LNTMG-(78) Pomegranate

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On the first day of staying in the old house of the Chen family, Tang Jinyu called Xia Ye. The child was lying by the window looking at the small lanterns outside. In the evening, the small courtyard of the Chen family was even more beautiful. The lanterns and small lanterns were all lit up, just like a holiday.

  ”There are so many lights outside. They are not the same as the lanterns used for the New Year. They are very small and beautiful!” The child carefully told Xia Ye what he saw before he sighed after saying it. “It’s a pity that my brother can’t see it.”

  Xia Ye smiled on the other end of the phone and said, “When did you learn to sigh? Who did you learn from?”

  ”Hey, I learned from grandpa this afternoon. Brother, I learned a lot. I’ll learn another one just for you.”

  After studying for a while, the child began to confide in their feelings of what he felt every day: “Brother, I miss you.”


  ”When will my brother be back?”

  ”Are you outside?”

  ”Yeah, I’m at grandma’s house.”

  ”How long are you staying for?”

  ”After the holiday, will you send me a gift again, brother?”

  ”Yeah, only if you are good, and if you are obedient, you’ll get a gift.”


  Xia Ye was a bit busy, and the phone was hung up after only a few minutes, but the child was quite satisfied, especially when Chen Suling brought him a small lantern and let him play, the child happily put it away, and raised his head and said to his mother: “Mom, my brother didn’t get to see them. I will take one back and show it to him when he is on summer vacation.”

  Chen Suling squeezed his face, nodded and said, “Well, I will listen to you.”

  The next day, there was still a banquet. There were many more people here than yesterday. Grandma Chen asked Chen Suling to put on new clothes for her grandchild and asked her to hold Tang Jinyu’s hand behind her and greet her relatives one by one. Saying hello to everyone, in order to recognize them for a while.

  The old lady was energetic, and she walked like the wind, and Chen Suling was exhausted all morning.

  The old lady had to go talk to her older sister, Chen Suling couldn’t follow her anymore, “Mom, you go by yourself, I will rest.”

  Grandma Chen smiled and said, “You young people, sitting in the office all day long and not exercising. It was only a few steps more. It won’t be possible to go walk in your own yard. Go ahead and let Xiaoyu go with me. I have some tea and snacks over there, and I just made an appointment with your Aunt Cheng and the others. I will sit down and have a chat.”


  Chen Suling agreed, bowed her head and said a few words to her child to make sure he listens to his grandma.

  Tang Jinyu and grandma were close, the old lady stretched out her hand to hold him, and the child obediently followed.

  Chen Suling stayed there for a while and rested. Chen Qiuguo came over to see and smiled and said, “I thought you went there with mother, why are you sitting here alone?”

  Chen Suling said: “I’m feeling a little lazy, eldest sister, how come my mother has invited so many people? I have never seen so many relatives even when I got married.”

  ”Isn’t it the same people who were there when you got married?” Chen Qiuguo sat down next to her little sister, and even said several family names, Chen Suling couldn’t remember them. Chen Qiuguo smiled again, “It’s okay, you haven’t been home in a while. It’s normal if you don’t recognize them. Many of them live quite far away. I haven’t had much contact with them in the past few years.”

  Chen Suling poured water for the eldest sister, and curiously said: “Why did you invite them?”

  Chen Qiuguo glanced at her and lowered her forehead and whispered: “Don’t you know in your heart that Xiaoyu was ill at the time. Although no one said it to her face, there were few people talking about it behind her. My mother has been holding this in her heart. You let her have fun for a few days and let her breath it out.”

  Chen Suling laughed and hugged her elder sister by the shoulders, as close to her as she did before she got married, “My mother is so good, and the eldest sister is good.”

  Chen Qiuguo smiled: “Now I know where Xiaoyu learned it from. When he saw me yesterday, he ran over and hugged me and said, “Auntie is so beautiful today.” That little mouth is sweet. I like it.”

  Chen Suling also thought that her child at home were sweet and smiled.

  The particularly sweet Tang Jinyu child was now eating snacks with Granny Chen outside. The old man was sitting there talking to a few older sisters. After a few chats, he starts to praise his little grandson. From winning the competition to his exam results in school, he also presents treasures, and shows everyone a Certificate of Merit for ‘Three Good Students’.

  ”This certificate was issued by Xiaoyu for the final exam. The child kissed me and sent it specially to me after taking it. Now, I’ll let someone frame it and hang it there.” Grandma Chen pointed her finger at the glass frame on the wall. The award certificate, smiled and showed it off to her older sisters.


