LNTMG-(101) Pingcheng

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Xia Ye stayed in the small town during his vacation, and stayed here with his brother for a while.

  He also noticed that the little guy was more relaxed in his environment since he was familiar with it at a young age. There was also Song Yi at the company. Xia Ye looked at Song Yi and talked about their objective before and after there was basically no difference. The work that should be done was still done well, so he didn’t feel guilty and left everything to Song Yi as usual.

  Xia Ye stayed here for a long time. Song Yi called him a few times and didn’t see any response. In the end, he gave up reasoning with him, and he only had to say that he came here to inspect the branch office to discuss it with Han Yichen if he had something to do.

  Song Yi didn’t believe this at all.

  Han Yichen just begged him to buy tickets for the Olympic Games in Beijing last week. He even arranged a hotel for him, for a whole week, how could he be busy discussing company affairs!

  Han Yichen learned very well with Xia Ye, and came back to take better care of his family. In addition, when he watched Tang Jinyu at the company, he often ran to Xia Ye, shouting “brother”, and he was really envious.

  He couldn’t steal his brother, so he could only go home and stare at his sister.

  The little girl yelled to go to the capital to chase stars, but now that the Ji family’s troubles were resolved, she no longer mentioned it. She squeezes watermelon juice for him at home every day. Han Yichen was so touched that his younger sister loved him, and decided to treat her better, and said: “Stars, I will give you something.”


  The little girl stretched out her hand, expecting her brother to pay her back the four hundred dollars.

  But what fell in the palm of the hand was a stack of tickets, four of them no more, no less, still in a row.

  Han Yichen coughed and said, “Here you are.”

  ”What is this?”

  ”Tickets for the Olympic Games, don’t you want to go to the capital? I have no other vacation for this year, so let’s go and see it with the whole family together.”

  The little girl was really excited, rushed to hug him, and then turned to the living room to find her parents to tell them, he could hear the laughter of the little girl across the corridor, Han Yichen rubbed the tip of his nose and smiled.

  On August 8, the Han family of four went to the capital.

  At the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games, the five-star red flag was rising.

  Fireworks were in full bloom, one huge after another, turned into a bright light and lit up the sky above a bird’s nest.

  Han Yixing clapped and cheered desperately at the scene, like the most fanatical little fan, her face blushed with excitement. She stayed in the capital to watch the game for a few days, took a lot of photos, and shared them with the “Radishes who loves to learn” group.

  The little radishes came up and praised one after another, and Xiaoji was among them. He replied a little late, but as always, he praised every photo taken by the little girl sincerely.

  A small partner bubblingly said: “Stars, bring us some souvenirs. I want a postcard. It’s best if you can bring the Olympic seal!”

  Others also raised their hands for a share.


  Han Yixing said: “Don’t worry, I’ve bought them all. Everyone will have an Olympic postcard!”

  The group cheered. Han Yichen was moved by their simple friendship. He paid back the four hundred dollars he had received from his sister that night and put it in the little girl’s bag. There was not much money, so he let his sister buy some souvenirs. After all, a few hundred dollars can buy so much, and there wasn’t a lot of time to be happy.

  Tang Jinyu did not go to the capital to watch the Olympics, and when Xia Ye asked him. He still shook his head and refused. The Olympics can be watched on TV, but there was one place he preferred to go.

He and Xia Ye went to Pingcheng.

  This was the third time he has come here. Fortunately, this was the old city, and there were some cultural monuments here. There was also a museum where ancient bronzes were placed. Therefore, he used this reason to say that he likes these so he comes to see it every year.

  Some words seemed to be restricted, and he couldn’t speak to his family, preventing any words from leaving his mouth. He simply found a reason to come over, and walked around and looked at the old town while looking for it.

  He wanted to find some clues, and wanted to find the hunchbacked old man who had always appeared in his dreams. In his dream, the old man treated him very well. Although he couldn’t see the old man’s face, he would call “Grandpa” every time he raised his head, and smiled and promised that if there was anything good to eat, he would always eat it first and give the rest to him.

  Since Tang Jinyu could remember the things in his dream, he wanted to find him.

  It seems that if he finds the old man, he can remember more things.

  But for two or three years, he would come every time, but never met the old man.


  Tang Jinyu was walking around near an old house. He was a little confused. When he was surrounded by white fog in his dream that house seemed to be here, but the wall didn’t look like the one he remembered, it didn’t seem blackened by the stove. He looked up and saw that there was a small vegetable market nearby. There were a lot of people selling snacks around here, some were frying pancakes while screaming, some were selling pot stickers, and some freshly sprinkled sesame seeds fell on the fire, bursting with fragrance.

  Seeing him walking around here, Xia Ye thought he was hungry, and asked, “Want to eat?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, after walking all morning, he was indeed a little hungry.

  There were kebab sellers and fried squid rings nearby. Xia Ye did not dare to let him eat these, so he took him to find a small vendor who first wrapped pot stickers. There were seven or eight small tables and sat there. More than half of the people look cleaner and hygienic.

