I will let Brother Song try it in a few days. Why did you suddenly think to send a message by yourself?”

Tang Jinyu also found it strange looking at the computer screen. He didn’t know what to think. Although the current webpage is good, he was a bit uncomfortable. It seems that he prefers to socialize on a separate page. He can pay attention to some interesting people and write something by himself, so that people can see it and comment freely.

  ”It seems, that’s how it should be.”

  The little guy tried hard to remember for a long time, but couldn’t explain why.

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and said, “It’s a good idea. I will try to see if I can make it later.”

  Tang Jinyu, the little fish, didn’t know what kind of forest would be born in the next few years when he flung his tail. He also had no idea that a young man in country M created the same photo-sharing site a few months later. And with this, enter the world’s richest list.

  After a period of work, the family began to prepare for the New Year.

  The Xia and Tang families have been together for the Spring Festival in recent years, and the two sides together were far more lively together as a family. The same type of blessing was pasted in the middle of the door, and the spring festival couplets on both sides were pasted by Xia Ye holding Tang Jinyu. The little guy kept his head up and listened to the command of the adults in the distance. Tang Hongjun asks him to raise his head a little. Xia Ye was afraid that his hat would fall off, so he stretched out his hand and buttoned it on the little guy, covering most of the little guy’s face.

  Tang Jinyu held the Spring Festival couplets and dared not move: “…”

  He can’t see anything!

  Xia Ye was happy, holding him with one hand, the other hand caught his brother’s hand and pressed it on the door, and whispered: “Paste this, use a little force.”


  Tang Jinyu pressed it hard and stretched out his small hand to smooth it out. It was very good!

  After posting on the front yard, Xia Ye hugged him to paste the spring festival couplets in the backyard, and added a few more blessings on the way.

  Teacher Xia stood by and teased him: “Xiaoyu, take a look at the one posted just now.”

  The gold letters on the red background posted on the door and in the courtyard are very upright, and each one is upside down, the same as the ones he posted in recent years. Tang Jinyu took a look and said, “I’ve posted it!”

  Teacher Xia deliberately said: “What’s wrong with the word ‘Fu’?”

  The little guy smiled so wide that his eyes bent into a smile, and he raised his head and said, “Uncle, good fortune is here!”

  Xia Ye passed by and picked him up and carried him on his shoulders. The little guy was not afraid to show Xia Ye the blessing word he had just posted.

  Teacher Xia saw this and said, “Xiao Ye, be careful, don’t knock his head.”

  ”Dad, I won’t.”

  ”Yes, you have grown taller again this year, and you are still carrying him. After a while, Xiaoyu will just hit the door panel as soon as he raises his head. Hold it steady, don’t carry him away.” Teacher Xia was particularly worried. When their house was decorated, Tang Honjun’s enthusiastic brother-in-law helped and managed everything. The other party did everything well, but forgot to measure the height of his house. There was no problem in getting in and out, but Xia Ye would definitely hit the door with the little guy in his arms.

  Xia Ye backhanded Tang Jinyu under his arm and took it upstairs. There were still a few big Chinese knots to hang.

  Tang Jinyu saw the blessing word sticking to the door and kicked his feet, feeling happy.

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