LNTMG-(89) Third Year

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When Tang Jinyu first moved to Shanghai, he would go back with Chen Suling for a few days to visit his former friends every summer vacation. A part of Chen Suling’s women’s clothing factory stayed here where they used to live. While she was busy working, Tang Jinyu went to meet his friends by himself.

  A group of children gather together every summer vacation. Guo Xiaohu was the most active among them. When Tang Jinyu came back the first year, he even happily did a somersault in the street and ran around happily. He put Tang Jinyu’s bag on his head, his school bag strap was hanging to his ears, his head held high, and he strode forward, turning his head and shouting to them: “Xiaoyu, hurry up! Keep up!”

  Guo Xiaohu also brought gifts, and he brought Tang Jinyu a fitness bar.

  This was something that the school brought for inter-class exercises. The red and yellow plastic rod in the middle is very similar to the one used by Sun Wukong, the great sage of Qi. The little students call this “Golden Hoop Stick”, and they are eager to go to the west.


  Tang Jinyu took it and turned it around twice, and asked him, “How do you use this thing?”

  Guo Xiaohu gave him a demonstration, “Just use it like this is for exercise. Everyone has one, didn’t you get one?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, “No, it may be different for different places.”

      Guo Xiaohu was very proud and performed a complete set for him.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t take care of him by himself, and couldn’t help but think in his mind. The students in the school were strong with a golden hoop. It was hard to imagine the scene when he waved it.

  He watched and enjoyed it.

  After Guo Xiaohu finished his performance for him, he excitedly said, “Last time back to school, there was a lecture. There was a learning machine that was very good. Many people bought it. Would you like one Xiaoyu? I’ll give you one!”

  Han Yixing inherited the sense of justice inherited by the Han family, and said politely: “It was not a school lecture, it was promoted by the school from outside, and the learning machine was not good. Five hundred yuan a piece is simply a scam! Our head teacher said that they wouldn’t buy it, but why do you want to buy it?”

  Guo Xiaohu scratched his head. He had a good face, so he basically bought all the things recommended for sale in school. When the little girl said this, he blushed, and he didn’t know how to refute it.

  Han Yixing said: “You should learn Xiaoji, he is very good, he doesn’t buy anything.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Tang Jinyu glanced at Ji Yuanjie. The boy lowered his head and tried to conceal his guilty conscience. When he saw him, he made a begging gesture carefully.


  Tang Jinyu laughed, nodded slightly, and didn’t expose him.

  On the other hand, Guo Xiaohu and Han Yixing have already quarreled with each other again. Since childhood, neither of them has been soft when it came to themselves. They both felt that they were particularly reasonable, but now it wasn’t even about the matter of buying things anymore. Guo Xiaohu rose to a higher level, his face flushed and said angrily: “Why do you listen to teachers so much!”

  ”Why wouldn’t I listen to the teachers when I go to school! My mother said, “You should study hard in school, and don’t take shortcuts!”

  ”You still listen to your mother’s words, you must have no opinion!”

  The little girl put her hands on her hips and said angrily: “My mother is right, why wouldn’t I be obedient! And my mother cooks deliciously. Today, my mother said she would make red spareribs. She is so tired from work and still has to think about me, so I must be obedient! “


  No matter how intense the quarrel on both sides were, Tang Jinyu will always be the peacemaker.

  Tang Jinyu calmed the two sides and had to look back to comfort his old classmates. Xiaoji didn’t know why, but he had always envied Guo Xiaohu, who was able to quarrel with the stars. He felt that the relationship between the two was better than with him, but Tang Jinyu watched as Han Yixing preferred Xiaoji.


  Several people were noisy, but they reconciled after a while.

  As long as a group of friends get together, they don’t have to go to any special place. Sometimes they go to the small park where they played when they were little, sometimes they go to fast food restaurants to eat burgers and chat, and sometimes they just sat on stone steps in the shade of the corner, talking and laughing, and sharing each other’s study and life.

  Ji Yuanjie squatted aside, Han Yixing applauded everything he said, and he became shy when it was his turn.

  Tang Jinyu played with them all afternoon, and in the evening, Chen Suling parked the car at the entrance of the alley and walked over to pick him up.

  She beckoned, and her child stood up, smiled and said goodbye to his friends, waved his hand, and said goodbye to another year.

  Tang Jinyu’s summer vacation party lasted for two or three years, and the number of children who came to attend slowly diminished. And In the end, only the three of them were Han Yixing, Ji Yuanjie and Guo Xiaohu.

  Han Yixing would come every year. She would always be followed by Ji Yuanjie, an old good person, and Guo Xiaohu also comes every time. Their relationship with Tang Jinyu was still very good, even when they were in middle school.


