LNTMG-(107) Green Peppers

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Looking at the menu, Tang Jinyu also worked hard to go fishing. He wanted to make a bigger one for his brother to try. Under the guidance of the elderly from the two families, he really fished a lot.

  Grandpa Tang kept complimenting him: “Xiaoyu’s luck is really good. After being here for a short while, he caught more fish than the two of us, and we’ve been fishing for a long time!”

  Grandpa Chen just listened to other things, and couldn’t help but feel proud when he heard this sentence, “That is, my grandson’s luck, that must be good!” He put his hand on his clothes, and put it next to his inner pocket. The corners of the old man’s mouth rose again, as happy as though hearing someone praise him.

  Although Elder Tang didn’t catch a lot of fish, he still caught one after another, and was very energetic, and said: “Come over here. This side is close to the water, so you catch a lot of fish!”

Elder Chen didn’t go there. He sat firmly on a flat rock on the shore, flicking a rod and bait all the way away, and said with a smile: “I’ll stay here, my old bones are out of shape.”

  Elder Tang only thought that he was in poor health, and didn’t think about anything else. He also talked to him about two tips on body care and exercise. While he was sharing, he heard a sound of water next to him. There was a big noise on Tang Jinyu’s side, and a fish was hooked!


  This time the fish was very big and had to use a lot of strength to pull it out of the water. The two old men couldn’t leave their own fishing rods, so they taught him how to pull the fish there. Tang Jinyu listened to the, and learned how to draw his fishing rod, and grasped the right moment to take up the line and soon dragged the big fish to the place near the shore. Han Yichen rolled up his trouser pants, and rushed the front line, and helped catch it with a fishing net.

  ”Here, this fish is big enough to weigh ten catties!”

  Old Ape went to help, and after taking the fishing net, he didn’t forget to say to Han Yichen: “Xiao Han, hurry up, you go and change into dry clothes. I saw some extra clothes in the trunk of Xia Ye’s car, make sure to not catch a cold, Ah!” As he said this, he was holding his net and offered it off as a  treasure, “Mr. Tang, look! It’s such a big fish. I’ve seen it in the fish market before. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen such a big fish caught!”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Han Yichen also opened his eyes, and it was the first time that he saw with his own eyes how the Old Ape pleased a number of math institutes.

  To say that this kind of flattery is considered light. It’s no wonder the dean of the School of Computer Science punished him to bring projects below, he really deserves it.

  After catching the big fish, you can have a good grilled fish.

  Everyone had lunch two hours later, but a table of food was more flavorful than usual. They made four or five octopus dishes, one was sweet and sour, and the biggest one was grilled fish with rattan pepper. There was also one fish for two, fish head tofu soup, and since the ingredients were fresh, the taste was also very delicious.

  The grilled fish with rattan pepper was especially popular.

  The rattan peppers used for cooking were brought by Grandma Chen, and the small green ones were very tasty.


  This kind of green peppercorns was particularly fragrant, and the taste was stronger than the ones on the market. After being fried in oil, it smells with a faint fragrance. When eating grilled fish, the flavor was soaked in the fish, spicy and fresh, and the aftertaste tasted sweet. Or if they didn’t like it, they could just eat tender fish, and not need to put their chopsticks down, and when they occasionally take a bite with their teeth, the flavor spreads from the teeth to the tip of the tongue to the entire mouth, and the more they ate, the more happier they ate.

  Tang Jinyu likes it very much. He rarely eats spicy food, but he can eat a little pepper.

  The afternoon was spent relaxing. After setting up the tent, everyone rested for a while. The old people went to rest in the RV, and the rest went to rest in the tent. Old Ape didn’t sleep, and took Yue Yuan to stroll around, and was using the scenery to recite poems, and the sense of literature and art in his bones has been there for so many years.

  Han Yichen didn’t enjoy fishing just now, so he planned to catch one by himself and take a photo for his sister, but she didn’t see it.

  Across a few empty tents, Xia Ye lay in a tent on the corner to rest.

  There was a sound outside the tent, and the zipper was quickly opened. Xia Ye lay still and looked up, and he saw the little guy.

  Tang Jinyu opened it up a bit, got in by himself, and closed the tent again.

  Xia Ye asked him: “Why didn’t you go to bed?”

  Tang Jinyu came over and lay down next to him, and put his arms under his head, “I can’t sleep alone.”

  Xia Ye laughed, “So squeamish.”


  ”No, our family had dinner late today, and I usually go to class at this time, and now I am particularly energetic and not sleepy. Brother, or you can tell me a story…”

  Xia Ye turned sideways to see him, pinched the tip of his nose, “You’re not squeamish? So, I’ll send you to grandma’s car, and let her tell you something you love the most.”

