LNTMG-(84) Penguin

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Chen Suling stayed at home for another night. She went to visit Grandma Chen the next morning. Seeing that the old lady was in good health, she resigned from the family and took her husband and children back with her.

  Pei Yun was ashamed for several days, so she didn’t dare to come to the old house, so she only asked Chen Wenqian to take the children in the family to visit the old man. The two children didn’t understand what was going on at home. Chen Deyun was a little bit older, but she was as close to her family as she was to her grandparents. Deqing was only a little older and didn’t feel the difference at all. She was still acting like a baby with her family. 

  Although the two elders of the Chen family did not like their daughter-in-law, they treated the children as they did before.

  Grandma Chen even looked at Deyun, a little girl who was so sensible, and her heart softened a bit. She called her around to ask her to study, and gave her a little pocket money to buy her books.

  The second daughter-in-law made them feel chill, and there was no way for them to recover for a while.

  Pei Yun stewed soup for several days and asked her husband to bring it. The second elder of the Chen family accepted it and understood her kindness to please them.

  Grandma Chen was the most angry with her, but she was not the only one talking about her daughter-in-law.

  A few days later, Chen Wenqian went to the study of Old Chen, and he wanted to be separated from the old man.

  Chen Wenqian has always stayed with the two elders. In the past few years, he has been working in the company with the old man, but there is no exact division. He felt that he had something to do with his wife’s situation, so he completely separated from his old house. Chen Wenqian was very tough. As long as he keeps up with the old man’s salary, he doesn’t want much for the rest.


      He discussed it with his father in the study. He would still work hard at his old man’s side, but he wanted to separate from his father and have financial freedom. The money and other things would be re-purchased by himself instead of relying on the two elders.

  Old Chen nodded and agreed.

  Although Grandma Chen felt that this was too sudden, she sighed after thinking about it, and said: “Let’s do what he said. Anyway, if they stayed with us, we would have taken care of everything. It would be great if his wife’s knot in heart would be released, so it’s fine.”

  Chen Qiuguo also went back, and was under the weather, but she did not let her anger lash out on her younger brother or at his children at home. Her family Hua Yan still played with her cousin Chen Deyun every day, and the friendship between the children did not affect her.

  On the other hand, Chen Suling brought Tang Jinyu back home early, probably because the journey was a little tiring, and her child developed a low fever the night she came back.

  He was sent to the hospital for a day, and the next day he was better. Xia Ye stayed at the hospital to accompany him. He was worried about the little guy and did not return to school early, and stayed there to accompany him.

  Tang Jinyu doesn’t like to be hospitalized. He has been in the hospital for too long and finds it boring here, but it was fine as long as his brother was with him.

  He draws pictures by himself every day, and when he finishes the drawing, he waits to show them when Teacher Xia and Xia Ye come to visit the next morning. It was a drawing of a rainbow with a blue sky and white clouds. On the bottom of the drawing, was a drawing of all five family members, although they were drawn in simple strokes, everyone’s characteristics were well grasped. Chen Suling’s dress and pearl necklace, Tang Hongjun’s briefcase and glasses, Teacher Xia’s suit and musical instruments, and Xia Ye holding his laptop…

  Xia Ye’s eyes fell on the drawing and the little guy was holding his legs as usual. The little sloth was about to climb up with his feet off the ground.

  The drawing was given to Teacher Xia, who liked it very much. On the way home, he found a frame shop to complete it. He planned to go back and hang it on the wall in the corridor of the living room.


  Xia Ye helped him, and after he hung it up, he watched it for a while and laughed, “Dad, Mr. Tang in Qizhou also has such a corridor with a lot of Xiaoyu’s calligraphy and paintings hanging on it, as well as his kindergarten.’ Entrance Certificate’.”

  Teacher Xia smiled and said: “That’s good. Let’s try to hang a few more. The bare walls don’t look good, this would make them look more interesting.”

  Xia Ye looked at it for a while, nodded and said okay.

  In fact, it’s not just drawing hanging on the walls. He doesn’t when he’s been surrounded by things related to the little guy. It slowly penetrated little by little, silently, but very naturally.

