LNTMG-(76) Banquet

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  In 2004, the May Day holiday lasted for seven days, and Tang Jinyu’s competition only took one day. The rest of their vacation was spent with Grandma Chen, who said she would like to celebrate the occasion with a little wine.

  Chen Suling was a little embarrassed, but her mother insisted that she take her husband and child back to her house. It so happened that the two elders of the Chen family had been in Yunnan Province during the New Year, and she had not yet returned home. She planned to go back for two days to visit her relatives.

  On the way, Tang Hongjun was still in a state of excitement, and kept asking her: “Should we buy some supplements? Did our mother sleep well during this time? Bring her some calming ginseng tablets. By the way, I also met some old ladies from my last business trip, who gave me good tea…”

  Chen Suling smiled and said, “You are still calm and relaxed, donyou want her to sleep or not? Okay, you don’t have to be so troublesome. Take Xiaoyu with you and take a musical instrument by the way. When you go there, you will have a meal at home, and Xiaoyu can perform for them.” She pondered for a moment, and then turned to ask her child, “Baby, would you like to perform a show? How about playing a little piece for grandma?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, he had just won the first place, and he was confident.

  Chen Suling went with him to choose musical instruments again. Thanks to teacher Xia who has taught a lot in the past few years, she does not need to carry the piano specially, and has more musical instruments to choose from. After asking her child, he took an accordion that her child liked the most. It was half old, but well maintained. It was the one Xia Ye used when he was learning how to play musical instruments.

      When Tang Jinyu was not playing the piano, this was usually his first choice, it was especially precious.

  Tang Hongjun brought some gifts, put his child’s accordion in place, and drove to his mother-in-law’s house.

  The Chen family lives in Zhengcheng, an old industrial city with tall buildings. The roads were bustling and traffic jams were the most common thing.

  Chen Suling originally thought that she would go to a hotel for a banquet when she arrived, and she thought that they would be there in time. She brought Tang Jinyu some extra clothes. She had done enough preparations, but when she got home, she was dumbfounded.

  Granny Chen was not an ordinary rich woman. She has set up dozens of tables for this banquet and directly placed them at home.

  The old house of the Chen family was a courtyard-style villa. The yard was originally larger than other places, and because the old lady was not sleeping well and was afraid of noise, they bought two or three nearby houses together. The yard here was empty before, but now the three yards were decorated with lights all over. There were nearly 20 tables in one yard. There were people coming and going, and there were many hotel service staff shuttled around. It almost seemed like they were in a different place, like the hotel has moved into their own home.


  Tang Hongjun stopped at the door of his mother-in-law’s house for a long time, but there was no space. There were already a lot of cars parked here. He asked in a low voice, “Su Ling, how about having a drink at home? It doesn’t look like this is only for one day.”

  Chen Suling said: “Let’s go and then ask.”

  She took her son out of the car and wanted to hold him, but her child refused. He held her hand and said, “Mom, I’m grown up, I can go by myself.”

  Chen Suling hesitated and said to him: “That’s fine, you must hold your mother’s hand well, we will be walking in a crowd in a short while, don’t run around, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and Chen Suling took her son’s little hand and walked forward. Tang Hongjun hurriedly took the things he had brought and followed his wife behind him. As he walked, he stretched out his hand to carefully protect his wife and son—the Chen family house was decorated with lanterns. There were many small lanterns on the way and flowers on both sides of the courtyard arch, which were carefully arranged at first glance.

  Tang Jinyu watched all this curiously. He usually accompanied his mother to his grandma’s house for a few days during the holidays. In his memory, he would hang the small lanterns during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival, but it was not as lively as today.

  They walked all the way to the yard where Grandma Chen lived. The old lady has a small courtyard here. There were a lot of flowers planted in the courtyard downstairs. The one that occupies the best position was a peony that was as tall as a small tree. The old lady likes it very much, and she also built a small pergola for it. The blooming season is now in full bloom, and the big peonies hang on the branches as if it is a morning glow. The petals and stamens of the bowl-sized flowers are layered, and the fragrance is pleasant when you enter the small courtyard.

  Tang Jinyu saw Grandma Chen as soon as he arrived. The old lady was pleasantly surprised seeing them, and said: “Is that Xiaoyu? Isn’t that my darling boy?”

