LNTMG-(85) White Fog

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  Xia Ye was pulled into a group chat the next day.

  Tang Jinyu learned to chat in a group, and there were all his friends in the group, and the chat was quite enthusiastic.

  Everyone in the group has a new name, and he didn’t know who started it. It was particularly unified, Fuluobei, Bailuobei, Faluobei, Hongluobei… Xia Ye searched for his brother before finding that ‘Fuluobei’ was Tang Jinyu.

  Fuluobei: “Brother, I’m Xiaoyu~’

  Hongluobei: “Hello, Brother Xia Ye! You should change your name to match like us!’

  Several other children also jumped out to say hello. Suddenly, it was like a bunch of carrots. He could hardly tell who was who. He barely stared at his brother’s name and looked at the general rules, and then changed it to ‘Beiluobei’ to join this small group.

  Hongluobei immediately jumped out again and praised him: “Brother Xia Ye is really amazing! My brother joined us just now, and he didn’t change his name for a long time. I was so angry that I kicked him out to teach him a lesson to remember!”

  Xia Ye: “You are?”

  Hongluobei: “Brother Xia Ye, I’m Han Yixing!”

  Several other small carrots also came out and said their real names. It was the group of friends who had played with Tang Jinyu since childhood. Ji Yuanjie and Guo Xiaohu were among them. Ji Yuanjie’s name was ‘Qingluobei’ and his name was next to Han Yixing’s. Hongluobei, every time Han Yixing said something, he was the first one to stand up and talk to her like a little fan, especially happy to cheer.


  A group of children in the group started to talk about homework and chatted with others. Xia Ye took the time to read the name of a group called “Radishes Who Love to Learn”.

  Xia Ye saw his acquaintance Han Yichen inside, and it was rare for Xiao Han to shrink in a corner quietly without saying a word.

  Xia Ye single-tap, and Han Yichen regained a little vitality, his profile turned from gray to green, and said to him, “You also changed your name?’


  ”What does ‘Beiluobei’ mean?’

  ”The radish of the north.”


  Han Yichen was almost autistic. When he first joined, he was disgusted and faintly proud, he felt like he had broken into his sister’s circle of friends. When they asked him to change his name, the little girl reminded him to change his name with a radish. He couldn’t bear to think about this, and was kicked out of the group an hour later.

  The little girl came to him, and she was very distressed, thinking about how her brother could be so stupid, “Brother, it’s not a variety, it’s the name of a radish!”

  Han Yichen looked dumbfounded, racked his brains for a long time before imitating them and created a “Faluobei”, which translates as “Flower Turnip”.

  He wanted to change it, but he didn’t know what to change it to, and he was afraid of being kicked out of the group by his younger sister, so he could only stay here under this name.


  Xia Ye was confused about why he was in this group. He didn’t know what he could do here. Han Yichen said to him: “It’s nothing big, just watch them chat.”

  ”And you are looking for what?’

  ”Do you not see it? There are so many young boys in this group, only Guo Xiaohu and Ji Yuanjie ask my sister about homework every day, of course I have to watch them!”

  Xia Ye felt that his desire for control was too much, there were only a small group of elementary school students.

  But when Xia Ye saw a little girl keep asking his little brother how to write homework after class, he couldn’t help but look at her a few more times.

  Within two days, Old Ale heard about this, and immediately ran to ask: “Why didn’t you tell me this kind of good thing!”

  Han Yichen said: “Tell you what good thing, Xia Ye and I joined because we have family members, and you don’t have any younger siblings, so why do you join other people’s children’s groups!”

  Old Ape rubbed his hands and said: “What do you know, I can only use a few letters and gifts to deal with our little majesty for so many years, but now I can send him a few words directly, this opportunity is rare to pass on! You send me the group number quickly, and I’ll add our little Royal Highness Penguin later!’


  Han Yichen said: “I don’t dare, you ask Xia Ye, and then I would dare to give it to you if he nods.’

  Old Ape went to ask for Xia Ye, and after a long time. Xia Ye threw a group number to him and said, ‘You see it for yourself.’

  Old Ale felt that he was a scholar, not only was he a talented person, but with profound learning skills, how hard can it be to pass a verification test from a group of elementary school students?

  But in the first test, Old Ape was brutally defeated.

  Xia Ye greeted Tang Jinyu, and the little guy gave his elder brother’s friend a lot of face, helped him join the group, and introduced the group rules to change his name to a more cute name, because this was more in line with the aesthetic taste of the group owner Han Yixing.