  In the past, he would never believe that he would be so patient with a child one day, would feed him, make milk powder, and would allow one or two small toys on his computer desk in his bedroom.

    Xia Ye helped his father clean the house when he went home. Some outdated magazines and messy objects were thrown away, and one or two pieces of broken building blocks left by Tang Jinyu and several marbles, but he didn’t dare to move them. He wiped them clean and put them on the tea table in the living room, and finally repaired the little guy’s small water gun.


  When he arrived at his bedroom, he simply searched for a box and put all the toys he found in it. There were more than one or two toys on the box, including several small fish and shrimp made of plastic. When he took it down, he saw that there was a date posted on it, it was a gift from the little guy. He had just left home for more than two months, and his brother began to prepare him gifts, and he was looking forward to his return even more than during winter vacation.

  Xia Ye looked at it for a while, then put them back, and let them hang there. Anyway, such a big thing would not hinder the computer’s heat dissipation.

  Tang Jinyu was doing well this time, and was discharged from the hospital in two days, and he was able to catch up to Xia Ye’s departure.

  Xia Ye booked a flight ticket in the evening and stayed at home to play with him.

  Tang Jinyu unexpectedly didn’t stick to him very much, and he released him once he hugged him. He didn’t sit next to him when eating. Xia Ye waited until he finished eating and hugged the little guy to the sofa to play games with him. The little guy sneezed and ran away, Xia Ye waited for a minute for him to come back, and then went to hold him by his collar and let him sit on his lap.

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, a little tangled.

  Xia Ye held him in his arms and asked him to look at the electronic dictionary in his hand, “Look carefully, it goes like this.”



  ”I want to go down.”

  ”You have a small cold, you won’t be able to infect me.” Xia Ye hugged him and took him to play a game. The little guy relaxed a lot, and started to touch his hand slowly, and talked to him happily. 

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t bear to let go of his elder brother, Xia Ye took out his phone, registered a penguin social account for him, taught him to add his own, pointed to the only friend and said, “You can contact me here in the future.”

       Tang Jinyu was very happy. Xia Ye’s profile picture looked like a small fish, and he also found himself a small fish that spit bubbles, a bit fatter than Xia Ye’s, round and cute.

  After Xia Ye soothed him, he returned to school.

  It was an unexpected joy to see his brother during this vacation, so Tang Jinyu didn’t look too sad when he went to the airport to see him off. After a hug, he waved to Xia Ye, which was much better than last winter vacation.

  Xia Ye arrived at the school at night, and when he returned to the dormitory, he received a call from Song Yi. The people in the dormitory were all back. Only one roommate was playing games with headphones in. He went to the balcony and had a brief chat with Song Yi about work.


  Xia Ye was very low-key at school and did not mention his identity to classmates. He has a good relationship with his classmates, but he wants to graduate early, and he does not have so much time to socialize when he leaves early and gets busy with his own affairs, so although he gets along with his classmates, their relationship is a bit weak.

  After dealing with the work, Xia Ye turned on his laptop again. But unlike usual, he first went to his Penguin account.

  The head of a little fish bounced out and moved around, like it was blowing bubbles.

  After Xia Ye clicked on it, he saw the little guy’s message, it was a short and simple message.

  ‘Brother, are you at school?’

  ‘Come home early during the holidays, we all miss you!’

      ‘Good night, brother~’

  Xia Ye looked at the screen for a while, laughed, and replied good night.

  He started to feel homesick once he arrived at school.

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One thought on “LNTMG-(84) Penguin

  1. I wondered how long it would take to get Jinyu a messaging account!

    I feel bad for the husband who is having to separate from his family, even if only financially, just because his wife has jealousy issues. Of course the kids will be treated the same, the sins of the parent should not reflect on the child, but this has to be hard for the father emotionally. Can’t see the wife’s family taking this well either. Already predict a chorus of, “He’s useless since he isn’t connected to the rich in laws!” Honestly, aunt needs to tell them to shut up and mean it. Things won’t change as long as she’s still taking what they say seriously.

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