LNTMG-(97) Hawthorn

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For the next few days, Tang Jinyu helped Ji Yuanjie settle down for a part-time job in the Su Zhai restaurant. Although Xia Ye was strict, he still let go and helped them in private.

  Tang Jinyu taught Ji Yuanjie for a few days at Su Zhai. The job was much better compared to the odd jobs that Ji Yuanjie had looked for before. Although he concentrates on working for a few hours, he can free up a lot of time to do other things and receive a lot of money.

Ji Yuanjie learned very quickly. He has a better understanding than Guo Xiaohu, and he was serious in doing things. He learned decently with Tang Jinyu in the afternoon. The next day, he gradually eliminates the need for others, and is able to do it independently.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t worry about him. He came to accompany him for a few days. He was already familiar with the chef here, and everyone knew that these children were good and hardworking students, and treated them very well.

  Tang Jinyu talked to Xiao Ji about the lawyer. Ji Yuanjie felt grateful, but he was a little tired and said, “Last time I also found a lawyer for my family and did everything I could. The truck driver also has it very difficult at home. He brought something for my dad when no one was around, and My mom wanted to sue the driver and his family for coming…”

  Xiao Ji said very tactfully.

  The truth was much more than what he said. The truck driver originally thought Ji Yuanjie’s father was slightly injured, so he came to see him and bought some fruits and gifts, but when he saw that he was hurt so badly, plus the Ji’s family, hundreds of boxes of valuable drinks in that van were all smashed. The payment alone was a lot of money, and it made him so scared that he couldn’t be found.

  The business of Ji Yuanjie’s family has not been very good for the past two years. Ji’s mother wants to buy a batch of goods and switch to selling wine, but who would have thought that something like this would happen suddenly.


  Ji Yuanjie’s father was still in the unit, and the unit has organized donations, but many people make irresponsible remarks about this. After all, his family moved out of the apartment building a few years ago. At that time, they said that their family had made a fortune, and didn’t give them a dime, and now they needed to ask for donations when something went wrong. After receiving those thousands of donations, Ji’s mother was not less talked about, but either way, it did help the mother and son duo during their most difficult times, and when the medical expenses ran out and it was difficult to borrow from their relatives, and Ji’s mother never let Ji Yuanjie follow, but Xiaoji knew it in his heart.

  Ji’s mother was a very strong person, otherwise she would not be the first batch to come out to make money in her own small business. She gave all the people an IOU who she had borrowed money from, and planned to pay them back slowly. But even so, she was still scolded for this, and she gradually didn’t say anything to them.

  The house happened to be leaking during a rainy night, and now the Ji family has not only tasted the warmth and coldness of human feelings, but also has been quarreling with the truck driver’s family.

  The wife of the other party came over and cried for a while holding a three or four-year-old child, and smashed a kettle in his house. She pointedly said that their family had caused her to lose her husband, and that she was a widow struggling with raising a child by herself, and that they had to pay for their living expenses.

  This was simply unreasonable. Ji Yuanjie, a good man, was angry for the first time. He wanted to push them out, but he was held by his mother and stopped, crying and begging him not to be impulsive.

  ”Don’t go, you let her make trouble, what else can’t be smashed in our house now, it’s all tattered things, you let her go…you can’t have an accident, there can be no more people in our family. .”

  Ji’s mother had a small business, and she has seen people like this in her daily life, and knew that they came to do this on purpose.


  They can only bear it. If Xiaoji makes a mistake impulsively, she would really be helpless if she couldn’t protect this family.

  Ji Yuanjie was obedient, and he endured it.

  By biting on the lips, until it bleed.

  He tasted the hardships of life for the first time. He thought that hardship was nothing more than physical fatigue. He went to the construction site to move bricks, carry cement, or save some meals and drink more water… He never knew that this kind of suffering made him feel so unspeakable in his heart.


  The truck driver’s family was also in a poor state, so poor that the man left his wife and children and ran away. It is said that there was a pair of elderly and seriously ill parents in the family, and even if the guy was arrested and sentenced, the other party would not be able to pay a penny.

  There were still traces of the wound on Ji Yuanjie’s lips. He whispered to Tang Jinyu, the sentence was plain, and he had survived.

  Tang Jinyu squeezed the dough in his hand, and then let go of his clenched hand for a long time, and said angrily: “Then catch him back and let him go to jail!”

