LNTMG-(82) Accordion Case

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Tang Jinyu has been following Xia Ye, but there are other things that occasionally distract the little guy.

  When he saw Old Chen going back, he rarely ran past Xia Ye, raised his head and talked to the old man earnestly. When Xia Ye approached, he heard that the little guy was telling his grandpa to put his accordion away, “Grandpa, I’ll take it home tomorrow. You must put it away for me, it can’t be put upside down. It has my name on it. You see, my name is right there!”

  Old Chen smiled and nodded in agreement, since he knew that his little grandson would use this accordion for his performance, so he kept it in his study on the first floor, but now the old man carried his accordion and put it on the second floor for him.

  Chen Qiuguo and Pei Yun saw this as they passed by, and Chen Qiuguo hurriedly stepped forward and said, “Dad, what are you carrying? It’s so heavy, let me come.”

  Old Chen waved his hand and didn’t let his daughter touch it, “No, I’m bringing Xiaoyu’s things up for him. I wouldn’t feel relieved if it was someone else..”

  Chen Qiuguo smiled and said, “What kind of baby is this that you have to bring it up personally?”

  ”That’s right, a big baby.” The old man amused them with a few words, and left, fulfilling his promise and personally carried the suitcase to the guest room and put them in place.

  Pei Yun was still looking upstairs, her pace was a bit slow.

  Chen Qiuguo asked: “What’s the matter?” She glanced upstairs and laughed. “That’s what Xiaoyu brought from home. It’s probably some kind of toy, you don’t really believe what Dad said, do you?”

      Pei Yun smiled reluctantly: “Of course not.”


  Chen Qiuguo asked a few words about Deqing’s illness. Hearing Pei Jun said that the child was almost well, she said with relief: “It’s so good, Deqing has a strong body, and he will be cured after a few days of minor illness. If it was Xiaoyu, I would estimate that it would take ten days to half a month in the hospital. They would have to take care of him for more than half a month when he got home. You don’t know, he almost couldn’t go to school in the winter of the previous two years, so he invited his teacher to teach himself at home. It’s pitiful to think about it.”

  Pei Yun nodded, but didn’t respond.

  Chen Qiuguo lived close by, so she and Pei Jun could usually see each other. She glanced at her sister-in-law and patted her arm lightly and said, “You, everything is good, and you are honest, but your heart is soft, and you believe what people say about you.”


  ”I haven’t told you yet, but I don’t know who is gossiping behind your back this time, but you’ve been uncomfortable about how our mom treats my little sister, right?”

      Chen Qiuguo said slowly, “Then you should also think about this. No matter who happens to us, Mom will definitely help us. Huayan, Deyun, and Deqing are in good health, you should be content, and should cherish your happiness.”

  Pei Yun said bitterly: “Sister, I know what you mean, but I just can’t help but always pay attention.”

  ”What’s the point of doing so, we’re already old.”

  Chen Qiuguo persuaded a few words. She was the most gentle and generous member of the Chen family. She usually gets along with everyone, but now she just sighs when she sees Pei Yun. Although this younger sister-in-law is a bit careful, there are also good things about her. 


  Chen Qiuguo saw that she couldn’t get rid of her horns, and she said a few words that her mother’s family mentioned, and said to her: “Yeah, you listened to your mother’s words so much, When Wen Qian and the others went to transport materials, there was news on the road that they had a car accident and their faces were destroyed, your mother’s family asked you to leave this family, why didn’t you leave?”

  Pei Yun was a little embarrassed by what she did when she was young.

  Chen Qiuguo smiled and said: “Remember that at that time, Pei’s family was about to divorce. You ran to the hospital without saying a word, carrying two boxes. The people in the hospital thought that you eloped. Fortunately, my second brother was fine, and look how good it’s been.” She looked at Pei Yun and felt that this person was full of vitality when she was young, and she didn’t know why she became like this in the past two years.

  Pei Yun followed her all the way back, thinking again and again in her heart.

  She had these thoughts even back then, but it was not all her mother’s family instigating things. If she didn’t have any suspicion in her heart, then nothing would have been instigated.

  After all, she has a heart disease.

(T/n: I don’t think she actually means that she has an illness, but that she had a bad feeling brewing in her heart)

  She has always had this thorn in her heart, which has been pierced for many years and has not been unraveled.


