LNTMG-(102) Growing Up

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The couple who fried vegetable balls didn’t know where the old man was now. They only knew that he had come a few years ago and pointed out the address of an old house to Xia Ye.

  After they went there to ask questions, the landlord had different tenants, and couldn’t remember their details. When they finally met an elderly man here who still remembered him. After thinking about it for a while, he said, “Oh, the one who made the eight treasures rice, right?, I know, my family was looking for him for the banquet, and he made eight-treasure rice for my two sons when they got married.”

  There was this local custom. At the end of the wedding banquet, an eight-treasure meal is served. Red beans and candied dates symbolize the sweetness of life, and peanuts, pine nuts, and lotus seeds symbolize having many children and happiness.

  ”He seems to have gone to the north. He used to cook here for a kindergarten canteen. Old Tang has a big temper… Oh, speaking of which, he must be your relative, since his surname is Tang! One time, the kindergarten canteen was contracted by a relative of the head of the kindergarten. He took some moldy peanuts and Chen rice to fool the children. When he was in charge of the kindergarten, he was not willing to do it. He just brought out the things from the back kitchen for some parents, and it was reported to the kindergarten. The head of the kindergarten has changed to someone else, and he left a few years ago.”


  Tang Jinyu felt his heart squeezed. This was the same impression that the old man in his dream gave him. The old man couldn’t rub the sand in his eyes, and he was a really good person. Tang Jinyu felt that the old man was particularly good, and at the same time worried about his current situation, and asked: “How is Grandpa Tang now? Is there any news?”

  ”I don’t know, many years have passed.”

  ”Then when he left, did he say where he was going?”

  ”I have a good relationship with him, but I also heard him mention a sentence or two. I heard that he will continue to go north.” The old man sighed with emotion, “You don’t know, the old Tang is a lonely old man, and he was the only one left in the house. He didn’t have any worries around him, so packed a small bag of luggage before he left, and I don’t know where he settled.”

  Tang Jinyu was a little puzzled. In his dream, he remembered that there was a “child” with him all the time. He opened his mouth to ask, but the sentence got stuck in his throat and couldn’t say it.

  He tried several times and suddenly understood.

  That “child” should be him.

  He was here, how can there be other relatives to accompany the old man?

  Xia Ye saw that he was depressed, and took him to stay here for another day. While looking for other snacks for him, he continued to inquire about the whereabouts of the old man.

  Tang Jinyu had a bad appetite and developed a low-grade fever that night.


  Xia Ye did not dare to delay and took him back to Shanghai.

  But this time the illness was not serious, like a cold. After coughing in the middle of the night, the low-grade fever slowly subsided, and he returned home to recuperate.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t go back to his home, but followed Xia Ye to a high-rise apartment on the company’s side. Sometimes Xia Ye would live in the company temporarily when he was busy working overtime. Tang Jinyu still has summer vacation, but Xia Ye has no vacation, and there were some problems in the company that needed him to solve.

  Xia Ye wanted to call his family, but Tang Jinyu didn’t let him. He hugged Xia Ye’s arm and whispered: “Brother, don’t tell the family, or my mother will be worried again. I’ll be fine in two days, so you can let me stay, and let me hide with you for two days.”

After the child fell ill, he was very annoying. He held Xia Ye’s arms for a long time and didn’t let him go. Xia Ye took the phone to dial, and he arched his head twice, making it impossible to make a call.

  Xia Ye tried a few times, but he lost his temper completely.

  He sighed, put out his hand to hold the person in his arms and wrapped him in a thin blanket, and asked in a low voice: “Really not telling the family?”

  The little guy in the blanket shook his head, probably because he was being held comfortably, his head tilted against his chest.

  After a long while, Xia Ye said, “Just this time, and there’s no next time.”

  Tang Jinyu laughed, and rubbed his face with his hand, and said in kindness: “Brother, you are the best.”


  Xia Ye squeezed the tip of his nose, then leaned over and touched his forehead, feeling the temperature drop and regaining cool. He breathed a sigh of relief, but still said: “The next time you go out can not be more than three days, this time I was in the wrong too.”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him and whispered.

  Xia Ye didn’t indulge him this time, and squeezed his neck, “It’s not good to be a baby.”

  The apartment here was exquisitely decorated, but the space was narrower. There were no reserved rooms, only a master bedroom and a large study room, which were used by Xia Ye as his office.

  Tang Jinyu has been used to it for so many years, and slept in the master bedroom with his brother.

  Although Xia Ye was tall, the beds were all custom-made, and a bit wider than the ordinary ones. It was not crowded when two people slept there. Tang Jinyu can even turn over twice, which is very spacious. However, the little guy has a very good sleep position from childhood to adulthood, holding a pillow over, and placed them side by side, and soon fell asleep next to each other.

  Tang Jinyu was fine during the day, but at night he would have nightmares from time to time. When he woke up, he looked melancholy, but he was not scared. He just lay down with his eyes closed thinking about things, and he thought for a long time.