  Ji Yuanjie nodded and chuckled: “Yes, I thought about it before. It’s okay to be caught and sentenced. After all, he smashed my dad that way. Xiaoyu, regardless of whether it is successful or not, I am very grateful to you.”

  Tang Jinyu had flour in his hand, so he slapped him lightly with his shoulder, “What are saying, we are all good brothers, have you forgotten? Everyone in the class used to draw the ‘three eight lines’, but we didn’t.”

  Ji Yuanjie was still laughing, “That was done at the same table as the girls. We are both boys, so why do we have to paint that”


  Tang Jinyu also laughed, “You are different from them. You didn’t paint when you would be grouped with other girls, and you just let them. But when you were in a group with stars, you wouldn’t draw outside the lines…”

  Ji Yuanjie bowed his head and wrapped a beautiful dumpling, set it aside, and put it aside for star, which he certainly wouldn’t give it to.

  He would only give her the best.

  Guo Xiaohu brought two boxes of vegetables back from the outside, he was still full of energy. He used to play basketball for half a day every summer during summer vacation. Now this amount of work was simply trivial. He doesn’t want money, he just comes to help, and on the way, he turns his head around towards Tang Jinyu.

  The master made vegetarian fried meatballs today. Tang Jinyu was curious, and tried to steal one, and he also left as much of the work as possible for Xiao Ji, who generally refused to be paid more for their part-time work.

  Guo Xiaohu also hurried over, guarding him carefully. Tang Jinyu had to step through him to see. In the end, he didn’t see anything, so he could only go back to help mix the stuffing.

Guo Xiaohu saw it and followed him, and took the chopsticks in his hand and said: “I’ll come, I’ll come, Xiaoyu, sit and rest, and just command.”

  The seasonings were prepared by the master, and the hard work was left to others to do. Guo Xiaohu has some strength, and starts stirring clockwise as Tang Jinyu said.

  ”Don’t use too much force. The tofu will melt in a while. Don’t use too much effort for the soft tofu, otherwise it will be watery, so you have to be gentle.”

  Guo Xiaohu carefully controlled his hand strength. It was like this when they used to play together. He came to pick up all the heavy things. He felt that Tang Jinyu’s hands could only be used to play the piano, and he was afraid of hurting those hands.


  When it was time for dinner, there were more people ordering veggie bags. Xiaoji couldn’t do this alone, so Tang Jinyu rolled up his sleeves to help, moving quickly and well.

  Guo Xiaohu couldn’t help anymore at the moment, so he just sat there watching, staring straight at his fingers, and didn’t know what he was thinking. After a while, he blushed, lowered his head and didn’t dare to look, but he couldn’t bear it, and looked up secretly.

  His eyes were too straightforward, Tang Jinyu turned around and asked, “Do they not look good enough?”

  Guo Xiaohu flushed beet red, and shook his head quickly: “No, no, you pack very well.”

  Tang Jinyu put one on the steamer and said with a smile: “Yes, I also think so, I used to make dumplings and buns when I was at home. My dad was responsible for making the noodles, my mother adjusted the filling, and my brother would roll the dumplings, and throw them at me. He moved so fast that I had to hurry in order to keep up with him.”

  It took a lot of effort for the two people next to imagine Xia Ye wearing a suit and rolling dumplings. They all felt weird. Ji Yuanjie felt that Tang Jinyu’s brother holding a pen in his hand would be more appropriate to sign a multi-million dollar contract. Meanwhile, Guo Xiaohu can’t help but think of Xia Ye’s rolling pin in his hand and swinging it like a baseball bat. While he sat there, his hair stood upright. He felt that Tang Jinyu’s brother must have no expression on his face when he hit someone, and that he wears a mask to a fight.

Tang Jinyu didn’t notice this, and he talked a lot about cooking. After he grew up, he liked to cook. He talked about some special dishes. “I know all of these. I will try them next time.”

  Guo Xiaohu said, “Do you still cook at home?”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Yes, my brother likes to eat what I make. He ate all the tofu buns yesterday.”

  Guo Xiaohu let out a cry, thought for a long time, and didn’t know how to continue talking.


