LNTMG-(75) The Best You Can Do

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Han Yichen was very interested in the language that was born out of the sky. He has been experimenting and repeatedly asking Xia Ye’s questions about it, “Xia Ye, what is it called?”

  Xia Ye said: “It’s a variant of Java. I was a little interested in doing it before. You can call it…” He didn’t think of a name for a while and looked at the little guy next to him and said casually, “Call it, Yava. “

  Using the developer’s name and the original language to make abbreviations is the laziest and most common pattern. Xia Ye took the initial “Y” of the last word in Tang Jinyu’s name, and merged him with Java to get such a name. 

  Han Yichen misunderstood him, “You are so nauseating, you still use your own name.”

  Xia Ye was taken aback, only to realize that his last word was the same as Tang Jinyu’s, and smiled without refuting it.

  Han Yichen tried for a while, then raised his head and asked him: “Don’t tell me you just did this all afternoon?”

  Xia Ye continued to write and calmly said: “No, today there was nothing to do during my day off, and I wrote it in my room for fun, but I didn’t expect it to be suitable for use here.”

  Xia Ye used to have an electronic dictionary in hand. After studying it, he wrote a few small programs and soon felt that it was not interesting. On the other hand, there was little room for play, but it could only be used for the dictionary model.

  This was a common situation of current electronic dictionaries in China. If you want to run on other models, you must modify the model-related statements in the source code, and then recompile, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, just because small programs are not worth the expense. With such a great effort, not to mention that the games in it cannot be compared with computer games. The black and white games can be considered “retro” now.

  Xia Ye happened to see the Java language during his free time. This was an excellent programming language. Its biggest advantage is that it has nothing to do with the platform. The same code can be used on Windows 9x, Windows NT, Solaris, Linux, MacOS and other platforms, and it was called “write once, run everywhere “.


  Xia Ye was very interested in it, made several attempts, and used his free time to modify it based on it, completed the basic structure of Yava, and made a new cross-platform language. However, it was just an interest at the time, and he didn’t expect it to be used here.

  Han Yichen said blankly, “So it was not one day, it was seven days.”

  Xia Ye: “Yes.”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Classmate Xiao Han was hit by striked again in his life, and went to try the program earnestly.

  In the evening, Old Ape went online and saw only Han Yichen.

  Old Ape asked him strangely: “What about you and Xia Ye, didn’t you just have a vacation? Why are you alone during winter vacation?”

  Han Yichen started to suffer this afternoon. After returning home at night, he was immersed in his emotions of being a garbage that was useless to society. He felt helpless to reply to Old Ape, “He is at home and playing games with Xiaoyu.”

  Old Ape was very interested: “Oh? What games does our little majesty play?”

  Han Yichen talked to Old Ape about the electronic dictionary in the afternoon. Old Ape was very interested in programming. “You want to make an electronic dictionary, why not use basic?”

  ”Basic functions are limited and the operation is unstable.”

  ”Then compile…”

  ”It’s too cumbersome, and the development time is long.”

  ”It’s better to just c…”

  ”This is the language that is closest in need, but it has some shortcomings in the electronic dictionary, relatively large programs are not likely to support it, and the drawing functions are not vivid enough.”


  ”Xiao Han, why are you talking more and more like Xia Ye now?”

  Han Yichen said indifferently: “Because you asked all the questions I asked Xia Ye this afternoon, do you know how he answered me?”

  Old Ape: “What did he say?”

  Han Yichen imitated him with his cold voice: “‘I plan to write a programming language for this electronic dictionary’.”

  Old Ape also almost knelt to Xia Ye.

  The estimated time to completely revise the game “Survival on the Island” was longer than Xia Ye thought. The main reason is that the game plot inside was very delicate and interlocking. In order to remove the marriage proposal route, Xia Ye took great pains to create a “green game” for the children at home. After ten days, the pure version was finally made.

  At the same time, he also completed the YAVA compiler and interpreter.

  ”Survival on the Island” was the first Yava program, marking the official birth of the Yava language.

  Old Ape used this interpreter to try the game on other interfaces, and it worked as smoothly after changing the platform. Old Ape felt that he was trying too hard to make so many contributions to an electronic dictionary, but at the same time he was obsessed with small games, and couldn’t extricate himself. “Survival on the Island” was really interesting. Last time he spent 40 days with the most reasonable money, he used more than a dozen calculation papers!

