LNTMG-(71) Birthday Party

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A few days later, it was Guo Xiaohu’s birthday.

  Xia Ye deliberately took a day off to send Tang Jinyu there. After waiting, he found that the KFC on the upper and lower floors were all reserved. There were children upstairs and downstairs. There were two cars parked outside. One was a takeaway from a pizzeria, and the other was a minibus to pick up children. Obviously, Guo Xiaohu’s family were fully prepared and arranged  everything properly.

  Xia Ye opened the door and let the little guy inside. He raised his eyes and looked at the place. There were also a few adults sitting downstairs. They seemed to be accompanied by the children, but not many.

  The service staff in KFC were all wearing birthday hats with friendly smiles. They have been helping the children eat and drink, and are responsible.

  Some children ran down upstairs, wearing a small crown hat, and when they saw them, they waved and shouted: “Tang Jinyu, here! Here! We waited for you to cut the cake!”

  When he shouted this, Xia Ye almost thought for a moment that it was his brother’s birthday party.

  The stairs were a bit steep. Xia Ye took a look, raised his hand and hooked the little guy’s waist to lift him up, and waited until the last few steps before letting him walk on his own, saving him from having to face his little classmates.

  Guo Xiaohu ran over and happily circled him, but this time he was clever and didn’t dare to hold his hands. He raised his head and asked Xia Ye: “Brother, can Xiaoyu go to eat cake with us?”

  Xia Ye nodded, and found a corner by the window to sit down. The KFC tables and chairs were a little short, but it was convenient for him to sit there and see his brother when he looked up.

  After a while, Han Yichen brothers and sisters also came. Han Yichen swept around, and when he saw Xia Ye, he went to sit at a table with him, holding his chin while looking at his sister.

      Xia Ye was busy with his own business.


  Han Yichen glanced at him, the corner of his lips twitched, and said, “You are really good. Coming here with your schedule book. You can really work anywhere.”

  Xia Ye quickly recorded down in his small notebook without looking up, “It’s okay, work will start in a few days, and Lao Song is going to look forward to it.”

  Han Yichen felt his scalp numb when he heard it, “Don’t mention it, Lao Song sent me a text message during New Year to encourage me to work hard in the company this year, don’t you think he was trying to hint me something?”


  ”I think Lao Song wants me to work overtime.”

  Xia Ye laughed, Song Yi probably eagerly hoped that all of them would work overtime.

  On the other side, Han Yixing ran over, sent a greeting card first, and said openly: “Guo Xiaohu, happy birthday to you!”

  The little birthday star received a lot of gifts, which were all piled on the long table. He took Han Yixing’s greeting card and looked at Tang Jinyu expectantly.

  Tang Jinyu also sent him a greeting card with the subscription number of the “Primary School Student Composition” from the first half of the year. Han Yixing gave it to him for the second half of the year, which was the perfect combination.

  Guo Xiaohu scratched his head, his small face wrinkled when he received the gifts, but he put it on the top of the table and thanked them earnestly.

  Han Yixing said: “You have to study hard, work hard to improve your composition score, and you can’t hold back the class anymore, okay?”

  Guo Xiaohu: “…”

  Guo Xiaohu blushed and argued: “I do well in mathematics! My Chinese is just a little bit bad!”

  ”That’s not okay, our class must be first, and not be behind!”

  The little girl was very serious. She has been the class monitor since kindergarten. As long as she is the monitor of the class, she always takes the lead. The collective sense of honor is very strong.

  Guo Xiaohu still wanted to refute, but when he heard that she and Tang Jinyu were about to make up the composition for their essays, he declined and said bitterly: “Let’s just do it.”

  Guo Xiaohu cut the birthday cake, a three-layered cake with fruit cream, enough for all the children to eat together.

  He deliberately cut a piece of the largest strawberry for Tang Jinyu, but Tang Jinyu couldn’t eat it, so he shared it with Ji Yuanjie next to him. He took a bite and put it there, waiting to eat something else.

  Guo Xiaohu took special care of him and asked: “What do you want to eat, there is everything here!”

  Tang Jinyu sat on the high stool, shook his feet, he glanced left and right, and asked in a low voice, “Is there a Coke?”


  ”I want a small glass, and then add a little bit of ice…”

  Han Yixing coughed heavily on the side and alerted him.

  Guo Xiaohu, who was waiting for his order on the opposite side, also slowly raised his gaze, looked behind Tang Jinyu’s back, and blinked his eyes.


  Tang Jinyu immediately changed his words: “I want warm milk, no sugar.”

  Guo Xiaohu asked him again, but he still got the affirmative answer, and went to get hot milk in confusion.

  Xia Ye stood behind the child, picked him up and said, “Go over there, I’ll watch you eat.”

  The children eat fast food, and the whole restaurant has a jovial atmosphere.

  While Han Yichen said what was delicious, he happily queued up to receive a portion, and had a fried chicken burger with a few children.

  Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu to wash his hands. After returning, he saw a lot of food on the table. Xia Ye frowned and asked him, “Did you order?”

