LNTMG-(81) Performance

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Tang Jinyu played a music called “Tarantella”, and his concentration was no different from that of playing a game.

(Note- Tarantella– a song about a spider)

  But he was not so nervous anymore, because he was playing for his brother this time, so he didn’t have to worry about his ranking, as long as he finishes playing, he will get applause and a big compliment he has heard from throughout his childhood.

  When the child thought of this, his eyes curled up into a smile unconsciously.

  His arms were relaxed, and the first joints of his fingers were still very firm and firmly on the keys. After a few high keys, a string of cheerful musical notes flowed out like clouds and water. The child’s fingertips felt natural on the keys, his wrists were flexible and relaxed, his fingers were strong, and they bounced on the black and white keys with ease.

  This was a piece made by Liszt. Playing this master’s music pays more attention to skill display. The moment Tang Jinyu sat there and started to play the piano, the venue was quiet, and no one needed to speak, use their eyes, and ears, to know that the little boy on the stage played very well.

  Because even a layman can understand the two most superficial words he expressed-proficiency.

  When Tang Jinyu sat on the piano bench, it seemed that the whole person and the piano merged into a whole. He felt that it was not a whim. At first glance, it was the result of hard work and hard practice for years.

  Xia Ye was also looking at the little guy playing in front of him. He didn’t understand music, but he understood the child’s diligence.

  It’s not just the piano, the little guy in his family has been learning musical instruments since he was five years old. He learned all kinds of things in his hands, and every single time he would then seriously. For others, this was learning, but for his brother, it was the same as eating and drinking water. It was an exercise that the little guy must do every day to restore his body flexibility.


  The little guy in his family is very obedient, and he listens to whatever the adults tell him to do. He has never cried out. He even saw that the little guy was sweating, but he looked up with a smile, as if it were an instinct, and not from what he was suffering from.

  Xia Ye couldn’t understand, but there were people on the sides could understand.

  From the beginning, when they heard this tune, they felt that the rhythm while playing was a little slow, because this tune was more difficult and it tests the control of the technique, and then looking up at the little boy in front of the piano. They guessed that since he was still a little boy that he would make a mistake. After all, it was a genre of dazzling performance, but it was indeed difficult to force a little student to do too much.

  But afterwards, they found that this is what the child playing in front of them intended to do. He consolidated his skills and used his own speed to run in every note. This was not just to show off his skills, but it was to promote his feelings through music, and play his feelings he wants to express with a calm and rigorous attitude.

The tuner from the previous musical instrument shop didn’t leave either. He enjoyed listening on the side very much. From time to time, he looked at the child in front and shook his head with emotion. If he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would have thought that sitting in front was a calm young player, It was so peaceful.

Tang Jinyu finished playing a song in a Buddhist way. He didn’t know what the adults thought. He just honestly followed teacher Xia’s teaching and regarded every competition as an extra opportunity to practice piano, and he cherished it. 


  When the last note was played, Xia Ye took the lead in applauding. He knew this, since he has heard the little guy play the piano many times before at home. When Tang Jinyu finished his performance, his right hand would rise a little bit, and he would subconsciously raise his head—this was a small habit to look for him.

  Other people in the courtyard also applauded along.

  Tang Jinyu got off the piano bench and bowed respectfully. He was also very skilled in this process just like in the competition.

  Xia Ye went to pick him up, and the little guy ran over and hugged him, then went back to his room and changed his clothes. When we got to the corner of the stairs, and saw that no one was there. He hugged Xia Ye arm on his tiptoes, like he was playing on a swing, looking up and looking forward: “Brother, did I play well?”

  ”Not bad.”


  Tang Jinyu changed his clothes and came down. This time, the people in the courtyard saw him more enthusiastically. Many people from the Chen family’s second old man came to congratulate him. Although Grandma Chen didn’t say anything, she smiled happily.


  Tang Jinyu stayed with Grandma Chen, Xia Ye did not sit with the little guy, and went to accompany Song Yi.

  Song Yi didn’t waste time, when he saw him, and he whispered about work.