  The people who designed this game must be math fans too!


  It was really a true match. Old Ape decided to kill another game. This time, he must save up to 100 million yuan to marry the island owner’s daughter— yes, not only do you do good deeds, but also be able to take the island leader’s daughter’s little hand and go to the peak of his life after saving more than 100 million yuan.

When winter vacation was about to end, Tang Jinyu was able to use some simple economic principles and mathematical formulas to clear the island games very smoothly. He has never been chased by a bald guy because of debt. This child had a true heart. Whenever he owes money, he will pay it back immediately.

  Xia Ye played online with him once, and the ending of the game played a relatively beautiful picture. Both of them had saved more than 100 million yuan, and fireworks were set off for them over the island.

  Although it was a simple firework display, the characters in the game just jumped up twice to celebrate, and Tang Jinyu was still very happy.

  Xia Ye took a picture of him. The little guy hugged two electronic dictionaries in his arms, raised his hands and smiled at him in a victory gesture. After posing for a long time, he did not see his brother call to stop. The little guy shook his hands and asked him strangely: “Brother, haven’t you finished taking it yet?”

  Xia Ye laughed in a low voice: “I’m videotaping.”

  The little guy raised the electronic dictionary in his hand and shook it slightly at the camera, smiling with his eyes curved, “I played a game with my brother today, and took first place, yay!!!” He also held the dictionary close and let Xia Ye record the fireworks above, “Brother recorded this, the fireworks are beautiful.”

  Xia Ye shifted the camera from the little guy’s face to the simple small display. The dynamic fireworks in the game were still setting off, turning into flowers in the air.

  Tang Jinyu propped his chin and said, “It’s great, but I can’t get married.”

  ”You’re too young to get married, wait until you grow up.”

  ”Oh, how old can I get married, brother?”

  ”At least thirty years old.”


  There was a knock on the door outside, and it was his father who came to bring them fruit. Xia Ye set the video recording facility aside and took the little guy to eat.

  Tang Jinyu knew little about what Xia Ye was busy with. Xia Ye was busy with work, so he played quietly while playing by himself; when Xia Ye was done, he would eat with him and take a break; when Xia Ye showed a relaxed expression, he hugged him out to play. When he was a child, he knew that his brother was really busy, and then it would be time to relax.

  A few days after school started, Tang Jinyu was back to the state that Xia Ye had just seen at the beginning of the winter vacation. The little guy was so clingy, he wanted to follow him step by step and came to him to sleep with his  small pillow for two days. 

  Xia Ye took him to the Science and Technology Museum, and after a day of playing, promised to take him to the aquarium.

  It was cold in winter, so he didn’t dare to take his brother outside, otherwise he could go to the little guy’s favorite zoo and botanical garden. Last time, Tang Jinyu watched for a long time in Monkey Mountain and liked the little monkey inside.

  When they went to the aquarium, it was the day before Tang Jinyu started school. The little guy worked hard to cheer up, but Xia Ye still noticed that the little guy was a little depressed.

  Xia Ye squeezed his hand and said to him, “I have a few days to leave. I will send you to school tomorrow, and I will pick you up at the school gate at noon, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, regaining some energy.

  The aquarium was quiet and transparent blue. The glass separates the water and fish. When you walk through the arch, they could see sea turtles swimming in the transparent glass overhead, relaxing.

  Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu’s hand and slowly showed him, “You need to eat more, the fish here are bigger than you.”

  The ray swimming by was indeed very big. Tang Jinyu’s eyes followed it, but soon he was attracted by a turtle with a small shell on its back. Tang Jinyu watched for a while, walked forward and then stopped, stretched out his hand for his brother to hold.

  Xia Ye pinched the tip of his nose, “Come here, let me carry you.”

  The little guy laid on his back and whispered: “Mom said, when I pass the instrument competition preliminary round, I will be rewarded to go to the aquarium.”

  Xia Ye slowed down and whispered: “Well, brother rewards you in advance.”

  Tang Jinyu hugged his neck and couldn’t bear to let him go even more, digging a button on his shoulder with a small hand, and said nothing for a while.

