LNTMG-(86) Cicada Slough

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Tang Jinyu had a very happy summer vacation when he turned ten years old.

  Xia Ye came back to accompany him during summer vacation. They went to catch fireflies again. Although the little guy was one year older than before and grew a little bit taller, he still followed behind Xia Ye’s legs, like a little tail, and walked a few steps back to see him, and without waiting for him to speak, he squatted down to let him come up.

  Tang Jinyu climbed onto his back and said with joy: “Brother, I can walk by myself.”

  Xia Ye carried him without letting go, and said to him: “It’s okay, I can carry you.”

  When Xia Ye brought him to catch fireflies last time, the little guy was dull and silent, but this year he started humming. Xia Ye squeezed the little guy’s ankle and said to him, “Happy this time? Last time I brought you here, you were crying the whole way.”

  Tang Jinyu hugged his neck and said with a smile: “Since my brother came back several times this year, I always get to see you!”

  Xia Ye was dumbfounded, it turned out to be this case. From the time he won the competition until his birthday, he had a fever. He ran home every three to five times this year. If it wasn’t for the little guy mentioning this, he wouldn’t have noticed it.

  It seems that going home has become an instinct, being caught by a thin soft thread.

  They did not find the fireflies today, but they came back after catching a few golden cicadas. Tang Jinyu and his classmates have a small biological observation experiment. The teacher asked them to observe and record the escape of the golden cicadas.

  Xia Ye took him back and put a net bag on the table for the little guy to observe.


  He went to the side to do his work. The little guy laid down on the table and put his hand under his chin, watching seriously. The cicada did not move. After observing for a while, he began to nod off and then fell asleep.

  Xia Ye was busy with work for a while, and when he looked back, he saw the little guy lying on his back, and was sleeping soundly. He smiled, he went to put him on the bed and took off his shoes so that the little guy could fall asleep peacefully.

  Probably feeling that his bed was familiar, Tang Jinyu turned over, rubbed Xia Ye’s pillow, and fell asleep again.

  Xia Ye halfway closed the door for him and went to the living room to do his own business, but this time when he talked to Song Yi, his voice was softened and his answer was shorter.

  Song Yi has worked with him for many years, and they know each other too well. He paused when he lowered his voice and said with a smile: “Is Xiaoyu with you again?”

  ”Yes, he just fell asleep.”

  ”Speaking of the renovation of the school district in the Shanghai, I will probably take a look at it and send you a photo later. See if there is anything else you need. I will arrange it.”

  Xia Ye agreed, “Send it now, I’ll take a look at it in a while.”

  Song Yi paused and said, “I asked you for the contract yesterday, and you only spared time to look at it.”

  Xia Ye smiled and said, “It’s different.”

  The matter was serious. From the beginning, Xia Ye put his family first. He started working in an Internet cafe and tried to find a way to make money. It was just to make up for the cost of his dad’s surgery and to expand his subsequent career. A fun way to show his brother where he will live after transfer is indeed more important than mere work.


  Xia Ye and Song Yi have cooperated tacitly for several years. Xia Ye opened up the frontiers and expanded the land, while Song Yi was good at defending the city. More details were controlled by Song Yi. Han Yichen previously joked that he was a housekeeper. For Xia Ye and the company, Song Yi was indeed a qualified butler.

       Xia Ye is not picky about other things, he usually just passes it with just a single glance, but after looking at the school district room sent for a while, picking up on the details, and told Song Yi change the glass coffee table and the sofa that had sharp edges with round corners, and said to him: “Also pay attention to the glass in the bathroom, and get a bigger sofa, Xiaoyu sometimes takes a nap on the sofa.”

  Song Yi agreed and went to do it.

  While Tang Jinyu slept here, Xia Ye greeted Tang Hongjun, and simply let the little guy stay with him for the night.

  When the little guy woke up the next day, he still didn’t know where he was. After waking up a bit, he lifted the thin blanket and climbed out of the bed to see the cicadas.

  Only when he went to see it again, there were only a few empty shells left in the net bag, and the cicadas were already dead.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the cicada shell for a long time, and stood there.

  Xia Ye went over and rubbed his head and said, “It’s okay, go wash your face first, and I’ll grab one for you in the evening.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at the cicada in his net pocket, but still did not leave. He vaguely had an impression of it, so he grabbed it and took a look.

  Xia Ye thought he would be afraid, but he didn’t expect the little guy to pick it up and asked him: “Aren’t you afraid of this? I’ll clean it up for you.”


