LNTMG-(74) Electronic Dictionary

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Tang Jinyu’s winter vacation homework was written on Xia Ye’s desk. After finishing his homework, Xia Ye looked at him again.

  After the New Year, the unit and the company have started working. Song Yi called a lot, and other people are all under the pressure of their bosses. In turn, Song Yi has done their duty and implemented blueprints made by Xia Ye step by step.

  Song Yi called, as long as he heard Xia Ye say “Wait a minute, I’m busy with something”, he knew that his boss had mostly gone to guide the child with his homework during winter vacation.

  Song Yi thinks this person is incredible. He usually seems to work rigorously and resolutely, even one minute would not be wasted, but he is very patient when encountering child at home, and he can read all his elementary school homework during winter vacation.

  Xia Ye explained to him: “This is also a job of mine.”

  Song Yi asked jokingly: “Is education on the market? It’s not a bad idea. Educational investment is very hot during this period. How about we try to invest too?”

  Xia Ye simply refused, “No, I will be responsible for this one.”

  He also intends to take his younger brother, and would only be responsible for this one child in his family.

  Xia Ye’s responsibility not only focused on education, but also health and safety issues. Sometimes when he thinks of it, he will record a few items in his work schedule. However, most of Chen Su Ling had already made arrangements, and he learned a lot from them.


  The two families of Xia and Tang took care of Tang Jinyu very well. Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling were still newly parents, and they were still exploring everything for the first time. Although Teacher Xia brought up Xia Ye, his son was still some distance away from any ordinary children. It was obviously different for Tang Jinyu to use Xia Ye’s education method. The current situation was the same for the Xia family and his son, and they are in the stage of primary child-bearing and were learning everything

  The situation of the adults was different from that of other families. Not to mention Tang Jinyu, his situation was special. Sometimes he has to respond in time, telling the adults that they are doing very well, and they don’t have it easy compared to other adults,

  Speaking of education investment, Song Yi talked about the gossip he heard from Qiao Zuo, “That Li is always interesting. He is looking for someone to design a game recently, the graphics are mediocre, but the plot is good.”

  ”They want to play games too?”

  ”No, they make small games like Tetris or something on the electronic dictionary.” Song Yi said, “Mr. Li bought an old electronic dictionary company and plans to make educational products later. I heard from Qiao Zuo that President Li also wanted to do some publicity, but he didn’t want to advertise elsewhere. He wanted to find someone to help set up a forum. “

  Xia Ye asked: “What type? Forums for downloading electronic books and dictionaries?”

  ”No, it’s a game.” Song Yi said, “It’s a bit of a stand-alone game similar to the Xiaobawang learning machine in previous years. He asked someone to make some, so that he can download new ones at any time, which can match the electronic dictionary and stabilize a group of customers.”

  Xia Ye was amused by his description, “Middle school customers?”

  Song Yi said seriously: “Don’t underestimate middle school students, they can save up to a year to buy something they like, haven’t you?”

  ”I didn’t, I have to wait a week at most to buy it.”


  Song Yi wanted to refute, but the other party was Xia Ye, not Han Yichen, and Xia Ye didn’t say anything else. There was no difference between the ability to make money and turning a stone into gold. He held back for a long time and still held himself back. He remembered that when he went to Shanghai to buy a house, Xia Ye didn’t even raise his eyelids and spent tens of millions. He almost couldn’t support his heart. His boss could make money or spend, so he took it.

  Xia Ye was not very interested in this electronic dictionary, but was very interested in the game program in it, and asked a few more questions.

  Song Yi just listened to Qiao Zuo. When he talked about games, he could only pay attention to half of his words. The other half was boasting about himself, especially about the game industry. At first, he despised Mr. Li, and then he said that this was the real game. He scoffed at the two-dimensional pixel small “handheld game consoles” dictionary.

  So Song Yi only knows the exact information about the electronic dictionary. The other party wants a forum and also provides games that are downloaded regularly. A small game has already been made, and he plans to open it for free after the forum is completed.

