LNTMG-(104) Puberty

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After Teacher Xia said this, Tang Jinyu listened to him honestly, did not rush back to practice piano, and stayed with Xia Ye.

  Chen Suling came to see him once. She took care of her child with her for many years, so it was impossible to hide it from her. She called Xia Ye to the study and asked for a while. After hearing what Xia Ye said, she felt helpless, but she nodded and said: ” All right, Xiaoyu is afraid that I will be worried when I know that he is sick, so just treat it as if I don’t know.”

  Xia Ye took the initiative to take responsibility, “Auntie, this is my problem. I didn’t notice it. I took him out to play for too long, I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen next time.”

  Chen Suling smiled and said: “It’s not your fault, Xiaoyu must of begged you to. He loves to act like a baby with you the most. When he was a child, he especially liked to raise his two little hands, rub them and say goodbye to you, and cry at the blink of an eye. No one would be able to stand it, and I can’t bear it if he begs me.”


  Xia Ye laughed, but did not deny this.

  Chen Suling said: “There is an entrance ceremony at the beginning of high school. I have sent his school uniform to be ironed, so I will send them directly here and you can take him there, while we wait outside at the school gate.”

  Xia Ye agreed, and said: “I asked the secretary to pick it up, just in time to bring Xiaoyu’s schoolbag.”

  Chen Suling said: “Alright, there are also some daily use…” She just wanted to bring them together, but she looked around the apartment room here, she shook her head and smiled, “Those are unnecessary, you have everything here, and living here is no different from home.”

  She said a few words, and let Xia Ye be in charge of her son’s meal, and then hurried away.

  Tang Jinyu had been hiding in the bedroom and didn’t dare to come out. He looked out at the sound of closing the door. Xia Ye saw that he was “woke up”. He squeezed his face and said amusedly: “Dare to come out now? Don’t worry, just after my aunt left, she asked me to watch you eat well, saying that you have lost a little bit more weight in the past few days.”

  Tang Jinyu was dissatisfied with this, and lifted his T-shirt to show him a small waist and abdomen. He also squeezed it with his hands: “How is it possible, brother, touch here, I’m all fattened up by you, and you can pinch some meat here.”

Xia Ye stretched out his hand and squeezed it. It was not the same as the touch on the little guy’s face. He couldn’t tell which was softer for a moment. The touch was smoother at first, and then he retracted his hand after touching it: “it’s just a little bit after eating so many days. I’ll go jogging with you in the evening, and today’s stew will be finished, you hear?”


  Auntie had already stewed today’s tonic soup, and filled a small cup full of it and placed it in front of Tang Jinyu. Xia Ye sat opposite from him to supervise him, and raised his chin for him to drink.

  Tang Jinyu has been drinking this for more than a week. The drink was indeed a bit greasy, and oily, with the smell of traditional Chinese medicine. He took two sips with a small spoon to test the temperature, and felt it was okay, so he took it and drank it all at once.

  Xia Ye sat and watched him eat. There was a glass of vegetable juice in front of him, which was squeezed by his aunt. The green glass seemed to be particularly cool.

  He picked it up and drank a small cup.

  Tang Jinyu finished his soup, and he tasted something weird in his mouth, and he wanted to find something else to eat. He looked up and saw his brother drinking vegetable juice. The emerald green cup looked very clear, like juice from a cucumber. It looked much refreshing than the bowl of tonic soup he had just now. He was a little greedy, and he went to beg for a sip, but he suddenly shivered with bitterness when he drank it. After swallowing it, his face was still wrinkled, “Brother, what are you drinking? It’s so bitter.”

  ”Bittergourd juice.”

  ”What are you doing with this?”

  ”… Too busy working overtime, it’s a bit hot.”

  Tang Jinyu felt more sympathy for his brother after hearing this, and returned the cup of bitter gourd juice to him, letting his brother cool down by himself.


Tang Jinyu has checked several northern cities in the past few days, especially the hub cities with more convenient transportation, and recorded several consecutively. He didn’t know how to find Grandpa Tang, and with his clues suddenly broke off, he didn’t know where the old man would go. He had to spread his search further, and he had Aldo followed some travel bloggers on the Internet, hoping to find some clues.

  The bloggers that Tang Jinyu was following had a similar characteristic, that is, they like to stay up late at night, eat various barbecue snacks, and local special night market delicacies. At night, they start to post 9 photos in a row, which looked particularly appetizing.

  Tang Jinyu also wrote down these snacks along the way when he was making notes. He remembered that in his dreams, the old man liked to cook. Besides working in the school cafeteria, he also worked as a chef in other places. The place that can attract cooks must be the place where there are many delicious foods. On one hand, he can taste them and on the other hand, he has a lot opportunities in finding a job.