  There were no outsiders in the courtyard, so Chen Suling let go of her son’s little hand and asked him to find Grandma Chen. She followed behind with a smile and said, “Mom, it’s us. This is too big, why have so many people come here?”

  Grandma Chen just received her little grandson and took the child’s hand and went to sit on the sofa in the living room. She couldn’t take her eyes off him, and said casually: “It’s not much, just some of our relatives here, mainly your dad’s. There were so many people, it was too late to be informed, otherwise we would have set another ten tables.” The old lady took a small pomegranate to Tang Jinyu, listening to him calling “Grandma”, she put her arms around him, holding her cute little treasure.

  Tang Hongjun put down what he was holding. The small accordion inside the suitcase he was carrying was particularly obvious. Grandma Chen saw it and said, “It’s Xiaoyu’s accordion, right?”

  ”Yes, I brought an accordion. Xiaoyu usually likes this one the most.”

  Grandma Chen said immediately: “Put it in the guest room upstairs, just go to the one where Xiaoyu came to live last time. Don’t put it down here. There are a lot of people here today, you have to be careful not to break Xiaoyu’s instrument.”

  Chen Suling also said: “Yes, Hongjun, put it on the top of the cabinet, and don’t let Xiaoyu touch it.”

  Tang Hongjun naturally listened to them. His son’s most precious thing since childhood was this accordion. He usually carried it carefully, and immediately carried it and put it in place.

  Tang Jinyu was playing with a small pomegranate in his hand. Sitting there was very nice. He would answer whatever Grandma Chen asked, making him more and more popular with the elderly.

  Chen Suling was the youngest girl in the family. After having been away from home for so many years, Chen Suling was having suffered many years of raising her child. The old lady’s heart hurt for her, she loves her daughters husband, and she also loves Tang Jinyu.

  After sitting and talking for a while, someone came in.

  Chen Wenqian opened the door curtain and walked in. After seeing his younger sister and brother-in-law inside, he smiled and said hello, and then went over to pick up Tang Jinyu, hugged him, and kissed him firmly. “Do you remember uncle? Do you miss uncle?”


  Tang Jinyu was a little caught off guard by the enthusiasm of his uncle, and tried to hide his head up, thinking for awhile,

  Chen Wenqian lifted the child up and looked at him again, let him look at his face, and said happily: “Uncle misses you too. Look, I shaved just for you today…” Before he finished showing off, grandma Chen was so scared that she urged him to put the child down. Chen Wenqian put his nephew in his lap and sat down on the sofa. He said with a smile, “Mom, it’s okay. Look, Xiaoyu is not afraid.”

  ”He is still young, so he doesn’t know how to be afraid! Don’t be so troublesome, if you drop him, see how I end you!” Grandma Chen stopped him from touching her grandchild again. She grabbed Tang Jinyu and gave him cookies and a handful of candies. Letting him sit by her side and eat.

  Chen Wenqian took Tang Jinyu’s pomegranate to play with him, but Tang Jinyu was very generous, and took one out of his pocket and gave it to him, “Uncle eat it.”

  Chen Wenqian was so moved that he returned the one in his hand, “Uncle doesn’t eat it, I didn’t peel it.”

  Tang Jinyu hesitated, “Should I peel it for uncle?”

  Grandma Chen couldn’t listen anymore. She slapped her son and laughed angrily. “How old are you? Asking a child to peel a pomegranate for you, are you not ashamed!”

  Chen Wenqian said generously: “What’s the matter with this, aren’t I also a child in front of you?”

The whole family was amused. Grandma Chen didn’t let him touch her grandchild’s pomegranates. There was only a small box of pomegranates on her side, and she gave two pomegranates to each child in the family, and they were now gone.


  Chen Wenqian didn’t eat pomegranates. He just teased Tang Jinyu to play with him. After a conversation, he asked, “Mom, the chef over there said that the preparations are almost done, when do you think he’ll be there?”

  Grandma Chen asked: “Where is your father?”

  ”Hey, isn’t the whole family waiting to listen to your instructions.”

  Grandma Chen thought for a while, and said, “Then let’s start the banquet early today. Your sister and brother-in-law are also tired coming all this way. After eating, let them rest for a while. There will still be tables in the evening.”

  Chen Suling was surprised: “Mom, there is still more tonight?”

  Chen Wenqian said: “Well, don’t you know that we are going to show off for three days?”