  Xia Ye said: “It’s interesting, what kind of forum does he want?”

  Song Yidao: “We still need to talk about the specifics. Let’s take this order?”


  The boss said that Song Yi’s work efficiency was very high. Three days later, he mailed a game CD and two electronic dictionaries with the “small champion” brand. They were palm-sized and more refined than those on the market, and the electronic screen was also wider.

  This order was too small, it was a small website, and it doesn’t conflict with the work they were doing now. After Xia Ye got it, he took a look at it.


  Tang Jinyu was curious and came over to take a look. Xia Ye simply gave him an electronic dictionary and let him play with it himself.

When Xia Ye played the game, Tang Jinyu also opened the game interface and chose to dig a gold mine to play on his own.

  Xia Ye browsed around, most of the games on there were word games, there were also two martial arts-themed mini-games composed of text and character drawings, and there was also a game called “Survival on the Island. This was a bit interesting to Xia Ye, and he clicked on it and took a look.

  This little game was very simple. The characters were all small squares. The men and women barely looked any different from each other. The most obvious is the muscular man on the island with a bald spare face, wearing a white T-shirt and black pants.

  The bald guys kept wandering around the island, like guards, looking fierce.

  Xia Ye registered a character, and entered the game with a random name. After a brief play, he found out its rules. This game was about a young man who left his hometown and came to the island to apply for a job. He doesn’t have a start up fund. At first, the big brother on the island will lend you money, but he has to earn enough money and pay off his debts within 40 days on the island—— The money borrowed was still usury, and the interest rate was extremely high. If the payment was late, the mood of the big brother on the island will change. The business association on the island will charge additional protection fees. When triggering certain events in the game, the money goes up and down, which is very soul stirring.

  In short, it seems to be a development game. It was a survival game to play. The screen seems simple, but all kinds of events encountered can basically be related with reality. Sometimes it also applies some principles of economics, which was flexible and changeable.

  It took Xia Ye half an hour to clear the customs, but he just survived smoothly. He still felt a little bit unfulfilled. He always felt that he was not perfect before. For example, there were obvious traps in bank interest rates and the trading market, but he was still too careful, and the amount sold was actually a bit conservative.

  Xia Ye was about to start another round. Tang Jinyu on the side climbed onto his lap and curiously said, “Brother, what is this game, I want to play it too.”

  The mini games on the “Little Champion” electronic dictionary were specially designed for young students. There were few rare words, and even the Pinyin was carefully marked, so elementary students like Tang Jinyu can also play it. Xia Ye found it for him, and he even played it himself, and made sure that there were no unsuitable images for the little guy, so he let the little guy play with ease.

  Tang Jinyu also played a game. He was guided by Xia Ye. At the critical moment, the financial aspect had never lost the chain, and after paying off the money, he still had his own money. Tang Jinyu played well and even built two elementary schools, helping little friends who had difficulties and had asked for help. 

  After a while, Tang Jinyu raised the electronic dictionary and asked, “Brother, look at this, he gave me a daughter-in-law!”

  Xia Ye went to see immediately, furrowed his eyebrows and said, “What’s going on, let me see.”

  The system indeed rewarded Tang Jinyu’s character “Little Goldfish” a daughter-in-law in the game.

  The wedding party was still the big bald guys on the island. The head of the wedding was the bald boss with a beard. He was laughing and repeatedly patted the shoulder of the “little goldfish” on the picture with his hands, and wished them a happy marriage. 

  Xia Ye frowned, puzzled: “Doesn’t this game only focus on how much money is utilized?” He clicked a few times, refused the wedding, and was immediately kicked out of the island by emptying his assets. Xia Ye didn’t care, and asked, “What did you do before?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while and said, “I did a good deed in the game.”

  ”What else?” You can’t be rewarded with a wife for doing something good. Xia Ye just experienced the cruelty of the game economy and didn’t believe that there was a free lunch.