  Xia Ye said: “Say it first, don’t cry.”

  The little guy hummed, talking in a muffled voice, and a stuffy voice.

  Xia Ye was thinking of ways to coax him, and he saw Han Yichen and his sister. The aquarium was dark. Han Yichen also approached them before seeing them. He happily greeted him, and went around to tease the child, “Yo, Xiaoyu Why is your brother carrying you on his back today? You love to act like a baby so much, come on, let me hug.”

  Xia Ye avoided a little and said, “Don’t use your hands.”

  Han Yichen took his hand back, changed his words, stood there and smiled and said, “Xiaoyu, I’ll tell you a story.” The little girl on the side jumped up to speak, but he covered her mouth, “Once upon a time, a group of little tadpoles were looking for their mother, swimming around. They met a big fish, and the little tadpole asked,” Have you seen our mother? ” Guess what the fish said? “


  Tang Jinyu lay on Xia Ye’s back and tilted his head to look at him.

  Han Yichen: “Big fish said ‘crunch’~”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye’s face turned dark, “If you’re so good at talking nonsense, can’t you say something positive!”

  ”Oh oh, let me change to English and tell a foreign fairy tale!” Xiao Han was kind enough to follow the story just now, replacing “crunch” with “yummy~”, and the kid on Xia Ye’s back turned his head, and ignored him.

  Han Yixing broke off his brother’s hand and said angrily: “Don’t believe him, Xiaoyu, big fish don’t eat tadpoles! They are good friends, and don’t listen to my brother. He never says the truth all day long, he’s very bad!”

 Han Yichen also felt that the kid was a bit too quiet today, and wanted to come over and see, “What’s the matter, you really didn’t cry, right? Xiaoyu Brother Han was just messing with you.”

  Xia Ye kicked him, “Don’t mess with him.”

  He made a mouth gesture with Han Yichen, and Han Yichen also understood. Knowing that this was a child who was reluctant to let go of Xia Ye, he made a gesture to lead his sister away. Han Yixing hadn’t figured it out yet, and asked him why he was leaving, and wanted to look back. Han Yichen took her hand and said, “It’s fine if you can cry for me anytime, let’s go, little ancestor, I’ll take you to see you to see something else.”

The kid on Xia Ye’s back found a suitable reason to cry, and started crying.

  Xia Yexin was softened by his crying, found a bench to sit down, held the little guy in his arms to coax him, wiped his tears with the back of his hand, and said: “Don’t cry, cry again, you will get sick again, did you forgot when you got an injection last year? Your arms were so swollen because they couldn’t find the vein in your arm, and you ended up hitting your wrist…”

  The little guy nodded, but his tears didn’t stop, “Brother, I can’t stop, what should I do?”

  Xia Ye sighed, hugged him, wrapped him in his coat, hugged him in his arms, and hummed to him in a low voice.

  After coaxing for a while, he slowly stopped crying.

  He was still crying, but he was still boasting: “Brother singing, sounds good.”

  Xia Ye was amused by him, and wiped his face with a tissue, “Stop crying, like a cat, how can I go if you cry like this again in a few days, huh?”

  The little guy hugged him and whispered.

  Xia Ye deliberately said: “I didn’t hear it, your voice was too small, can you say it again?”

  The little guy didn’t say a word. He was a little embarrassed to say it again, and instead said something else, “Brother, I want to grow up quickly.”

  Xia Ye teased him: “Want to marry a wife?”

  ”I want to go to brother’s school.”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face, then slowed down and asked, “Baby, do you want to go to Shanghai to study?”

  ”Brother can I go?”


  ”Mum, Dad, and uncle, do they all go too?”

  ”Yes, go too.”

  The little guy in his arms asked everyone he cared about before nodding, “Then I will go to a new home.”

  Xia Ye smiled, “Yes, what the baby said is right. Everyone will go to the new home. I will work there in the future, and you will study there. I will pick you up when I get off work, and the whole family will eat together in the evening. When we are still living together, okay?”

  ”It is good.”

  After coming out of the aquarium, Han Yichen came to apologize again and invited the brothers to eat together.

