LNTMG-(103) New Teacher

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 Tang Jinyu stayed away from him all day, he would turn red whenever he saw him, and would pay attention to something else and didn’t dare to face him. Xia Ye saw that the little guy was shy, and he gave him a little room to work overtime by himself.

  Tang Jinyu took advantage of this time to quickly clean up the scene of the crime, washing it, and drying it, and after finishing, it was time for lunch.

  Xia Ye didn’t come back, but just called him and told him to eat well.

  Tang Jinyu ate a table of cooked dishes, all of which he liked, but when he thought of his brother in the office and didn’t know whether he ate or not, he couldn’t eat anymore. He felt that he was a little selfish, so after thinking this. He called his aunt to pack him a lunch box for himself, and delivered it to him.


  The apartment was very close to the place where Xia Ye works. After walking a few steps, Tang Jinyu arrived shortly after hanging up the phone.

  Although Xia Ye didn’t say anything, Tang Jinyu could still feel that his brother was very happy.

  He was in a good mood, and he had a bit more food. Tang Jinyu didn’t rush to take a nap after eating, so he played on the computer at the small table next to him.

  He uses his brother’s personal laptop. The password was particularly long and the combination was automatically changed every time, and he was lazy and didn’t want to memorize them, so his brother entered his fingerprint, which can be used to turn it on at any time.

  Tang Jinyu could not help but compare those things he saw in his dreams while logging into his social accounts. The current computer seems to be more advanced than he remembered. Some things are evolving and some have not advanced a little bit according to the timeline of the past. The Internet and electronic products are an example, and many other technologies have appeared in advance.

  After logging in to the account of “A Little Fish”, he posted two photos and thought that those things that have appeared in advance are normal. After all, the splashes on his side were also a bit big, and even the biggest social platform and game platform were taken out by his brother.

  Tang Jinyu was chatting with his friends in the “Radishes who Loves Learning” group.

  He has been in Pingcheng for this period of time, and after he came back, he was still ill. He didn’t use the Internet very much. Only after chatting with his friends did he realize that something great happened recently.

  Special scholarships have been established in the middle school in Xiaocheng, both in the middle schools and high schools. Someone from the school went to Ji Yuanjie’s home and said that Xiaoji’s situation meets the application requirements, and that his school scores are good. The school gave special care for him, and let him fill out a form, and he became the first person to apply for a scholarship.


  With the scholarship, everyone worked hard to let Xiaoji study hard, and the topics in the group became full of positive energy:

  ”Xiaoji, come on, let’s do the questions together!”

  ”Let’s solve this problem! There is a house of gold in the book!”

  ”Yes, there is Yan Ruyu in the book!”


  Without knowing what they said wrong, Guo Xiaohu immediately said angrily: “What are you doing, what are you hoodligins playing!!”



  The other party tried to withdraw the changes, but failed, and sent a series of small people crying expressions: “It’s been more than two minutes, and I can’t change it.”

  Guo Xiaohu kept calling the group leader reluctantly and asked the group leader to mute him for ten minutes.

  The little girl came out and silenced Guo Xiaohu and the person, because they were too noisy in the group and suspected of being screen-scanning.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t take it seriously, and asked Ji Yuanjie for his new phone number at home, and planned to mail some books to him. “Xiaoji, I will mail all my previous workbooks to you. The key points are marked on it. It’s not the same ones on your side, but it’s okay to see more. I got first place in the school.”


  Tang Jinyu was very happy.

  He finally realized his brother’s mood now, and he was really happy to take first place.

  Other people in the group also said: “Yes, yes, use Xiaoyu’s books, and there are more workbooks on my side.”

  Han Yixing said, “I use my textbook, and I still have all my notes!”

  Xiaoji responded to everyone in unison, and agreed to stay, and sent three gestures of gratitude.

  Guo Xiaohu’s ban has not been lifted yet, but he can still chat privately. After seeing that in the group, he immediately messaged Xiaoji, and said to him: “Hey, Xiaoji, do me a favor!”

  Xiaoji: “What?”

  ”It’s the workbook that Xiaoyu gave you, will you send it to me after reading it? I can’t keep up here, I want to read more.”