      Later on, Guo Xiaohu also transferred schools. Guo’s father’s business has grown a little bit and he needed to go to other provinces to develop. Guo Xiaohu went there with his parents. He wrote to his former classmates, explaining to his brothers who he had a good relationship with before: “You have to study hard. When you go out, no one will take care of you like this, so cherish Lao Luo, he might be strict but he is a good and responsible teacher.’

  After receiving the letter from their boss, a group of brothers cried out and started to work hard and seriously changed their opinions about their head teacher Lao Luo.

  Guo Xiaohu did not withdraw from the group. He would chat with everyone in the “Radishes Who Loves Learning” group, and occasionally come back to chat with them once or twice. Sometimes he would chat with Tang Jinyu, but sometimes he couldn’t.

  The electronic dictionaries in the hands of the children were updated. The small black-and-white screen was slowly replaced by the colorful world outside. The years were passing by, and everyone was growing up. They were no longer young enough to compete with each other with video games, or read comic books secretly at night with flashlights.

  In the blink of an eye, a few years have passed, and 2008 has arrived.

  Since the beginning of the year, the whole country has been filled with a festive atmosphere, and everyone was looking forward to the Beijing Olympics in August.


  In the third grade of a key middle school in Shanghai, the students were also discussing enthusiastically, earnestly voting for their favorite Olympic mascot.

  The little girls in the class were earnestly collecting votes and were about to write letters. When each classmate came to ask, they walked to the window seat and tapped on the table, “Tang Jinyu, which one are you going to vote for?”

  The boy lying on the desk moved, raised his head slightly and smiled. He stretched out his finger and clicked on a picture he brought, “I voted for this, I think Beibei is good, there is water and fish, very nice.”

  The girl glanced at him, her face blushed, and she took away the picture and pretended to be indifferent and said: “I also voted for the babe, I like fish the most.”

  The boy nodded, sat up and yawned, his soft and fluffy hair turned up a bit, a fair and beautiful face with youthful softness, delicate features, and a little dimple on his cheek appearing when he laughed. Purity without a trace of lust was especially easy to make people feel good.

  It’s the kind of good-tempered person that both men and women can confidently tell him what’s on their mind. Just sitting there and listening quietly or smiling slightly can comfort people’s hearts.


  The girl stayed there again and said a few words to him, and tried to calm her heart from jumping with joy. This was the best-looking boy in her class, and it was also the school’s small school grass. There were a few people in her class who secretly liked Tang Jinyu, but they also have that kind of thinking. The love of falling in love was different. They will be happy to see Tang Jinyu taking the first place. They will also be happy to know that he will go to the music competition and win a prize, so they can be regarded as his fans.

       Tang Jinyu finished class at school, and two steps out after school, and saw a car waiting on the side of the road.

  He trotted over in three steps, knocked on the window first, and after the people inside rolled down the window, he stretched out his hand and said with a smile: “Brother, here you go!”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows, looking at the fist he stretched over, a little puzzled, stretched out his hand and asked, “What?”

  Tang Jinyu put the thing in the palm of his hand on his brother’s hand and smiled happily. “I went to play the piano last time at the school celebration. They gave me a small medal, you see, there is the school badge on it!”

  Xia Ye took it over and fiddled with it and said, “I’m not from your school.”

  ”Last time you helped our class take a video, so you also took part in it, hehe!”

  Xia Ye laughed, put it away and said, “Get in the car and let’s go home, you can practice playing the piano early tonight, but you are not allowed to sleep late.”

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  1. Hey SadieWoods, are you the same person who commented on Foxaholic ‘Returning to the end of world’ ? If you are, then we might have similar takes in books. So, do suggest me some good fluffy BL stories.

    See ya,

    PS. If you’re not, just ignore me. But if you got some suggestions, do tell me!

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  2. Kids grow up so fast! Have to wipe away a tear among that one. Its wonderful to see these little radishes grow up! Also appreciate the realistic touch as some drift and some move away. I’m glad the names from early on are still mentioned though!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  3. Waaa Xiaoyu already entered junior high. How time flies so fast!!! Thank you for your hardworking in updating this chapter ❤ ❤
    I hope there are scenes when Tang Jinyu, Han Yixing, Ji Yuanjie, and Guo Xiaohu gathering together as best friends in the later chapters (in reunion or by accidentally meeting at the street or in mall)

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  4. TJ is gonna go to high-school soon omg time flies.

    Hmm 2008? Doesn’t XY pass away in 2009? If I remember he was going abroad and disappeared…or something like that?? I wonder how TJ will remember and try to prevent this from happening

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  5. “The years were passing by, and everyone was growing up. They were no longer young enough to compete with each other with video games, or read comic books secretly at night with flashlights.”
    Dont know why I cried… This is such an nostalgic novel.

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