  Sometimes Xia Ye slept slightly and was a little aware, calling him twice in a low voice, and it took a while for the little guy to react, blinking and raising his head to look over, and whispered to his brother.

  Xia Ye took him to the hospital specially to have a look, but they couldn’t find anything. After prescribing a lot of Chinese medicine, they came back and said that he needed to replenish qi and blood.


  Tang Jinyu ate it, but it was too bitter, and he couldn’t help but throw up in the bathroom.

  Xia Ye’s face grew heavy, looking at the dark bowl of Chinese medicine on the table like an enemy.

  Xia Ye feels distressed for him, and feels that these things are of little use, worrying that the little guy would throw up everything in his stomach, and after consulting with the doctor, he changed these medicines to a medicated diet. Since he was at a developmental age, the effect of buying more good things to supplement was basically the same.

  The taste of medicated food was much better. Every day, auntie would come with stew, and Xia Ye would supervise the little guy to make sure he drinks it three times a day, and waits until he finishes drinking it.

  Tang Jinyu has a small appetite, and sometimes there was too much soup in the pot, and he can’t finish it, so he habitually gives it to his brother.

Xia Ye didn’t think much of it, but after drinking a small bowl of tonic soup on the first night, his body was hot and he couldn’t help getting up twice in the middle of the night. The cold shower didn’t help much. In the end, he slept alone in the study.

  Since then, he hasn’t touched the tonic soup in his brother’s bowl, not even a single drop, and Tang Jinyu can’t finish eating it, so he asked his aunt to thicken the soup while she was cooking, so that he could finish drinking.

  In this way, Tang Jinyu could indeed finish the drink, but the effect of the food tonic also came out.

  For the first time, Tang Jinyu was in a state of disrepair, descending into adolescence in this small apartment.


  His body was worse than other children of the same age. The family has been taking good care of him over the years, but he still develops late. When the other boys had already taken a big step ahead, Tang Jinyu was still growing, but he was still a child to the core.

  But it was different now.

  After he woke up in bed, his entire face turned red while covering himself in a thin blanket, and he didn’t know what to do.

  While thinking about getting up quickly and changing his pajamas, he racked his brains to figure out how to wash and dry the sheets and blankets on his brother’s side without him knowing… He didn’t know where he soiled them last night, and now the tip of his nose was full of his smell, and he just wanted to find a place to hide, and hide away for half a month before he comes out.

  The outside door was knocked twice, and Xia Ye’s voice came over, “Xiaoyu, can I go in?”

  Tang Jinyu pressed the thin blanket tighter, “Don’t, don’t come in! Brother, wait for me!”

  Xia Ye has already unscrewed the door and pushed open a gap, “You want to avoid drinking soup again, right? Today’s soup is not bad, I’ve seen it, it’s only Sydney Chuanbei.” He walked two steps forward, and suddenly the tip of his nose smelled something. After moving, he looked at the little guy on the bed with a weird expression, “Are you…”

  The heat on Tang Jinyu’s face spread along, and even his neck was red, and his whole body was so hot that it was about to smoke, and he buried his head in the blanket.

  The side of the bed sank a little, Xia Ye sat there raising his hand to touch the little guy’s head, and coughed softly, “It’s okay, it’s normal, it’s nothing to be ashamed about.”


  The little guy in the thin blanket remained still, shrunk tighter, choosing to be a little ostrich.

  Xia Ye looked up at the small cabinet beside the bed.

  There was also a wet towel on the cabinet. Tang Jinyu had a low fever last night. Xia Ye wiped his body. At that time, he obviously didn’t have much energy, and he didn’t expect him to grow up overnight.

  Xia Ye thought for a while and said, “Do you know what’s going on? Did your school talk to you about this in health class?”

  The little guy in the blanket ears turned red, almost like dripping blood, and his skin was originally white. At this moment, he knew his body was hot without touching it, and he was so ashamed that he buried himself in his blanket.

  ”You want to me tell you…?”

  ”No need to.”

  ”Then do you know how to do it?”


  After a long silence this time, Xia Ye’s tone was puzzled: “How do you know?”

  ”Oh, brother, don’t ask! Anyway, I just know that already, you go out first and I will do it myself!”

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3 thoughts on “LNTMG-(102) Growing Up

  1. Hahahahaha! Oh, Jinyu! What an awkward situation! Adolescence is an awkward stage in general though. The situation may be a bit different between me as a female and Jinyu as a male, but I doubt going through puberty is that fun for everyone. You’ll make it through sweetie, and only occasionally feel a sense of mortification over the past if you think too hard about it!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thanks for updating today too, translator-san!!! I’m still guessing, is the Grandpa Tang in Pincheng really Jinyu’s ori grandpa?!
    LOL Jinyu is embarrassed!! Xia Ye, you better give him some privacy, LOLOLOL

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