LNTMG-(91) Love Letter

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In the hot pot restaurant, Song Yi had already booked the venue, and he personally came over and gave him a double cream cake.

  Xia Ye failed to come due to an important meeting he had at noon. Mangar Song Yi stood as his representative, and arranged the store, and simply put some ribbons and balloons. He had thought before that Tang Jinyu was very popular, and there were at least a few classmates, but he didn’t expect so many students would be here, and Song Yi felt a little proud, and felt that his child was very popular and proud at school.

  This couldn’t be blamed on, there were only a few high-level managers in the company. In addition to Xia Ye, who loves the child without restriction, and Han Yichen, who crazily looks after his sister, and Old Ape efforts of pursuing the little majesty for so many years. After catching Mr. Tang Hui eyes, he was finally promoted as an observer student, and so far, he was even more devoted to the little majesty.

  Song Yi had already taken on the mentality of being a father before he even had a child, not to mention seeing the child grow up from an early age, and his affection was even more extraordinary.

  Song Yi helped cut the cake together, and smiled and said, “I’ll have something to do in a while. I’ll have the secretary here, and you tell him what you want.”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Brother Song, are you leaving without even taking a piece of cake?”

  Song Yi glanced at the time and said, “Then eat one piece.”

  Song Yi was in his thirties, with a pair of thin-rimmed glasses on the bridge of his nose. He looked gentle and elegant. Sitting down in a self-service hot pot restaurant where a group of middle school students gathered was really uncomfortable. He ate a piece of cake and told Tang Jinyu a few words, and left.

  When he left, the classmates at Tang Jinyu’s table were relieved and the atmosphere slowly became lively.

  The male classmate on the side asked, “Xiaoyu, is he also your brother too? It doesn’t seem to be the one who came to the video last time to celebrate.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and took the mutton rolls from the side to the hot pot for everyone, “Yeah, this is my Song brother, he’s nice. You can eat more, my brother will pay for us, so we must eat it for him!”


  As soon as this sentence was uttered, some unfamiliar classmates who had seen that he was from a good family laughed, and a few boys rolled up their sleeves and said, “Don’t worry, just leave it to us!”

There were men and women sitting on Tang Jinyu side, his physical condition didn’t allow him to eat spicy food. So he and his female classmates ate tomato and oxtail soup. Tang Jinyu was very good at taking care of people. He has been taken care of by his family since he was a child, and his family is very considerate of him. He has always been like this when he was outside. He helped his classmates get meat and vegetables, and also took small plates and put some on their side, and smiled and asked them to eat more.

  When a group of junior high school boys were still eating meat, this action was simply too gentle, and many young girls began to feel their hearts beat again.

  While the little school grass went to help them get them plate watermelon, someone at the next table where all the girls were sitting, holding their chests whispered: “It’s over, what should I do now!”

  Someone immediately warned her, “No, have you forgotten what we said before? The school grass belongs to all of us, no one can touch him!”

  The girls solemnly nodded their heads, and once again warned the deer who was beating in their hearts.

  However, when Tang Jinyu brought a few plates of watermelons and smiled and put them on their table, the girls’ faces began to flush again, and their heartbeats were a bit out of control. Although their small school grass is a bit shorter, he was really handsome and kind!

  After eating this meal at noon, there was no special extravagance. Tang Jinyu and his class had more boys. They were especially good in their teenage years. They basically have eaten back, and some students even exceeded their goals. They ate all the meat in the freezer when they left, which made the boss distressed.

There were forty students in the class, but Song Yi arranged everything and paid for it. Otherwise, Tang Jinyu will not have enough to take out all the 1,000 yuan in his hand, and will have to give more than five hundred.

  On the other side, Xia Ye did not return to the company directly after the meeting, and asked the driver to stop the car when passing by a mall.

  Han Yichen followed him in a car, and when he saw the boss go down, he followed along.

  Xia Ye picked a skateboard for kids at the mall, recently many students like this, and it sells pretty well. The salesperson enthusiastically introduced it to him as soon as he saw him, “Sir, this is the most popular style this year. The materials are maple and High-strength glass fiber…”

  Before she finished speaking, Xia Ye put down the piece in his hand and replaced it with another thicker one.

  The salesperson immediately said: “This one is also very good, but the price is slightly more expensive. It is an epoxy resin fusion material. The ink pattern on it is the most popular now. It is a 7-layer thicker style, which is better than a maple material. It’s stronger and more flexible, and it’s not easy to step on. But it is especially suitable for some movements such as quick flips and riding…”


  Xia Ye held it in his hand, his eyebrows twisting slightly, glanced at the skateboard and then raised his head to look at the salesperson: “Flip in steps?”

