LNTMG-(99) Turning Point

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Han Yixing hit the car, so Han Yichen finally made her give him 400 yuan in order to educate her.

  If it was before, the little girl would definitely give it to him without saying anything, but now she can’t bear to lose a single penny, and when she pulls it out, she feels distressed and tearful again.

  Han Yichen could not tolerate this. He became hard-hearted since he heard that she was still going to the construction site. He took the money from his sister and said to her: “Xingxing, you remember, you must be careful in the future, there aren’t that many kind people in society.”

  The little girl nodded sadly. She lost money but got a new job.

  Han Yichen found work for their group of students, and just as Ji Yuanjie had finished his work on the construction site, he asked the little girl to take them over to clean the office.

  He rented an office building here, and it was pretty grand.

  When the day came, Han Yichen deliberately waited for them at the entrance of the office building and took them in the elevator. He was dressed in a suit and wore leather shoes, even his hair was specially jelled, and his movements and aura was similar to how successful people were. It really intimidated the few students who have specially put on sportswear to work. The group of students obediently gave him space, and they huddled in the corner of the elevator like quails.


  Although the little girl didn’t notice it, since she was very excited to follow her brother.

  Han Yichen glanced at the group of male students behind, picked the tallest one and asked, “You are short on money?”

  Guo Xiaohu looked around and saw that Han Yichen was still looking at himself, and immediately nodded honestly: “Yeah, it’s to help Xiaoji save for tuition.”

  Han Yichen thought for a while, and said, “Okay, Xingxing, you will help them sign in a while and write down everyone’s names. The others will come with me, and I will tell you the area to clean.”

  After getting out of the elevator, Han Yixing went to the secretary to sign and report, and the other students followed Han Yichen.

  Han Yichen’s face was sullen, but his heart felt relaxed and happy, in a good mood, the tall silly big man said Xiaoji’s name, and not stars, it seemed that there was no threat.

  The first floor there had a lot of space for an office, and it was very empty, and no furniture has been moved up there yet. Han Yichen gave them some instructions, and the half-aged teenagers began to roll up their sleeves and work. After Han Yichen supervised for a while, he left.

  After he left, everyone relaxed a little. Some students took the time to look at the office cubicles divided here, and while cleaning them, they said with emotion: “It’s so big, and there’s even a pantry, like a big company that you see on TV. It’s really impressive!”

  Guo Xiaohu said: “What’s the matter, we can also start a company in the future!”

  The classmate scratched his head and smiled: “No, I am very happy to have such a position, with a name badge and swiping my card, and wearing a suit!”


  Everyone laughed.

  Towards noon, Tang Jinyu also came to help. Xia Ye personally sent him to visit his old friends on the way.

  After Han Yichen left, he deliberately hid to the side of the large office and peeked through the blinds to see a group of children working outside. After Xia Ye came in, he said, “Lao Xia, be quiet, come here and watch.”

Xia Ye took a look, and quickly fixed his eyes on the little guy.

  Tang Jinyu was very popular among these semi-college students. As soon as he arrived, someone wring a rag for him, and several other boys ran over and stood there listening to him. His brother whispered something, and the other side nodded and walked away. It seemed that what the little guy told him was right, his words hold a little weight with the other children.

  Han Yichen looked over again and said with emotion: “I feel more at ease with Xiaoyu being here.”

  Xia Ye said: “What are you worried about?”

  ”You don’t know, when my sister came in just now, two little boys helped her carry a bucket, and they almost touched her hand! But it’s fine now, with Xiaoyu here, I feel more relieved.” Han Yichen sighed, ” Even after I have known Xiaoyu for so many years, I can rest assured, but I can’t relax with any of these little rascals and I have to watch after them.”

  Xia Ye didn’t say a word, still looking outside.

  He thought more than Han Yichen.

  He didn’t even worry about the little girl Xingxing.

  Compared with these half-aged boys, his brother was so behaved. He has not been deeply involved in the world. He has always been protected by his family very well. But what if Han Yichen’s little sister takes fancy to him?