  Tang Jinyu curiously asked, “What?”

  ”A crow drinks water.”

  Tang Jinyu lay there by himself for a long time.

  The one who said that they were not sleepy just talked in a low voice there, and then slowly closed their eyes and fell asleep.

  Xia Ye brushed away the broken hair on his forehead, and watched as the little guy breathed smoothly while sleeping. After a while, he reached out and wiped the corners of Tang Jinyu’s lips. The little guy stole a bit of his grilled fish, and he obviously spoiled him, and now his lips were a bit red. He wiped it with his fingertips, and the little guy was sleeping soundly and did not wake up.


  Xia Ye retracted his finger and licked it.

  He couldn’t tell what it was like, like a green-skinned pepper he accidentally ate at noon, burst into his mouth, spreading along his tongue, and felt numbness to the apex of his heart.

  The little guy was still asleep in the tent, and Xia Ye stayed with him for a while, slowly got up and went out.

  He took the bucket to the river and fetched water again. Han Yichen caught a lively fish and saw him come and shout: “Lao Xia, you came at the right time, come and take a picture for me!”

  Xia Ye took a picture of him, and Han Yichen curiously asked, “What are you doing with a bucket of water?”

  Xia Ye said: “Take it away.”

  Han Yichen said, “Why did you bring it back?”

  ”For the fish.” Xia Ye explained to him, “Xiaoyu just caught a few small fish and packed them in glass bottles. I will bring some water back.”

  Han Yichen felt that he had lost again. He was also raising a child, and he actually only sent a photo to his sister, but he focus on another point, “Hahahaha, I envy your brother!”

  After a short nap, everyone was ready to return.

  Before leaving, Tang Jinyu wanted to put those small fishes back, but Grandpa Chen said, “No, you can bring them back and raise them. If you put them back, they may not be able to survive, they are too small, and they will be eaten by something if you leave them. “


  Tang Jinyu thought about it, holding the glass bottle and said, “Then I will raise it first. After the little fish has a baby, I will send it to my grandma and raise them in our pool.”

  Grandma Chen said happily: “Yes, yes, we could raise them in our house. There are only lotus flowers in my yard. It’s only a small fish, I’ll take care of it and keep it for you.”

  Grandpa Chen took the opportunity to express his appeal, “Then when you have winter and summer vacations, grandpa will pick you up to see them.”

  Grandpa Tang also applied when he heard it, “It’s too far to send it there, Xiaoyu, you send them Qizhou, and grandpa will keep it for you.”

  Old Chen was not happy: “Where are we, it’s more than an hour’s journey by plane, you old man, you only think for yourself, and don’t think about others!”

  ”You can’t say that, Qizhou is indeed a little closer…”

  Elder Tang was alone here, and the two old couples of the Chen family who were facing each other went into battle, and he quickly surrendered. 

  Xia Ye didn’t say a word from the side, but he put the bucket of water firmly in the trunk of his car, and obviously intended not to let them go.

Tang Jinyu’s school bag and other items were on Xia Ye’s side, so he followed Xia Ye to leave there, and the next day Xia Ye sent him directly from his apartment to the school.


  The opening ceremony was in the basketball hall of the high school. The place was open and bright, and there were a lot of chairs. There were regulations on the parent seat, and generally only two parents can be invited to participate, but Tang Jinyu’s family was in a different situation.

  The two elders of the Chen family donated more than 20 sets of equipment for the piano classroom to the school. Tang Jinyu specializes in the piano, and the old man specially prepared the things he will use in the school for the next three years for his grandson. The arrival of Mr. Tang Hui made the school even more overjoyed, and specially invited the elderly to come on stage to speak. Meanwhile, Chen Suling and her husband donated a scholarship to the school. Teacher Xia has developed well in the past two years, and was well-known in Shanghai and sat in the front row after he arrived.

  Xia Ye didn’t donate any money. He used the invitation letter from his brother to attend as a family member.

  The elders in the family were all arranged in the front row, and Xia Ye sat alone at the parent seat and looked at his brother, and his eyes never looked away from the little guy.

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  1. You can’t tell me with that indirect kiss scene that Xia Ye doesn’t know his own emotions! Poor man. His spring may have begun but I don’t think winter will fully end for a few more years…

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for updating, translator-san!!!
    LOL grandpa & grandma Chen VS grandpa Tang scene is so funny. This family is so close together. I find it gives me warm feeling when I read about them.

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