LNTMG-(69) New Year (2)

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After the Spring Festival couplets were pasted and the Chinese knots hung, the family was full of joy.

  This Chinese knot was specially made by Chen Suling. It is much larger than the ones bought in the market. The embroidered pattern on it was koi, mainly in red and gold. It was very delicate and beautiful. The two were paired on each side.

  After Xia Ye took him to set up the house and went out to buy things, Tang Jinyu followed him step by step, like a little tail.

  The two of them wore the same clothes, one big and one small, and their shadows were very long.

  There was still a little unmelted snow on the road. Tang Jinyu lowered his head and stepped on the snow earnestly, jumping around. Xia Ye walked on the side. Seeing the melting snow, he didn’t wait for the little guy to make a detour, he directly picked him up and carried him by the collar. After walking two steps and seeing the white snow, he let him continue to step on it.

  This is one of the little guy’s favorite activities to do once a year, so Xia Ye was also willing to spoil him.

  Many shops on the street were closed during New Year’s. Xia Ye was afraid that he would be tired, so he went to a vegetable shop at the end of the street and bought some vegetables. Seeing that there were some small oranges, he also bought ten jins on the way.

  Tang Jinyu leaned in and said, “Brother, there are oranges at home.”

  Xia Ye said: “Buy some more.”

  ”Is there a guest coming over?”

  Xia Ye glanced at him, and the little guy looked up at him, asking seriously.

  Xia Ye wanted to say that the food at home was not enough for him, but soon felt that he was very similar to Tang Hongjun. On the one hand, he knows exactly how much the little guy eats, and on the other hand, he always thinks that this baby at home can eat a mountain. He wants to buy everything and go back home to raise this baby.

  Xia Ye hesitated and said, “Then take eight catties.”

  The boss was very happy. He weighed them and put them in a bag and asked, “I have fresh lamb today. Would you like some?”

  Xia Ye turned around and asked, “Xiaoyu, do you want to eat hot pot?”

  The little guy nodded and said happily: “I want to eat!”

  Xia Ye bought some more mutton, a fresh one, and it was not frozen and could not be sliced ​​into mutton rolls with a machine. The boss helped slice them and cut it into strips. It was very thin and could be easily cooked in a hot pot.


  It was dark early in the north, and the lights on the roadside were all on when they returned. During the New Year, many small lantern-shaped lights were hung on both sides of the road, flashing bright.

  Xia Ye brought up a lot of things, but Tang Jinyu refused to let himself be carried on his back.

  Xia Ye saw that he walked around in a skip, and smiled: “You like New Year’s so much?”

  ”Like it!”

  ”You like to have something delicious for New Year’s?”

  The little guy shook his head, stepped on the snow and stretched out his hand to let Xia Ye lead him, “I like it when my brother goes home, brother, I’m happy when I see you.”

  Xia Ye felt that he hadn’t seen him in half a year, and his brother had changed a little. This little mouth was obviously sweeter than before, and it seemed to have a mouthful of honey. Anything he says can sweeten people’s hearts.

  During the New Year, everyone in the family made their own specialties. Tang Hongjun and Teacher Xia made some stir-fries, and Chen Suling made the toasted “apples” that her child liked to eat-using the crabapple fruit Xia Ye brought back from Beijing. The taste was very good, sweet and sour. Since Xia Ye bought fresh cut mutton, he cooked a hot pot. Tang Hongjun supported him with two packages of hot pot seasonings. This time, tomato flavored seasonings were put in the clear soup. He cooked it for the first time, and he didn’t fail with this dish, it turned out to be quite successful.

Everyone in the family tacitly prevented the little guy from entering the kitchen, and arranged another task for him to taste.

  Tang Jinyu did a very good job there. After eating, he applauded and said okay, while over there, he praised them for a long time and cheered.

  By the time the dinner was officially over , the little guy was half full.

  After dinner in the evening, the two families watched the Spring Festival Gala together.

  Tang Hongjun was usually busy with work. He was the first to fall asleep halfway through. At about 11 o’clock, the firecrackers outside the window exploded. He was startled. He sat up and his glasses hung on the bridge of his nose. It took him a long time to remember that he was at home, he rubbed his  head and said with a smile: “Happy New Year everyone!”