  A few years ago, Chen Suling went home to visit her family and seek medical treatment when her child was one year old. She was sympathetic at first, but one day she accidentally saw Old Chen leaving a thing for her child, and she heard it with her own ears that it was something unique. From then on, she suffered from an illness. At first, she suspected that it was because the child was sick that they gave them some money. But after her mother came to talk about it many times, she began to wonder again, and began to suspect that they wanted to pass on the Chen family’s property to the boy.

  Pei Yun only had one daughter at that time, so it didn’t leave her with a good feeling in her heart, so she insists on giving birth to a boy.

  But Old Chen did not say anything else. Tang Jinyu got a share of property when he was just over one year old. Her Deqing was four years old this year and she got nothing. The two old people only gave a share to other juniors during the holidays, and the rest did not express anything.

  Pei Jun felt that the two elders of the Chen family were unfair, and the thought that was rolling in her heart, in the final analysis, was her own heart disease that she had accumulated over the years.

  In the evening, Pei Yun accompanied Chen Qiuguo and Chen Suling to send away the last relatives and friends. She heard Chen Qiuguo say that she was going to the mall to buy things, but she refused to go with them: “I have something to do, Deqing is in good health now, so I will stay with him, eldest sister and younger sister, you can go.”

  Chen Qiuguo didn’t have any reason to doubt her, so she asked, “Suling, do you want to bring Xiaoyu?”


  Chen Suling said: “Okay, he told me today that he wants to buy a new small box to put his accordion in. The previous one was really a bit big, and it would be easy to break it when you shake it. Big sister, you don’t know how much he treasures the accordion. When our father brought it down for him today, he followed him for fear of it being knocked a bit.”

  Chen Qiuguo smiled and said: “Why wouldn’t I know, I saw our dad put him up again, the old man also deliberately played it with Xiaoyu, and didn’t let us touch it.”

  Chen Suling smiled and took her eldest sister’s hand to the parking place.

  Pei Yun watched them walk away, and then turned back to the old house.

  There were small lanterns and various exquisite lanterns hanging in the courtyard outside. There was no one in the old house. The old man of the Chen family looked at his favorite grandchildren, and took a group of children to other yards to pick small lanterns to play with. He agreed that everyone could pick up some small lanterns and take them home to play.

  Only the cleaning people were busy in the old house, and no one noticed her walking to the second floor.

  Pei Yun’s heartbeat was beating fast, she had been to the old house countless times, and the guest room was cleaned up by her own hands, but this was also the first time she came uninvited and sneaked into the guest room.


  But she couldn’t control herself, she was worried, thinking about the little suitcase that Old Chen personally carried up and down, she felt like something was off. Chen Qiuguo joking around about it, made her even more suspicious. If it’s just a musical instrument, why is it so precious? Why can’t you let others touch it?

  Or is it that the two elders of the Chen family and Chen Suling’s family can only touch it, and no one else can?

  She opened the door of the guest room. After entering, she first went to find the little suitcase. She quickly saw the little brown suitcase on the cabinet. She reached out and took it down without hesitation. But before she could take it down, she heard the door lock ‘click’, someone twisted the door and walked in, and they stared at each other for a moment.

  Tang Jinyu opened the door and his eyebrows furrowed when he looked at her. His eyes fell on the little suitcase in his aunt’s arms and immediately said, “Auntie, that’s mine!”

      Pei Yun saw that the child came in alone, and her heart relaxed for a while, and smiled at him while coaxing him: “Xiaoyu, this seems to be a bit broken, auntie will help you check it out, let me take a look…”

  Tang Jinyu was shocked when he heard this, he ran over and raised his hand to take the small suitcase, very nervously: “Where is it broken? Let me see, auntie, let me see!”

  Pei Yun had a guilty conscience when she saw this. She was pushed away by the child twice and then she was stuck again. She was a little annoyed for a while, and felt that he was not as obedient as he was during the day, and said: “Wait where you are, don’t move, I’ll give it to you after I see it!”

  When she started to open the zipper, she pulled it roughly. Tang Jinyu saw that she was like this and refused to let her touch his accordion even more. He pulled her arm and his face turned red, “Don’t look at it, it’s mine!”


  The more the child acted like this, the more that Pei Yun felt that this is what Chen Suling had told her child to do this, or else why would they protect it so much. She firmly believed that there were good things inside, pushing the child with one hand and pulling the zipper with the other hand, and gritted her teeth, and: “I’ll just take a look, Xiaoyu, be obedient, let auntie take a look.”

  She thought that what she thought was the heart disease she could not cure all the year round, the financial and even contract documents that she thought of, but after the zipper was broken and forcibly opened, what was inside was just a half-old accordion.