  The people on the side laughed and boasted. One of them, an old lady surnamed Cheng, had a good relationship with Grandma Chen. She praised her sincerely, and specially greeted Tang Jinyu to come over and to take a closer look, and said to him: “It’s great, just look at it. Be clever, study hard in the future, take a few more certificates to hang, I’ll wait to see you fill up your grandma’s room!”

  The one next to her also laughed, but her tone became a little sour, and said half-jokingly: “Don’t let the child tire himself, one paper is enough, his health comes first.”

  The room was quiet for a moment, Grandma Chen slowly said while drinking tea: “Not tired, Xiaoyu gets a certificate every year.”

  ”I just said casually, don’t you just see that there is only one…”

  ”Yeah, I forgot to tell my old sister that the rest is kept by Xiaoyu’s grandfather, oh, it’s Mr. Tang Hui, you know? The old sister may not have heard of it, but it’s normal. My in-laws is the old dean of S Dashu Institute of mathematics in Qizhou, and most people don’t know him very well.” Grandma Chen said politely, “He is concerned about Xiaoyu’s grades, and he personally came to accompany the child to study during winter and summer vacations. Now that the exams are finished, the school will issue a certificate and send it to Qizhou, and I’ll have one here and keep it as a souvenir.”

  After speaking, the other party laughed twice, then nodded and said yes.

  Grandma Cheng was a gentle person. After seeing this, she smiled and said, “Xiaoyu’s health has been much better in the past two years. When I saw the video of him playing the piano last time, I felt that his hands were firm and the playing was good. I can’t wait for tomorrow to listen to him playing the piano, and I’ll make sure to follow along with him, haha.”

  The topic shifted to tomorrow’s performance. Grandma Chen smiled again and told them about the arrangements for the last day.

  Tang Jinyu sat there and ate two peanut cakes and a cup of almond milk, half full.


  Grandma Chen sent away the guests, and led him to the yard to see a Peony. Tang Jinyu was more at ease than before. He still likes spending time with his family the most. When there are outsiders, he always feels like he is performing, socializing really is too tiring.

Grandma Chen took him by the hand and took him to the small peony, and pointed to him, “Xiaoyu, look, Isn’t our king of flowers beautiful! It bloomed at the end of April, and it has bloomed more the previous years. so I thought something good will happen in the family, and I was right when you won first place in the piano competition!”

  The peony grew thick and had a small tree-like torso, half a head taller than Tang Jinyu. It is a king of flower specially bought by Grandpa Chen a few years ago, and It is no less than a thousand gold. Now it was growing strong under the small shed specially built for it, the flower stems are like the palm of a child’s hand, and the bright white blossoms were like white and tender little buns, with only a touch of red at the tip, which looks like the snow reflecting the morning glow, delicate and beautiful. The ones that have been opened were even more beautiful, the big flowers bloom enthusiastically, and even the green leaves were stretched out in different styles.

  The sunlight came through, and the dots of light fell on it, really not failing to its title of being a flower king.


  The Chen family had been in business for many years and was a little superstitious about these things. Grandma Chen took him to see the peony flowers and led him upstairs to worship Bodhisattva.

  The top floor of the villa has a separate quiet room, a simple incense stand, and a bodhisattva.

  When Tang Jinyu came before, their whole family would be brought by Grandma Chen to worship the Bodhisattva, and ask the Bodhisattva to bless them. Most people don’t have this treatment, and they can’t even touch the door of the quiet room. Only the closest ones can enter this small door.

  Grandma Chen took grandchild to light a few incense sticks together, and chanted a few sentences. Tang Jinyu also studied hard and read the names of his family in his heart. There were five people in their family. In addition to their parents, they also There was also Teacher Xia and his brother Xia Ye, and none of the children were left.

  After Grandma Chen took him out, and said as she went down the stairs: “Xiaoyu, it’s not easy for your parents, so be nice to them in the future, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and walked forward holding her hand, “Grandma, I will treat you well in the future.”

  Grandma Chen was comforted in her heart, smiled and nodded, “Then I’ll wait to enjoy the blessing of our dear treasures. When you grow up, you can get me a few more prizes and put a trophy in grandma’s house.”


  Grandma Chen didn’t hold him back, and asked him to go to the yard outside to look for the little girls, and sent out the door, and said: “Don’t run too far, let your big sister lead you and play at our own house, okay?”


  Tang Jinyu went out, and  Hua Yan found a few more children and led them to play outside. The small area here was owned by the Chen family, and there were too many places to play.