  The whole family laughed. Chen Suling helped him with his glasses and smiled: “The TV was so loud, I don’t know how you can fall asleep like this.”

  Teacher Xia said gently: “Old Tang, don’t go out as soon as you wake up. Be careful of the wind, I’ll set off firecrackers.”

  Xia Ye got up and said, “Dad, I’ll go.”


  Teacher Xia gave him the lighter, and Xia Ye went to the yard.

  Tang Jinyu was also going. Teacher Xia didn’t let him. He held him and took a look at the window. He also intimately covered the child’s ears with his hands, “Xiaoyu be prepared, it will ring in a while.”

  Tang Jinyu opened his eyes and looked outside the yard. At this moment, he did not forget to compliment, “Brother is really amazing!”

  Teacher Xia laughed and said to him: “When we get older, Xiaoyu must be as good as your brother.”

  The child raised his head and talked, just as firecrackers rang out in the yard, and everything exploded immediately after the “crack”. People outside were running like it was a relay race, with firecrackers sounding at midnight, and people setting off fireworks, it was very lively.

  Teacher Xia only saw the child’s mouth, and couldn’t hear what he said, but his face was full of worship, as if in his eyes Xia Ye was the most powerful person in the world. Soon after setting off the firecrackers, Xia Ye returned. The little guy ran over and hugged Xia Ye, yelling to his brother.

  Chen Suling cooked some dumplings, the whole family ate a little more together, and everyone went to bed.

  Tang Jinyu was energetic just now, but he was so sleepy that he rubbed his eyes for a while. He was taken away by Tang Hongjun. Xia Ye called out and said, “Uncle, wait, this is for Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye stuffed him with a small purse. Tang Hongjun took it as a toy and stuffed it into the kid’s pocket with a smile, “You’ve given so many gifts, why are there still more gifts? I really envy Xiaoyu.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said: “New Year’s, it should be like this.”

  When Tang Jinyu went to bed at night, he was still holding the small purse in his hand, sleeping very soundly.

  When he woke up on the morning of the first day of the New Year, Chen Suling first noticed something was wrong with the purse, it seemed very heavy inside. When she opened it, she saw a handful of gold gadgets, including small peanuts, small ingots, and hollowed-out golden balls, the size of a thumb, with ten pieces.

  Chen Suling went to ask her husband, Tang Hongjun looked at it and said, “It’s so much, no wonder it was so heavy.”

  Chen Suling didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You don’t even ask. Now, there are many places for Xiaoye to start a business, but he paid so much for Xiaoyu.”

  Tang Hongjun’s heart was very generous, and said: “Leave it for Xiaoyu to play around with. It’s not bad. Do you still want to send it back to others? Believe it or not, if you send it back. Xiaoye will double it in the afternoon and bring it back.”

  Chen Suling was dumb, she really believed that this was indeed what Xia Ye would do, this child would do what he wanted.


  Tang Hongjun said: “Look, the watch Xiaoyu gave last time, didn’t Xiaoye accepted it without saying anything? I saw him wear it last night.”

  Chen Suling nodded and smiled: “Yes, then put it away.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at his little purse eagerly.

  Chen Suling bent over and touched the tip of his nose, “I can’t give it to you now. Mom will find someone to string it for you, otherwise it’s too small and easy to lose.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and was obedient.

  The New Year was always the busiest time. In the past two years, there have been more and more text messages for New Year greetings. Many people smiled and wrote auspicious words to family and friends with their mobile phones.

  Maybe even Xia Ye himself did not expect that the first time their new website was visited by a large number of searches was not because of any competition, but a “Completion of New Year Greetings Messages and Wishes” temporarily placed in a blank area.

  This thing was made up temporarily by Old Ape looking for a few students in his school. They were used to writing papers and looking for materials all year round. They were flipping through books and magazines, and get a copy in a few days and throw it away. The website supports the scene-after all, you can’t put fake news about the Chinese men’s football, and it’s not good to see it empty.

  Song Yi was the happiest when the traffic started. For this reason, he specially gave Old Ape a bonus.

  After receiving the money, Old Ape was not ashamed of it, and he stretched out his hand to beg for more, “Lao Song, let’s do it again. Several people here did it together with me, all of them are juniors. As their Senior, is it possible to give them a chance?”

