LNTMG-(88) Little Fairy

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At the end of the summer vacation, Tang Jinyu finally found the firefly.

  Several of them flew in the grass, landing on blades of grass, and glowed with flashes. Although they didn’t catch any, Xia Ye helped him take a photo as a memorial. The photo was a bit blurry, but the little guy was still being treated like a baby.

  Tang Jinyu sent the photo to the group chat and specifically explained: “My brother took me to find this. Isn’t it pretty?”

  Soon a group of small radishes came out and liked it.

  After an entire summer vacation, Han Yichen was most emotional.

  In Qizhou, Old Ape was exhausted by Xia Ye’s remote control. If Xia Ye hadn’t allowed him to be able to hang out with the radish of their little royal highness, Old Ape would have given up. But at the end, he couldn’t help but call Xia Ye to complain, and just cursed him as  ‘the insidious and cunning man’, but when he heard Xia Ye calling the name of the little majesty there, he choked back the words he said.

Xia Ye greeted the little guy, took the phone and put it next to his ear, “Say hello to your elder brother.”

  ”Hello Brother!”

  ”Good, good! Xiaoyu, how are you? What are you up to lately? Don’t be tired from studying, and go step by step. By the way, have you eaten today?”

  Old Ape’s anger turned into fatherly concern, and he wanted to get through the phone and hold the hand of the little majesty for some good sympathy.

  Xia Ye didn’t give Tang Jinyu the phone, rubbed his head, and brought a glass of milk to the little guy. While coaxing him to drink the milk, he asked him to chat with Old Ape as much as he wanted. In five minutes, the milk was finished, and Old Ape was already dizzy with a silly smile on his face, and he was no longer angry at all.


  Han Yichen had it worse than Old Ape. He and Xia Ye’s family lived too close. When he bought the house, he didn’t even consider that he was not suitable to live next to his boss, and he regretted it for a lifetime.

  Xia Ye just made a phone call to Old Ape and was able to control the situation online and remotely, but Han Yichen was not so lucky. He was called over at every turn, and sometimes Xia Ye would use “You don’t even understand this” look if he couldn’t keep up. Han Yichen feels that he can bend and stretch, but he couldn’t bear to spend a summer vacation studying hard, doing hands-on experiments, and it was more tiring than studying in school.

  After packing, Han Yichen lay on the sofa and listened to whatever his mother was saying, and just nodded and had no energy to reply.

  When Old Ape came to complain to him, he said with grief, “Yes, I’ve been busy during summer vacation, and I don’t get up so early for school. I’m so tired at home. I heard that It’s not easy for Lao Song to eat and live in the company all the time.” He paused, and said in a hopeful tone, “But it will be fine now at school. After school starts…”

  Old Ape said indifferently: “You haven’t started school with him.”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Student Xiao Han burst into tears on the spot. This college life is completely different from what he imagined! Don’t talk about holding hands. He doesn’t even know where to find a girlfriend. Every day, he is either struggling or walking on the road of struggle. He is forced to say that he is the one who is so inspirational.

  Han Yichen said bitterly: “Old Ape, do you know that I was not like this before.”

  Old Ape: “Yes, you got 59 points on the math test before.”


  ”…Let’s not talk about that anymore, don’t you even mention it!!”

  Han Yichen suffered physical and mental injuries, and went back to school to heal after the start of school.

  School time flies quickly. Xia Ye completed all his university courses in two years and graduated early. Instead of continuing his studies, he chose to go to Shanghai for development.

  Song Yi set up everything in Shanghai ahead of time and built a brand new platform, just waiting for his arrival.


  The company has also gradually expanded from a small electronic dictionary game to page games and mobile games. It has had several in-depth cooperation with the Qiao’s and has also invested in large-scale online games. However, the main focus was still on the platform. Xia Ye had a clear goal from the beginning, and Song Yi faithfully implemented his original plan and finalized it step by step.

  Yava game box has now become the hottest game platform on the whole network.