  Tang Jinyu was a little embarrassed, but Xia Ye made him wear a mask on his face, which covered half of his face and couldn’t see him clearly.

  Xia Ye said: “No, Xiaoyu is okay, he just had a little temper with me, it has nothing to do with you.”

  Han Yichen was happy, “Xiaoyu still loses his temper, I’ll see it for the first time!”

  Unable to invite them to dinner, Han Yichen bought aquarium dolls for the children. His sister happily hugged the biggest shark doll, which was almost the same size as the little girl over a full meter. Xia Ye took a baby seal for his little brother, with a white belly and black nose, holding a blue ball in both hands, which was very cute.

  Xia Ye squeezed the tip of the little seal’s nose. He didn’t know if it was a coincidence that the little guy next to his leg sneezed. He couldn’t help but laugh, and the little guy looked up at him with a confused expression.

  Xia Ye put the baby seal in the little guy’s arms and said, “Take it, it looks like you.”

  The Han brothers and sisters continued to play, Xia Ye was afraid that the little guy would be tired, so he took him home early.


  He sent Tang Jinyu to school the next day, and watched the little guy walk into the school before leaving.

  When he came back in the evening, he helped cover all the textbooks for the little guy. This was originally a collective activity in their family. However, Xia Ye was about to start school, and it would take six months to see them, so he took over all the work.

  Xia Ye has been studying by himself for many years, and he can only say that he has read this textbook once. He has never covered the book so seriously, but he was very patient with his brother’s books. After he got it right, he wrote the title of the book carefully on the top and the name of the child below it.

  Tang Jinyu stood aside and looked at it carefully, touching each one before putting it in his schoolbag.

  Two days later, Xia Ye was about to start school. Tang Jinyu was still at school when he went to the airport. Xia Ye also breathed a sigh of relief. He felt relieved when the little guy was crying in the aquarium before. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t there today, otherwise he doesn’t know what to do if he cries again.

  Half a year passed very quickly.

  Xia Ye met with President Li several times in the capital, and it took a while to negotiate the cooperation. What Li Jiang is an industry is mainly focusing on the smart education supplies market, while Xia Ye was more in software. He was more optimistic about the future prospects of the Internet. The two took what they needed. Li Jiang bought the right to use Yava, gave up the website, and let Xia Ye, a professional, do publicity and research and development. He only provided the use of machinery.

  And Xia Ye did not let him down either. The interpreters introduced one after another can be applied to the last two generations of Li’s and the newly developed electronic dictionaries, and can even be paired and connected to play games, similar to a small local area network. ‘Survival on the Island’ became popular among middle school students.

  Xia Ye was very business minded. He cooperated with Mr. Li to directly publish the source code of the most popular mini games, and at the same time promote the Yava language-assembly, c, basic, etc. all require users to have a certain degree of understanding of the hardware, but Yava was different. It was very user-friendly and can shield the hardware relevance through the interpreter. The user does not need to know the underlying hardware. All these work interpreters take care of it, which greatly reduces the threshold.

  For a time, many people began to write new mini games, and many excellent works began to emerge. The ideas and creativity were very interesting.

  Xia Ye struck the iron while it was hot and officially renamed the game forum that was previously expanded to Yava Game Box.

  With Loulan Forum as the main body, the two forums have started to improve after the expansion. One was based on real-time hot news and self-posting by users, and the other has become a game platform.

  Yava game box quickly became popular and became the largest and most comprehensive game supermarket in China. The little fish on its icon has also become the most familiar image of this generation of teenagers.

Song Yi became more busy, but his eyes became firmer. The first time he saw the game box, he remembered the game panel in the Internet cafe software, which was even broader than the original field.

  This time it was not just Internet cafes, everyone who owns a computer can install and use it, and using the games platform, they will take 30% of the fee and make a steady profit.

These are just some small games. Xia Ye told Song Yi once. He has only planted a seed now. The people who write small games now will go to a wider world because of this interest, and wait until the future “game box”. “It will become the cradle for the incubation of original creators, and there will be more new and interesting things hatched.

  In Xia Ye’s words, there were some interesting little things that he didn’t even know.

  Xia Ye might have said this lightly, but Song Yi didn’t dare to neglect it. The captain Xia Ye drew out a new sea area. As his first mate, he held the navigation chart, still keeping the company’s ship steady and moving forward gradually.