  Old Ape wants to show off!

  He carefully studied the names of the whole group, and found that the children’s names were not chosen randomly, like their little majesty. Although they used the homophony of “radish”, they were so cute and full of blessings! The little girl of the group leader is also good, the little girl combined her name with a carrot, and it sounded like a pretty little girl.

  Old Ape pondered for a while, and gave himself a fat and cute name called Fafudie.

  Old Ape was kicked out of the group that afternoon.


  Old Ape was angry, so he approached Han Yichen and reprimanded him: “What was that for! Was there something wrong with my name? Why kick me out of the group? Does the group leader despise it!”

  Han Yichen: “The group leader kicked you out, what does that have to do with me!’

  ”Nonsense! The group leader is your sister!”

  Han Yichen helped to inquire about it, and came back and said to him: “I asked, and they said not to combine your name with insects.”

  Old Ape thought back carefully, and then a fat praying appeared in his mind.

  He was full of confidence with this name, and it carried a lot of deep meaning in it.

  He was a praying mantis, but in front of Mr. Tang Hui would always be a student that has just started, but he was also willing to dedicate his life to the truth and science! But at the same time, he was a fat and lovable young man, and this name was very suitable for him.

Less than a minute after entering the group, Old Ape was kicked out again.

  Han Yichen said indifferently: “I asked over to their side, they said that they won’t accept abnormal people.”

  Old Ape: “???”

  Xia Ye couldn’t see him anymore, and said to the Old Ape: “Just add a vegetable.”


  Only then did the Old Ape find a trick, and quickly became “Fatluobei” and successfully joined the radish family.

  Old Ape greeted the little majesty sooner or later in the group, helped all the pupils in the group write their homework, and flattered the little majesty seriously. Han Yichen sneered when he saw this, and soon began to give them tutoring lessons, not wanting to be outdone.

  Han Yichen: “Come on, Brother Han will teach you math!”

  Old Ape: “Yes, Xiaoyu, listen to him first, and then ask me if you don’t understand. I taught him math before, haha.”

  The competition between the two was fierce.

  Xia Ye received a private message from Tang Jinyu every day. The little guy only leaves one or two sentences, and usually doesn’t spend that much time online. He only plays for half an hour when he finishes his homework in the evening. The little guy regards Penguin as a message board, and he prefers to call his brother rather than communicate with messages.

  Hearing the voice and talking to the real person can alleviate the feeling of dependence in his heart.

  Tang Jinyu was ill for a while on his tenth birthday. He still had a low-grade fever, and was in a coma for a short time. He woke up in the evening and drank some porridge, and then fell asleep in a daze.

  The second elder of the Chen family rushed over from Lin Province to see his grandson, including Mr. Tang Hui.

  They always remembered that sentence in their hearts, and they were really worried that this child would not be able to survive this hurdle.

  The doctor was shocked when all of them were waiting outside. After checking the room, he took a look at the child’s infusion. He smiled and said with relief: “It’s okay. Your child’s physical condition is much better than before. This time It’s just a fever caused by a cold. Recently, there have been a lot of people with the flu, so just pay attention to it.”

  Chen Suling agreed, but still did not leave. She and her husband stayed with their child.


  In the evening, Xia Ye also came back. He listened to his dad on the phone. Although every year the little guy was prone to the slightest condition, they were extremely nervous every time he had a fever. Unlike other children who get sick and have a fever, his brother would fall into a semi-coma, sometimes for half a day, and in severe cases, it took two or three days to recover.

  The family stayed in front of the small hospital bed. Tang Jinyu woke up twice during the period and ate a little bit, but still fell asleep.

  He dreamed of a white mist. The other side of the mist was connected by a small road. He walked over on the green grass and was not afraid at all. Although it was mist, he could feel that it was protecting him, his whole body was warm, like his family was caring for him.

  He saw a hospital ward through the white fog, it looked a little different here. This ward was relatively old and people were walking in a hurry. An old man followed the medical staff and pushed the bed to the emergency room. There were two beds, one in front of the bed and the other behind the bed. He walked quickly behind the bed. It seemed that a young man and a woman were in a car accident and were dying. The woman’s arms were bent, still in a protective state, slightly conscious.

  ”Dad, save my child…”

  ”Save our child…”

  The woman begged in a low voice, and the old man couldn’t help but nod with tears on his face.