  Su Zhai restaurant was very busy, but after Xiaoji had been busy for a while, he was able to stabilize and keep up. Tang Jinyu watched for a while, and did not leave to disturb him, so he left with Guo Xiaohu. He had an appointment with his brother, and he was busy until 6:30 a day at most, and would come here to pick him up.

  Guo Xiaohu walked out with him. When he reached the side of the road, Guo Xiaohu held back for a while and suddenly shouted: “Xiaoyu!”

  Tang Jinyu was looking at his mobile phone and was startled by him, “What’s the matter?”

  Guo Xiaohu babbled for a long time, kicked a small stone on the side of the road, lowered his head and said in a low voice, “Xiaoyu, the buns I have eaten these days were the best buns I have eaten in my life, how did you make them? The stuffing was delicious, and the pieces of green pepper were also delicious…” He never usually eats green peppers since he was a child, but Tang Jinyu ate three or four in one go, and he really liked it. There was also a bit of sourness in this love, such as a sudden bite of Hawthorn without sugar, looking red and big, but with acid in his mouth, to the tip of the nose.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t know this, so he stopped to look at him.

  Guo Xiaohu put his hands in his pockets, clenched his fists hard to give himself a little courage, “Anyways, I will never forget today for the rest of my life, doing this part-time together, was very meaningful.”

  Tang Jinyu smiled and nodded, “Yes, I also think it makes sense.”

  Tang Jinyu’s cell phone rang, and he answered the sound while looking up at the surroundings. After seeing the familiar car, he waved to Guo Xiaohu and ran to the car.


  Guo Xiaohu watched Tang Jinyu run to the side of the car and stopped, waited for the window to be rolled down there, first held up a finger and handed it over, whispering something to the person driving inside.

  Immediately after a big hand stretched out, the white shirt was rolled up to the wrist, revealing a brand-name watch of the same style as Tang Jinyu’s wrist. He flicked a single finger on the little guy’s head, and then he squeezed his finger to help him blow.

  Tang Jinyu lay down and smiled with his eyes bent, rubbed his head, and then got into the car.

  When Guo Xiaohu saw it, he was inexplicably envious, but he didn’t know what he was envious of. He kept watching Tang Jinyu and his brother drive far away before taking his gaze back.

  After Ji Yuanjie finished his work in Su Zhai Restaurant, the master was very kind to him and gave him two boxes of buns for him to take back to eat. The master said that he would only include dinner for one person, but it was enough for the whole family.

  Ji Yuanjie accepted and earnestly thanked him, packed it in his backpack and took it home.

  He first went to the hospital to deliver the next one, and then took his own to the construction site.

  There was a small area nearby for pavement renovation, but it was a very small section of the project, but it was being inspected, and the urging was very strong, so a few more workers were hired to work, and the cost was nearly 100 yuan a night.

  Ji Yuanjie came over to say hello to the foreman, put his stuff down and changed into a torn T-shirt, and went to work.

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  The author has something to say:

  Hand injury in Small Theater:

  Xia Shen: Does it hurt?

  Xiaoyu: Brother help me blow it down, it won’t hurt if you blow!

  Old Han’s house——

  Han Yichen: Star, come see if my hand is broken! !

  Little girl: You deserve it.

3 thoughts on “LNTMG-(97) Hawthorn

  1. Reality is that just about everyone has it tough, you know? The truck driver may have a hard home situation financially, but he was also at fault. Unfortunately, you can’t punish a person without also punishing the ones who love them. Life isn’t always fair, but st the end if the day the one who did the wrong needs to atone for it, even with all the costs associated with it.

    The Han siblings mini-theater cracked me up! Yep, that’s very accurate!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for updating too today!!!
    The driver’s family is so….. *Urgh, I want to punch his wife*
    At least, all of your family (driver’s family) is safe and healthy while Xiaoji’s father still receiving treatment in the hospital.
    While reading this chapter, I automatically feel grateful that I am not like Xiaoji and I also feel I have to introspect whether I am one of those people who often contribute in giving wounds to people who are afflicted by misfortune.

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  3. It’s by no doubt that the truck driver has a hard life. And he can continue to pile on excuses about his family situation. But at the end of the day he made a severe mistake that hurts others, and now he has to atone for that mistake.

    It takes ease to run away, but a lot of courage to face the mistake, and I wish people reading this can attend to the latter instead of the former when they do end up making a mistake, as all humans do.

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