  Han Yichen didn’t know what he thought, otherwise he would have jumped up and had a fight with him.

  Xiaoji and the students did a good job. Han Yichen saved some money by not getting help from a moving company. The furniture there was not very heavy, the computer desk could be folded, and the swivel chair could be pushed easily with its wheel. He simply asked the students to help move things in.

  Like a bunch of small and medium sized ants, they moved little by little. It took a much longer time than a moving company could, but they moved very carefully, and the large and small pieces were placed very neatly.

Tang Jinyu also moved things with them. This group of classmates have played together since childhood, knowing that Tang Jinyu’s health was not good since childhood, they took special care of him and only let him move small ones and be in charge of commanding the team.

  After all, Tang Jinyu used to be very famous in their elementary school. But as soon as winter would come, he wouldn’t be seen by anyone, and would stay in the hospital. Even when he wouldn’t come to school, he would still take the final exam and still take first place in school.

  Half of the honor of their class was guaranteed by him.

  The childhood memories they had were too deep, and to this day they feel that what Tang Jinyu said must be correct.

  Tang Jinyu borrowed a trailer from the security room downstairs, which greatly saved energy and time. His little white teeth smiled very sweetly, and he had a good relationship with everyone. In addition, there were many classmates who came to help, so he arranged carefully along the way, and they moved the things very quickly, and after placing them in place, They also cleaned up the dust on the way, which made them neat.

  Han Yichen looked at them through the blinds, smiled and touched Xia Ye next to him with his arms, saying: “Hey, Lao Xia, your brother is fine, the command is good, and their progress is much faster than I thought, and the sanitary cleaning is also very good. I don’t even need to ask the cleaner to do it again.”

  Xia Ye was also surprised.

  When eating at noon, Han Yichen deliberately intruded into the small group to inquire about the situation, bought them a box of lunch, and took a portion of it while eating while inquiring.


  This group of children have not been deeply involved in the world. They don’t know how to speak the Tibetan language. Besides, he was Han Yixing’s elder brother, so they immediately said everything that they knew. But they have nothing they can’t say. Their “Radishes who love learning” group really love learning.

  Han Yichen only asked a few fragmentary questions. In addition to learning how to write questions, this group of children also participated in the Science and Technology Agency and the Computer Agency.

  A boy with glasses said shyly: “Brother Han, the stars said that you won the first prize of the National Computer Contest before. We all admire you very much. More than half of the people in the group have joined the computer club, and hope to participate in the competition in the future, and strive to get good results.”

  Han Yichen didn’t expect that he was placed so high in his sister’s heart. He was moved to tears and almost returned the four hundred dollars to her sister.

  ”Brother Han, we also play games in the Yava game box. We organize team battles once a week, all under the command of Xiaoyu.”

  Han Yichen was happy: “Did Xingxing give up her command position?”

  Several people on the opposite side nodded and followed with joy: “Yeah, she beats the soldiers and rushes first in line.”

  ”What about Xiaoyu?”

  ”He is the assistant and commander-in-chief. When we fight in team battles, he is the commander!”

  ”Yes, it’s best to listen to Xiaoyu!”

  Han Yichen thought to himself, it’s no wonder that they all listened to Tang Jinyu because it was natural for this group of children. They have been trained for several years, and everyone has become accustomed to performing their duties. He joked with the children: “You have done a good job these two days, you guys clean better. When I have time next weekend, I will look for you, and I’ll pay each person 150 yuan a day.”

  The eyes of a group of children were bright. There were more than ten of them, which was a lot!


  Tang Jinyu was also very happy, but he asked again: “Brother Xiao Han, if I need more in the future, can I introduce my other classmates? There are many hard-working students, and they can clean up with Xiaoji. “

  The other classmates in their group were free this summer. After going to high school, they will be busy with their homework. Everyone will definitely not have much time. Even if they want to come, their family will not agree. So it was best to make second-hand preparations in advance.

