LNTMG-(87) Wallet

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After a while, Ding Yanzhao came over, with his hair in a ponytail, and was as unrestrained as any design man, with a pin bag on his wrist and it looked like he just came out of the studio. When he walked in, he saw Tang Jinyu hand him a piece of apple candy and teased the child, “Xiaoyu is here? How about being a little model for us today?”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “What can he do for you? It’s good not to make trouble! It’s important to get down to business, take Xiaoye to try on clothes first.” She made a call on the side, and asked the design department to send a few more sets of clothes for Xia Ye to wear, and she asked Ding Yanzhao to take him to go try them.

      Ding Yanzhao recognized Xia Ye. He has been with Chen Suling for many years, and now he was in charge of the men’s clothing department. For several years, Chen Suling has taken care of her family’s clothing needs. The clothes of Xia’s father and son were also included. When Ding Yanzhao was first in charge, Xia Ye helped solve the photography problem last time in Qizhou City, Ding Yanzhao was very enthusiastic when he saw him at the company, patted him on the shoulder and said, “Let’s go, I’ll take you there. This time the style of clothes is particularly suitable. The suit that you wore last time has been improved more, so you just give it a try and give me your honest opinions!”


  Xia Ye followed him to the door, and Chen Suling shouted again: “Xiaoye, if you have something to do after you try on the clothes, you can go back first. I will ask them to mail the clothes to your school. Just try them, and you don’t have to worry about the other things.”

  Xia Ye said: “Auntie, no, I’ll wait for Xiaoyu with you.”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “He is going to take a long time. I will take him to take a few photos. He didn’t go anywhere this summer. His grandparents have been urging me and have asked me questions . It may take a long time for the filming to be finished. Otherwise, if you don’t see us in the office for a while, tell the secretary to let her turn on a computer for you, and use it as you like, so that you don’t delay your business.”

  Xia Ye nodded and followed Ding Yanzhao.

  The menswear department and the womenswear department of the company were separated at both ends of the building. The womenswear department occupies most of the space, and the menswear department had relatively less space, and was more packed together.

  In addition to the office area, the workplace was the most spacious. There was a long table in the middle, a dozen bundles of fabrics were placed all over the place, and the free space was covered with kraft paper and hand-painted drawings, cut into small pieces. On the other side of the open space, there were more than a dozen male figures wearing new suits.

  Ding Yan took the clothes and said to him: “Come on, you try this, If there’s anything wrong, you can take it off at any time.”


  Xia Ye took it and put it over his T-shirt to see how it fit. Ding Yanzhao then said: “Take off your pants too, try it all together!”


  ”You made this?”

  ”Yeah, I designed and made these clothes myself, just to let you know that I’ve made three other versions of this, for all shapes! But you have a good figure. You should…what do you think about my work?” Ding Yanzhao stopped talking, and became excited when he talked about his work, usually at this time models or other designers will give some direct feedback, and he has never been watched so silently.


  Xia Ye pushed away the pants he handed over again, and said, “I’m not used to trying directly in front of outsiders.”

  Ding Yanzhao usually faces all male models. Everyone is accustomed to taking off and taking off with a working attitude. When he saw Xia Ye, he subconsciously regarded this tall and legged boy as a working partner. Right after he said this, he immediately said: “Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you, I am not interested in men at all!”

  Xia Ye looked at him and eyebrows furrowed slightly.

  Ding Yanzhao misunderstood his look, and waved his hand again and again: “Really, don’t think too much. Although it is quite common in our business and everyone does not do anything to discriminate against others, I really am not, I have a girlfriend!”

      Of course Xia Ye knew that he had a girlfriend. Tang Jinyu had secretly told him when he was holding his hand on the way here. Only when Ding Yanzhao said that, Xia Ye realized what he was talking about. After he took the clothes and asked where the fitting room was, he paused by and said, “Neither am I, I’m just not used to it. “

  Ding Yanzhao nodded, sat there and waited for a while, and then chased after him with his clothes in his arms and said: “Xia Ye, if you don’t want to come out, there are also full-length mirrors here, so you can save time and save you from running back and forth.”

  After a while in the fitting room, he replied in a deep voice, “Okay.”

  Two big straight men chatted across the fitting room. Although Ding Yanzhao had a little white face, he was very professional. Whenever Xia Ye had a problem, he would solve it quickly, and tightened the boy’s waist with a bead needle, and extended his cuff mark, and his movement was fast.


  After Xia Ye tried several sets in a row, Ding Yanzhao’s eyes were bright.

  Although the professional model found by the company looks good, it was completely different when Xia Ye wore it. He used to wonder why Mrs. Chen would choose the simplest styles for Xia Ye. But now he knows that she knows Xia Ye the best, a single person was able to bring out this effect with these sets of clothes.

  Xia Ye was now nearly 1.9 meters tall, he had a height advantage, with his wide shoulders and long legs. He looks good on everything, especially with his features. His jawline is sharp, and his facial features are more profound and delicate, especially with that indifferent expression on his face. Successfully promoting a sense of nobility, but at the same time, it will also give people a feeling of inaccessibility.