  ”I’m not afraid.” Tang Jinyu held the cicada shell and looked up at him. “Brother, this can be used for Chinese medicine, right?”


      “It can be drunk, it can cure cough.”

  The little guy said, and his voice was very soft, and sure.

  Xia Ye replied, the cicada’s corners were still a bit sharp. He was afraid that the little guy might get hurt, so he pinched his little hand and put it down, and took it to wash.

  Tang Jinyu was still thinking about cicada sloughing when he was washing his face. He did remember that the shell could be added to Chinese medicine, and the price was not cheap. Although he couldn’t remember how much it was, it was always a price that made him feel distressed. A vague memory emerged and disappeared. It seemed to be a picture. A small casserole was placed on a small stove all year round. A little boy moved a small bench and sat there watching the Chinese medicine in the casserole burn, bubbling with bitter taste.


  Xia Ye glanced at him, pulled out his toothbrush he was holding from his mouth and reapplied toothpaste, and asked him strangely: “What are you thinking about, so attentively, you have been brushing without any toothpaste for a while.”

  Tang Jinyu brushed his teeth again. After washing, he raised his head and said to Xia Ye: “Brother, I have seen that before.”


  Xia Ye glanced at what he pointed, and said: “That cicada sloughs? Maybe, maybe someone in another family used it when they were sick and boiled Chinese medicine.”

  Cicadas were not uncommon in the north. Xia Ye didn’t take it seriously. When they lived in the apartment building, there were a lot of people. Some families moved coal stoves and put them in the corridor to cook and cook medicine. Tang Jinyu followed him in and out at that time, so it was normal to have seen this before.

  Tang Jinyu was taken out by his brother holding his hand, still whispering: “It’s very bitter.”

  Xia Ye glanced at him, “You tasted it? Don’t eat anything like that next time, you hear me?”

  ”No, brother, I can smell it, it’s very bitter…”

  Teacher Xia made breakfast and saw them come over and smiled: “Xiaoyu is awake? Shall we eat here in the morning?”

  There was porridge and small fried dough sticks on the table. After Tang Jinyu smelled it on the tip of his nose, it diluted the bitter taste of traditional Chinese medicine a lot, and the light thoughts in his mind flashed past, and he couldn’t remember it.

  Seeing him in a daze, Xia Ye laughed and hugged him over and said, “Take him to catch fireflies last night, he was tired from playing and he still hasn’t woken up yet.”

  Teacher Xia urged him: “Don’t let him be too tired, at noon you can coax him to take more naps at home.”

  During the summer vacation, Tang Jinyu did homework in the morning, practiced the piano in the afternoon, and played casually in the evening. The adults in the family worked at the unit, and during winter and summer vacation, Xia Ye usually took him with him, and they were the only one’s home.


  Xia Ye works at home. In the morning, while discussing matters with Song Yi, he tutored the little guy with their homework. In the afternoon, he would go to make some noodles.

  His culinary skills aren’t very good, but he was good at cooking noodles. This time he upgraded this time specially and made a pot of noodles. Seeing that the sales have improved a lot compared to before, but the taste was the same when you eat it, tasting mediocre.

  Tang Jinyu ate a small bowl of noodles and joined in as usual.

  Since it was made by Xia Ye, he also drank a small bowl of noodle soup. He was very satisfied. When he was full, he took the bowl and went to the kitchen to help. “Brother, since you cooked, I will wash the dishes!”

  Xia Ye drove him out: “No, I’m going to do it, you go out and play.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t go and stayed there to wash his bowl with him. He watched Xia Ye do this since he was a child. He learned the same way and habits as Xia Ye. He washed first, then controlled the water, and finally wiped it again. After putting it out neatly, he looked up and said, “Brother, I’m not as good as you. I’ll learn how to cook in the future and make it for you, let’s work hard together.”


  Xia Ye paused, after he reacted and he flicked his forehead and raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you saying that I didn’t cook very well?”

  ”It was delicious!” Tang Jinyu watched him still happily, covering his forehead and hiding, “But my brother is better at washing dishes!”

  Xia Ye felt that he should send his brother to Song Yi’s side. This little mouth is worth business material.

  After lunch, Tang Jinyu went to bed by himself. He doesn’t need to be coaxed now. After reading a story book for a while, he slowly fell asleep, especially obedient.

  After one point, Chen Suling called them and asked the driver to pick them up.

