LNTMG-(79) Competing For Favor

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  The taste of pomegranate at most is sweet and fresh before the ripe season, but Chen Suling was very happy to eat, and asked: “How bad, I forgot to save some for your dad.” She ate all the pomegranate that her son peeled for the first time, and she was happy.

  Tang Jinyu pointed to the small dish in front of him, and said, “Here is more for mom and dad, I will eat these.”

  ”These have broken skins.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “My dad and I have always eaten this at home. The dumplings and steamed buns made by my mother always have broken skins. It’s not everyday that I let my dad and I eat the ugly ones…huh?” He was fed a spoonful of pomegranate in his mouth and looked up at Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye said: “Take another bite of pomegranate.”

  Tang Jinyu still wanted to talk, was fed another bite, and honestly ate the pomegranate and didn’t say anything.

  If they were in front of others, Chen Suling would be a little embarrassed, but Xia Ye was fine. Xia Ye could only cook noodles. Chen Suling felt that her craft was pretty decent. Hearing Xia Ye trying to divert the topic from the other side, she also chatted with a smile.

  Xia Ye was here on a business trip. Song Yi found a journalist here, who was very interested in their 24-hour real-time scrolling news. Song Yi personally visited several times and dug up personal information about them. This time, he wants Xia Ye to meet them and get to know each other.

  In other companies, employees usually run to the capital to visit their boss, but this one was different. He was making big news in Henan Province, he even took time to meet with the boss. However, he also had some connections and skills. Once he entered the company, he helped Song Yi save a lot of money. Instead of cooperating with the TV station, he bought a handful of football game information from Xinhua News Agency. The text version of the information only received more than 10000 yuan a year, which was a fraction of the price offered by the TV station.

  It was precisely because of this that Song Yi specially invited Xia Ye, his boss, to sign the contract, leaving him in the company completely.

  Xia Ye went to Song Yi’s side and took care of the matter within a meal time. There were still a few days of vacation left. He originally planned to go home and give Tang Jinyu a gift to celebrate, but after hearing that Tang Hongjun’s family was here, he just came directly here.

  It was the first time for Xia Ye to come to Chen’s house, but by coincidence, he caught the kid who was drinking Coke secretly when he arrived in the community.

  Xia Ye concealed it for him, did not say, anyway, he only took a sip of it.

  Chen Suling saw that the time was almost up, and said to him: “You are here just right, Xiaoye, have a meal together with us at noon, you sit next to me.”

  Xia Ye agreed. When the banquet came, he realized that Chen Suling was sitting at the same table with the second elder of the Chen family. Someone came to toast tea. Tang Hongjun drank for the old man. After drinking a few cups, his face flushed, but he still insisted. Staying there, he looked like he was going to stop the wine for his father-in-law to the end.


  Old Chen laughed and fed his little grandson to the eight-treasure of rice pudding. He didn’t pay much attention to him. He occasionally glanced at his son-in-law with the corner of his eye, with just a single glance, Tang Hongjun would immediately sit upright, tightening his nerves from head to toe, always ready to perform well.

  Xia Ye saw this with his own eyes and felt that this son-in-law was really not good enough.

  After eating a banquet at noon, Xia Ye saw such a big battle for the first time, but after a little thought, he understood.

  Chen Suling arranged for Xia Ye to live in the guest room next door, fearing that he would not get used to it, everything was completely new. Xia Ye took a short break in the room, and dialed Song Yi’s phone number, and said to the other side: “Old Song, help me prepare a more expensive gift.”

  Song Yi said: “Where to send it?”

  ”Send it to Grandma Xiaoyu. Aunt Chen brought Xiaoyu back to visit her family. I want to make her happy.”

  Song Yi: “I understand, that’s probably how much…”

  Xia Ye wanted to say a few more words, but someone knocked on the door twice, and they didn’t wait for him to respond to come in. He immediately cut off the call with Song Yi.

  Tang Jinyu opened the door and ran in. Seeing Xia Ye sitting on the bed, he spontaneously took off his shoes and climbed onto the bed, “Brother, I’ll take a nap with you!”

  Xia Ye pushed his forehead, “Aren’t you already accompanying me? I’m not sleeping, you sleep for a while, I’ll go outside.”

