LNTMG-(94) ‘The Secret Radishes’

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Chen Suling asked: “Is he going to take it?”

  Tang Jinyu ate two bites of food, and whispered: “We want him to go, but Xiao Ji’s family has it hard. He wants to stay and help his family. Xingxing said that he now does a few odd jobs and goes to a market to kill fish for others, and sometimes he goes to help on a construction site.”

  Chen Suling sighed. A saying that parents like them often say to their children is “what to do if you don’t learn now”. If you can’t improve a little now, the competition in the future will only be more difficult. What’s more, this kind of change happened in Ji Yuanjie’s home. That kid can be a good kid if he can maintain his kindness and be self-reliant.

  Chen Suling thought for a while and said, “In this way, mother will go back and think about how to arrange it. You have to eat first and I’ll give you an answer tomorrow, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu smiled at her and nodded, his appetite really improved a lot.

  He ate a lot at night. The sweet and sour fish and ate a whole piece of fish maw, and the other half was given to his mother. He also ate it with the tail of the fish. Chen Suling gave him the nutritious fish head and asked, “You like to eat so much. Next time mother will make it for you, what did you eat with Xingxing and the others at noon?”


  Tang Jinyu said: “After eating a lot, Xingxing and the others ate Hamburger and drank Coke, I ate a beef burger, and a pair of grilled chicken wings.”

  Chen Suling glanced at him, her child rarely lies to her even when he was a child. Whenever he did lie, he would immediately turn his eyes away and give away his guilty consciousness. Then he would come to please her in the evening, she smiled and said, “Tomorrow, mother will give you some pocket money. Don’t eat fast food, it’s better to eat somewhere healthier. We can’t always let girls treat us, you should also be a little gentlemen, too, right?”

  Tang Jinyu agreed and went to eat again.

  In the evening, he made tea for Chen Suling, went around in a circle, and took the initiative to massage her shoulders.

  With a stack of papers and drawings in her hand, Chen Suling continued to work with a smile while enjoying the care of her son.

Chen Suling acted very quickly. She arranged a job the next day. Her company moved to Shanghai, but the factory and some warehouses were still here. The warehouse for fabrics still needed a person in charge, and the work was not tiring. Just check the goods during the day and night, and pay attention to the circuit problems. But Ji Yuanjie’s family situation did not allow it. His father had just been out of danger and needed someone to take care of him at all times. His mother stayed in the hospital to accompany him and couldn’t come over. He thanked her for her kindness, and at the same time rejected the money Chen Suling had sent.

  Mother Ji said the same thing as her son, and didn’t want to accept too much donation from everyone, and that they can survive fine already.

  Chen Suling could only give some nutritional products temporarily, and then think of other ways.

  Everyone in the “radishes who loves learning” group was also thinking of a way. They have a small secret group, everyone except Xiaoji and his parents, and everyone was getting together and discussing what to do.

  Someone said: “I got a good grade in the high school entrance examination this time. My mother said that she saved 10,000 yuan in the ‘sponsorship fee’ of the key high school in Shengshi. She gave this to me as a reward in order to travel. But if I don’t go, I can probably get 500 or 600 yuan, and I’ll give this money to Xiaoji first!”

  There were also people who planned carefully, “It’s not a solution for the time being. We still have to help Xiao Ji find a better job, the one he has is too tiring, so that he can spare time to study when he repeats, and he can go to high school with us next year.”

  ”Yes, yes, find a better job, it is better to solve the problem of housing, renting a house requires money.”


  ”Safety must also be considered. Last time I wanted to help Xiao Ji, I specifically asked my grandma to go to the market there to buy a few more fish to eat. The boss neither good nor bad, and he kept urging Xiao Ji, but the knife wasn’t that easy to use, and my grandma felt distressed and said that the boss was too strict when he made Xiaoji scraped the fish scales with a pair of broken scissors, and Xiao Ji hands were hurt…”


  Everyone thought of methods that they could think of, but there were still many difficulties.

  Tang Jinyu said, “I think we still have to find a way from the source.”

