LNTMG-(77) Elderly Care

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  In the afternoon, Grandpa Chen brought not only Tang Jinyu, but all the children in the family.

  Hua Yan, the daughter of the eldest Chen Qiuguo, was 12 years old. Because of the holiday, she came to stay with her grandmother’s house ahead of time. In addition, Chen Deyun, the little girl of the second Chen Wenqian’s family, was also with her. She and Hua Yan grew up together and have a very good relationship. The little sisters follow each other hand in hand and are curious about where their grandfather is taking them.

  Tang Hongjun also took his son’s little hand to follow behind. He whispered to the child about the geological features of this side as they walked. A rock that was lying by the roadside was talked about for a long time. It was lively and interesting. The child raised his head to interact with him and walked for a while. He was very happy to walk and skip.

Old Chen didn’t take them far. The road administration of the community across the road was under construction. A section of the road was closed. There were no cars in front and back. It was very safe. He took his son-in-law and a few children to stand here and wait.

Tang Hongjun heard that his father used to do road engineering, he chatted with him a few words, and Old Chen laughed and said, “It’s here. Our family is responsible for this piece.”

  As he was talking, he saw a truck coming and unloading a truck of sand not far away. The driver stopped and did not leave. After unloading the sand, he took three small excavators from the car, which was the kind of playground children played with. He waved to the old man and drove away.

  Tang Hongjun looked silly, “Dad, you said today to let the children come out to play…”

  ”It’s great to play with excavators, and practice a craft!”

  The two little girls have happily ran over to play, and it seems that this was not the first time they have played like this.

  Old Chen took Tang Jinyu by the hand, helped him up, and taught him how to drive the excavator. The machine was made many times smaller, but it looked a lot like it, with both hand cranks and foot brakes.

  Tang Hongjun helped take care of it, and after looking at it for a while, he smiled and said, “It’s really interesting, I want to try it.”

  Old Chen refused on the spot, shook his head and said: “You can’t, let the child sit down, you will crush it.”

  For the first time, Tang Hongjun stood beside his father-in-law and tried his best to flatter him, but the old man paid him no mind. He was all watching the children play, especially after seeing Tang Jinyu a few times, he was proficient in his movements, grinning and praising him as a genius.

  Two older sisters, Hua Yan and Chen Deyun, also took special care of Tang Jinyu. Although Hua Yan was an only child, she was three years older than Tang Jinyu, she strives to be like a big sister. When Tang Jinyu got on and off the excavator, she took care of him. She half hugged him down.

  Tang Jinyu was a little embarrassed, “Sister, when I grow up, I will come down by myself.”

  Hua Yan grew up watching this little cousin being held and grow up, and said with a smile: “You are not big, you are half a head shorter than De Yun!”

  Chen Deyun pursed her lips when she heard it. She was one year older than Tang Jinyu. She was already a ten-year-old girl this year. Her cousin was much shorter than her. It seems that some people believe that she has just turned seven.

  Tang Jinyu was a little embarrassed. He also wanted to work hard to grow taller. He drank a lot of milk, but he didn’t see any improvement.


  Tang Hongjun said that he was accumulating energy, which would jump up after two years. To prove this, he asked the old classmates of the Institute to ask for several reports to prove it.

  After several children played for a while, Old Chen asked Tang Hongjun to drive in his car and to take them to the mall to buy toys.

  Hua Yan whispered in Tang Jinyu ear and told him in a low voice, “Grandpa must have just given out pocket money this month. Let’s not get something expensive, and leave him some money for cigarettes.”

  Chen Deyun also came over. She wanted to be quieter, and she raised her brows in a low voice, “Isn’t smoking bad for your health? I heard my grandma said that grandpa should be supervised and he should not be allowed to smoke.”

  Hua Yan sighed, “He is so old, let him smoke a little, he’s pitiful.”

  Tang Jinyu felt that both of them were right, and he didn’t know who to listen to.

  But after entering the mall to buy the toys, Tang Hongjun rushed to pay, which made Tang Jinyu breathe a sigh of relief.

  When the weather was hot, the children couldn’t move their feet, so they went to an ice cream shop. Tang Hongjun took the two little girls to eat. He didn’t dare to let his child eat, so he found a reason for Old Chen to take him downstairs to buy two balloons.

  Tang Jinyu was very obedient and followed his grandfather. In fact, he didn’t have such a big demand for ice cream. His favorite was still ice-cola.