  He watched his relatives being sent in for rescue, sitting in the emergency room and waiting decadently.

  He didn’t know how long it took. The doctor came out and shook his head and said something to him. The old man crouched and cried for a while, but another medical staff came and took him upstairs and carried out a child that was only one year old. The child’s clothes were torn, revealing a blessing bag on his neck, some injuries on his calf, and blood scabs on his face, but he miraculously survived, the old man’s hands trembled and he held the child, and he cried bitterly.


  Tang Jinyu had a strange feeling in his heart, as if he was a little connected with that little child, and felt the pain in his body.

  In his dreams, he watched the child grow up with the old man with a hunchback, eating very obediently, and trying to help the old man work in the school canteen. The old man carved radish, so he used his little hand to pinch a little bit of broken radish to eat, and even fed the little pieces to the old man.

  The child started to learn to walk and stumbled, but he was able to run very quickly. He’s been in good health since he was a child. He can run very fast with his red scarf, and when he comes back with a schoolbag, he will help with things first, and then eat with the old man, even the leftovers in the canteen were delicious.


  The white mist slowly thickened again, it felt like he was sleeping in cotton, Tang Jinyu slowly became sleepy, and he didn’t have the strength to look any further.

  He fell into a deep sleep, and it took a long time before he woke up.


  Chen Suling sat aside and watched him, her child’s eyelashes trembled and slowly opened his eyes. She noticed this, and she stretched out her hand and stroked his hair and said softly, “Baby, are you awake, are you hungry? Would you like to drink water?”

  Tang Jinyu’s voice was still a little hoarse, and he whispered, “Mom.”

  ”Yeah, mom is here.” Chen Suling hugged him, patted gently in her arms, “It’s okay, mom is here to guard you.”

  Tang Jinyu moved his small hand and found that there were cotton balls taped on the back of his hand after the injection. It’s no wonder he felt a little strange when moving. Chen Suling held his hand, and she did not let go. The little hand was still warm now. She held it up and blew it with her mouth. She smiled and said, “It shouldn’t hurt anymore. The doctor said Xiaoyu doesn’t have to take so many injections when you wake up, and just hang two bottles of water today.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and still looked at her.

  Chen Suling laughed, held his little hand and kissed him, “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu smiled with his eyes bent, shook his head and said, “Mom, I had a long dream. I miss you so much.”

  Chen Suling kissed him again and asked him what dream he had said, but her child became confused again and shook his head and said that he didn’t remember.

  Chen Suling soothed him and said: “If you don’t remember, it’s okay.”

  After the doctor came to check and confirmed that there was no major problem, Chen Suling and Tang Hongjun finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The elders and other relatives in the family came to visit one after another, and Xia Ye also specifically asked Tang Hongjun if he needed to visit the capital again.

  Tang Hongjun shook his head and said, “No, I just feel a little unsure, but Xiaoyu will be fine when he wakes up.”

  Xia Ye went in and took a look at the little guy, after a few days, he lost a lot of weight. He didn’t know how to comfort people, so he could only tell him, “You have to eat more, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, puffed up his cheeks to show him, and made Xia Ye chuckle.

  Old Chen was the last one to leave. He looked at his little grandson and regained his vitality. He could tell him stories while talking and laughing, and the old man was relieved to go back.


  The doctor suggested that the child could be discharged from the hospital after another two days of observation. Chen Suling was still afraid and insisted that Tang Jinyu stay in the hospital for a period of time, and not leave. She brought her work to the ward and guarded her child wholeheartedly. Tang Hongjun also supported her opinion, and every day he would get off from work, and made a variety of dishes and sent them to his family to eat together.

  After eating, Tang Jinyu sat on his small hospital bed and raised his head and said, “Mom, my school is preparing for the exams.”

  Chen Suling was distressed, “It’s okay, mom will ask for a leave for you.”

  The child tilted his head and thought for a while, then asked in a low voice, “Can I take time off for the exam?”

  ”Of course,” Chen Suling kissed him and smiled, her baby is really so good.

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  1. This chapter started so hilariously with this group of tiny radishes and hopeless adults (Xia Ye not included if course) and ended so distressingly! Jinyu, you need to grow up healthier so we don’t worry so much about you! Though, it is interesting how connected his coma states are to his past life. I want to wee where this goes but also don’t want him or his family to suffer. How vexing! Haha!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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