LNTMG-(92) Entrance Exams

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After Tang Jinyu received the love letter, he acted like normal, and still got along with his classmates as before. But the boy who gave him the letter took the initiative to apologize to him.

  ”Tang Jinyu, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it, but when I first started, it was only from one girl from next door, she kept begging me, but I was too embarrassed to refuse, so I agreed.” The boy scratched his head and whispered in a corner of the corridor. He apologized, “I didn’t know that she told other people, and she stuffed three other four letters, then I don’t think she really likes you… No, no, I didn’t mean that they look down on you, I mean, that they really admire you.”

Tang Jinyu patted him on the shoulder and said with relief: “It’s okay, I know, everyone is a good classmate, but now I just want to study hard, and I have to prepare for the piano competition. I don’t have time to think about it.”

  The boy laughed, and he was relieved.

  He followed others to have a hot pot meal, eating and he was always feeling sorry for him.

  There was less than a month before the high school entrance examination. Everyone felt a sense of urgency, and many people have hired extra tutors at home. On the contrary, Tang Jinyu did not ask for tutors. He just temporarily suspended his piano lessons and concentrated on cultural courses.

  Xia Ye personally tutored him. Tang Jinyu’s textbooks were not the same as what he used at that time, but the knowledge points were basically the same, especially in mathematics, physics and chemistry, and the basics were always those.

  Elder Tang, who was far away in Qizhou City, even called to ask questions every now and then, and he was particularly concerned about his little grandson.


  When Grandpa Tang heard that Xia Ye was tutoring his grandchild, he smiled and said, “Then I can rest assured, Xiao Ye has a solid foundation, and Xiaoyu also listened to him, and he can explain it more faster than me.”

  Tang Jinyu was indeed obedient, but he wanted to get the same grades as his brother in the exam, and made a great effort to improve even more.

  Xia Ye saw this, and didn’t allow him to stay up at night. He escorted him to rest. The first night was fine, but the next day the little guy secretly read through his books under a quilt with a large flashlight, and was caught by Xia Ye.

  Xia Ye directly turned on the light in the room, looked at him and said, “Do you still want your eyes?”

  Tang Jinyu was caught and he simply sat up, holding his book and said: “I just want to read it for a while…”

  Xia Ye got a headache: “You just said that, put down your book and go to bed.”

  The little guy relied on being favored and refused to let go, and resisted for the first time: “Brother, I will read for a while. Brother, you are the best. Let me finish this question.”

  Xia Ye pulled out the book from his hand, threw it out, and sat on the side of the bed, saying: “You know your usual test scores. The key points are very promising for you. You don’t need to put such pressure on yourself.”

  ”…What if I can’t get the first place?”

  Xia Ye smiled: “Who told you that you have to do well on the exam? Just review for these few days and you will be able to have a stable mindset in the exam room.”

  Tang Jinyu mumbled in a low voice, Xia Ye heard this and knocked on his forehead, “I am me, you are you, what can I do better than this.”

  On the first day, he was fine, but on the second day, the little guy knowingly committed a crime, and when he was caught by Xia Ye again, he was still blinking, looking innocent.

  Xia Ye slept directly with him on a bed this time, and fell asleep with him.


  On the next day, Xia Ye shook his wrist several times at the company. Han Yichen saw this, touched him with his hand, and said, “Hey, Lao Xia, what’s the matter?”

  Xia Ye said quietly: “What’s the situation?”

  Han Yichen poked his arm, Xia Ye’s arm was still numb, and he shook it and said, “Don’t make trouble.”

  ”I said nothing! What’s the matter with your arm, what did you do last night, who did you sleep with?”

  ”My brother.”

  Han Yichen immediately said: “You beasts, Xiaoyu, you have to get rid of your mouth!”

  Xia Ye said: “What nonsense, I was supervising him while he slept, he is going to take his entrance exam in a couple of days, and he is naturally nervous about this exam. Every time, he stays up late to read, and his eyes are going to be bloodshot if I don’t take care of him.” He had been sleeping on the small bed on his brother’s side yesterday. It was also spacious, but his tall legs were unable to stretch out, and his arm was a bit numb when the little guy rolled over in the middle of the night and used his arm as a pillow.

