LNTMG-(80) Gifts

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Grandma Chen liked Xia Ye very much. Since this was the first time that they met, she gave Xia Ye a big red envelope. Xia Ye didn’t understand why, but Chen Suling nodded and asked him to accept it. He thanked the old lady for it, and put it in Tang Jinyu’s pocket.

  In the evening, Tang Jinyu stayed next to his elder brother. Xia Ye would eat more with the little guy, and Grandma Chen kept watching them carefully. She saw that Xia Ye took care of him so well, that her grandchild didn’t need to ask for anything when they were eating, and he put food in his small bowl in advance with one look. The old man couldn’t help being relieved.

  In fact, Grandma Chen guessed wrong, and all the food given by Xia Ye was eaten, but the vegetables and meat were not picked. Only eating food that looked the most delicious.

  In the evening, Grandma Chen took Xia Ye to pay respect to the statue of Guanyin upstairs.

  Tang Jinyu took Xia Ye’s hand and went over. The old lady lighted incense to Xia Ye, and Xia Ye followed along with her words.

  Grandma Chen folded her hands and said sincerely: “May our family be safe and well, and everything goes well.”

  When the worship was over, the old lady took them downstairs to drink tea and chat. As soon as they walked to the second floor, they ran into Pei Yun who came there to deliver things.

  Pei Yun was holding a thin quilt in her hand and looked at the old lady with a smile: “Mom, I’m here to send you a new quilt, for our guest, do you think this is suitable?”

  The old lady smiled and said, “It’s appropriate, just this one.”

  Pei Yun was about to deliver it to the guest room, and the old lady said to her: “No, you can let Xiaoye hold it by himself. He is a junior, so he can do it himself. You must be tired after such a busy day. Go back and rest, oh and Deqing has just been picked up by her father, so you can look for them.”

  Pei Yun did not leave, and helped the old lady go downstairs. She was close, smelling a trace of sandalwood scent on the tip of her nose, and she lowered her eyes and said nothing.

  The old lady took out the photo album, greeted the two grandsons to come over and look at it, and wrapped her arms around Tang Jinyu, “Come and see Xiaoye, have you seen this one?”

  Xia Ye leaned over and took a look. It was a photo of his brother sitting in a children’s chair eating. He was about five years old.


  Grandma Chen watched with him and smiled and said: “This is when Xiaoyu just learned to eat by himself. There was one time when we had a meal together, and his grandfather asked him to sit on the small tea table, and Xiaoyu held a small bowl for whatever he wanted to eat, what a good boy!”

  Xia Ye’s eyes fell on the photo and said: “Xiaoyu is obedient.”

  The grandma and grandson were looking at the photos, Pei Yun was not in the mood to accompany them to watch them, and after a while, she got up and left.

  In the courtyard outside, Chen Wenqian was walking over with his little son, and smiled and said: “I was looking for you, come on, let’s go home together.”

  The Chen family has been in business for many years, and the family has a good family background. The two eldest people in the family are the two eldest people. Grandma Chen and her wife have always been very close to each other for half of their lives. The old lady is also kind to people, and does not ask her son and daughter-in-law to move in together, unlike other families.

  The Chen family was run by men and women, both inside and outside, that is, business contacts. In addition to the money used in business, the rest of the family’s money can only be used after Old Chen has applied with his wife. In a sense, it is the old lady who really controls the financial power of the Chen family.

  Old Chen has set an example, and several younger generations in the family have followed this, and have special respect for the old lady.

  The two daughters don’t need to say much. The second son Chen Wenqian takes good care of the old man. Although his daughter-in-law Pei Yun is a little careful, and sometimes has some troubles, she doesn’t dare to be honest in front of the two elders of the Chen family.

  Pei Yun took two steps, taking advantage of the fact that there were few people on the road, and was being careful again, and she couldn’t help but whisper: “Mom let outsiders go upstairs today.”

  Chen Wenqian said: “Go to the quiet room?”

  ”Yeah, she has never let outsiders come near it before.”

  ”You mean Xia Ye? He’s not an outsider. The Xia family has a good relationship with my younger sister’s family, and it doesn’t get in the way.” Chen Wenqian smiled, “And that is the dowry my mother brought, specially invited from the ancestral house, to bless her children. Look, don’t we also go to worship, we both have children.”

  Pei Yun still feels a little uncomfortable. She was the daughter-in-law of the Chen family, and she has always paid her respects on the first and 15th day of the new year. But today the old lady made an exception.