  Han Yichen was also stunned, “No, I ordered three children’s meals!”

  ”What are they doing with these three orders?”

  ”I’m hungry too!”


  The food on the table far exceeds the weight of the three children’s set meals, and things are being delivered one after another. Almost the whole menu was ordered.

  Guo Xiaohu secretly looked at their little table, and when he saw Xia Ye looked up, he immediately turned his head.

  Han Yixing was still the closest to her brother. After playing for a while, she sat down and ate with him. The little girl drank hot cocoa, and Tang Jinyu drank a cup of hot milk, which was about the same as the amount of two meals.

  Han Yixing nibbled on her burger and said, “I knew I would not eat ‘little hero’ crispy noodles at home. The burger is delicious, but I got the last little lion card, which can be exchanged for a piggy bank!”

  Han Yichen finished his children’s hamburger in two bites. He didn’t do anything else during winter vacation. He helped his sister eat noodles. The little girl only wanted the cards, but the rest of the noodles should not be wasted.

  Han Yichen finished eating the burger on hand, and said to Xia Ye: “I have something to do, help me watch my sister, I will be back soon.”

  Xia Ye nodded in response, and handed Tang Jinyu a tissue to wipe the milk stains from his mouth.

  The staff in the store took other children to sing a happy birthday song to the little birthday star. Guo Xiaohu stood in the front, his face flushed with excitement, and he habitually raised his hands and said, “I will sing a song for everyone too!”

  Guo Xiaohu stood on the stage and began to sing nursery rhymes, which could only barely be considered a little tuned, and the rest roared in his voice:

  ”It’s raining heavily, Beijing called and asked me to be a soldier, I haven’t grown up yet—”

  ”The sun is in the sky, and the flowers smile at me. The little bird said early, why are you carrying a small schoolbag on your back!!”

  ”You are electricity! You are light! You are the only myth! I only love you oil, Mai Su Po Sida——!!!”


  The little birthday star was very expressive, and it seemed like his family was rich. There was a special person on the side video recording his singing, making it like a little star meeting, and the atmosphere was very warm.

  Mother Guo was wearing a mink fur coat and invited a photographer to take pictures of her son. She took the lead in applauding. She was very chubby and kind. She kept asking the children if they ate enough, saying to help themselves to anything, and was very easy to talk to.

  Ji Yuanjie brought a box of egg tarts and shared it with Tang Jinyu. The two of them sat there talking. Ji Yuanjie looked envious and said, “Guo Xiaohu’s mother is good.”

  Xia Ye squeezed Tang Jinyu’s hand and ate the little guy’s egg tart with one bite. He only asked him to nibble on the puff pastry outside. He heard this and asked, “How is she good?”

Ji Yuanjie was a little afraid of him, and asked one question, “Guo Xiaohu didn’t pass the exam, and his mother didn’t blame him. Last time, there was a sports meet at school. Guo’s mother gave everyone in our class drinks and snacks, and his family found a car he wanted when he was on an autumn outing…”


  Xia Ye listened while supervising his brother’s eating.

  Ji Yuanjie hesitated to say”I will never stop whatever I want to eat”, but he didn’t dare to say it.

  Xia Ye asked, “That’s it?”

  Ji Yuanjie nodded honestly.

  Xia Ye felt that it was nothing, he could do all these things.

  Soon Han Yichen came back. Ji Yuanjie was even more scared when he saw him. Han Yichen waved his hand. The little guy immediately ran away with the egg tart box. He ran back halfway and put the box of egg tarts by the girl’s hand and whispered: “Xingxing, for you to eat!”

  Han Yichen raised his eyebrows, and the little boy ran so fast that he didn’t dare to look back.

  Xia Ye said, “What are you scaring him, that kid is quite honest.”

  Han Yixing was also dissatisfied: “That’s right, brother, don’t scare Xiaoyu’s tablemate!”

  Han Yichen waved his hand and sent the little girl and Tang Jinyu to eat the French fries. He sat next to Xia Ye and said in a low voice: “I’ve found out that this Guo Xiaohu family is very rich. His father has just made a fortune in the past two years and is engaged in sand earthwork business. In the past two years, the real estate market is rising. His family has made a lot of money. Half of the building materials business in our city is in his family. Guo Xiaohu’s father is busy with business, and his mother is in charge of his family’s accounts. In addition, Mrs. Guo also has a timber factory under her hands. She is a leader inside and outside and can make money. ” Han Yichen lifted his chin and signaled Xia Ye to see the wealthy Mrs. Guo over there. “The Guo family only has one son. He is very generous to Guo Xiaohu, basically gives him whatever he wants.”

  Xia Ye listened to him, but this had nothing to do with him.

  Han Yichen whispered: “Guo Xiaohu’s birthday banquet was originally planned to be in the best hotel in the city. Do you know why they suddenly changed their mind and came here for fast food?”

  Xia Ye looked up and said, “He likes to eat this?”