  ”… But this one is from junior high school, didn’t you start your first year of high school?”

  Guo Xiaohu hesitated and said: “Is it possible to collect it? Brother, let me not give up!” 

  Xiaoji was confused, but he still agreed. Guo Xiaohu incidentally refused to let him tell the others, saying that wanted face as the reason, and Xiaoji also nodded and agreed.

  Guo Xiaohu was afraid that Xiaoji would go back on his word, so he bought a full set of junior high school workbooks and mailed them in advance, with a note attached to remind him to keep Tang Jinyu’s used tutorial books for him, be sure to keep them, and let him look through them, and to be careful not to fold the pages, and has already regarded those books as his own.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t know anything about this, but when he saw the scholarship, he guessed it.


  Going out and strolling in the company secretary’s room, he quickly inquired about this, and it was just as he thought. His eyes were shining when he came back. Xia Ye was wearing headphones and using the computer, and he ran over to the swivel chair, hugged his brother from behind, and laughed, and said in a low voice, “I knew, brother, you are a very good person!”

  Xia Ye didn’t move, and whispered: “You ran out to play around, then came back and sent me a nice person card?”

  Tang Jinyu tilted his head to look at him, “Brother, can you still hear with your headphones?”

  Xia Ye took one off and put it next to his ear, it was pretty quiet. Tang Jinyu thought that it was a blank tape, but it took awhile before he heard a click, and a few vague words. He vaguely said what kind of cake he wanted to eat, and then, he began to boast how “delicious” it was within a few seconds.

  Tang Jinyu blushed and reached out to snatch the earphone from his brother’s ear, “Brother, why are you recording me while I’m sleepy, you are eavesdropping on me!”

  Xia Ye hid for a while and said amusedly: “Who eavesdropped on you, I was monitoring this myself, okay? Who will let you sleep in my bed.”

  Tang Jinyu refused, and even grabbed the earphones. Xia Ye pulled his arm to the front and circled him in his arms, “Don’t make trouble, let me finish listening.”

  Tang Jinyu also hung a headset on his ears, and he was ashamed and flustered when he heard himself talk in his sleep, he never knew that his voice was like this, it was really soft like a child.

  Xia Ye laughed as he listened, and looked up at him and said, “The two snores just now were good, don’t they sound like a pig would?”

  ”Brother, why are you doing this?”

  ”I’m afraid that you will have nightmares again at night. I recorded the time and frequency to see what you are saying.”


  Tang Jinyu sat on his lap and circled there to listen. After a while, he felt strange again: “Brother, why can’t I hear your voice at all? Didn’t you sleep next to me at night?”

  Xia Ye: “…”

  Xia Ye didn’t know if it was because of drinking his brother’s half bowl of tonic soup that day. The two nights left him in a hot and dry state, and he had not been able to sleep well. He was focused on work and had no desires, and he has not been like this for a long time. It’s almost like he was following his brother through his youth. Especially two days ago, the little guy slept very restlessly, and he often turned over and hugged him in the middle of the night, and his pajamas would roll up and skin would be too close to him. Every time that happened, he would wake up with sweat on his forehead, pushing him away and taking a cold shower.

  Because of this, he basically coaxed his brother to sleep first, and then went to the study to sleep by himself.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t know this, and he looked innocent when he looked up at him. Xia Ye’s eyes moved a little away from him and said, “The sound is quiet, only you are left.”

  Tang Jinyu let out a hum, believing it to be true.

  Xia Ye took the earphones from his brother’s ears and buttoned them back to him, sending the little guy to play by themselves.

  Tang Jinyu found a book on the shelf by himself, and looked through it at the desk. Most of the books on Xia Ye’s were boring books on principles and knowledge. Tang Jinyu couldn’t understand what it was saying. Soon after, he started yawning, the hypnotic effect was first-class, and he fell asleep slowly.

  Xia Ye was working with headphones in. After listening to those dream talks, he didn’t find any problems, but he thought that his kid’s humming in his dream was quite cute. It’s better than letting him listen to some master’s piano. This song was much better, at least he had enough patience, and occasionally touched his lips from time to time.


