LNTMG-(105) Look At The Snow

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Song Yi reported on the current situation of the project at hand, and on the way mentioned the situation of the scholarship set up in the small town. When Xia Ye took a sum of money to get him to settle with, he was a little surprised, and after he went there, he asked about the situation, and asked what was going on.

  Song Yi put the list in his hand, it contained the names of the students applying for the scholarship. Unlike other scholarships, Xia Ye set up this one to give priority to awards based on grades, and their family situation second. Students with good grades can receive it at most every year. At more than seven thousand yuan, this was not only enough to pay off their expenses for school, but if their grades were good enough, it can completely support the minimum expenses of the family.

  It’s reading books to make money.

  Ji Yuanjie’s name was the first one. His grades were not as good as his other classmates, but he can also receive about five thousand, which is enough for tuition and other daily expenses.


  Song Yi: “I asked Xiaoji’s teacher and said that if his performance is stable this year, there should be no problem with his focus.”

  Xia Ye nodded, indicating that he knew.

  Song Yi knew that he was not interested in this little classmate, and Tang Jinyu was probably the reason why he would do this. He smiled and shook his head and said, “You are so considerate to be able to do this for Xiaoyu. I sigh whenever I look at you. In a way, sometimes it makes me want to have a brother.”

  ”It’s not all for Xiaoyu.” Xia Ye’s eyes fell on the piece of paper and said for a moment, “Sometimes when I see them, I think of my past.”

  He used to work hard for his dad’s medical expenses, fighting for the last line of life, and he didn’t want to let go of even the slightest chance.

  Song Yi had heard something from Old Ape and the others, but he didn’t ask much about it.

  At the end of the month, Han Yichen came back to the meeting and made a report on the way.

  The first month of his branch went smoothly, and he was not in a hurry to go back. Song Yi had always presided over the meeting, and Xia Ye was still in a hidden state. He glanced at the other side, Old Ape, the technical foreign aid, had arrived. Three of the four of them were in a meeting, and their big boss was staying in the president’s office. Han Yichen was really envious. He thinks Xia Ye must think that these people have endless discussions, and hid by himself to play with his computer.

  Last time, a department had talked with Song Yi for more than three hours because of budget issues. Han Yichen felt a little scalp tingling after thinking about it again.

  But luckily today, the meeting ended in more than an hour.


  Han Yichen raised his wrist and took a look. It was less than ten o’clock, and he didn’t rush to leave since it was still too early. He ran to reminisce with Xia Ye, and Old Ape followed him when he saw this. Old Ape was more attentive than Han Yichen was, after hearing what Song Yi said about Xia Ye, and how he had come to the company early in the morning and had not eaten breakfast, so he went to the secretary room and ordered two breakfasts.

  Han Yichen said: “Why do you want two? Xia Ye won’t finish it.”

  Old Ape waited there and didn’t leave, “I’ll eat it, I didn’t eat in the morning, and I couldn’t get enough to eat on the plane all the way from Qizhou City.”

  Han Yichen poked his stomach and teased: “Hey, Old Ape, don’t eat it. If you eat it, your stomach will get bigger, be careful or else my sister-in-law wouldn’t want you anymore.”

  Old Ape hid his slightly raised belly, his eyes were still watching what the secretary brought, and he waved his hand and said, “How could that be, ours is true love, love is stronger than gold, different from what you young people are pursuing now is a spiritual partner, do you understand?”

  Han Yichen laughed and raised his hand to admit defeat.

  Old Ape was the first person among them to get married. He found a partner within two years of his degree, she was a proud student of Mr. Tang Hui from the S University, and was quite a well-known little academic sister. Old Ape himself failed to enter Mr. Tang Hui threshold, so he cheekily married his student. From then on, he would run faster than anyone else when there was anything happening at S University, and he was happy every day.

  Old Ape wanted to stay and eat his own breakfast, but Han Yichen went directly to Xia Ye’s office without waiting for him.

  He knocked on the door and there was no reaction from inside. After he opened the door and went in, he didn’t see anyone. After thinking about it, he went to the small suite and looked inside, and Xia Ye was sleeping there, he was probably exhausted. This was the first time in so many years that he didn’t wake from the sound of footsteps.


  Xia Ye slept in his clothes, leaning on the sofa as if he only wanted to take a break. The jacket was put on the back of the sofa without a cover. He wore a black shirt and tailored pants, with legs stretched out, showing off his long legs. 

  It might be because his clothes fit too well, so some curves were obvious to see.

  Han Yichen’s eyes fell on his waist and whistled, “Wow, boss, your ‘capital’ is not small!”