  He wrote these without letting Xia Ye know, and even though he wanted to write to Xia Ye about these dreams, but just like talking, the tip of his pen would slide off whenever he wrote certain key words, like he was restricted by something, and it seemed like he can’t write down a sentence.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t give up, he kept writing various snacks, making a lot of lists, and printing out the pictures of those snacks and pasting them on it. It was like a complete food tour. He put these for his brother. For the sake of safety, he also added a few more copies of the places he saw, and drew five-pointed stars and marked the key points for the northern cities that he suspected.

  He couldn’t write anything else, so he could only use other words to remind his brother, cheeky and carefully marked out the pictures of the snacks: Ah, this must be delicious!


  He doesn’t know if Xia Ye saw it, but he didn’t say anything.

  With perseverance, Tang Jinyu drew another emoticon pack of a crying face, followed by a few words: I want to eat this so badly! !

  This time he put it directly next to his pillow, and when Xia Ye went back to the bedroom to sleep, he saw this as soon as he sat down. He picked up the stack of “Food Travel Guides” and looked up, and looked up at the little guy next to him who was looking at him eagerly.

  Tang Jinyu used to squeeze his shoulders flatteringly, “Brother, look, this is your favorite hot pot. It’s not the same as what we usually eat. There are so many beef and mutton, the slices are so thin, and Roast leg of lamb, this barbecue also looks delicious…”

  Xia Ye lowered his head and took a look. His brother ate less barbecue, and it was normal for him not to know roasted kidney was. Now when he saw mutton and these tonic things, he gave up, and was not interested at all.

  Tang Jinyu squeezed a few times, and saw that his brother didn’t respond, and then rubbed his head against his shoulder, humming that he wanted to eat.

  Xia Ye raised his hand and rubbed the little guy’s head, “Go to sleep first.”

  ”Wake up and take me there?”

  ”I’ll have everything when you fall asleep.”


  Tang Jinyu tossed and couldn’t fall asleep at night, but Xia Ye fell asleep on the side, quickly breathing evenly and falling asleep.


  Tang Jinyu didn’t dare to turn over and thrash, thinking about his brother’s hard work, so he fell asleep all together. After calming down, he slept faster than he thought he would, probably because something calming for his nerves was put in the soup, and he fell asleep.

  After waiting for the little guy’s breathing to become heavier, and after smashing his mouth twice, Xia Ye, who was sleeping on the side, slowly opened his eyes, moved the little guy’s arms a little, got up very lightly, and went to the study.

  Xia Ye didn’t sleep well in the study, and didn’t know what was going on. He obviously didn’t eat anything tonight, and didn’t touch the soup. After only a few minutes, he was a little hot and dry.

  It’s like he was infected by the little guy’s purperty, and his mind was getting restless.

  He forced himself to close his eyes and fall asleep on the couch in the study. After a while, he was still awake. He didn’t feel sleepy until the sky showed some light, but he dreamed of a person in his sleep and couldn’t see his face and body clearly. He stretched out his hand to touch, only the familiar touch left by his fingertips was imprinted, it was very soft…

  Xia Ye took a cold shower in the morning for the first time, and when he went to the office, he slightly showed signs of staying up late.


  Song Yi was shocked when he sent him the report, “What’s wrong? You won’t be doing any big projects recently, right?” It’s no wonder that he was left surprised, Xia Ye’s physical fitness is not bad, and he sleeps for a few hours a day and would be just fine. Normally, when he saw dark circles under his eyes, the whole company will not think about taking a good rest in the next one or two months, and would have to work overtime together.

  Xia Ye rubbed his eyebrows, closed his eyes and said, “No, I haven’t had a good sleep recently.”

  Song Yi joked: “Second development? I’ve heard that some people will grow taller in their twenties, but you are already tall enough now, just keep maintain your status quo.”

  Xia Ye didn’t say a word.

  He felt that this was not a second development, but rather like a second puberty.

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6 thoughts on “LNTMG-(104) Puberty

  1. I knew that touching the stomach like that wouldn’t end well for Xia Ye! Well, it “ended well”, just not how frigid big brother wanted it to…

    I’m curious how if Jinyu is so restricted on what he can say what he’d be allowed to do if he actually ran into his original grandfather?

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Man, I got a feeling the previous Tang child is already dead.. Also cant Mama Chen and Dad Tang make new kid? They must feeling lonely since the MC is always with the ML

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  3. Thank you for updating, translator-san!!!
    Xia Ye’s reaction from Jinyu touch is so LOL!!!
    I agree with Natsume142’s comment, I hope there are another child from mama and papa Chen *praying*

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