  Chen Wenqian was so careless about these little things, and he didn’t care at all, and didn’t notice her thoughts at all.

  Pei Yun said again: “When I asked people to clean up the guest room today, my younger sister was looking around. There was a small leather box that belonged to kids. I personally brought it down for fear that I might break it. I told her to be careful, but she didn’t believe me.”

  Chen Wenqian said: “That’s certainly not what she said,”

  Pei Yun was a little reluctant, but still said: “Yes, she said to keep it to myself, so that I won’t be affected.”

  Chen Wenqian glanced at her, sighed and said: “Since the little girl has said so, wouldn’t it be fine if you appreciate it?”

  There was a string of small lanterns on the small road outside, extending from the old house of the Chen family to the gate of the community, shining brightly. Xiao Deqing looked out from his father’s arms and smiled when he saw his mother, showing his small teeth. 

  Pei Yun was a little sad, stroking the child’s collar, she whispered: “As long as they are the meat on the cusp of the old lady’s heart, our Deqing is so good, but she doesn’t look at him at all…”

  Chen Wenqian said: “Mom is not good to Deqing? How can there be good things without him.”


  Pei Yun thought to himself, that was just a split, originally those should be her own sons. Her idea of valuing boys has not changed for so many years, and she has done very well in other times. This obsession makes Grandma Chen unhappy. The more she wants to fight, the more the old lady refuses to give, and because of this their relationship between her mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has not been close for many years.

  Chen Wenqian switched the topic and said something interesting about today’s banquet.

  Pei Yun was thinking about the old lady’s eccentricity in her head. But now hearing this she couldn’t help but say sadly: “Isn’t Mom too noisy outside? Now I have put the banquet at home…”

  Chen Wenqian said, “Did your family say something to you again?”

  Pei Yun shook her head and said nothing.

  Chen Wenqian said bluntly: “If you hear anything next time, just ask in person if you have any questions. If our parents want to spend their money, then let them be happy. But the old man should not give money to us. I will make money from our family in the future, aren’t I able to support you? “

  Seeing that he was angry, Pei Yun didn’t dare to talk about this topic anymore, but Chen Wenqian was still not very happy. He held his son and walked deliberately in strides, letting her trot and chase him a few steps.

  On the third day of the banquet, the main event came.

  Tang Jinyu was going to perform today. He has been preparing his little suit since early in the morning. Chen Suling knew that today was important, so she let him try it, and then took out his little accordion and let him use it. “Can Xiaoyu lift his hands up? This suit is a bit tight. If it isn’t, you can wear your usual outfit.”

  Tang Jinyu tried it and said, “Mom, I can lift it up.”

  Chen Suling was not relieved, took his little hand and raised it a bit, and smiled when she saw that there was no problem, “Okay, just wear this suit.”

  There was still some time left for noon, and it was too hot to wear a little suit. Chen Suling changed her child’s usual little clothes and asked him to go to Xia Ye to play.

  Xia Ye was on the phone and saw him say: “It’s just right to come, let’s go, your Brother Song is here, let’s pick him up.”

  Tang Jinyu curiously asked, “Will he come to the banquet too?”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “Come and give you a present.”

  Song Yi has always done things properly, so he came here in person and gave two gifts one after another.

  The first was a Land Rover.

  Not only that, but he also helped Xia Ye find a good excuse, only that it was for Tang Hongjun’s family to use, and placed it on the side of the Chen’s family. He wanted to come and inquire about Grandpa Chen engineering business, and whether he was too impatient.

  The second one was an imported piano, which was placed in the courtyard of the Chen family, and even a professional tuner was specially invited to help with the tuning.

  The reason for this gift was even better. Although Tang Jinyu only comes to Chen’s house during the holidays, the child will focus on the piano in the future, so he bought one here for future needs.

  Both gifts were big pieces. The car came with the key, so it was okay. But when the piano was moved here, many people saw it. Some people who were conflicted before now began to believe that the little grandson of the Chen family had recovered a bit, regardless of whether he won a prize or not, at least he can play a complete piece of music in public, which was no worse than other children of other families.


  After the piano was placed, Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu over to look at it. When the little guy saw the piano, his eyes lit up and he hugged Xia Ye and said happily, “Brother, this is same as the one I use at home!”

  Xia Ye said, “I just bought it compared to the one at home, so let’s try it.”

  The little guy went to look around. The tuner was a foreigner with blond hair and blue eyes. He sat there and tried a few notes and said a few words in a low voice. It turned out that this is not a piano store, he wanted to raise his head and talk in Chinese, but he stood aside. The child who was watching him immediately nodded and happily pressed the keys twice, and said to him, “Thank you, sir, what you prepared is really good!”