  ”Any solutions?”

  ”Find the truck driver and let him compensate.”

  Tang Jinyu typed very slowly, but when he said that the friends in the group were waiting. Everyone was used to it. If Han Yixing was the squad leader, then Tang Jinyu was the commander-in-chief of their squad. Most of the time, the squad leader also does what the commander says, and everybody would pull the rope and work hard together.

  Tang Jinyu summed up a few points and asked Han Yixing and others to go to the newspapers and the Internet to find short-term job news. Guo Xiaohu followed Xiaoji to see where he was now working. Although the Guo family moved away, there were still many friends in the local area. He thought of asking someone he knows at home to help him out a little bit, and he goes to the company at home to ask if he can find a lawyer, and find a way to get the driver to compensate as soon as possible.

  ”There are nearly three months left, everyone, come on!”


  After shouting the slogan, the small group of “Secret Carrots” became quiet again, and everyone went to work one after another.

  Tang Jinyu talked about this idea to Chen Suling. Chen Suling agreed with it. She told her secretary to help find a lawyer, but she also said to him: “This is very difficult. You have to be mentally prepared that you may not succeed.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, “Mom, I know, we just want to try again, what if there is hope?”

  Chen Suling touched his head and said yes, but she sighed softly in her heart.

  This society is very complicated, and not everyone is as simple as these children.

  Tang Jinyu also called Xia Ye, and he called at noon. This was usually the time when his brother would accompany him for dinner. But this time the call passed and there was no response for a long time. After calling it several times, the secretary picked it up, whispering that Mr. Xia was busy, and that he would be replying to him later.


  Tang Jinyu was a little disappointed, but he still asked, “Sister, is my brother busy these days?”

  ”Manager Xia has been a bit busy recently.” The secretary has been with Xia Ye for a long time, knowing the importance of His Highness, and said to him kindly, “If you have anything you can tell me first, I will convey it to Mr. Xia as soon as possible.”

  ”Oh, it’s okay, sister, you can just say that I’ll call my brother in the evening.”

  The secretary agreed.

  Shanghai, golf course.

  Xia Ye was accompanying an important client, and he wouldn’t be out here if it were somebody else, but the person who came was Qiao Zuo. Qiao Zuo still remembers him as a great technical god. After he came, he called to meet him, and he could only come out to socialize a bit.

  There was also a handsome-looking man who accompanied Qiao Zuo. Qiao Zuo enthusiastically introduced: “Come on, Xia Ye, this is my best friend Li Zhou. Last time you worked with Mr. Li’s brother in Beijing.”

  Xia Ye shook hands with the other party and said a simple and polite sentence.

  He was not a talkative person, and he has no interest in corresponding rewards, and it was Qiao Zuo who set off the atmosphere throughout. Qiao Zuo didn’t mean to embarrass these two people. But he was really happy. He felt that the two iceberg presidents beside him were his best friends.

  Li Zhou and Qiao Zuo have known each other for a long time, and they would have a few words. Xia Ye sat there for a while, when a secretary came over and whispered a few words in his ear, he immediately nodded and said to Qiao Zuo and them: “I’m leaving ahead of time, but I’ll leave Manager Song to accompany you to play. He has good skills and is better than me.”

  Qiao Zuo said: “Are you in a hurry? Do you need any help?”

  Xia Ye said: “No, family business.”

  Song Yi came over to replace him, and soon chatted with Qiao Zuo and the others. Compared with Xia Ye, he was better at dancing and suitable for such social activities.


  Xia Ye went outside, took the newly charged cell phone and asked the secretary, “When did he call?”

  The secretary said: “About five minutes ago.”

  Xia Ye was dissatisfied, “You should have told me earlier.”

  The secretary didn’t dare to say anything. She was already fast enough to run to the court in five minutes wearing high heels.

  Xia Ye took the phone and dialed several times, but this time it was inconvenient to connect to Tang Jinyu. The little guy hung up several times and sent him a message: “Brother, wait a while, I’m with my friend.”

Xia Ye replied to him: “The phone was out of power just now.”