  Xia Ye wiped the stool and let him sit down first, he went to buy some potstickers and asked for some of each kind of stuffing. The best ones here are beef stuffing and shrimp stuffing, with the thin crust sprinkled with sesame seeds. The sturdy fillings like beef balls were so full that it burst out juice with just one bite, and it had to be blown while eating.

  Tang Jinyu slowed down after taking two bites. Xia Ye was still eating, watching him bite, and asked, “Don’t like this?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and said, “I like it.”

  He really likes it, and he had also smelled this in his dreams, as if he had eaten this when he was a child, and it felt very familiar.

  But the more familiar, the more sad he was.

  He seemed to have lost one of his closest people.

  Xia Ye was still asking him in a low voice. Tang Jinyu didn’t want his brother to worry. He looked at a small stall selling croquettes on the side of the road and said vaguely: “Brother, I just want to eat that fried one. Can you buy one for me? Eating one…half is enough. Let’s eat it separately, and I’ll have a bite.”


  Xia Ye went to buy him one, picked it up and fed him a bite, “Taste a little and eat well, don’t you know?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and after taking a bite, he was suddenly stunned. Xia Ye bought him fried vegetable balls with tofu horseshoe and small shiitake mushrooms. This was very common, but it was different from ordinary vegetable balls, and they were very fresh. Tang Jinyu chewed and ate slowly for a while, his eyes were red. He had eaten this food countless times, and he could even remember what the old man said with a smile. The old man always told him that he must put more seaweed in and fry it, roll a little raw flour on the outside to make it fresh and crispy, especially delicious.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t have time to finish eating, so he went to the stall to find someone, but it was a middle-aged couple who he saw. One of them made vegetable meatballs and the other was frying on a frying pan. When he came over, he thought it was a customer, and they smiled and greeted him.

  Tang Jinyu looked around them and asked, “Excuse me, does your vegetable ball always taste like this?”

  ”Yeah, what’s the matter?” The owner was very enthusiastic. When he saw Xia Ye coming over, he was particularly impressed with him. After all, it was quite rare for someone to be tall and handsome here. “Is there anything wrong with the one you just bought?”

  Xia Ye came over and whispered: “What’s the matter?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, “No, I just think it’s so delicious, I want to ask how to make it.”

  The owner sells them all here, and there was no special skill to hide, he said with a smile: “Hey, what’s the problem with this, just with these ingredients, you can make them at home.”

  ”There was seaweed in it, right?”


  ”Yes, yes, If you want to make it taste fresh, put more seaweed, and if you want it more crispier, just put more horseshoes!” The owner laughed, “I have been selling here for several years, and the business was not very good at the beginning, but this is what an old man told me, but I can’t tell you the sauce, this is the secret ingredient.”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes lit up and asked, “That old man, where is the other person? Does he live here too?”

  The owner shook his head and said, “For many years, he came here to set up a stall for two years, selling some glutinous rice cakes, and selling eight-treasure rice. I’ve never had such delicious eight treasures rice in my life. Many people here even invite him to make dinner. I don’t have to say that the old man’s craftsmanship is very good, and he’s very kind. Those who want to take advantage of him would be chased away by him, ha ha!”

  Tang Jinyu listened with a corner of his mouth raised, then suddenly remembered something, and asked the owner: “Where did the old grandfather live when he lived here?”


  Xia Ye understood from the side, and asked, “You want to find him?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said vaguely: “I think the food he cooked is delicious, brother, I think… I want to eat Babao rice.”

  Xia Ye looked at him for a while, Tang Jinyu also tried to look up at him, opening a pair of eyes to wait for him to see through his heart, he couldn’t say a word, so that his brother could quickly see his desire! Seeing his idea of ​​looking for someone!

  Xia Ye looked at him, and suddenly raised his hand and squeezed his face, raised his eyebrows and said, “Are you so greedy?”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t help it, he was greedy.

Although Xia Ye said this, he still took the initiative to ask about the old man’s whereabouts.

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  1. Thank you for updating today too, translator-san!!! I’m a little early today, even Sadiewoods9-san haven’t commenting this chapter yet
    Yeay!!! The precious daily life of Jinyu and little radishes is back however Jinyu is on a mission to retrieve his memories back. I hope when he remember the memories, he isn’t suffering fever again

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  2. There is a reason why drinking the tea of forgetfulness after death is actually a blessing. Living a life with memories of your past one, especially while those you knew and loved are either still around or recently deceased, is an agony of inaction. I find the after death mythologies to be fascinating (no one knows for sure what happens beyond your physical form returning to the dust of the universe after all). There is probably a good plot reason why Jinyu has been unable to speak of his past life and it’s been such hard work remembering what he has! Imagine sickly toddler Jinyu forever calling for his past life’s grandfather this whole story! He needed to grow into those memories and get enough independence to be able to react properly if he did run into the grandfather! Still some time to go though. I hope one day Jinyu can feel peace over reconciling those memories and perhaps connecting with him in this new life!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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