  ”Do you speak Russian?” The other party was surprised.

  Tang Jinyu immediately blurted out a series of fluent Russian: “Oh sorry, I can only say this. Thank you very much for your hard work. I wish you a happy day!”

  The tuner froze for a moment, then laughed, got up and shook hands with the child seriously, then helped him to open the piano stool for the child to sit down, followed the manners of a gentleman and took two steps back, motioning him to play.

  A lot of people on the sideline watched. First they whispered when they saw the piano, and then they heard the little boy openly communicating with foreigners, and they all focused on the child for a while. It’s quite a new thing for children to speak a foreign language these days. The trend of going abroad is hot. Even if teenagers can speak it, Tang Jinyu is too young and a “little fool”, so when he suddenly opened his mouth. It made the people around him feel unbelievable.

A distant relative who was good tongue muttered: “My child can also speak English, but how come the more I listen to what he says, it’s not quite right?”

  Others listened to this. Some heard a little bit. Although they couldn’t speak it, they recognized it and said, “This is Russian.”

  The distant relatives who spoke were embarrassed to say anything more.

  Some people were more informed. Yesterday, their children played with the child of the Chen family, but they heard the two girls of the Chen family say that this is Asperger’s disease, which is a genius disease. Many people in the crowd even began to suspect that this child from Chen Suling’s family had this disease in the first place. But, by coincidence, he was now healed and has become a little genius.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t expect that the two sentences he said would cause so many misunderstandings, he could only speak these two sentences in Russian.

  This was because when Teacher Xia was in the symphony orchestra, there was a Russian violinist in the orchestra. He liked to ask Teacher Xia for advice and study. The child spent a lot of time with Teacher Xia, and the other party, and the other party liked to tease him. So he learned these two universal sentences. It was very convenient for him to say thank you and end the conversation in one sentence, and it can be used at any time.

  Xia Ye sent these two great gifts, which shocked the two elders of the Chen family.

  Old Chen’s first reaction was to ask him to return it. It was too expensive, not to mention the piano, but the car was 700,000 or 800,000 yen, which was equivalent to the net profit of a small company under his hand for a year. Xia Ye was so young, it seemed Inappropriate to accept it.

  Xia Ye said: “This is what I prepared for my aunt.”

  Old Chen wanted to say something, but there was a clatter of children running outside. Tang Jinyu had changed into his little suit, knocked on the concealed door twice, and came in, and said happily, “Grandpa, come on. The piano my brother gave me is so good, I will play it for you!”

  Infected by the children’s cheerful mood, Mr. Chen also laughed and nodded, “Okay, we will go right away.”

  Xia Ye pushed the car key to the old man, and went to find Tang Jinyu. The little guy saw him, and was very happy. He stretched out his hand and raised his head to look at him: “Brother, what do you want to hear? I played the one that I won the game. When I went to the competition, my brother was not at home and didn’t get to see it.”

  ”It’s all good.”

  Old Chen followed behind, shook his head and smiled as he watched the two brothers.


  He heard some news from Xia Ye from his son-in-law, and knew that this kid was quite capable and made a lot of money, but he didn’t expect that he would be so willing to spend money on Xiaoyu. His wife loves her daughter and grandson so much that she spends money to vent her anger on her daughter. Xia Ye, who seems unemotional, takes his daughter and son-in-law’s family as relatives. That’s why Xiaoye doesn’t care about money and wants to support the child.

  Old Chen doesn’t like extravagance, but his wife likes spending money. He feels that this is his special ability to support his family.

  Now he has added one more item. He thinks that Xia Ye is good, he can make money and spend money, quite like his style of his back then!

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Tang Honjun: Dad, we are both your son-in-law, why are the treatments so different T-T

  Old Chen: Oh, my next generation!

  Tang Honjun: …It’s not like that Dad!


4 thoughts on “LNTMG-(80) Gifts

  1. This is the magic of grandchildren! Of course the treatment is different! Xia Ye is winning himself hearts and minds by spoiling Jinyu!

    Gee I wonder why the aunt has lost favor with her mother in law? You have a wonderful husband and cute child. Don’t listen to others criticize it- they don’t know the situation and don’t have your best interests at heart. You are blessed! Take the time to appreciate it.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. I think it’s written that way to highlight their ignorance, but I agree that it is only implied, and therefore does perpetuate this misunderstanding ❤

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