  Xia Ye rubbed his eyebrows and said with a little nasal sound: “Han Yichen…”

  Han Yichen immediately responded, still sighing with emotion, and asked him what he had dreamed of, looking at him in this state, he was really magnificent.

  Xia Ye: “Get out!”

  Comrade Xiao Han didn’t dare to touch the tiger’s beard, so he rolled out and saw Old Ape with the dinner plate at the door. Old Ape was also surprised, “Why did you come out in such a short time? Lao Xia is not there?”

  ”Yeah.” Han Yichen scratched his head and leaned against the door and said: “I can’t do it, after all, I have just been assigned to the ‘cold palace’. Maybe I don’t have a position in this palace, Old Ape!”

  Old Ape didn’t hesitate and showed a little bit of the acting, and he passed by holding the dinner plate with his head up, knocked twice and happily went in.

  Han Yichen pinched his watch at the door, and within ten seconds, Old Ape was also driven out and only the breakfast was left, his shoulders slumped like a big eunuch who delivers meals.

  Old Ape came out and said with emotion: “I can’t do it anymore. I’m old and worn, your Majesty won’t look down on me anymore.”

  They sighed at the door, and they were about to leave, but they saw Song Yi bringing Tang Jinyu over. Old Ape smiled when he saw Tang Jinyu and beckoned him to come over and said, “Xiaoyu, how come you have time to come here today?”


  Song Yi said, “He has more time to come to the company than you two combined.”

  Han Yichen looked away, and Old Ape also coughed, rubbed his hands and smiled: “Isn’t this a special case? I am also dedicated to science. After all, I have to help the next generation of talents to lay a solid foundation for everyone, for everyone’s convenience, we are in an academy…”

  Song Yi: “If I remember correctly, the number of academies has not admitted you yet.”

  Old Ape was anxious, “I’m in charge! A son-in-law is half a son-in-law. How come I’m not a member of several academies?”

  Song Yi felt that Old Ape’s attitude was not right, and seeing that he was fawning over his little Highness, and how Han Yichen was also extremely flattering. He felt that his face as an alumnus of S University was a bit unbearable. He stopped in front of him and said: “Let Xiaoyu go in, elder brother, don’t embarrass this child. If you make him nod, it doesn’t mean that Dean Tang has agreed, right…you two come with me, there is still work to talk about.”

  ”Let Xiaoyu go in now?” Old Ape shook his head when he heard him say, “It’s not appropriate, wait a minute.”

  Tang Jinyu asked strangely, “Brother didn’t you go in just now?”

  Old Ape smiled and said, “Wait a little longer, your brother has to recite sutras.”

  Song Yi heard the two of them talking and laughing, he had never heard of Xia Ye’s religious beliefs. He took Tang Jinyu over and let him in. When Old Ape reached out to keep them there, he also stopped him, with his eyebrows furrowed he said:” Why are you stopping Xiaoyu from going in? It’s not like he has never been in the office.”


  Old Ape didn’t know how to explain to him, so he scratched his head in a hurry.

  Han Yichen didn’t leave either. He leaned on the door and continued to pinch the watch, and said with joy: “Wait, I bet it will not exceed fifteen seconds this time.”

Several people at the door miscalculated. Han Yichen waited for a few minutes without seeing anyone coming out. He twisted the door slightly in doubt and found that the door was locked.

  Han Yichen touched his chin, “This is the upper rank!”

  Song Yi heard it inexplicably, and urged them to go to the next office to pick up the documents, especially Han Yichen, who had a lot of them. When they were handed over, they were in a hurry and left a lot of problems.

  Song Yi didn’t speak enough, and Old Ape also taught him righteously: “I warn you, show respect to our little highness, we really have the throne to inherit, and you don’t even know about Elder Tang. What a great spiritual wealth Mr. Tang has left his students! You are not allowed to insult our little majesty!”

  ”How did I insult him?”

  ”We only recruit sons-in-law in our academy, and we don’t marry out!”


  In the office, Tang Jinyu was changing his brother’s clothes.

  The water in the small suite bathroom was kept on, and someone was taking a shower in it. Tang Jinyu took the clothes and stood at the door and said inside: “Brother, I got your clothes, do you need anything else?”

  After a while, he hears a whisper from inside: “Is the door locked outside?”

  Tang Jinyu was afraid that he would not hear, so he leaned over to the door and said, “It’s locked, I also locked it twice…” The bathroom door suddenly opened, and he almost ran into the person who opened the door with his nose. The drops of water he felt were all cold, “Brother, why did you take a cold shower?”