  After listening, Xia Ye raised his head and glanced at the desk. The little guy was already asleep.

  He got up and went over, lightened his movements to pick up the person, and put him aside on the sofa to make him sleep more peacefully.

  The sun fell on the little guy’s face. Xia Ye subconsciously stretched out his hand to cover it for him. He didn’t know why he thought about his blushing this morning. The corner of his lips rose a little more and he pinched the little guy’s cheek, and his mood also improved a lot.

Even if the little guy grew up, he was still so funny, silly and cute.

  During the last few days of the summer vacation, Tang Jinyu stayed there with Xia Ye. After he caught a cold, he had a little nasal voice. His voice was softer than usual, and did not dare to answer any calls from his family and elders, and did not dare to see them.

  Thanks to Tang Hongjun’s busy work in the past few months, their design institute undertook a bridge renovation business and asked to start construction while opening to traffic, which greatly increased the difficulty. For this reason, Tang Honjun revised countless manuscripts, and when he was in the video with his son, he had dark circles under his eyes.

  Tang Hongjun was still at the work unit. After the connection was connected, the signal was not very good and intermittent, but he was still very happy. He kept asking Tang Jinyu how well his summer vacation was going, and finally asked the most anticipated question: “Xiaoyu, do you miss dad?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, replied very loudly, “Yes!”

  Tang Honjun was particularly unsatisfied with the video, and continued to ask with a smile, “How much do you think about me?”

  Tang Jinyu stretched out his hand and gestured to him, “Think about this much!”


  Tang Honjun paused for a while, only to find that his child was doing an open-hand embrace, and his words were passed through on and off, “Daddy work hard, I will also study hard, and strive to be a person as good as you in the future!”

  Tang Hongjun’s eyes turned red, “No need, Xiaoyu can do whatever you want, just do what you want! By the way, did your Uncle Xia talk to you? He chose a new teacher for you. The teacher…is…human…”

  The network signal was bad, and Tang Jinyu was stunned by the last sentence.

  Is the teacher a human?

  Tang Hongjun still had something to do, so he waved his hand and hung up the video call before he could ask.

  Tang Jinyu found it strange. He called Teacher Xia and the phone connected quickly. After hearing this, he smiled and said, “If your new teacher hears this, it is estimated that you will have to fight him on the spot. “

  ”Uncle, what is my new teacher like?”

  ”You will be able to see this weekend. I will keep it secret with you first, but he is a good friend of your uncle. Don’t worry, he is a very patient and kind person.” Teacher Xia said gently, and told him again, “But he is very strict with his students, and has more professional requirements than I do. You should seize the time to play in the last few days of your summer vacation, and after that, there will be no time for you to play.”

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5 thoughts on “LNTMG-(103) New Teacher

  1. The body is honest, isn’t it Xia Ye? Though I suppose he was helped along by the apparent aphrodisiac medicine prescribed for a cold? Wrong medicine or just a strange side effect? Now I’m curious what’s in it!

    Looking forward to the new piano instructor! Let’s be realistic here- you don’t reach the top of a skill like playing an instrument without a lot of hard work and discipline. Strict but kind is an ideal teacher! I’m intrigued by the hints as to their personality!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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    1. It’s a medicine that increases body heat. I’ve read in another wn that that kind of tonic is ussualy used by people with low qi(which basically means that their body is weak and always on low temperature). So if a normal and healthy person drinks the tonic, it would act as an aphrodisiac for them.

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  2. Thank you for updating today too, translator-san!!!
    I believe Jinyu will win in the next piano competition with the guidance from the new teacher.
    Xia Ye is confused LOL. His romance life is developing with Jinyu’s physical development LOLOLOL!!!
    Hopefully Xiaoji can get the scholarship and get to the same highschool as Star.
    I’m still praying that Xiaoji and Star can end up as lovers and for Xiaohu…. I hope he found a new love quickly *praying*

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  3. I am fine if the mc falls for the ml after he turns a legal age, but this way (if the ml is falling for him now) around makes me slightly uncomfortable..it’s basically a bit pedophilic.


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