LNTMG-(73) Little Fan

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After his birthday, Guo Xiaohu who returned home was still full of energy.

  Mother Guo followed, and she was happy when she arrived at home. She hung her mink coat she was wearing on the hanger at the door. Guo Xiaohu ran two steps forward and then turned back, took slippers from the shoe cabinet and gave them to her, “Mom, change. Shoes~”

  Mother Guo was particularly surprised. She changed into her slippers and said to him: “Today was a good day, Xiaohu has grown up!”

  Guo Xiaohu said: “What’s more, I will do more in the future.”

  ”Are you learning from Tang Jinyu again?”


  Mother Guo watched her happy son running in. She followed behind with a smile. She felt that this shift was really the right one. It has only been more than a year, and her son has changed so much.

  Guo Xiaohu poured another cup of tea for her, but her child didn’t know how to use hot water. He only knew that he usually drank warm water. The tea he poured for his mother was not too warm. The tea leaves were floating on the top, and the leaves didn’t bloom too well.

  Mother Guo didn’t care at all, she drank tea and praised her son, “It’s delicious, my son is great, he can do so many things.”

  Guo Xiaohu proudly said: “I will do more in the future, I’m especially awesome!”

  Seeing that he had nothing else to do in the living room, he ran back to his bedroom to open his presents.

  After Mrs. Guo drank the cup of tea, she cherished the tea cup, and she went to give her son a hand, but when she went in, Guo Xiaohu had almost sorted it out. He had an aunt in their house all year round, so the unpacked packages were piled at the door. Now, the gifts are all on the table. The first one was two greeting cards, one pink and the other pink blue.


  Mrs. Guo curiously picked up one, opened it and saw the one-year-old “Primary School Student Composition”. She was overjoyed and asked her son, “Is this a gift from Tang Jinyu?”

  ”Yes, he gave me the best.” Guo Xiaohu nodded, and whispered with a little pride and a little embarrassment, “My composition is not very good, and Tang Jinyu offered to help me with tutoring.”

  Mrs. Guo thinks this was a really good classmate, he was the ideal friend in the parents’ minds. She wants to say thank you for sending something to her child, but after thinking about it, she smiled and shook her head and gave up. When Guo Xiaohu used to study, she would give snacks and clothes to other children who would play with her child, but the relationship was the same. One time, she didn’t give much, and one of the children was unhappy. Now that her son is a little older, he doesn’t like playing with those children very much. He keeps up with Tang Jinyu. This was a good thing for the parents of the Guo family, but the old ones really can’t give things away anymore.

  Tang Jinyu’s family was in good condition, not to mention anything else, Chen Suling’s clothing company was very famous in the local area and earned no less than them.

  The other child didn’t lack anything, so it would be strange for her to send things to them. The two children already have a good relationship, so let them get along together with the two of them first.

  After Guo Xiaohu’s gift was opened, he showed it to his mother again, and the three words he said couldn’t be said without mentioning Tang Jinyu’s name.

  Of course Guo Xiaohu likes Tang Jinyu.

  Tang Jinyu helped him when he was depressed for the first time in his life.

  He grew tall and strong, and he didn’t suffer much from playing with children, but he was really wronged in the second grade.

  The parents of the other classmate came over and pointed at him and scolded him. Even the teacher felt that he was to blame, so he was severely reprimanded first. Guo Xiaohu felt that even if he was not injured, his heart was very painful, as if he was cut with a knife, he was very wronged, and he wiped his tears while standing there.

  The teacher asked him to apologize, but he stubbornly refused to, “Teacher, I am not wrong! So many students on the playground have seen it, you can ask, he scolded people first, and pushed me!”

  There are many people in the playground, but none of the little students who usually have such a good relationship with him dare to stand up at this time.

  Only Tang Jinyu stood up.

  He has a good memory, stood there and said everything he saw, and didn’t favor any one of them.

  The teacher asked the class monitor to mediate. Han Yixing dragged Tang Jinyu to the classmate who was looking for a fight to reason with him. Han Yixing went to find a fighting classmate in his class, and Tang Jinyu went to help comfort Guo Xiaohu.


  Guo Xiaohu was really like an injured little tiger now. No one was allowed to approach him. He found a corner of the music classroom and shrank behind the curtain to lick his wound.

  Tang Jinyu comforted him before, but he still couldn’t bring himself to be happy.

  Mother Guo lost the money and apologized to others, and he was very uncomfortable seeing this. Now he doesn’t like school at all. When Tang Jinyu found him, he saw this little bully crying for the first time.

  Tang Jinyu gave him a handkerchief, “Wipe it?”

  Guo Xiaohu huffed: “No, only little girl’s use this.”