  Han Yichen and Xia Ye talked about children and about work in the company. He really didn’t want to talk about workplace topics anymore, so he switched to the parenting channel and said to Xia Ye, “Isn’t Xingxing and the others going to take their exams? I found a tutor, and she also set up a study group with her classmates, and worked hard every day to review. When I was on a video call yesterday, she also asked for help about a math problem…”

  Xia Ye raised his eyes and smiled: “Did you?”

  Han Yichen said: “It’s too much, I’m a high-achieving student who graduated from Qingbei, and junior high school math is no problem.”

  When Han Yichen asked Tang Jinyu, Xia Ye just casually said: “Fortunately, he is also busy reviewing. I will not work overtime during this time. I have to go back and stare at him in advance.”

  Han Yichen said in his heart that sure enough, every year when their company can relax a little bit, it’s not the time to look at the performance or the list, but the time to look at Tang Jinyu’s exam. Before the winter and summer holidays, Xia ye must leave early for a week, and the annual meeting is also arranged in the winter and summer holidays. He and Song Yi and old ape take him on a trip together. Xia Ye, the big boss, is very good. In those days of the annual meeting, he will definitely go to accompany his family, and the selected places were also the places that Tang Jinyu wanted to go the most.

Although he sighed countless times, Comrade Xiao Han couldn’t help but sighed again: “Lao Xia, you are so kind to your brother, but if you can take one-tenth of your patience with Xiaoyu to chase after a girl, you would already have a partner.”


  Xia Ye was not interested in being with someone. Currently, there are only two things that interest him. One is the computer he has on hand, and the other is his family that stays with him day and night.

  The habit he has accumulated over the years for his brother has become as necessary as drinking water and eating. And changing his focus to another person, he couldn’t bear to think about bending down and tying someone else’s shoelace, it was too strange for him to think about.

  But with his brother, even if he was a teenager, he felt that there was nothing wrong with him.

  Tang Jinyu was almost late this morning. He rubbed his eyes and yawned at the door, as if he was still not awake yet. He didn’t know if the laces were loose, but they were tied by themselves already.

  Going back to the company in advance, Xia Ye bought some vegetables and told the nanny to cook some sweet and sour dishes.

  The nanny smiled: “Yes, Mr. Tang brought some, and Mr. Xia upstairs also sent a soup, Mr. Xia also specifically said that he would let you accompany him more these two days, don’t let Xiaoyu go up to play the piano, fearing that he would be distracted.”

  Xia Ye said: “Then fry a few greens, in a smaller portion, and make a few more.”

  The auntie agreed and went into the kitchen.

  Xia Ye drove to pick him up at the school gate, knocked on the steering wheel on the side of the road, and waited. He was seen in a group of middle school students, but his brother was followed by a tall girl with a ponytail. The two stopped at the school gate and said something to each other. His younger brother was very polite. After two or three steps, he waved at the other person and then trotted over.

  Xia Ye has been watching in the car, and after waiting for him to get in the car, he asked, “Who was that?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “That was a classmate.”

  Xia Ye’s instinct was very accurate, and he glanced at the girl’s back and said, “Is it ‘well-known’?”

  Tang Jinyu approached from the back seat, stretched out his arms to hug his brother’s neck, and said with a smile: “Brother, you are really amazing, you can guess that too.”

  Xia Ye said: “I think she looks a bit familiar.”

  ”On the last school celebration, I was playing the piano and she was playing the violin. Last time she said a few words, she thought I was pretty good.”

  Xia Ye turned to look at him, frowning, Tang Jinyu hurriedly raised his hands in front and said: “I don’t want to fall in love early, brother, I told her clearly.”

  Xia Ye asked: “What did you say?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “I encourage her to study hard and strive to be admitted to a good high school.”

  ”And then?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, and Xia Ye said, “You should refuse directly.”


  ”It’s not good to reject her before the exam. What should I do if she fails her exam? I think she understood what I meant, and she hopes that I do good on the exams, so that’s good, I can’t be with her. ……” The boy whispered for a while, “She is taller than me.”

  Xia Ye glanced at him, and instantly transformed his emotions into another kind of dissatisfaction, “She thinks you are short? This is a normal boy’s height.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, a little embarrassed: “I feel a little short, brother, many people in our class have grown taller this year.”

  Xia Ye comforted him: “Go back to drink more milk in the evening, and you will grow taller after the summer vacation.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded obediently, “I will try my best to grow to this height.” He leveled it to Xia Ye’s chin and was happy by himself, “Brother, if I could be as tall as you, it would be great. I must be very handsome.”