  The salesperson probably explained the action to him, Xia Ye’s face darkened. He never knew that skateboarding had such a dangerous movement. He thought it was similar to the push-spinner that his brother played when he was a kid.

  ”In fact, there is no real danger as long as you wear protective gear and have professional guidance.” The other party also saw his concerns and recommended the supporting protective gear next to him. “How old is the child that you are buying it for?”

  ”Fourteen or fifteen year old boy.”

  Although Xia Ye was not at ease, thinking about the way the little guy begged him yesterday, he still wrinkled his brows and bought a set of the thickest mid-priced skateboard and the most expensive set of protective gear. From head to arms and legs, even ankles were brought for protection.

  Han Yichen was on the phone in a nearby corridor. Although he lowered his voice, he could still hear his anger in voice. He strictly prohibited saying “no” several times.

  ”Let me tell you, Han Yixing, it’s absolutely impossible! Unless you step over my dead body, how old are you, and which Star do you even want to go see in Beijing? Not allowed… Music festivals? That’s even worse!” Han Yichen’s tone of voice got louder, “It’s all a mess, how old are you? If a teenage girl doesn’t even study well, what music festival should she be allowed to go to!”

  On the other side of the phone, there was an angry voice, “Brother, just tell me if you are going to pay!”

  ”No, not a single cent!”

  The little girl over there hung up with a huff.

  Han Yichen made a few calls, and his family also did not answer.

  Han Yichen was so angry that his chest was heaving, holding his mobile phone and said: “Lao Xia, have you seen it? This is the rebellious period. It’s terrible. My sister has learned to chase after stars.”

  Xia Ye showed him the skateboard in his hand, “Xiaoyu, too, we have been arguing about skateboarding these past two days.”

  Han Yichen said: “What skateboard? At least, you can follow him when he goes out, and play around at home. My sister is going to get out of here. It’s a girl who can’t stay where she is, and likes some weird stars!” Although Han Yichen said this about his sister, he still brought her plush toys, and said while paying, “You have to be careful too. Now middle school students that are the same age as Xingxing and Xiaoyu are easily tempted by the outside world. We must strictly guard against it.”

  Xia Ye said: “It’s just going to a concert, isn’t it?”

  ”You don’t even know the seriousness of the matter, middle school! Puppy love! Absolutely not allowed. I just asked her who she was going to go with, but she hesitated on telling me!” The more Han Yichen thought about it, the more he became angry, and said: “What if she doesn’t want to go alone? Maybe I want a little boy next to her… I said that you don’t have a sense of danger, just say for example that Xiaoyu asked a little girl to go to a concert in Beijing with her. What kind of music festival do you think they would go see?”


  ”Xiaoyu won’t.”

  ”Don’t say it so confidently, anyway I was just saying an example, it’s just a matter of guarding against it.”

  Xia Ye glanced at him and said, “You should give stars a little freedom. Too much control will affect your relationship.”

  Han Yichen didn’t dare fight with since he was his boss. The generation of their old Han family has only one girl, and that was his sister.

  In the evening, the Xia and Tang families got together to celebrate Tang Jinyu’s birthday.

  Tang Hongjun took the lead and made some home-cooked dishes that his child liked the most. Chen Suling bought him a game console, and Teacher Xia gave him some piano books, and the family got together for a lively meal.

  Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling often come here when they are free. At the beginning, they ran back and forth in the first two and two years in middle school, and they ran less until their son was in the third year of middle school. Tang Jinyu was at ease with the family around him. They have five members in total, and everyone one of them was fine. However, it took Chen Suling a long time to get used to it, she has been with her son since he was young, and the office is still the same as before, and up to now she still has a reserved small sofa for him in her office. 

In addition to the gifts from his family, Xia Ye also brought him a few copies from the company. Old Ape, as in previous years, gave him a small golden bull, made of pure gold, solid and heavy. Han Yichen gave a pair of limited edition sneakers with the child’s name and birthday date embroidered on it, which took a lot of preparation.

  Tang Jinyu held the little golden bull and put it in his bookcase. Old Ape gave him one every year. It was difficult for him to find a golden bull with a different posture every year, but now he has a collection, which is quite impressive.

  After putting it in, he took it and touched it again, and it was really made of gold.

  He looked up at the bookcase, it was indeed obvious that one was missing, and he could only reluctantly part with it.

  Tang Jinyu was standing there for a long time, and when he turned around, he saw Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye leaned on the door, raised his hand and knocked on the door twice at random, and said, “Can I come in?”

  Tang Jinyu’s room door was not closed, he was a little embarrassed, and he didn’t know how much his brother saw at the door just now.

  Xia Ye glanced at him and took a box out to him, “Open it and see if you like it.”