  Manager Song ignored him when he was off the assembly line. He was now an iron board, not even a single hair can be pulled.

  Compared to Song Yi, Xia Ye was also nervous, he didn’t even have money from Tang Jinyu.

  Tang Jinyu’s small treasury over the past two years, the whole family has accumulated enough energy to stuff money into it. He alone has stuffed more than two hundred thousand yuan, and there were a lot of gold and silver items. Every year when he goes to the Chen family for the New Year, The two elders of the Chen family are partial to the little grandson and give him a lot of good things. Tang Honjun pampers him even more and gives him what he wants. Even Old Ape deliberately gives some gold for the little guy’s birthday every year- Old Ape’s flag has been set. The most suitable gift for the little cash cow!

  Years ago, Tang Jinyu signed up to participate in the musical instrument competition in a elementary school group. The New Year gift that Teacher Xia prepared for him was a Sony digital camera, which was specially reserved for little guy to take photos during the competition.

  Tang Jinyu liked this new camera very much. Xia Ye taught him again, and he followed suit and took pictures of many family members.

  Xia Ye scratched his chin and said, “Find a place to stand by yourself, and I will take two photos for you.”

  The little guy ran upstairs.

Xia Ye thought that was a little strange. He followed up and saw that he was changing clothes. He took a whole set of small suits, which looked decent.

  Xia Ye stood at the door with a smile: “You care about your image so much?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and waited for his brother to go out. Seeing that Xia Ye had been standing there and not leaving, he also picked up the camera to take pictures, which scared him.


  Xia Ye put down the camera and knocked on the closet door: “I won’t mess with you anymore, I was just kidding, I won’t take a picture of you, come out when you’re done.”

  He heard something in the closet.

  Xia Ye knocked again, “Xiaoyu?”

  After a while, the little guy came out wearing a small shirt and pants, but the pants were made for the competition in the early summer of next year. The size was a little big. The little guy stepped on the trouser legs and almost fell. Xia Ye picked him up, “Are you alright?”

  Tang Jinyu was all right, but he stepped on his pants. Although he quickly lifted his pants, Xia Ye still saw it.

  Xia Ye wondered: “What’s the matter, why is a piece of red in the back, let me see.”

  ”It’s fine!”

  ”Remove your hand.”


  Tang Jinyu lay on Xia Ye’s lap, he was pressed and (Xia Ye) looked at it again, flopping twice before reaching out to block it.


  Xia Ye saw clearly this time that there were burn marks on the little guy’s buttocks. This happened a long time ago, and it didn’t look obvious. Most of it has healed, leaving only three or four light pink marks.

  Xia Ye dressed him and said to him, “It’s okay, it’s not ugly.”

  Tang Jinyu blushed, sitting there and letting him put on his shoes: “Brother, you said that I can’t show it to others.”

  Xia Ye: “I am not someone else.”

  He helped the little guy get dressed, took his hand downstairs, his brows were furrowed, “Do you still remember… Forget it, you definitely don’t remember, Xiaoyu, you must remember this, if you encounter danger in the future, run right away, and if our family is not there, don’t follow strangers, and ignore other people.”


  ”Don’t ‘Ah’ me, remember.”

  ”Oh, I’ll remembered brother.”

  When he went downstairs to take pictures, Xia Ye was a little absent-minded, but the little guy in front of him had already posed, so he took a few pictures. The little guy sat on the piano bench and never left the piano.

  Xia Ye asked him: “Don’t you want to go to other places to shoot?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, “No, brother, I have a competition in May. Dad said you can’t come back from school. So I will show you my clothes in advance.” He jumped off the piano bench and stood in front of Xia Ye and said, “Look, brother, are my clothes nice?”

  The little guy was neatly dressed, his eyes were clear, his soft hair was better than others, he looked up with a smile, with a small dimple on the cheek, which made him likable no matter what.

  Xia Ye rubbed his little head, slowed his voice and said, “It looks good.”

  How could anyone be willing to hurt such a beautiful baby?

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  1. All this fluff is enough to almost let me forget the burn marks from that abusive nanny. Poor baby… how could you ever hurt someone so cute?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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