  Hua Yan and Chen Deyun live here all year round and they were very familiar with it, but they didn’t run around, so they picked a small and free yard with a few children to play with. Tang Jinyu thought that he was going to play with rubber bands this time as before, and all of them were ready to put bets. However, Hua Yan and the others took out an electronic dictionary from their pockets. Several children in the same group saw this and immediately said:” Add me, add me! Let’s play “Survival on the Island”, I still have the last level to pass!”

  Hua Yan said, “I have only the last level left with Deyun. How much money do you have? I have to check it out first before adding people.”

  ”I have 300,000!”

  ”Add me, I have more than him, I have 350,000!”


  Tang Jinyu was dumbfounded. These people reported the amount of money. He followed his mental calculations and it all added up to only to a few million. How did they have the courage to clear the game?

  The “Little Champion” electronic dictionary was the hottest electronic product this year. Almost all elementary and middle school students who had good conditions at home bought one. Not only can they look up the dictionary, but there are also some fun games that can be played online with the same brand of dictionaries. This makes the children who spend most of their time in school happy. When class is over, they get together in groups and play games for a few minutes.

  The most popular among them was “Survival on the Island”, which was famous for its high popularity and difficulty in clearance.

  Hua Yan and Chen Deyun were playing this game. They had the highest value of money, but they add up to only one or two million. The two little girls looked embarrassed. Just when Hua Yan turned his head to look at Tang Jinyu, she hesitated a bit, and handed him the electronic dictionary in her hand, and said: “Xiaoyu, you haven’t played with it yet. Let me play with you, sit and I will teach you. It’s a bit difficult. I’ve been playing for three or four days. You have to be careful with it, and don’t break it for your sister.”


  Tang Jinyu sat on the steps with them, holding the electronic dictionary in his hands, a little hesitant.

  Hua Yan thought that she was too serious just now, and scared him, she patted him on the shoulder, and said generously: “It’s okay if you play badly, I can just start again, come on, I will teach you!”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Sister, I can play this.”

  Hua Yan said in surprise: “Do you have an electronic dictionary too? Let’s go get it together. “

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, “I didn’t bring it, but I can help you clear this level.”

  After he finished saying this, the few children on the side half-believed him. Tang Jinyu saved her 1.7 million dollars based on Hua Yan’s archive.

  Hua Yan stared at the screen tightly, her eyes lit up, “Xiaoyu go on, I should be reselling seafood right now, the price of that crab has changed again!”

  Tang Jinyu was surrounded by a group of children, his face pressed on the screen, and he said, “Sister, you guys get away a bit, I can’t see.”

  The children around stood back, but they all tried their best to look at it. They also took out their electronic dictionary and opened it while trying to resell the items like he did just now.

  Tang Jinyu explained to them while operating. Hua Yan understood quickly, but she didn’t understand everything. She only felt that she knew every word that her little cousin said, but together it became a strange formula concept, and she was confused again.


The others were not as good as Hua Yan, they were all one or two years older than Tang Jinyu, but they didn’t understand what Tang Jinyu had said. They just feel that the child in front of them made a lot of money while speaking calmly, and the sound of gold coins arrived. It was so irritating that Tang Jinyu in front of them looked like the little god of wealth, all inlaid with Phnom Penh, and he looked very smart!

 (Phnom Penh- means like a palace I guess?)

Tang Jinyu took them through each custom together, and the group of children were very excited.

  Hua Yan was the most proud, puffing up her chest and saying, “Isn’t my brother very good?”

  The other children all liked him, trying to get Tang Jinyu to take them to play another game. They just learned to resell the supplies, and when they first started, it was the most addictive time.

  After playing for a while, someone ran out to buy iced soda and gave Tang Jinyu a can, “Here you go!”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, but his eyes were still on the soda can, “I have to ask my mother to drink it later.”

  Hua Yan felt sorry for him, handed him a bit of her own, and said: “You can have a sip, I can conceal it for you.”

  Chen Deyun hesitated, but did not stop her for the first time.


  Tang Jinyu was moved, but after looking around, he asked, “Is there any ice coke?”

  The other party thought about it and said, “Should have some, I bought it at the gate of the community. Go out through the small door in the backyard of your grandma’s house and be there in one minute. There is a cold drink stand!”

  Tang Jinyu rubbed his hands, “Then I’ll take a sip.”

  A group of children ran to the small gate together. They didn’t have to cross the road. They saw the cold drink stand under the tree over there, next to a newsstand, and people passing by to buy drinks.

  Tang Jinyu asked the boss for a paper cup and asked him to pour him some and add some ice cubes. Hearing the sound of the ice cube falling in like a beautiful note, and he went over to pay.