  This has been the case for the past few years. Chen Suling will prepare a lot of new clothes for the two brothers, and let them come to the company to try them during their winter and summer vacations. She was in the clothing business and had both designers and studios, and it was also convenient to have any style needs and modifications. The two brothers clothes didn’t need to be changed every day, since they didn’t have any new style for every season,

  Especially after Xia Ye went to college, he also had to take care of his company, and Chen Suling would specially prepare more for him. A set of remarks and numbers was provided for him to wear, saving him time and effort.

  Tang Jinyu was still asleep when the driver came.

  The little guy went out to play with Xia Ye all night yesterday. He was a little tired, and he still didn’t wake up from his nap at noon.

  The driver whispered: “Shall I go to the other side of the car and carry him?”

  Xia Ye hugged him and got up, looked down at the sleeping little guy in his arms and didn’t let go. He hugged him and whispered, “No, I’ll hold him. Xiaoyu should recognize the person, and he should wake up soon.”

  He hugged him and went to the car. Tang Jinyu slept all the way, rubbing his eyes when he came to the company and woke up.


  Xia Ye didn’t let him rub his eyes again. The little guy in his family was still too fragile compared to other children. After rubbing a few times, their eyes would become red. He wiped him with a handkerchief and squeezed his face and said: “Okay, don’t touch it yourself.”

  Tang Jinyu was also familiar with the driver. When he woke up, he called him uncle, then looked out the window and turned around and smiled at Xia Ye: “Brother, we are going to my mother, right?

  Xia Ye nodded. His brother laughed when he woke up, he was really good. He was infected by the little guy’s smile and he was in a much better mood.

  Tang Jinyu went to look out of the window again. He had walked this road since he was a child, and he was so familiar with it. He knew that they were almost there when he looked outside.

  When he arrived at the company, Tang Jinyu held Xia Ye’s hand the whole way. He was very familiar with this place. He basically grew up in Chen Suling’s office. He smiled and greeted people along the way. There was no person he didn’t know, even if he hadn’t talked to them before.

  ”Sister, your clothes are so beautiful today!”

  ”Wow, sister, your curly hair looks better!”

  ”Good afternoon, uncle, thanks for you hard work!”


  All the way up, Xia Ye can see that his brother’s memory is really good, and he even knew a little gossip. When he first got on the elevator, he secretly told him that Uncle Ding in the menswear department was chasing his aunt’s secretary.

  Xia Ye: “How do you know this?”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes widened and said, “Everyone knows it! Really, even my mother knows it, but I can’t say it.”



  The little guy made a zipper movement on his mouth, “I know it’s okay, but I can’t say it because Uncle Ding has to chase her by himself. It’s hard to marry a wife.”

  Xia Ye rubbed his little head and said with a smile: “Where do you listen to these messy things.”

  They walked to the office. Chen Suling was in the office looking at the artwork she sent, and she saw them come in and smiled: “You came at the right time, Xiaoye, I’ll let Xiaoding come over and take you to the menswear department. There are some good sets of clothes over there, give them a try and ask them to change it according to your height, and be picked up when school starts.”

  Xia Ye said: “Auntie, you don’t have to trouble yourself, just two sets are enough to wear.”


  Chen Suling said, “Well, what I prepared this time is all formal wear. You have to go out to talk about work, how can I let you dress sloppy.” She beckoned Tang Jinyu to come over and hug her little son, and laughed, “Baby, you will go with mother later. Mom will take you to change clothes and take some photos on the way.”

  Tang Jinyu asked, “Is my brother also shooting?”

  Xia Ye was a little nervous when he heard that, and his body tightened. His last experience of putting on make-up in Qizhou City, and he was not impressed by things like wax and lipstick.

  Chen Suling was amused, “Have mercy on your brother, wasn’t it enough to shoot those last time, but aren’t these still hanging here?”

  Xia Ye saw that in addition to a few brightly colored art paintings on the wall of Chen Suling’s office, there were also a few photos. The photos he took in Qizhou City were hung behind those paintings, mainly black and white, and the teenager’s face was profiled, with clear lines on the side of his face, and his sharp eyes.

  Unlike art paintings, his photos were placed below.

  Chen Suling’s eyes fell on it, and she smiled: “Xiaoyu hung it up, you don’t know how proud he was. As long as someone asked him, he would say that this is his brother!”

  Xia Ye chuckled and looked down at the little guy, who was also looking at him, waiting to be praised.

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Cicada Slough

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  1. So overprotective! Scared of glass tables and dead cicadas causing Jinyu to be hurt! It’s so fluffy! Perhaps a tad irrational, but sweet nonetheless. With how fragile Jinyu is I can understand it.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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