  One of its biggest payoffs was 30% of the platform share, and the other was the game publisher’s share. Although some people have criticized Yava’s share for being too high, some people have used 12% of the payoff ratio to attract users and game merchants, and there has been no other successful replacement yet. Having a stable operation of game boxes, more domestic small and medium-sized teams choose to show their strength here. Yava game box has launched several large-scale competitions to encourage innovation. The amount of prize pool once accumulated to millions, and originality has begun to rise. Numerous new and interesting things were gradually emerging on the Internet.

  In addition to games, the rise of smartphones has brought more fresh vitality.


  In a hot summer, when all the smartphones in the market are fighting with each other, some built-in apps of mobile phones began to change quietly, some of the built-in apps of the mobile phones exposed to the outside world, became little square panels, and the built-in apps, were now smaller, expanding only when connected and consuming minimal system resources, which can be removed after a free month’s trial.

  This magical small square panel was called a Yava mobile phone box.

  There were countless smartphone manufacturers on the market, but they all had one characteristic, and that was that they came with this little thing called a Yava mobile phone box.

  A few years ago, the first group of people who went to the Internet bar to play online games all night felt familiar with this, because it was so similar to the game panel they saw in the Internet bar at that time, but it was now a miniature version of the mobile phone.

  Someone once calculated the amount, even if an app cost only 1 yuan, according to some mobile phone manufacturers’ sales of hundreds of millions of units a year, the overall profit is very considerable, and the built-in APP has no cost at all, it was pure profit— The Yava mobile phone box didn’t make money for their company, it instead s makes money for all mobile phone manufacturers in the market, no matter how fierce they fight, According to their consistent domineering style, it can hardly be calculated into a profit.

  Some people think that it’s good to be able to delete them. They prefer to pick and choose what they like rather than apps already installed on.

  Immediately afterwards, the first wave of young people who used smartphones discovered that the Yava mobile phone box will be updated regularly, and the commonly used apps will be ranked on the whole platform according to their popularity, and they will be available for download…


  The amount of money that Xia Ye has won in recent years was not known to the outside world. His style has always been low-key, and Song Yi was responsible for all the occasions he needed to attend in public. Compared with a successful upstart in business, he prefers to observe the outside world in half light and half darkness and do what he likes.

  In the past few years, the Tang family has also undergone some changes.

  Chen Suling opened a branch in Shanghai, and her women’s clothing officially squeezed into the domestic first-line promotion, while men’s clothing chose the second-tier brand strategy, followed the fashion and sports route of young people, and the price was more affordable; Tang Hongjun applied to the headquarters after receiving his transfer order, his job is of a special nature and requires multiple levels of approval. It took a little half a year to complete his transfer, and he also went to Shanghai to stay with his wife and child.

      When Tang Jinyu was in the fifth grade of elementary school, he moved with his father Tang Hongjun to Shanghai, and since Xia Ye already prepared a room for him in the district advance, the little guy transferred smoothly and was soon settled down to continue studying.

  Tang Jinyu still has contacts with his former friends, and often communicates with them.

  Han Yixing wrote to him. The little girl was sad about his departure for a long time. After a few letters, she recovered, and she wrote to Tang Jinyu and said: “My brother said that he will go to Shanghai to study when I am in high school. You must wait, you can’t be best friends with others, only we can be best friends.’


  In addition to that, the little girl told him the shocking secret that she had just discovered recently, “Xiaoyu, let me tell you, You know how I helped my dad by stepping on his back in exchange for ten minutes to watch cartoons? He always threatened me to change to CCTV to watch the news! Then yesterday, I found out that my father didn’t like to watch the news broadcast, and he switched to other channels immediately. The adults are too cunning. They don’t watch news broadcasts at all. They just want a comfortable massage.’