  Xia Ye feels that he is fine now. The little guy in his family has been in poor health. The whole family has been very surprised to see him grow up this much. After all, he was only in middle school, and he will grow up to three years in high school, and it will be a little more than 1.70 meters.

When the “well-known” violin girl appeared. Xia Ye paid more attention to Tang Jinyu’s school life, but only the two brothers knew about this love letter and did tell the elders in the family.

  In Tang Jinyu’s heart, Xia Ye was not the same as his parents and uncles. It was an existence between friends and parents. He basically doesn’t hide anything from Xia Ye, and is full of respect for his brother.

  By the way, Xia Ye also followed the chat content of the radishes group several times, but like the group name, most of the topics discussed here are learning topics, especially positive, and the children in the group have no thoughts about premature love.

  Even Han Yichen and his sister are devoted to doing questions, and they can’t see anything different from the little girl.

  Xia Ye was worried that he was too strict with his control, which would make his brother feel rebellious, so he went to talk to Tang Jinyu once, and wanted to give him some space appropriately. However, Tang Jinyu didn’t feel annoyed at all. He shook his head vigorously when he heard him say: “Brother, I don’t want to talk about it. I come back from school now, and I don’t have much time to practice piano. I still want to finish the song earlier. There will be a competition at the end of the year, I’m very busy.”


  But when Xia Ye asked about his pocket money, the little guy didn’t dare to look at him and made several excuses.

  Xia Ye looked at him for a while and said, “You know that you can tell me anything, right?”

  Tang Jinyu sat there and hugged him by the waist, and smiled and said, “Yeah, I know!”

  During the few days of Tang Jinyu’s high school entrance examination, his family took time to cheer him up. He won several important prizes in the piano competition before, and there were extra points. Although his parents were nervous, they were confident.

  On the day of the exam, Tang Jinyu ate very well, and the chicken legs were eaten clean. Chen Suling saw that he ate well and guessed that the exam should go well.

  Sure enough, after he got his grades, he successfully entered a good high school, ranking in the top ten in the district and first in the school. It was a very good grade, and he did well in the exam without losing any extra points.

  Xia Ye originally wanted to comfort him, but Tang Jinyu was more relaxed than him. When Xia Ye asked, the little guy was surprised: “Didn’t I take first place?”

  ”But only the whole school?”

  Tang Jinyu rejoiced: “Of course, I am definitely not as good as you, I’m fine with first place. Let’s say that my brother and I were taking the same exam, brother would be first in the whole school!”

  If this was someone else, Xia Ye would have raised his eyebrows and asked, but when his brother laughed, he felt that his brother’s mentality was really good.

Tang Jinyu had a middle school graduation trip, but he did not participate, and wanted to follow Chen Suling back to visit his former friends.

  Chen Suling agreed. After all, her child has a long summer vacation, so he can just relax. The next step was the three-year sprint, and the adults in the family wanted him to enjoy the last comfortable vacation.


  Even Teacher Xia specifically asked him to reduce the time he spent practicing piano, and said to him: “I can’t teach you when you are in high school, Xiaoyu, I will give you a vacation this summer, and I will find a more professional one for you. When your teacher comes, you can just relax and feel the outside world. You can’t play the piano well when you’re always in your room. What you play is actually a part of your feelings, and it would be good for you to experience the outside world more.”

  When he came back, Tang Jinyu found some of his books and took two or three more clothes with him. This time he will stay with Chen Suling for a while, and stay there for a week.

  Tang Hongjun brought his book to the car and asked, “Why does Xiaoyu bring so many books, are you going to be able to finish reading it?”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Oh, those were brought back for Xiaoji. He didn’t get an ideal grade in the exam. This time I went back and brought him the ones I used before. The key points are different but there is not much difference, I’ll let him have a look.”

  Tang Hongjun was also familiar with his child friends. When asked about Ji Yuanjie’s current situation, Tang Jinyu changed the subject and said, “Dad, I will move this, this is heavy!”

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  1. I wonder what the little radishes are hiding? Yinxing is also hoarding money. I feel like there is something else going on! Curious.

    I love the vinegar eating Xia Ye is indulging in without realizing it! First the girl should be turned down and then outrage over a perceived slight to his baby’s height! It may not be romance yet, but that possessiveness and protectiveness is a great start!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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