  Han Yichen also thought of him being there, and smiled: “Of course, where is Xiaoji?”

  Tang Jinyu called Ji Yuanjie to come over. Xiao Ji wiped the wheels of the swivel chair over there, squatting there carefully and wiping them one by one. Before he had time to eat, Tang Jinyu called him over.

  Han Yichen looked at him and said: “Yes, Xiaoji, remember my mobile phone number, and I will text you to give you any more jobs in the future, let’s get in touch more often.”

  Ji Yuanjie hurriedly agreed, but he didn’t have a cell phone, so he wrote down the phone number on paper. He tore off the note and put it away, “Thank you, Brother Han.”

  Han Yichen waved his hand and said: “It’s okay, you study hard, and you will return to how it was before with everybody else in the future.”

Xiaoji laughed and nodded.

  Han Yichen didn’t take it to heart, and couldn’t ask more questions here. When he asked about his sister for a while, all he heard from these children about his sister were “speak for justice” and “having chivalrous courage”. He felt that Xingxing was a good child, but on the other hand, he was angry that these smelly boys couldn’t speak well, and how could his little fairy be described like this? It’s just a mess of adjectives.

  Xia Ye gave Tang Jinyu time to eat with his friends. When he finished eating, he didn’t let the little guy stay here. He told him to go to consult a lawyer with him, and took him away.

  Guo Xiaohu couldn’t help but look up and stare at the person who was leaving, but soon saw Han Yichen staring at them at the door, and he was so scared that he hurried to work again.


  Han Yichen stayed and stared at these hairy boys, for fear that they would take another look at his sister.

  The lawyer Song Yi introduced was indeed professional, and he was also very experienced in dealing with people who are like truck driver.

  Because Ji’s family had already contacted the traffic police department to issue a traffic accident liability certificate, which divided the responsibilities of both parties, the truck driver was fully responsible for rear-end collision after drinking and driving, and there was no reason to deny it.

  Based on the identification results of Ji Yuanjie’s father’s injuries, combined with personal factors such as the current income level of Xiaoji’s family, the lawyer increased the specific compensation items and amount to the court, and the subsequent negotiation became a problem again.

  The truck driver pleaded guilty, but refused to pay the compensation.

  Regarding the lawyer’s lawsuit, he said that he was blocked by the car next to him when he turned right, and then he said that Ji’s car suddenly came out from the side, and after several excuses, he simply played around and disappeared again.

  The truck driver couldn’t be reached, and he changed his number. It was obvious that he was very familiar with the court’s accountability and was skilled in evading enforcement.

  What’s more, his family was like hob meat, they were neither hard nor soft. As far as the lawyer is concerned, they would jump up and scolded the lawyer, and would even go to Ji’s house and cry and make a scene. They even took photos, and edited it themselves to make them look bad, and posted it on the internet. There was a lot of mixed audio and video saying that Xiaoji’s family was eating their subsidies and had ruined their family, and now that her husband’s car was destroyed, he lost his job, and their family was about to be destroyed.

  It was probably someone who was instructing them behind the scenes. The words sent by the truck driver’s wife were specifically placed on the hottest social platforms, and they made up a tragic story, and they took photos of the elderly in the family who had been sick for a long time, and put themselves at the door of Ji’s house, with a miserable look on their faces was photographed and put on together.

  The post quickly became popular, and the broadcast soon reached nearly 10,000.


  Netizens who didn’t know the truth helped them forward it at first, and public opinion made a lot of noise.

  A few people on the Internet have a bit of hatred for the rich. Seeing that there was a full box of Moutai in the van of the Ji family, they mocked: “They have money to drink a full box of Moutai, and they still care about their medical expenses?”

  The netizen “Hong Luobei Xiaoxing” immediately jumped out to accuse him: “Did you read the real report of this incident? I don’t think you have a say in this, is it wrong for the victim’s family to open up a store? If you make a mistake and don’t want to pay compensation, you must be shameless!”