  What was in the box was a brand-name watch. The weight was heavy and it was very precious. Tang Jinyu took it out and put it on, shaking his wrist and smiling, “It looks good, thank you brother!”

  ”I’ve picked it, and this is the strongest.”

  ”I will not break it…”

  Xia Ye held his hand to unbuckle the watch, loosen it, and let the watch fall on his knuckles, “Hold it tightly, yes, just protect your fingers like this, if you encounter any unexpected emergency, you can use the watch to punch. I’ve asked about its strength, and its strength is not worse than that of the finger tiger, and it’s also convenient to carry. You can take it anywhere.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Tang Jinyu looked down at his watch, the dial was still glowing with a faint blue light, but it was no longer a work of art in his eyes at the moment, it was a walking weapon, he thought it was for decoration, who knew that his brother taught him how to beat people with this.

  Xia Ye led him to try it out, and made him smash his table. Tang Jinyu was so frightened that he dared not use force. Xia Ye chuckled from the side, holding his hand and placing it on his palm, “That’s it.”

  Tang Jinyu said: “It’s a pity, it must have been a lot of money.”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and chuckled, “Little money fan, who was the one that touched the golden bull just now, and couldn’t bear to put it down.”

  Tang Jinyu blushed, but did not refute.

  There were gifts from his classmates in his school bag next to him. Tang Jinyu was slow when he was cleaning up by himself, so Xia Ye went to help him. A classmate gave him a book, and when Xia Ye helped him put it on the bookcase, a pink love letter fell out of the book. 

  Xia Ye trembled, there was more than one in the book. There were three or four letters in the book, and they were all stuffed inside. No wonder it felt wrong when he held it in his hand just now.

  Xia Ye didn’t move, he didn’t take seriously what Han Yichen said during the day about premature love. But now he found the little love letter in his brother’s school bag and his face was dark.

  He didn’t touch the letters, and said, “Xiaoyu, come and see this.”

  Tang Jinyu was tearing down a wind chime and walked over when he heard it. He felt a little strange and bent down and picked up the love letter: “Is this for me?”

  ”If not?”

  Tang Jinyu felt even more strange, no one had given him this love letter, there were only a few words. The  handwriting of three or four letters were different. He took the book in Xia Ye’s hand and looked at the title page, and said with some doubt, “No, this book was given by a boy in my class, how come there is a love letter?”

  Xia Ye was originally only a little vigilant, but when he heard that he became very vigilant, his eyes fell on the love letters in the little guy’s hand, and he hesitated and said, “I shouldn’t interfere with your privacy, but you are still young now, you may not be able to make a judgment about some things…Do you need my help?”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while, still planning to see for himself first, Xia Ye nodded and agreed, saying that he would provide assistance at any time.

  This was also very accurate at any time, and it has always been in line with his way of doing things. He did not leave the room and sat on his bed a few steps away from the little guy, waiting for him to open the letter and read it.

  Tang Jinyu opened it and looked at it. It was given by a female classmate in the class next door. Some left their names, and some wrote “Well-known but not unique.” They only asked him to see him at the cold soba shop outside the school gate after school tomorrow.


  The letter was written about how they appreciate his study and love the way he plays the piano, but there was no name. Tang Jinyu told Xia Ye this, and Xia Ye focused on the “Well known”, and asked him: “Who is this?”

  Tang Jinyu was also at a loss, he didn’t know who it was!

  Xia Ye changed the subject, and said: “Are you going to the cold soba shop tomorrow?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head immediately. He didn’t know what to do, so he asked Xia Ye, “Brother, what did you do when you received this before, did you have to give them an explanation?”

  Xia Ye said: “No, you don’t need to worry about it, it will be fine after a few times.”

  Tang Jinyu was still looking at him and leaned in curiously: “Brother, haven’t you talked about this before?”

  ”What are you talking about?”

  ”Talk about who…”

  Xia Ye flicked his forehead, and said coldly: “I was busy studying at that time. That’s why I have to say. You have to work hard, you know?”

  ”But Brother Han said you used to go to Internet cafes back then…”

  ”You listen to him talking nonsense, he only got 59 points in math.”

  Xia Ye tapped vaguely and told him to study hard not to get in touch with too complicated classmate relationships too early. After Tang Jinyu packed up his presents, he deliberately stayed a few more minutes for supervision, especially when Tang Jinyu was playing on the computer, Xia Ye glanced at it and saw the mark for group chat.

  He didn’t say a word, closed the door and went out to give the little guy’s independent space, but immediately opened the group chat again. He has always been in the radishes group, and now he followed through the chat content just now.

  There was a lot of news in the group chat tonight, most of them were birthday wishes from the students in the “Radishes who love to learn” group, which was quite lively.