       (T/n: 1.9 meters- 6’2)

  Sharp, arrogant, and with a touch of coldness.

  This was the impression Xia Ye gave him. Ding Yanzhao couldn’t help but look up and down. If the man in front of him was not President Chen’s son, he would have started digging people. What a good looking model! If he was put here, he would definitely be popular in half a year!

  Ding Yanzhao was eager to try, but he was very restrained and didn’t want to offend.

  Mrs. Chen has always been tolerant to them, and she protects her family well, especially her two children. They were not allowed to leak their photos. The photos of the models taken by Xia Ye last time in Qizhou were specially selected. The focus was on the clothes, and they did not fully reveal his face.

  Ding Yanzhao asked him to pick a few sets of favorites, and after selecting a number of them, he said to him: “Okay, I will mail it to you when you start school later, don’t worry, it’s going to be the same ones as you wore before, one set will be ready for you, do you need anymore shoes?”

  Xia Ye shook his head, “I still have the ones from before.”

  Ding Yanzhao said: “How can it be the same? That’s an old model! This time, bring two pairs of leather shoes and try them together.”

  Xia Ye didn’t understand the pursuit of fashion people like them, so he listened to his arrangements.


  This was also a habit that started last year. Chen Suling cared about these things more than Xia Ye. For fear that he didn’t wear enough clothes in school, she prepared a lot for him to take with him every time, and would mail them during New Year’s day. At the beginning of the school in the past two years, the school restricted the entry of foreign vehicles, and only accepted packages and put them at the school’s post office site. A sign was placed at the door with the grade number and name, so that students could pick it up by themselves.

  Basically, Xia Ye has food and clothing every month.

  Ding Yanzhao recorded everything properly, and took two sets of Xia Ye’s clothes for him, and put them in a bag, saying: “Take this, this year’s catwalk model! Feel free to wear it out, there will be absolutely no duplicates when walking on the street!”

  Xia Ye accepted and thanked him.

  Ding Yanzhao waved his hand and said with a smile, “I should be thanking you for this. I just don’t know if you will be able to wear it next year. Recently, the company’s personnel has changed a lot, ah.”

  Xia Ye was stunned, “Are you leaving?”

  ”How is that possible! Some of my designers were called by Sister Ling to talk. They may have to be transferred to Shanghai.” Ding Yanzhao looked around, lowered his voice and said to him, “We are going to open a branch over there, you know? It’s an inside secret, I don’t dare to tell people about this.”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye: “Is that so, when will you move there?”

  Ding Yanzhao shrugged and said: “Who knows, it will take at least more than a year. If Sister Ling is going to go, she will definitely take the secretary department. There are a lot of people in the women’s clothing department, and they are the main force. I may go to explore the way first. I might go there and explore around first, I’m still waiting for a notice, and I don’t know what arrangements will be made next.”

  Xia Ye asked: “Why don’t you go there together?”

  Ding Yanzhao glanced at him and felt that this is really the eldest master who does not know the suffering in the world. He spread his hands and said to him: “Money, you are still in school. Maybe you don’t know how high the housing prices are in Shanghai recently. Who would try to buy an office building in Shanghai? Not to mention the first floor, several of them are expensive. We still have factories here, so we have to find a place slowly.”

  Xia Ye really has a floor.

  However, it’s not suitable for him to set up factories, and the rest isn’t so helpful, but he can still use some of the funds. He told Song Yi’s website that started to make a profit, and how it has developed well recently and has a lot of money on hand. Song Yi also said that he can make appropriate investments. If Aunt Chen is under pressure, he can help. “How is the company now, is it okay?”


  When he asked him this,  Ding Yanzhao was excited, and said, “Okay? It’s better than okay! Didn’t you see President Chen’s selection of provincial outstanding entrepreneurs? Oh, she doesn’t even put these in her office, it’s only just you and Xiaoyu’s. I’ll show it to you later. I even kept a copy of the newspaper.”

  Ding Yanzhao had a bit of a mess over there. He rummaged around, and found no newspapers, but found a few magazines, and pulled out the photos of Xia Ye and their down jackets.

  He showed it to Xia Ye, and said proudly: “Look, the photo was good last time, right? I have published several magazines, and I will send you a copy later, but Mrs. Chen didn’t put your name and only put the word ‘wild’. At this point Ding Yanzhao laughed himself, “You don’t know, many people think this is the theme of the photo, but it is indeed quite vivid.”

  The boy in the photo was eighteen or nineteen years old. He was transitioning to a mature man. He was still young, but also had his own charm, and his eyes seemed wild and untamable.

      Xia Ye glanced at it, “Not quite like me.”

  Ding Yanzhao said: “It’s similar! What a good shot!”

  ”This picture is too fierce and not kind at all.”


  Ding Yanzhao thought hard for a long time, but couldn’t come up with a word that could describe him. If he didn’t feel that Xia Ye was the type of person that didn’t like to be closed to others, why would he think he was kind?