Someone also said, “Oh, but isn’t it karma that a drunk driver bumped into a liquid seller? I ‘m glad that there is one less alcohol seller in the world, and less drunk people, this can be regarded as a blessing for society.”

  This time it was not just Han Yixing that was angry, the other radishes were also angry, and they all left messages:

  ”You use electricity every day, has it electrocuted you!”

  ”It is the drinker who was wrong, not the alcohol. It’s being responsible.”

  ”If you don’t understand the law, don’t just open your mouth and talk nonsense, uncle, don’t worry, wait for me to study hard in the future, if you have something wrong, you can ask me to help you with a lawsuit and charge double the money.”


  That night, the Yava social platform directly posted a website verdict that clearly marked that the one posted by the truck driver’s wife was “fake news” and also included an address of the court’s true report for netizens to click on. This warning was bright red, very conspicuous, and many people saw this and many people forwarded it.

  After everyone clicked in and saw, they hated this kind of old Lai, and they didn’t know how many people scolded them.


  The few photos sent by the truck driver’s wife were also picked up by netizens to be suspicious.

  At first, someone analyzed the photo and posed for the photo. At first glance, the other party weren’t pushed or shoved at all, they rolled themselves.

  Later, some netizens said that the old man in the picture was someone they knew. They were not in the north at all. They were all aged in their old homes in the south. The old people’s homes were poor, and they could not go to the north overnight and could not bear the bumpy road. 

  Immediately there were people who asked more questions. There are many people on the Internet, and there was always a personal network behind each account, and some people soon recognized the truck driver’s wife and said: “I’ve seen this woman. During the New Year, she also showed that her husband and friends opened a restaurant together, and her family is quite rich, and her old man is not sick at all. My mother even talked to them the day before yesterday when she walking outside.”

After the netizen said this, he also released a picture with a blurred back to prove that he was right. Although only the back of the old man can be seen, the young woman holding the old man can see clearly from the side. It was indeed a truck driver’s wife!

  The lawyer on Xia Ye’s side has been paying close attention and quickly contacted this netizen to investigate and collect evidence.

  The incident has been turned around!

  The family status shown by the truck driver was false. After conducting multiple investigations and collecting evidence, it was discovered that he and his friend opened a restaurant, and his income status was good, and his parents were in good health. After interrogation of the previous photos, the truck driver’s wife finally admitted that the picture posted on the internet was to win some sympathy.

  She was a little unwilling, but she didn’t dare to lie anymore, “I showed these photos to Ji’s family before. I didn’t think too much about it at the time. It’s just that my family…” She couldn’t say the word with any difficulty now, and she whispered for a long time. “I just want to give it a try, even if I failed trying, at least I could’ve saved some money.”

  When Ji Yuanjie heard her say this, his eyes were red when he remembered when this person was making a fuss at his own home.


He was angry at her shamelessness, and also felt sorry for his parents who had to suffer through this, but still under the reminder of the lawyer, he was very restrained and tried to stand by his mother and support her to finish the lawsuit.

  In the final trial, the truck driver compensated Jia’s father for his losses and medical expenses, and the truck driver was investigated for the responsibility for a crime. The defendant truck driver concealed and transferred his property, refused to implement the judgment and verdict, and was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment and two years’ probation.

  Today turned out to be the hottest day of summer. The cicadas screamed, Ji Yuanjie’s footsteps were a little soft as he stepped out the shadow of the door of the building, his ears were buzzing, and he could only hear the sound of his heart beating. Suddenly, it seemed to come alive again.

  He saw a group of friends running in the distance. The girl ran the fastest, and her ponytail was swinging around. She ran over and shook his arm first. The smile on her face was very bright, and the others were also laughing and following. He couldn’t hear them clearly, but he couldn’t help but laugh with them.

  A group of friends took him by the hand and enthusiastically led him forward. Xiaoji took a few steps and stood in the sun. Looking around, his shoulders felt light, and he was now able to go under the sun with his friends to see the bigger world.

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