  After he finished sending it, he immediately sent another one: “What’s the matter?”

  After a long time, his brother replied with a smiling face, plus a particularly sweet sentence: “It’s okay, I just miss you.”

  A small town in the north.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the phone for a while, sighed lightly, and put it in his pocket.

  Guo Xiaohu looked at him and whispered: “Xiaoyu, are you okay?”

  Tang Jinyu was stunned, and smiled: “It’s okay, I was telling my family that I was going out with you today, where shall we go first?”

  Guo Xiaohu immediately became happy and eagerly said: “I have been with Xiao Ji for the past two days, and he is quite smart. He was looking for odd jobs that pay a lot. During the day, he will deliver express delivery to people, and does odd jobs to wash dishes in the hotel at night. How about we deliver express delivery together today?”

  The few people who followed were all members of the radish group. They played from when they were small, and although they were familiar with this community in this area, they immediately agreed to come.

  Guo Xiaohu found a few electric cars, and everyone went to help. Guo Xiaohu left an elderly car for himself, which is a bit like a banger car without a hood. The old people here usually ride to the kindergarten to pick up their children. The speed was very slow, and they could put some things in the back.


  Guo Xiaohu asked Tang Jinyu to sit in the back, and he rode in the front. Tang Jinyu sorted the express delivery on the road while sitting, so that it was convenient for delivery.

  Guo Xiaohu rode for a while, stumbling and saying: “Xiaoyu, do you remember when you were a kid, you had a red car? I thought it was very beautiful when I first time I saw you driving that car. At that time, my family didn’t have much money. After a long time, my mother didn’t give up to buy it for me. Later, when I was in primary school, my family bought it for me, and I invited you to sit here…”

  Tang Jinyu put the big box by his feet, while holding the small box in his hand, and said, “Oh, yes, you took stars for a ride at that time, right?”

  Guo Xiaohu immediately said: “Of course not! Why would I do that with her!”

  He worked hard to explain his relationship with her, wishing to swear by the heavens, but seeing that this road would not work, and still trying to say that when he was a child, he thought of him more of their previous things.

  Tang Jinyu was happy after listening to it for a while, “I remember, when we were looking for a panda, right?”


  ”It’s been a long time. My brother bought me all the cars in my house.”


  Guo Xiaohu immediately flattered him: “Brother Xia Ye is really nice to you! He always thinks about you first, if I have a younger brother, I would…” He suddenly remembered the phone call Tang Jinyu had just made, and hurriedly changed his words halfway, almost biting his tongue. “It’s just that adults, they must be very busy at work, and they can’t take care of everything.”

  Guo Xiaohu felt that nothing was wrong with what he said now. The boy sitting behind laughed and echoed: “Yes, but don’t we have to work? Then we would be busy.”

  ”Yes, yes, when we go to work in the future, it might be the same, but Xiaoyu, I would put your phone number first. If you ever need anything just call me, I don’t sleep much at midnight, really. My spirit is very good!”

  Tang Jinyu responded back, he had to go to bed in the middle of the night, after all, his brother would come to check and he would be punished if he was caught.

  He bowed his head and finished the delivery, and carried a few small items that were easy, and hung them in his arms.

  Now that he has grown up, he can’t rely on his brother for everything.

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  1. Thank you for updating this novel today too, Translator-san. Awww Xiaohu is flirting with Xiaoyu. Poor Xiaohu, Xiaoyu is too dense.
    Hopefully Xiaoji’s condition improves and he can goes to the high school too in the later chapters (even though I’ve hoped that he goes to the same high school with Stars T/\T, but… *crycrycry*)

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  2. Xiaohu, Xiaohu, Xiaohu… I can see your attempt at fighting for favor and admire you for it, but you aren’t going to win!

    Xia Ye is going to have a little bit of a shock to realize his baby is growing up and doesn’t need him as much as before! He might still end up being consulted later on of course; his skills mean he might be able to track the culprit down better. Still, Xia Ye is no longer the first resource! You’re maturing well, Jinyu!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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