  With a bath towel tied around his waist, Xia Ye reached out and took his  clothes and said, “It’s hot.”

  He finished speaking and went back. Tang Jinyu originally thought that his brother would be able to come out soon, so he waited at the door for a while, and talked to him one way or the other, but after saying a few words, he heard the sound of water sound inside again.

  Tang Jinyu said strangely: “Brother, why are you still washing?”

  The person inside responded vaguely.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t hear it, and asked again, “Brother?”


  ”Don’t move there, wait for me.”


  Tang Jinyu stood there to guard for his brother, and after a while he was happy, “Brother, are you afraid of them coming in? It’s okay, I locked the door very firmly, and it can only be opened from the inside, no one can come in, you can take a peek, don’t worry.”

  He doesn’t know if it’s an illusion or not, but the more Tang Jinyu talks at the door, the longer he washes inside.

  Xia Ye washed in the bathroom for a long time before coming out. As soon as he opened the door, he smelled the scent of mint shower gel. Tang Jinyu sneezed and looked at him suspiciously. Xia Ye then closed the door and took him outside. “Why did you come here today?”

  Tang Jinyu was taken back from the change of subject for a second, “I will start school the day after tomorrow, and I wanted to come over and play with you. My uncle said that I should go to live with my parents after school starts, since it’s closer to school and my new teacher’s home.”


Xia Ye sat down in the swivel chair and beckoned him over. The little guy came over and sat on his desk, occupying a small corner. The table was tall and his calves habitually turned up and swayed.

  Xia Ye took a look, and his gaze fell on the sandals and slippers he was wearing. The little guy’s toes were pink, like round shells, and the curvature of the back of the foot was very beautiful. He retracted his gaze, frowned slightly and said, “It’s okay to live there. I’ll go back to see you this weekend.”

  Tang Jinyu sighed and said, “No not on weekends. Uncle said that I will go to my new teacher to learn piano on the weekends, and I’ll study very late.”

  Xia Ye looked up at him, and said dissatisfied: “How can it be so much that I can’t see you once?”

  Tang Jinyu rolled his eyes and said, “It’s not that difficult. It’s definitely less than usual. Brother, I think it’s okay. I usually play the piano well and try my best to perform. Then I’ll go to ask my new teacher for a few days’ off, and then you can take me out to play then, okay?”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows while watching him, without speaking.

  The little guy showed his tail after a while, and said slightly expectantly: “Brother, or wait for the winter vacation, I’ll take a couple of days off, so will you take me out to play? How about just the two of us?”

  ”Where do you want to go?”

  ”If it’s just with you, we can go anywhere, but I just want to see snow. There’s not that much snow here, and I didn’t get to step on some last year.” Tang Jinyu gently touched his brother with his calf, and said kindly, “Brother, can you take me to see the snow?”

  Xia Ye remained unmoved, and continued to say: “Oh? Where do you want to go to see the snow, Qizhou?”

  ”I don’t need to go to Qizhou. I saw it last time at my grandpa’s house. It’s similar to what I saw at home when I was a kid. I want to see a bigger one. Brother, can you take me to Harbin? I heard that there are a lot of Ice sculptures, and it snows early, so I don’t have to wait for the winter vacation to see them. I will wear a particularly thick jacket…” At that point, Xia Ye flicked his forehead before he could finish talking, and he cried out while holding his forehead.

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  The author has something to say:

  The scheming in the palace of the small theater:

  Han Yichen: So you were left behind.

  Han Yichen: Tsk tsk, I will be called Princess Yu in the future.

  Old Ape glared at him: Hu Hu! You wrench, don’t insult our little majesty!

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  1. I see Jinyu’s embarrassment is contagious! Ah, what bad timing! Considering the mint shower gel was pit on to cover any suspicious scents, I’m guessing the cold shower wasnt very effective… Xia Ye is a smart man, I’m sure he’s at least starting to connect the smooth stomach from the dreams, how Jinyu’s voice made his “problem” worse and how Jinyu’s feet are attractive together! Spring has come at last!

    Side note, I agree with the commenters last chapter wanting mother and father Tang to have another child! This one is almost grown and so independent from them. I’m glad they’re getting him back for high school, but I think it would still be lovely for them to have another little one that actually will give them grandchildren one day since their biological son and adopted son won’t be!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for translating and updating this novel, translator-san!!!
    Wow!!! Imagine, if Jinyu, got admitted to S-university and learning mathematics directly from his grandpa…. It’ll be awesome!!!!
    Xia Ye’s second puberty is harsh and he doesn’t know (now) that Jinyu is directly affecting it *naughty laugh*

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