  Tang Jinyu was happy, “Yes, this is Xingxing.”

  The boy immediately clenched his small fist: “Han Yixing asked you to come! Is she trying to make fun of me!”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and sat with him, “No, I came by myself.”

  ”Don’t you think that my family is a nouveau riche?” The child had a nasal voice, sounding particularly aggrieved.

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes widened, and said in confusion: “No.”

  Guo Xiaohu looked at him carefully, seeing if it was the truth.

  ”I always think that this word is good, is this a compliment?” Tang Jinyu was kind, “My grandpa’s house is the same as yours, he builds houses, but my grandpa also builds bridges and pavements, and does a lot of work. “

  Guo Xiaohu looked at him.

  ”Really, if you don’t believe me, I will take you to see it next time, but it’s a long walk. My dad drove there for several hours. And you see, the word ‘burst’ was always used by teachers to praise Xingxing for her explosive power when she runs. She surpasses others, and she is very powerful! So the translation of “nouveau riche” means ‘latecomers getting ahead of others’? It’s good, since nouveau riche have a lot of money.”

Tang Jinyu held his cheeks, and smiled like a small money fan: “It’s great to have money, I like money the most.”

  Guo Xiaohu stopped crying, but still didn’t want to talk.

  Tang Jinyu was very patient. After telling him a lot, he didn’t remember all of it, but he remembered one thing-“Nouveau riche” is nothing to be ashamed about, his family was rich, and being rich was proof of their ability. This just shows that his father was very good.

  After two proofs, Guo Xiaohu was successfully brainwashed and decided to learn from his father and be a particularly good person.

  This also indirectly made him get closer to his family. Although he sometimes is mischievous, he respects his parents and admires his dad in particular.

  He was later transferred to Tang Jinyu’s class, and until now, he has liked Tang Jinyu very much.

  After receiving these two cards, Guo Xiaohu put the pink and blue one in his drawer carefully, with a line written by Tang Jinyu: I wish Guo Xiaohu to study and progress every day.

  He was very precious with his line of words, and the pink was sent by Han Yixing, but he put it aside.

  Probably before going to bed, he was still thinking about his birthday cards. Guo Xiaohu dreamed of their sports meeting a few months ago.

  In the cool autumn weather, the sun was radiating warmth on people. He ran a relay race. After running a small half circle, his hair was sweaty. He ran around looking for Tang Jinyu. Later, he found him on the rostrum broadcast. Tang Jinyu was reading the manuscript there with a clear and very nice voice.

  Ji Yuanjie came to deliver the manuscript, but he couldn’t put it down because the mountain of composition papers were stacked high, he was impatient, so he jumped up and put it in front of Tang Jinyu.

  Ji Yuanjie followed him, dragged him away, saying that not all students could come here.

  Although he was not very happy, he still followed.

  But Ji Yuanjie kept looking behind, reluctant to be the same.

  Guo Xiaohu raised his chin and asked him, “What are you looking at?”

  ”Looking at the stars.”

  ”Where are their stars in the daytime, are you confused?”

  ”No, I’m talking about Han Yixing…”

  Guo Xiaohu glanced back, only to realize that Tang Jinyu was sitting next to their class monitor, and he was a little unhappy and frowned. When he turned back to see Ji Yuanjie was still watching, he was unhappy and said, “What’s so good?”


  Ji Yuanjie opened his eyes and looked at him, “Can’t you see? There is light on stars, but they are beautiful!”

  Guo Xiaohu glanced back. The afternoon sun his dream was dazzling. Tang Jinyu was sitting in the corner. The whole person was surrounded by the warm orange light. The soft and fluffy hair was like a layer of gold rim, and it was covered in light.

  He felt that Ji Yuanjie couldn’t see it. It was Tang Jinyu who had light on him. He saw it with his own eyes. Tang Jinyu was the most beautiful person in the school—no, the most beautiful person in the world.

  The most beautiful child was spending winter vacation at home, busy and happy every day.

  When Xia Ye was at home on vacation, Tang Jinyu followed him all the time. After finishing his winter vacation homework, he started to do small crafts. In the afternoon, he went to the room on the first floor when he was practicing piano with Teacher Xia. His piano was moved here for convenience. Instructed by Teacher Xia, a room on the first floor was made into a piano room, which was soundproof.

  After practicing the piano, Teacher Xia would feel good and will reward him with a piece of candy.

  When Tang Jinyu had a small amount of candy in his pocket, he was almost confident, and would rush to knock on the door of Xia Ye’s room and let him listen to himself playing the piano.

  Xia Ye was brought out by him holding hands. The little guy was very confident: “Brother, I played very well this time, listen!”

  Xia Ye stood at the door of the piano room and watched him. After the little guy was  seated and the first key was pressed, he began to listen carefully.