  Tang Jinyu said to him, “I gave the dog on the roadside a ham sausage, and then helped collect the fishing net, and then I gave a blue bicycle to a passing uncle, and when I was on the island. I planted cherry trees and helped when building the restaurant… Brother, I also gave the island owner’s son a blue bicycle!”

  ”What island owner?”

  Tang Jinyu pointed out to him that it was the uncle who witnessed his wedding, but at the moment the uncle was still waving his fists and was angry that he refused the wedding. The “little goldfish” character was alone with only one bamboo raft floating on the sea, which was especially miserable.

  Tang Jinyu played and got such a courtship ending, Xia Ye didn’t understand. It was just in the afternoon that Han Yichen came to play. After hearing that, he tried it. Xiao Han was messing around in the game. He spent a lot of money and didn’t pay the debt when it was due. He was chased three blocks by bald men all over the island and was beaten up.

  Han Yichen looked at the huge GAME OVER on the screen with a look of disbelief, and said angrily: “Come on again! I don’t believe it!”

  Han Yichen played for an entire afternoon and finally understood the fact that he alone could not survive on this island. He put down the electronic dictionary in his hand, a little depressed, turned his head to want to chat with Xia Ye, but saw Xia Ye’s hands quickly tapping on the keyboard, and a series of scrolling codes appeared on the computer screen.

  Han Yichen leaned over and took a look, and said strangely: “What are you writing? This compilation is too short…” He watched for a while, his brows frowned, “No, Xia Ye, you got the source code of this game. What are you changing?”

  ”Don’t you think it is flawed?”

  ”A little broken game, it’s definitely not as fun as an online game, it’s just to pass the time.”

  ”You’re right.”

  Han Yichen was stunned, even though Xia Ye said this, he kept typing on the keyboard, but after a while Xia Ye pushed him a notebook and sent him a short program to try. At first Han Yichen just thought it weird, but after trying it, he was dumbfounded and looked up at him incredulously: “Fuck it, forget calling you Xia Ye, I’ll just call you Xia Shen, you wrote it out in a short amount of time?!”

  Xia Ye: “Of course not. It’s just a short section. You can try its operating mode.”

  The game was still that game, but it can now run on both Wenquxing and the computer, and Han Yichen feels that it can even run on any platform if needed.

  ”What is this? It’s a bit like the Java language, but it’s different… Did you make the changes?” Han Yichen looked up at Xia Ye, hesitating to say something, not daring to say the guess he was thinking.


Xia Ye calmly said: “I wrote a new programming language for this electronic dictionary.”

  Han Yichen thought it was exciting enough, but once Xia Ye said the other half of his sentence: “It can only run on a dictionary for now.”

  Han Yichen looked at him like he was monster, “What do you mean, don’t you want it to be archived in two dictionaries at the same time?”

  ”No, I want to try to get it online.”

  Han Yichen almost knelt down to him.

  Xia Ye tapped the keyboard a few times, then turned around and asked, “Xiaoyu, do you remember all you chose just now?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, he has a good memory.

  Xia Ye said: “Okay, when I finish it tonight, let’s try to get that plot together again.”

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  The author has something to say: When Xiaoyu has a “daughter-in-law” in the game and Xia Shen does not–

  Xia Ye, who wrote programming languages ​​on the spot: This game is a bit interesting.

  Han Yichen: …Can you not afford to lose?

Electronic Dictionary (maybe something like this)

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  1. It does seem fitting that Xia Ye wouldn’t allow Tang Jinyu to have a wife, doesn’t it? Ha ha!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Un! Xiao Yu is a good child after all, he did good deeds the whole way, Xia Ye is business-oriented since he’s working and thought that it was a financial themed game. Meanwhile, Han YiChen likes to play tricks aka trying to find a hidden ending/ other way to win the game by not following the script.
    Thanks for the chapter!

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