  Tang Jinyu immediately followed, and said step by step: “Brother, where are you going? I’ll go with you, I know the way, I’ll take you there!”

  With the little guy staying there, Xia Ye didn’t have time to call anymore, so he could only send a message to Song Yi, saying that you can buy it anywhere within a few hundred thousand.

  Song Yi agreed and went to do it.

  Xia Ye was full of energy and didn’t need a nap. As soon as Tang Jinyu saw him, it looked as if it had a battery life, and was fully charged. He took him around in the yard of his grandma’s house and told him about his usual things, and he was very happy.

  It was also Xia Ye’s first time seeing these. Tang Jinyu came to live with her grandma’s house for a few days during the New Year. After returning home, he had to talk to him for a long time. This was the first time the little guy held his hand and showed him everything. It had a strange and familiar feel to it.


  Tang Jinyu also took him to see his little cousin Chen Deqing. Xiao Deqing was only 4 years old this year. He lives in the room on the first floor of his grandmother’s side. His Aunt Pei Yun went to work, and delayed the banquet yesterday, and she tried hard to make it up for today. She has been busy. Today, Deqing has taken some medicine and was taking a nap.

  Tang Jinyu stood on his tiptoes, and looked in from the window, and whispered: “Look, brother, he is so small, so cute.”

  Xia Ye leaned over and took a look, and didn’t think he was cute, but he said casually, “Looks normal.”

  Tang Jinyu was still sighing: “How beautiful!”

  ”You looked much better than him when you were a kid.”

  Tang Jinyu happily and straightforwardly, raised his head and said, “Brother is also pretty.”

  Xia Ye picked him up and took him away. The wind was blowing and he was not allowed to be outside.

  Tang Jinyu took him to watch the little baby, and asked him feeling a little embarrassedly: “Brother, I’ve grown up, aren’t I heavy?”

Xia Ye glanced at him, but didn’t understand, “It’s okay, what’s the matter?”

  ”When I grow up, my brother won’t be able to hold me anymore, he will hug other babies…”

  Xia Ye only then realized that the little guy was a little jealous, even if he was jealous, he was also very cute, so he pushed him up a bit more. He laughed and deliberately said: “Yeah, you are so old, come down and walk by yourself.”

  Tang Jinyu was reluctant to leave when he climbed down, still holding his arm, and took a piece of candy from his pocket to Xia Ye. After thinking about it, he took him to see the peony flower in the yard of his grandma’s house.

  A gust of wind blew, and the whole flower of the delicate peony suddenly fell down, and the flower petals were spread all over the floor. The petals still carried the freshest water vapor and still carried a fragrance. The child cherished the flower and didn’t pick it, but seeing that there were falling petals, he picked a handful, picked the most beautiful pieces and held them high with his small hands to Xia Ye, trying to please him.

  Xia Ye enjoyed it for a while, then squeezed his face, “I won’t hold anyone else.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him.

  Xia Ye squatted down to accompany him to pick petals together, took a few pieces and placed them in his little hand as they were before, “I like stupid ones.”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, “Brother, am I stupid?”


  Xia Ye pressed a petal on the little guy’s eyebrows, smiled and said nothing.

  Next to him must be the best-looking dumb baby in the world.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t understand too much. He stuck to Xia Ye all afternoon and tried to get a better relationship with his brother. He watched the Peony flower for a while, and when he was led away by Xia Ye, he still looked up and said to him, “Brother, the melon seedlings planted in our family are beautiful, and the leaves are very big, right?”

  Xia Ye nodded, even if it was planted by his own family, he really thought it was pretty.

  ”I will try to grow watermelons next year, brother, you can eat them as soon as you come back from summer vacation.”

  Xia Ye asked him: “So good to me?”

  The little guy shook his hand, “Yeah! I like my brother the most, and brother also likes me the most!”

  The last sentence of self-questioning and self-answering was very positive, and it made Xia Ye laugh.

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  Melon seedlings (twisting the vine): Well, hello…

  Peony: Humph!

Eight-treasure of rice pudding

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  1. What kid this age can be considered smart by Xia Ye? The inability to compliment properly is true in all instances with this one!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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