  After buying two balloons, Old Chen tied it around his wrist. The two of them sat on the benches on the first floor of the mall and chatted.

  Tang Jinyu moved his wrist and said proudly: “Grandpa, look, my brother tied me one on my wrist during the New Year, so that you can find me if I get lost.” Even though he said that, the child still grasped the clothes of Old Chen. “Grandpa, you can hold me, so I don’t get lost.”

  Old Chen was amused by him and nodded: “Don’t worry, I won’t let you get lost. Didn’t your grandma say when you came, let me find a rope to tie you to me.”

  The grandpa and grandson sat there chatting.

  Grandpa Chen occasionally frowned and thought for a while, Tang Jinyu found it strange when he saw this, and asked, “Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

  ”Grandpa wants something.”

  ”What is it?”

  Old Chen frowned. He had been busy with mines in Yunnan Province for the past few years and had been preparing for so many years, but in the end he hesitated a little. Over the past few years, millions of dollars have been wasted, but nothing has been achieved. He can only say that he can barely maintain the expenses. Now the whole company was waiting for him, but he is not sure what to do.

  The child asked again, and Old Chen laughed and said, “It’s nothing, just tired from work, hey, grandpa is getting old, sometimes I get confused easily, and I’m scared to think about it.”

  ”What is grandpa afraid of?”

  ”I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat.”

  The old man said half-truth and half-false, the kid on the side thought it over, beckoned the old man to get closer, and said to him in his ear: “Grandpa, don’t be afraid, I have money.”

  Old Chen deliberately pretended to be surprised, “Really, how much money did Xiaoyu save?”

  Tang Jinyu stretched out two fingers.

  ”How much is this?”

  The child leaned closer and whispered: “Two hundred thousand–“

  Old Chen was amused, but the next sentence followed by the child went straight to the old man’s heart. The child said in his ear and said, “Grandpa don’t be afraid, I will provide you with elderly care.”


  Old Chen was messing around in the business field. He didn’t know how many flattering words he heard, but there was never a sentence like what his little grandson said today that made his nose sore and eyes red. He rubbed the child’s soft hair again and grinned:” Grandpa is not afraid, grandpa will go back and work hard, I don’t need to raise you by Xiaoyu, grandpa will raise you.”

  The child shook the old man’s hand, and the colorful balloons in his hand moved twice as well. He said happily, “When I grow up, I will also work. Grandpa, I can do a lot of things!”

  When Old Chen listened to him, his mood improved a lot.

     On the other side, Grandma Chen was also busy at home.

  In the afternoon, the eldest daughter Chen Qiuguo also returned home. She came with her husband. There was such a festive event at home. When she came, she changed into a red floral dress with a smile on her face.

  Grandma Chen asked her two daughters to reschedule the banquet for these two days. Chen Qiuguo took all the work into her hands after listening, and said with a smile, “Mom, I’ll be here. It’s not too much trouble. Just tell them the time to meet each other again, let the little girl rest, she has more important things to do.”

  Chen Suling said: “I don’t need to, sister, I’ll go with you, it would be easier to give you a hand.”

  Chen Qiuguo didn’t agree, and took the list in her own hand to prevent her from touching it, “Why don’t you? If you’re going to be here for three days, why don’t Xiao Yu do two shows? This is a big event, you have to prepare well.”

  Grandma Chen also deliberately wanted her little grandson to perform a show, but she said: “Two days are too tiring. Just the last day, with one show.”

  When the old lady made up her mind, Chen Suling agreed. She had nothing to do. When the eldest sister was busy, she stayed there to speak with her mother.

  Chen Suling asked while pouring tea, “Mom, where’s the second sister-in-law? She should have been in charge of the banquet, right?”

  Grandma Chen sighed, “Don’t mention it, isn’t she the one who took it down? I packed up the tickets at the beginning and everything was going well, but we were almost late at noon today. Just now I asked your second brother to ask her, Wen Qian said that Deqing suddenly had a low fever this morning, your second sister-in-law was so frightened that she took the child to the hospital and didn’t care about anything.”

  Chen Suling eyebrows furrowed and said: “Why suddenly became ill, is it serious? I’ll go and see.”