  Chen Suling really didn’t know what to say, but as soon as the old lady took her hand and held Tang Jinyu with the other hand, she was very proud and said, “Go, let’s go out. This is Xiaoyu first time winning a prize, he has the first table.”

  Chen Suling opened her mouth and couldn’t say anything, so she laughed and followed.

  Tang Hongjun always listened to his wife, what Chen Suling did, he followed with his bag, smiling and having a very good temper.

  There were a total of 12 single-family villas in the community, and the Chen family accounts for one-third of it. In their own home, let alone three days, ten days and a half months, they don’t talk much. The Chen family assembled dozens of tables after tidying up the three idled courtyards. Today was only the first day, with fewer people arriving at noon and only sitting in one courtyard, all of which came to celebrate when they heard the news nearby.

  They knew very well in their hearts that they said it was for the little grandson of the Chen family to celebrate winning a prize in the piano competition. In fact, they were clearly told by everyone that the child of the third girl of the Chen family were not stupid, not only were they not stupid, but also had a musical talent.


  Some people have a good relationship with Grandma Chen and we’re happy for her. Others murmured in their hearts and wanted to come and join in the fun. Another small group of people didn’t believe it. They felt that the old lady of the Chen family loved her daughter, spending a lot of money to support behind the scenes and deceive themselves!

  In any case, the people who arrived would sit there orderly and wait for Grandma Chen to come over.

  Even Grandpa Chen, who had rushed back from the engineering company in advance, was sitting there waiting. He didn’t urge his wife to come, and he smiled and talked with relatives and friends beside him.

  The person at the side table whispered: “Why is that old man here, when the old lady hasn’t come yet?”

  The people around him whispered: “It’s normal, you haven’t been here long enough. You have never seen Mr. Chen treats his wife with special respect, it’s always been like this.”

  Old Chen was really like this. He didn’t urge the banquet or his wife. He himself was waiting, and the rest of the people sat and waited together.

  In just a few minutes, Grandma Chen came. She came over and was stunned, and immediately smiled: “Look at me, thinking that I will be the first to arrive today. I’ll bring Xiaoyu over to meet everyone, sorry for everyone that had been waiting for a long time.” She told Chen Suling that she would take Tang Jinyu to the table first, and each table had a certain number of people. After sitting down, the service staff also served the dishes one after another, and their timing was just right, and there was no cold food.

  Tang Jinyu was today’s protagonist. Grandma Chen asked him to sit next to him. The child ate normally. He had a small appetite. After he finished eating, Mr. Chen smiled and asked him: “Xiaoyu, you take a nap at noon. Grandpa Hui will take you out to play.”

  Tang Jinyu turned to look at his mother.

  Old Chen deliberately scorned his face and said: “It depends on what your mother is doing, grandpa here has the final say.”

  Tang Jinyu blinked and went to look at grandma instead.

  Grandma Chen couldn’t help but smile, then she nodded her head to save face for her husband, “Yes, your grandfather has the final say on big things, but grandma has the final say on small trivia matters. Xiaoyu’s affairs are definitely a big deal, listen to your grandfather’s words, and go.”

  Chen Suling said: “Dad, you drank at noon, so you can’t drive.”

  Grandpa Chen waved his hand and said, “Don’t drive, don’t worry, it’s just around here, you can get there in two steps.”


  Tang Jinyu was a little curious about his grandpa. He returned after eating at noon and only barely slept for half an hour. As soon as Chen Suling called him, the child got up on her lap, rubbed her eyes and changed clothes, and said, “Mom, are you going too?”

  Chen Suling squeezed his face and smiled: “Mom has no time to play. I’m going to work soon.”

  Tang Hongjun had just walked in when he heard this sentence, and asked her: “Where? I’ll come.”

  Chen Suling found a pair of small shoes, and watched her child put it on by himself, and whispered to her husband: “You can’t go. There’s still dinner tonight.”

  ”Didn’t Mom look for a hotel before? I think it will be very good at noon today. “

  Chen Suling glanced at him and laughed: “What happens if you need to communicate? At noon, several people could take it the wrong way. If it wasn’t for mom’s saying that she would bring Xiaoyu over in advance, we would have to wait for half an hour. You accompany Xiaoyu to play, I will leave with my helper.”

  What else could Tang Hongjun say? Chen Suling handed their children to him and pushed them out: “Go, wait for my eldest sister to come in the afternoon, and I will look for you at that time.”

  Tang Hongjun was relieved and took his son out.

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