  Han Yichen shook his head, put a finger up and said in a troubled voice, “Because of Xingxing.”

  ”What are you talking about?”

  ”The Xingxing said she wanted to drink ice-cola.”


  Xia Ye felt that this was not like what Han Yichen said by his sister, but a bit like what his brother said.

  Han Yichen has a sister complex, who is very vigilant, and can inquire about everything in a short while, and knows exactly where Guo Xiaohu’s family lives. When Tang Jinyu and the two younger ones came back with French fries, Han Yichen turned on his staring mode, and his eyes did not leave his sister. Xia Ye felt that this was a bit strange, but didn’t think too much. When Tang Jinyu came back, he reached out and touched his head, the little guy misunderstood him, he raised his head and opened his mouth for him to check, and after showing him the little white teeth, he looked like he was waiting to be praised.

  ”Brother, I didn’t eat any French fries, not a single one!”

  Xia Ye pinched the tip of his nose and said with a smile: “Very good, go back and give you a reward.”

  ”Can I eat two crabapples?”


  Xia Ye was soothed by the little guy with a few words, with a smile on his lips.

  Han Yichen looked envious and wanted to change with him, but turned to look at the little girl’s bulging cheeks when she was eating French fries. She was like a squirrel, chirping and can eat and play. Wearing a small pink sweater with lace, very cute.


  Han Yichen coughed and asked her, “Xingxing, do you have a good relationship with Guo Xiaohu?”

  ”Not good!” The little girl complained on the spot, “He competed with me being the class monitor last time, and voted for himself when we voted!”


  ”Then why are you still attending his birthday party?”

  The little girl was particularly reluctant, “Because Xiaoyu is nice to him, I will accompany Xiaoyu where he goes.”

  Han Yichen didn’t understand. His sister explained it, to put it bluntly, Guo Xiaohu’s interpersonal relationship at school was quite average, and he only played with a few skinny little boys. Tang Jinyu was the one who was really popular, and Tang Jinyu nodded and said. A group of children came to the birthday party with Xingxing,

  This time it was Xia Ye’s turn to turn around to look at his brother, “You and Guo Xiaohu have a good relationship?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and smiled, “Yeah!”

  Xia Ye still wanted to ask, but the little girl on the side whispered: “Brother Xia, don’t ask. Even if you ask someone else if he has a good relationship with him, Xiaoyu will say yes. All our classmates in our class play well with him, and everyone wants to sit at the same table with him. Because of this, Xiao Ji was bullied last time, and his textbook was drawn with colored pens.”

  Ji Yuanjie has always been at the same table with Tang Jinyu, and his grades have been improved in a straight line. Some parents were particularly superstitious that being close to good students can improve their grades. They try to make their children sit in the front row and enter the circle of “good students”.


  In fact, Tang Jinyu sits in the front row only because he is short and doesn’t have a special circle.

  Han Yichen frowned and said, “Why are there bullying in your elementary school, have you told the teacher?”

  Han Yixing shook her head, biting on her French fries and she said: “No, I don’t know who did it, but after Xiaoyu and Ji Yuanjie changed their textbooks, no one would bully Xiao Ji anymore.”

  Xia Ye didn’t make a sound, but his face was not very pretty.

  After the birthday party was over, and on the way back, the two older brothers seriously discussed with the children how to deal with school violence. In summary, there are only a few points, tell the teacher, tell the parents, and don’t show any weakness.

  ”If there is a little boy pushing you, you will hit him. If you can’t beat you, you will pull his ears. Anyway, you can’t lose momentum. We don’t bully others or be bullied!” Han Yichen put away his smile for the first time and said seriously:” Xingxing, you are a girl, and you are strong now, but when you go to junior high school, high school, or college, your physical strength is not going to be as strong as the other boys around you. If you encounter this kind of thing, you must not only be strong, but you should talk to your teacher’s in time. Tell your family, brother will always be your backing, you know?”

  The little girl nodded.

  Xia Ye waited for the gap between the red street light, tapped his fingers on the steering wheel, and swayed back and forth between registering for classes to learn self-defense and hiring a secretary to follow the little guy.

When he got home, Xia Ye sent Tang Jinyu to the front yard. After seeing Chen Suling’s car, he was in a daze. He didn’t seem to need to hire a secretary. Aunt Chen had always been more careful than anyone, staring very tightly, because she was always nervous.

  Thinking of the school, Xia Ye remembered several school district houses in the Shanghai stock market. He was busy during the New Year and never had time to say, but now that he just had some time today, he stayed and planned to talk to Chen Suling.

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  1. Where siscon Han Yichen got the idea this party was all due to a crush Guo Xiaohu had on her when the entire time all he seems to do is beg for scraps of attention from Tang Jinyu is your guess as well as mine. Haha! I do like Yixing though, she’s a little tyrant and I love it, but I think partiality is skewing reality a little bit!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Poor Xiao Ji being bullied by his peers. Han Yichen misunderstanding the reason they choose KFC because of him being a siscon. 😂😂😂
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