  The boss was very puzzled by the small mobile phone he handed over. He looked at the beautiful little boy opposite from him, and said in a daze, “Little classmate, how is your mobile phone supposed to pay for the ice-coke drink from me?”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t respond either, and he held it up, “Swipe mine, It’s my treat.”

  Boss: “What do you mean swipe?”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, and the words in his mind that had just been said disappeared for an instant. He took his phone back and scratched his head. It felt natural to him, but now he was starting to feel confused: “It seems that using my phone is not quite right…”

  The boss was happy, “It’s definitely not right to use a mobile phone, where can you use a mobile phone to pay for it!”

  ”No, uh, I don’t remember.”

  Hua Yan and Chen Deyun were older, and they had heard about their little cousin before. Many relatives outside think that Tang Jinyu is a little fool and has intellectual problems, but they have always been sisters to prevent others from saying this. After seeing her brother doing something silly, Hua Yan subconsciously stopped in front and protected him, “My brother was joking, I will pay, boss, take mine!”

  Hua Yan gave fifty yuan to the boss, and felt like she was rich.


  Chen Deyun behind her was still defending her little cousin, and said: “You are not allowed to laugh at him. Just now Xiaoyu took everyone to pass the customs together. He is not in good health. This is called Asperger, which is a genius disease. Only very smart and talented people get this disease!”

  Hua Yan received the change, and while distributing drinks to everyone, he said, “Yes, you all remembered, my brother has a ‘genius disease’!”

  Tang Jinyu: “???”

  No, he is not sick.

  Hua Yan brought a glass of Coke over, Tang Jinyu took it happily, just took a sip in his mouth, before he could swallow it, he was picked up from behind, he was so scared that he raised his arm and held the hard-earned iced coke in his hand!

  The man behind him was very tall. After picking him up, he hugged the little guy and whispered: “Oh, you didn’t let a single drop at all.”

  Tang Jinyu blinked when he heard this voice, and immediately turned his head back in surprise, “Brother!”


  Xia Ye held him in one hand and took the Coke with the other. his eyebrows raised when he heard the sound of ice cubes inside. The little guy looked guilty, smiled at him, and called him brother again.

  Xia Ye said: “You sneak out to drink this?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head repeatedly, pointing to the other children aside and saying, “No, brother, I’m here with everyone.”

  ”Come out here for a cold drink?”

  ”No, I just participate in group activities, hehe.”

  ”Then what’s in my hand?”

  ”Oh, what, come here…”

  Xia Ye flicked his forehead with his fingers, Tang Jinyu was not at all annoyed, still smiling, holding his hands and saying, “Brother, why are you here? I missed you so much!”


  Xia Ye said: “I’ll have something to do, so I stopped by to see you.”

  Tang Jinyu was too happy. Even when Xia Ye drank his ice coke, he was still happy, as if he drank it himself.

  Xia Ye took him back with the other children, and kept helping him with the glass of ice cola on the way. Tang Jinyu had already switched his attention to Xia Ye. He proudly introduced him along the way. Now it’s not just Hua Yan and the others. The relatives and children who were playing knew that Tang Jinyu had an older brother, and the two brothers had a very good relationship.

  Xia Ye suddenly came, and Tang Jinyu didn’t even bother to play electronic dictionaries with other children. He stuck to his brother and wanted to take him to see the little lantern.

  Xia Ye said, “I’ll go and say hello to auntie first.”

  Tang Jinyu took him by the hand and happily led the way. He had been in grandma’s house for a long time and knew the way.

  Chen Suling was also very surprised when she saw Xia Ye. She smiled and said, “Why did Xiaoye come?”

  Xia Ye said: “School was off, I called my dad and he said that Xiaoyu was here, and I just came over to do something with my colleagues in the company…” He was talking, and the little guy started climbing on his lap again, sitting in his exclusive position, took a small pomegranate, and began to pick the pomegranate skin.

  Xia Ye asked him: “Want to eat? I’ll peel it for you.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and didn’t give it to him, “Brother, you are busy with you, I will peel the pomegranate for you!”

  There were a total of two small pomegranates. Tang Jinyu peeled a small bowl of pomegranate seeds, left the broken pomegranate seeds for himself, and took the intact pomegranate and divided it into two, one for his mother and one for Xia Ye.


  Chen Suling took two of them and said with a smile: “Xiaoye, hurry up and eat them. I was going to take them home and keep them for you. Fortunately, you are here. Otherwise, they would have all become pomegranate specimens during summer vacation.”

Xia Ye chuckled and fed Tang Jinyu with a small spoon, and ate the rest by himself.

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