Tang Jinyu took advantage of her dazedness and bit her finger. Pei Yun retreated back and the child immediately hugged his accordion and walked back towards door, with tears on his face. He felt wronged and angry, he stood there and cried out loudly: “Mom! Mom——!!!”

  Pei Yun was in a daze, and hurriedly went up to cover his mouth. Tang Jinyu shouted a few more while moving, and soon there were footsteps coming from the corridor outside. Tang Jinyu glanced at this and cried harder, holding his accordion in his hand, and ran over: “Brother! Brother, my accordion!”

  Xia Ye was originally downstairs waiting for the little guy, and ran up after hearing him, he arrived in two steps. Tang Jinyu cried so badly that he shuddered when he threw himself into Xia Ye’s arms. He had never been wronged before. When Pei Jun approached again, Xia Ye subconsciously took a step back and forbade her to approach the little guy.

  Pei Yun wanted to explain, but before she could speak, other people came over. The second elder of the Chen family and a few other children walked in front. The cleaner downstairs also heard the movement, and the old lady’s face was not good when she saw the scene. After listening to Pei Yun’s explanation, she asked others to take the other children out with a black face, leaving them with the rest of the family.

      Grandma Chen was so angry that she said to Chen Wenqian on the side: “Go, call your sister to come back! Let her also listen to what’s going on. When an aunt bullies a child, you don’t care for any reason, what are you doing with children’s stuff!”


  Chen Wenqian was embarrassed and hurried went to make a call.

  Pei Yun stood there and said: “I…”

  ”What more do you want to say!” The old lady was angry with her for the first time, and even the face of Old Chen on the side turned dark. The Chen family had never been so embarrassed. If they went to look through other people’s things in the guest room, even relatives couldn’t justify it.

  Grandma Chen wiped Tang Jinyu’s face with a handkerchief, and looked at the broken suitcase zipper, and her little grandson who was holding her hands was still crying. She was so distressed that she shed tears, soothed him a few words, and was so angry that she wanted to scold her daughter-in-law again. Old Chen coughed and said, “Xiaoye, take Xiaoyu to sit downstairs first and coax him.”

  Xia Ye agreed, and picked up Tang Jinyu. The little guy was crying so much that he hiccupped, and he held onto his accordion, and was still looking at his suitcase, “Brother, my accordion…”

  Xia Ye glanced at the suitcase that was pulled open, and did not take it, and whispered to the old lady: “She was going to look at Xiaoyu’s suitcase just now. There may be some misunderstandings. Let’s not move anything, and stay here, and wait for my aunt to come before she says anything. Xiaoyu doesn’t lack an accordion, if…” Xia Ye glanced over at her, and since she didn’t have the same surname as Tang Jinyu, he just skipped it and said indifferently, “If you want, you can have it.”

  Tang Jinyu was held by him as they walked out, hugging his neck while crying and hiccuping, “I, I own…”

  Xia Ye hugged him all the way, and asked, “What?”

  Tang Jinyu: “I own the accordion, which was given to me by my brother.”

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4 thoughts on “LNTMG-(82) Accordion Case

  1. Thank you for the update. As another person who also has an overthinking tendency too. I understand Pei Yun suffering. I can only say that her action is wrong, she can coax Xiaoyu to show her his accordion and the inside of the suitcase. Not like that. And if she ever questioning something, it’s better to ask directly (like what I’m trying to do so it can be a habit). That way, the heart disease A.K.A overthinking won’t greatly affecting her daily life

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  2. Thst accordion isn’t just an instrument to Jinyu, it’s a sentimental symbol of his relationship with his brother and how Jinyu is carrying on and far exceeding his brother’s musical talents.

    I don’t think what Pei Yun did is divorce worthy, but it needs correction and a proper explanation. There is a lot that she’s getting resentful over that is just her overthinking. Look, if you have an I’ll child and a healthy child, who gets more attention? Naturally the I’ll child. However, which do you love more? You love them equally! Is this, per se, fair? Not necessarily, but life in general isn’t and there are pluses and minuses to everything. Her children are closer to their grandparents geographically so they get more one on one time and as healthy kids she doesn’t have to worry over them as much. Her husband may not be as rich, but wealth means nothing in terms of how good of a husband or father he is. She needs a better perspective on her own life, worry a lot less about others, and have a private honest conversation with those she’s fretting so much jealously about with her ears open more than her mouth is.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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