  Guo Xiaohu also wrote a few letters to him. At the beginning, he used scented paper, and Tang Jinyu couldn’t help but sneeze a few times when he took it out. He wrote to ask if he borrowed the letter paper from the girl at the same table, but Guo Xiaohu hesitated and did not answer, and since then he has switched to using ordinary letter paper.

     Ji Yuanjie will also write to him. They have been at the same table for many years. After Xiao Ji expressed feelings about his sudden transfer, he soon regarded him as a close pen pal, and said everything to him, “Xiaoyu, recently the school is recommending earphones to help recite texts. Many people have bought one, and I have also bought one, but it’s useless. I’m still in the middle of the exam. But there is some good news, that is, my name up five rows, is near star, she is really excellent, after you left, she got first place in our class.”

   (T/n: Han Yixing nickname is ‘star’)

  One time, Xiaoji’s classmate wrote to him mysteriously and told him: “Do you know why the headset recommended by the school is useless? Because it needs to be paired with one thing, and you need to eat a piece of chocolate before using it, but this is not ordinary chocolate. It’s chocolate that can increase intelligence!”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  It requires no intelligence for you to be able to say this!

  How can that be possible!

  Tang Jinyu turned to the next page, Xiao Ji deserved to be his best friend at the same table, enthusiastically wrote: “I sent you a piece with the letter, you can taste it!”

  There were a few lines after this sentence, and a small line was added: “Oh, the aunt at the post office said that you can’t put chocolate in the envelope. The letter was returned.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at the letter paper in his hand, thinking that it was no wonder that Ji Yuanjie’s letter arrived late. It was estimated that it took several days to send it. If you look closely, you can really see a little chocolate print on the corner.


  In addition to correspondence, Tang Jinyu also saw them once on TV.

  Han Yixing has always been obsessed with the lost giant panda Bai Xue. The little girl firmly believes that it belongs to her city and has never given up looking for it, and her effort paid off. Han Yixing really found it during an outing-or it was that Bai Xue took the initiative to ask for help from humans. It wandered around the place of human activities and would not go away. Han Yixing found out and reported it immediately. The people at the protection center took the giant panda away, took anesthesia measures and checked it, using the electronic barcode in its body to confirm that it was Baixue who fled a few years ago.

  Bai Xue was here to ask for help this time. When she was eating, she accidentally pierced her gum with a sharp bone, which made her feel pain and she couldn’t eat normally, and it finally remembered the humans with whom it used to get along with, and asked for help.

  After undergoing treatment, Bai Xue quickly recovered.

  This winter, this small northern city boiled again. It was announced that on the day Bai Xue came back, it happened to have a light snowfall. Han Yixing and other classmates who discovered the panda were invited to the front desk together. The little girl received the reward she dreamed of, and she was granted the right to give Bai Xue’s child a name.


  It was broadcast live on TV, and everyone in the city was watching. Even Han Yichen, who was far away in Shanghai, specially organized company employees to turn on the TV to watch his sister accept the award. Han Yichen hadn’t seen the little girl for almost half a year,  but now seeing her appear on TV, Han Yichen looked at her with red eyes.

  Han Yixing squeezed the microphone handed by the host, and her voice was shaking with excitement, “I, I want to call it a little fairy!!”

  The people at the scene laughed. Han Yichen, who was watching his sister through the TV screen, was also happy, but soon turned around and wiped the corners of his eyes when everyone was not paying attention. His little fairy had grown up a little bit, she was still a bit silly and cute, and she was the cutest sister in the world.

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  The author has something to say:

  Adding a little egg: Among Bai Xue’s descendants, there is really a little fairy ^口^

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  1. Time rolls ever on, huh? This is the kind of progression I mean! It’s a time skip, yes, but you can still see snippets of everyone’s personalities as they grow up! It feels natural! How to proper handle a time skip? Look here, authors!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  4. Ok this chapter almost made me cry in the end. No lie. I have four younger siblings and among them one little sister. My emotions line up with Han Yichen at the end of this chapter Lol… 😁😥 they grow up fast.

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