  There were several other photos under the magazine. Xia Ye saw a corner of it and took it out and saw that it was Tang Jinyu.


  Ding Yanzhao said: “Your shot is really good. It’s better than Xiaoyu’s. Xiaoyu’s facial features are pretty, but the photos didn’t turn out very good. The videos were okay, but it was a pity that the pictures didn’t turn out very well.”

  Xia Ye turned it over, took a few of Tang Jinyu’s and looked at it in his hand, and asked, “Anything else?”

  Ding Yanzhao showed him a few more.

  Xia Ye looked at it for a while and felt that Ding Yanzhao was right. The little guy in the photo was pretty, but he was not lively and cute. Especially when he was smiling, the shallow dimples on the cheeks were difficult to take pictures of. There were so many pictures, but there was only a small picture that could be seen.

  Xia Ye picked up that one and asked, “Can I take this one?”

  Ding Yanzhao said: “Others definitely can’t, but you can take it, just pick one out!”

  Xia Ye took the small sheet and put it in his wallet, which happened to be buckled in the transparent compartment. It was well preserved and clearly visible.

  On the other side, Chen Suling took Tang Jinyu to try on some clothes, and personally took a camera to take pictures of her son.

  This was one of her pleasures. Ever since he was growing up, she took many photos of Tang Jinyu, all of which are well preserved.


  Chen Suling’s company was booming, and she comes and goes in high-end cars every day. After discussing one contract, she adds another contract, earning a lot of money in the past year. She rewarded herself in a special way. She opened a small children’s clothing department, and hired well-known children’s clothing designers in the industry with high paying salaries, and she paid them for making clothes. Their company specializes in women’s clothing, and now men’s clothing has also opened up in the market. Only children’s clothing can’t compete with a few established companies, but Chen Suling doesn’t care at all, and she doesn’t even have the slightest of competing in her heart at all. She doesn’t want to make money from the children’s clothing department.

  The company’s children’s clothing is never mass-produced, and dozens of sets are made purely by hand, which can be worn by her baby son, and sell the remaining excess.

  The other departments in the company make money for Chen Suling, but this children’s clothing department is used to make her happy.

  As long as her son is well-dressed, she will be happy when she sees it, and her exhaustion is gone, when her child smiles at her and yells “Mom” softly, and she feels that everything is worth it.

  Everyone in the company knows that the children’s clothing department is now the best department in Mrs. Chen’s side. What kind of fabrics are needed, and other parts have to be applied for after meeting and negotiation. However, a designer at the Children’s Clothing Department said that Mrs, Chen sent people directly to H Country to buy the latest and most popular fabrics of the season, and the quality is always the best — Mrs. Chen said that clothes should be soft and skin friendly.

  The whole company was deeply jealous of the children’s clothing department.

  But they couldn’t do anything about it. Who made him the boss’s biological son?


  But the 9-year-old little child was soft and sweet, and smiled at everyone whenever they saw him, giving them special support!

  ”Who said I am 9 years old!”

  The designer of the children’s clothing department looked serious, and then said with joy: “I mean 10 years old! Oh, we have to make more styles this year. But unlike last time, we’re going to be doing it differently this year, we are going to be making it our own way this time!”

  Tang Jinyu wore tailor-made high-end clothing and stepped on small leather shoes for his mother to take photos, and was especially cooperative. After taking two sets, he put on the next pair of clothes . After taking a few shots for a while, Chen Suling called for a break and let her child come over and drink, and have a snack, stroked his hair and smiled: “Is baby tired?”


  The child shook his head, took a bite of a snack, and found that it tasted delicious. He took another and handed it to Chen Suling’s mouth, “Mom, you eat, I just washed my hands, I’ll feed you~”

  Chen Suling took a small bite, and her heart became sweeter.

  Tang Jinyu ate a snack by himself, and took two pieces and put them in a small box, and went to find Xia Ye. When he saw him in the corridor, the child jumped over, holding him while holding up the small box in his hand, “Brother, here are some delicious cookies for you!”

  Xia Ye picked him up, but probably because they were out in the open, the little guy was a little embarrassed, “Brother, I can come down and walk by myself.”

  Xia Ye put him down, and the little guy naturally took him by the hand, shook it twice, and told him about taking pictures of himself just now. The little guy’s hair was soft, the weather was hot and he was slightly sweating, and there was a little piece of hair on his forehead. Xia Ye stretched out his hand to move it aside, and the little guy raised his head and smiled at him.

  Xia Ye also smiled with him, and he didn’t even realize it. It was really easy to be happy to see the little guy so energetic.

  And the way the little guy laughed was really the same as the photo in his wallet, so well-behaved.

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  1. Straight, huh? I’m thinking in the perhaps distant future there is going to be one very notable exception to that rule! I’m very okay waiting though. I had been worried about progressing too quickly and am relieved to say Jinyu is growing up slowly but steadily! It helps me internally accept the maturity so the transition can happen. Even here there are sure signs of growth with moving from being held all the time to holding hands while walking together! This is wonderful progression for the slow build lover in me (and this by anyone’s metric is a golden example of it).

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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