  ”It’s okay. Wen Qian said that after getting a shot he would be better. The doctor told her to rest. Let’s not quarrel with the child. I will go over with you tomorrow morning.” The old lady was also worried about her grandson, but she was still comforting her daughter. “Don’t worry about Deqing’s child, he’s strong, he doesn’t get sick all year round, just like your second brother was when he was a kid, like a monkey, haha.”

  Chen Suling remembered the appearance of her second brother when she was a child, and couldn’t help but smile.


  The old lady pointed to the small coffee table in the room and said with a smile: “Look at this, I remember when Xiaoyu was five years old, and take pictures of him. He was just as tall as him. Deqing is four years old now, which is a bit higher than this tea table!” Thinking of the past, the old old couldn’t help but sigh, “Xiaoyu grew up a little bit by me, too. For so many years, you and Hongjun have suffered a lot. Now it’s better, you can do a lot more in the future, and live a good life at ease.”

  Chen Suling nodded, her eyes were a little red, but it was quickly dissipated by the smile that reached the corner of her mouth. She was really happy today.

  Chen Qiuguo worked neatly, and the evening banquet was arranged properly without a trace of error.

  She was the eldest sister, who has always been gentle and considerate in the family. Not only did she entertain the guests, she did not forget her sister-in-law Pei Yun, and asked the hotel staff to cook a light meal and porridge suitable for children, and delivered it together.

  When Chen Wenqian returned home in the evening, Pei Yun was feeding his son porridge. She looked up and saw him come back and asked: “Your back? Where’s Deyun, why didn’t she come back?”

  Chen Wenqian took a look at his younger son and saw that he had recovered his energy and drank half of the porridge. He was relieved, “Deyun is going to stay there with Hua Yan, eldest sister is coming to stay for three days, Deyun is also going to stay there for these three days, and let them have fun.”

  Pei Yun nodded, hesitant to say something, “Mom today…”

  Chen Wenqian glanced at her and said with a smile: “Did you say that you ‘flee instead of fighting’ today?”

  Pei Yun whispered: “I did because of Deqing.”

  ”Mom said, let me come back and punish you.” Chen Wenqian flicked her forehead and raised his eyebrows and said, “Okay, you’ve been punished.”

  Pei Yun looked up at him, not knowing which sentence to believe in for a while, with doubts on her face.

  Chen Wenqian is happy: “You can really believe it, how could my mother ever say something mean to you? Don’t worry, it’s okay, elder sister has already taken over the banquet. Mom said that you should stay home with Deqing. She will come to have a look tomorrow morning and worry about our little fat guy, isn’t that right, Deqing?”

  The four-year-old boy was white and tender. He laughed when he was teased by his father, and said, “Dad, Deqing is not fat!”

  Chen Wenqian pinched his belly deliberately, “Then what is this?”

  Deqing has a good temper, even when he was made fun of, sitting there and playing with his father.

  Pei Yun thought for a while, but still whispered: “Actually, I told the people on my parents’ side that I asked them to help me that Deqing was sick. I was really worried, so I thought about them asking them to help me at noon. In case of an emergency, I can rush back in the afternoon. But they told me that Mom would not let them take charge at noon, and to let my younger sister take charge…”

  Chen Wenqian rubbed his son’s head and glanced at her, “Then did they say that the time for noon today was wrong? If it weren’t for Mom and the younger sister to go by themselves, no one would notify them.”

  Pei Yun was taken aback, “No one?”


  ”Would I lie to you? Don’t listen to what your family says next time. Ask yourself more. And… forget it, let’s talk about it later. You must be tired today, take our child to rest early.”

  Pei Yun asked him: “Where are you going?”

  Chen Wenqian stood up and stretched, and yawned: “When I went to my dad, he said that he would ask me to discuss mine matters with him. That old man rarely regained his energy, so I will accompany him to plan again.”

  Pei Yun opened her mouth and wanted to stop a few words, but remembered what her husband had just said, and closed her mouth again. She saw her mother-in-law’s family this time, she heard something about mines in Yunnan Province. Everyone in her family said that many companies have lost money in the mines over the past few years. It was just a pit that could not be filled completely. They persuaded her to withdraw from the Chen family as soon as possible.

  Pei Yun brows furrowed for a long time and didn’t loosen it, but she believed it in her heart.

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  1. Pei Yun’s family trying to sow discord here is trash. If it had just been expressing concerns that’s one thing, but they have a pattern apparently of filling her head with poison about her husband’s family.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Whatever you wanna think, pei yun. Who cares about you and your scheming lil family?

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