  Xia Ye was similar to him, and he was also the type of working overtime. The two of them ate while lowering their heads to discuss the next plan and arrangements. Although Song Yi was a little tired, he seemed to be in a very good spirit and his eyebrows raised high. He was now full of hope for Xia Ye and the company. It was a period of enthusiasm in the early days of entrepreneurship.

  Although he was in this state a few years ago, this time his business has become bigger and his achievements were not completely measurable by money. At least Song Yi thinks they are doing something very meaningful.

  He can see the changes in life that Xia Ye had said before, but the time for real change has not yet arrived, and he was looking forward to it.

  Song Yi said in a low voice: “Wang Dong said that he hopes his salary will be increased. After reading it, I don’t think there is any problem. I have already replied and agreed for you in advance.”

  ”Okay, you can make up your mind about these things.”

  ”And he also wants a ‘pot’.”

  Xia Ye didn’t understand, so Song Yi helped explain that the newly joined Wang Dong was the journalist he came to dig here specially. This person was pragmatic and rigorous, they asked for two thousand yuan more salary and a “satellite pot”. They have no other needs as journalists. All they like is to watch more programs on various bands and some international famous channels. Since Xia Ye left,  Wang Dong has been chasing after Song Yi for a ‘pot’ for several days.

  Xia Ye frowned slightly after hearing this, and said, “I don’t quite understand these. Please try to satisfy him within the scope of the law, and don’t do illegal things.”

  Song Yi nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll go to deal with it. It’s not easy to do it in the city. You should be able to apply for it in remote places.”

  Xia Ye chatted with Song Yi for a while and saw Tang Jinyu rushing to look for him.

  There were two little girls beside Tang Jinyu, who looked a few years older than him. After running over, the little guy climbed onto Xia Ye’s lap and sat down on Xia Ye’s lap, holding Xia Ye’s arm and introducing them to them: “This is my brother, my brother is a college student, so amazing!”

  Song Yi: “…”

  Your brother will soon be gone.

  He had never seen him earn credits so quickly in a university, he couldn’t wait to skip a grade and graduate.


  Judging from the current situation, Xia Ye will be able to graduate from Qingbei in two years at most. By then, he will almost open the market in Shanghai, and once that happens his boss will come and take his seat. Song Yi glanced at the child on Xia Ye’s lap, and inexplicably remembered the phrase “little majesty” that Old Ape often said, and after careful calculation of the time, his majesty would in junior high school two years later, but if he comes to Shanghai to live in, and goes to their school district, the time would be just right.

  After showing off, Tang Jinyu shook his head and refused the invitation of his two cousins ​​to take him out. He sat in Xia Ye’s lap, and he was given two mouthfuls of almond dew.

  Song Yi was still looking at him, not knowing whether it was a psychological effect. He felt that their little majesty was much more obedient than the other kids. His facial features were exquisite and beautiful, his hair was soft and fluffy, and he was wearing a small outfit with a carrot embroidered on the neckline… he a little bit lovely.

  The child noticed Song Yi’s gaze and looked up at him. Song Yi immediately retracted his gaze and continued eating seriously.

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Playing a song in a Buddhist way– Since this involves a lot of concentration it is referred to doing it in a Buddhist way, and I also found this that can help understand it better “Most Buddhist practices involve chant in some form, and some also make use of instrumental music, and even dance. Music can act as an offering to the Buddha, as a means of memorizing Buddhist texts, and as a form of personal cultivation or meditation.” (I’m not entirely sure if that’s what it was trying to say, but this is just my guess.)

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! And by the way, a Tarantella as far as I know is just a kind of dance from Italy. It doesn’t really has to do anything with spiders, though I can see why the confusion (in Spanish, tarántula=big spider).

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  2. Another convert to the Tang Jinyu cult! Welcome, welcome!

    What a pleasure to see how proficient Jinyu is at playing piano! That “not bad”, as always, is an understatement!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  3. Doing anything the Buddhist way is slang for “taking your time” or being unconcerned or unambitious. In this case, it’s saying that Tang Jinyu wasn’t like kids who might become impatient and rush through a song, thereby causing it to lose meaning or rhythm or missed notes. Tang Jinyu took his time to carefully play every note.
    Thanks for doing your best to edit the MTL!

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