  Guo Xiaohu left a message on the screen, and was banned by Han Yixing for five minutes. After that, he became more obedient.

  Tang Jinyu replied to everyone one by one, and then typed in and asked: “Xingxing, are you coming to Shanghai during summer vacation?”

  After a while, Han Yixing said, “Not going anymore, are you coming back?”

  ”Go back.”

  ”Okay, we will be waiting for you!”

  After talking about a few math problems, everyone calmed down.


  Ji Yuanjie went online very late. This time, he only left a hurried message in the group saying happy birthday and then went offline. It seemed that he was busy during this time and he didn’t see him online much. Tang Jinyu was talking to him in the group, but Xiao Ji didn’t respond either, and he guessed that he only had time to send him a message and went to review again. After all, everyone is busy with their entrance exams, and Ji Yuanjie’s grades were average, and it was a bit difficult to get into a better high school.

  Xia Ye thought that the child was almost done finishing his homework, so he poured a glass of water over to him and cut a plate of fruit.

  Tang Jinyu was working on his last exercise. He was afraid of getting his hands dirty, so he raised his head and asked Xia Ye to feed a piece of pineapple. He smiled and said, “Brother, the fruit you cut is so sweet!”

  Xia Ye laughed, and his eyes fell on the little guy’s wrist, where he was wearing the watch that was just the right size.

  However, the love letter still made Xia Ye vigilant for a while, he carefully looked for clues, and he didn’t find anything. The only thing he found was that his brother was secretly saving money.

  When the company was eating at noon, Han Yichen was also raising the issue of youth education. Song Yi persuaded him: “You relax your mind. I think Xingxing is quite sensible. Even if she finds a boyfriend… I’m just using an analogy, don’t worry. It’s not a big deal, you just have to talk to her.”

Han Yichen didn’t know what to eat, and sighed: “Lao Song, you don’t know the situation. I am worried that my sister is going to be scammed. She recently asked our family for a lot of pocket money, but I don’t know what she is spending it on. She even sold a few pieces of her clothes, and if I hadn’t asked her about the computer, I wouldn’t know if she had already sold it online.”

  Song Yi said, “You even hacked your sister’s computer?”

  ”It’s like this, I only dared to look at the sales platform, and even mother felt that something was wrong, shouldn’t I feel afraid of her being scammed?”

  When Han Yichen said this, Xia Ye couldn’t help but frown. His brother recently asked him for pocket money several times. It stands to reason that he had already bought skateboards for him. It didn’t cost him any money to invite his classmates to eat.


  Han Yichen and Song Yi have risen from the problem of youth education to the stage of marriage and family. Song Yi was an older golden bachelor. He looks gentle but his words were extremely powerful. They have never suffered a loss in negotiations. Han Yichen was able to convince him, and his face turned red, “What do you want me and my sister to talk about? Since you have the ability, why don’t you talk to her yourself! You are in your 30s, why should you let teenagers be free? Let me see if you are free to fall in love!”

  Song Yi: “Single is also my freedom of choice.”

  Han Yichen turned to Xia Ye and said, “Lao Xia, say something to him!”

  Song Yi said, “You call the boss. He is one year younger than you, how can you call him your elder?” Xia Ye was not yet 24 years old, spending less than two years after graduating from school, and he was still considered very young.

  Xia Ye said: “What are you talking about?”

  Han Yichen said: “You say whether Old Song is reasonable or not. My point is that it is not good to have puppy love as a teen. They are small children that don’t understand anything, what if they impulsively do something wrong and regret it for a lifetime? We should cooperate with the school teachers to nip all the signs of puppy love in the bud. But if they are really capable and enter the same university and fall in love together…”


  Han Yichen was stunned, “What?”

  Xia Ye eyebrows twisted: “It won’t work even in college.”

  Han Yichen paused and said, “You are a bit too much. I think that they are considered adults when they go to college . Otherwise, how old should they be before they should be allowed to date?”

  Boss Xia on the side had a sullen face, and it took a long time before he uttered a few words: “At least 30 years old.”

  Han Yichen: “……???”

  Compared to him, he was a tyrant, is this even reasonable?

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  1. I’m dying laughing at so many points this chapter! I love how this many years later HYC is still getting derided for failing that math test (when it wasnt even his fault)! I love how much of a bro con HYC is in general! I love how Xia Ye freaked out (for him anyway) seeing the love letters! I love how tyrannical he’s being over Jinyu dating at all! Is this the start of a brothers to lovers transition? They grow up so quickly, don’t they?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    That's the second time Xia Ye mention that his younger brother (Xiaoyu) only can get married when he was 30. I hope Ji Yuanjie can go to the same highschool with Han Yixing (how I shipped this two cutie ❤️❤️)

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