  In half a year, Xia Ye’s career climbed steadily, and Tang Jinyu also participated in the Primary School Musical Instrument Competition in May.

  There were not many children who could play the piano, only a few. Tang Jinyu was a little nervous at the beginning. He was the first to play the piano. After he came down, he didn’t know how the others played. He only played the piano with Teacher Xia. He tried many instruments when he was in the Children’s Palace. Teacher Xia said that it helped to improve his sense of music, and it was indeed effective, but because of this, today was the first time he really met other piano little players. 

  Tang Jinyu looked at the stage earnestly, relaxed after a while, and asked his mother for a small kettle to drink water.

  Chen Suling curiously asked: “Xiaoyu, aren’t you worried about your score?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and moved to Chen Suling’s side and whispered: “Mom, I just counted. There are 5 kids in our piano group.”


  ”Two of them made some mistakes just now, and two had not played–” The child was particularly relieved, “Mom, I am sure I can get the top three now, so I will pass the preliminary round!”

  Chen Suling pinched the tip of his nose and smiled.

  She felt that her son played the best, but she also came with the mentality of focusing on participation, but what she didn’t expect was that Tang Jinyu passed the preliminary rounds, he also won first place in the piano group.

  Her child had been waiting for the notification of the third and second place at first, and his little face was disappointed time and time again, but when he heard that he had taken the first place, he was stunned where he sat.

  Chen Suling hugged him and kissed hard, and said in surprise: “Go, baby, you are number one!”

  Teacher Xia also came to the waiting area and looked around and saw Tang Jinyu smiling and said: “Xiaoyu, hurry up, come with me to accept the award. I watched your performance, and you did good today and won first place!”


  Tang Jinyu went to the stage to accept his award, took the certificate and the medal, and his face blushed in excitement, standing there waiting to take a picture.

  Chen Suling took a lot of pictures of him with a small camera. Teacher Xia was also on the side of the camera. Tang Hongjun’s eyes were red when he saw his son on stage. The silly dad cried especially hopelessly, and then hid outside, embarrassed to go in. Standing outside the hall door peeking at his son, while taking out his mobile phone to call his family elders one by one to report the good news.

  ”Dad, Xiaoyu won a prize in the piano competition, yes, yes, it was the city’s elementary school competition… won the first place! Really, I’m not kidding, hahaha!”

  ”Dad, your grandson won the prize, yes, yes, Xiaoyu won a prize in today’s piano competition! The results were very good, he won first place, and he is accepting his prize on stage right now! Help me tell my mother…” He was talking to his father-in-law. But the phone was snatched by his impatient mother-in-law before he finished speaking. He smiled and said again, “Mom, yes, yes, Xiaoyu accepted the award, took a photo, and will be washed out and mailed to you in two days!”

  Grandma Chen was very happy, and said to him, “What else is there to mail? Isn’t there some holiday vacation in May? Bring Suling and Xiaoyu to stay for two days. This is a big happy event. I want to set up a few tables to celebrate!”

  Tang Hongjun thought his mother-in-law was saying kind words, but the old lady was very serious and insisted on letting them come back.

  After hanging up the phone, Mr. Chen said: “You old lady, the children are so busy with work, why do you want them to come back for a trip?”

  Grandma Chen’s face was full of joy: “What do you know, my baby Xiaoyu won a prize, what’s the matter of celebrating!” She immediately started to call relatives and friends one by one, not to set up a few tables, but to set up dozens of tables. Old Chen didn’t understand at first, and when his wife hung up, he said, “After suffering comes happiness.” his words turned into a sigh.

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xia Shen: Do you know the abbreviation ‘XY’?

       (‘XY’ stands for- Xiaoyu)

  Han Yichen: Xia Ye?

  Xia Shen: No, it’s “Little Fish”.

     (Little fish also stands for Xiaoyu)

  Han Yichen:…

  Student Xiao Han who refused to eat dog food on his own turned to find Old Ape: Old Ape, you know ‘XY’…

  Old Ape was angry: You take it! Don’t eat, I’m full!

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    Han Yichen reminds me of my own family with that story!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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