  Although he didn’t understand anything, Xia Ye still gave him face.  After his father commented, he signaled him to say something too.

  Xia Ye was stunned for a moment, looked down at the little guy who was looking forward to it, and thought for a long time: “Very smooth.”

  Teacher Xia: “Xiaoyu, what your brother means is that you played very well today, and you can master the high and low notes of the keys. By the way, does fluency mean fluency in emotion? Hahaha, your emotions are in place. This song is very special. Okay, it touches people’s hearts!”

  Teacher Xia took the lead in applauding, trying to resolve the embarrassment with applause.

  Xia Ye clapped, watching the little guy’s face blushed, and smiled and stretched out his hand to squeeze his face, “Work harder next time.”

  Teacher Xia: “…”

  Teacher Xia drove him out and didn’t let this person stay here to point fingers at his precious student. This person didn’t understand anything at all. He didn’t work hard by himself, and made his top student work hard! Xiaoyu was now better than most children, and his son Xia Ye can only play two tigers intermittently!


  Although Xia Ye has experienced a tragic failure on the road of music, Tang Jinyu still likes him the most. The little guy has learned a new song and practiced earnestly, and would always perform it for Xia Ye first. Xia Ye nodded slightly and said, ‘Good’, which can make the little guy excited for a long time.

  He respected Teacher Xia, and he naturally admired Xia Ye.

  Whenever Xia Ye used a computer, Tang Jinyu would sit on his lap and watch the screen together, watching his fingers move quickly on the keyboard to press characters. His eyes didn’t blink, it was too fascinating to see, so he subconsciously reached out and touched it a bit.

  Xia Ye paused, holding his little hand and putting it back on his knee, “Don’t move.”

  Tang Jinyu sat obediently, and when he was done, he raised his little hand and said to him copying the way he was typing on the keyboard: “Brother, I also want to learn to use the computer.”

  Xia Ye laughed and flicked his forehead, “I will teach you on your next exam.”


  ”When did you sign up for the competition?”

  ”I want to play the accordion like my brother, but my uncle asked me to choose the piano. He said that I can play the piano well and wants me to learn the piano in the future.” Tang Jinyu lay back, tilted himself into Xia Ye’s arms, and looked up at him smiling with a pair of crescent eyes, “Brother, I will definitely pass the preliminary round this time!”

Xia Ye squeezed his small hand and took a closer look. The palms of his palms were very soft, his fingers were white, and the nails were pink, like small shells, neat and beautifully trimmed. “It’s a pity to use both hands to hit the keyboard. I can’t play the piano well. You can play the piano for me.”

  ”Brother wanted to be a pianist before?”

  ”…That’s right, almost.”

  After waiting for a while without hearing the little guy talking, Xia Ye looked down at him, “Why don’t you say more daring words?”

  Tang Jinyu said dryly: “I’ll work hard to go through the semifinals.”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows: “Don’t you only have two rounds in the elementary school group in the city? Try for something more difficult.”


  ”I, I want to get the bronze…silver medal!” The little guy who looked at Xia Ye’s face raised his voice again.

  Xia Ye said with a headache: “Tang Jinyu, I have never won a gold medal when I was competing.”

  The little guy in his arms was not afraid of him, so he rubbed his chin with his head and said with a smile: “My brother is always first, so I’ll take second place!”

  Xia Ye had never seen such a baby who could act like a baby. He was serious for a long time, but his lips still curled up.

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  1. While that last interaction is of course sweet enough to give one cavities, I’m still laughing at Xia Ye’s absolute inability to give a compliment after Tang Jinyu played the piano! He really didn’t inherit an ounce of his father’s abilities there, did he?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Xia Ye: Good
    Teacher Xia: (Interprets the good for TJ no to be disheartened)
    TJ: (Was content with good)
    Thank you for the chapter 😊😊😊😊

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  3. So that’s why Guo XiaoHu likes Xiao Yu the most. He’s also influencing him to be a good child and brought his family closer together.As expected, Xiao Yu is the best child! An angel! That comfort was excellent! //nod// being a navue riche is truly not something to be ashamed of! Just like another novel’s words: “What’s wrong with being novue riche? Aren’t your ancestors also a novue riche before?” -My Whole Family Are Villain (if I remember correctly).
    Ji Yuan Jie is confirmed to have feelings for Han YuXing. …doesn’t that means Guo XiaoHu likes Xiao Yu?

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  4. And here I was shipping Han Yixing and Guo XiaoHu, then I am suddenly slapped by this chapter……….anyways they are still young there is still time for Han Yixing to grow and become a shoujo novel-esque protag. I can still continue to think of a ff plot where Han Yixing is the protag.

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