LNTMG-(108) Military Training

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After attending the opening ceremony in the school, the elders in the family were invited to visit. On the first day they collected their uniforms and other teaching materials, and knowing where their classes were, Tang Jinyu lined up and walked with other students. When he was passing by the parent seat, he blinked at Xia Ye and smiled.

  Xia Ye restrained himself from moving. It was not the same as before, the little guy has grown up, and this time he can’t keep up with him as before.

  Tang Jinyu lined up to go to the classroom. In the past two days, everyone got to know each other in their different classes. It was almost the same as when he was in middle school. There were about ten classes in the first year of high school, and about forty students in a class. There were at least two or three classmates that he knew from middle school and were in the same class as him. Tang Jinyu only knew one of them, and introduced himself to some of his classmates and got with them acquainted quickly. Their friendships from being in the same school were still there, and everyone was very happy to meet again after a summer vacation.

  After school starts, there will be four days of military training, and they would have to live in school.

  The teacher asked everyone to go back and prepare. Tang Jinyu would be living outside for the first time since he has grown up. But he didn’t worry much, but the adults in his family worried about it a lot.


  While looking at the list given by the school, Chen Suling brought everything to her child and went above with her efforts. In late summer, the weather was still hot and there were a lot of mosquitos, so she decided to go to the store and prepare to buy an anti-mosquito spray.

  Tang Hongjun’s brows loosened and frowned. He wanted to take out his phone several times. Chen Suling saw him and stopped him and said, “Don’t call Dad. Xiaoyu will be out for four days and he’s going to be okay.”

  Tang Hongjun hesitated, still not at ease, “Why don’t you ask for a leave this time?”

  Chen Suling did not agree.

  Tang Hongjun: “But his health is not good…”

  Chen Suling said: “Xiaoyu’s body is much better than before. If you ask him to ask for leave now, what will happen when he interacts with his classmates in the future? Always having special privileges? Then he won’t want to make friends after three years in high school.”

  Tang Hongjun sighed. Chen Suling packed up her belongings and said in a low voice: “I already told the school, and a school doctor will be there to follow. We are close to the school, and will be notified as soon as possible.”

  After all, it was summer. If it were winter, Chen Suling would not allow her children to be trained outside. Tang Hongjun thought for a moment, but nodded his head.

  Tang Jinyu was holding the glass bottle outside and showing it to Xia Ye. His attention was focused on the small fishes inside. Xia Ye was sitting on the sofa, he leaned on the side and sat on the armrest, carefully stretching his fingers across. The glass touched the little fish with a bigger belly, expecting: “Brother, I won’t be able to go home until Friday. Do you think she will have a baby when I come back?”


  ”I don’t know, maybe.”

  Tang Jinyu put down the glass bottle and fed a little more fish food, but she still didn’t have enough.

  Xia Ye dragged him over and sat on the sofa together, “Do you want to go for military training?”

  Tang Jinyu said strangely: “Go, doesn’t everyone go.”

  Xia Ye furrowed his eyebrows and said, “If you don’t want to go, I’ll ask for leave for you.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head and smiled: “I’m not sick again, I don’t need to ask for leave. I will take leave after I get sick next time…” Before he finished speaking, Xia Ye grabbed his hand and patted the mahogany on the armrest of the sofa, while listening to his brother and was not happy, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

  Tang Jinyu raised his hand and made a zipper on his mouth.

  Xia Ye asked him: “How many days do you have for military training? Where are you going?”

  Tang Jinyu pointed to his mouth and looked at him innocently.

  Xia Ye lifted his hand to unzip him, rubbed his thumb against the little guy’s lips, and made an “unlock” gesture. Tang Jinyu only then talked about military training. Xia Ye looked at the opening and closing lips, he still felt the temperature on his fingertips, and only heard him say four days, and didn’t remember the rest.

  ”…Anyway, it’s all around the school, and I won’t go far. It seems that not all the students will go to the shooting. The teacher is going to choose students that perform well, but I think that I might not be able to do it. I heard that the instructor likes tall boys to shoot, and they have big hands and they can fight steadily.”


  Xia Ye looked away a little, and shook his hand in his palm and said: “It’s okay, I’ll take you to a solo target alone later.”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes lit up, “Really, brother, where would we go?”

  Xia Ye thought for a while and said, “Abroad.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head without hesitation this time, “Oh, it’s boring abroad, I don’t want to go, brother, don’t go, we’ll just be at home. Actually, shooting is nothing interesting. I still like fishing. When we went camping, I fished a lot, half of which was caught by me, and Grandpa praised me for being lucky!”

  Xia Ye listened to him, and when he heard his brother talk about his luck, he followed with a smile, “You are lucky. Last time you drew cards for me, and you won all of them.”

  Tang Jinyu feels that his big luck was being able to take advantage of being able to predict a little bit of the “future”. but his small luck is not his strength. He just picked cards to draw and plays with his other lottery-related games, and he never seems to fail.

  Tang Jinyu stretched out his hand, rubbed his hand against Xia Ye, and put their palms together. 

Xia Ye’s hand was bigger than his, and was a little itchy by the little guy. He crossed his fingers and chuckled in a low voice, “What else?”

  ”I won’t be here for a few days, divide your luck in half, and everything should go well…”

  Tang Jinyu spoke very seriously, as if doing a prayer ritual, Xia Ye looked down at him, watching the little guy holding his hand, closing their hands together and muttering a sentence, and blowing a sigh of relief, then raised his head and smiled at him after finishing it, and said: “Okay!”

  Xia Ye’s heart was also tickled by him.

  Tang Jinyu went to the school to go to military training. Although he only brought a backpack, it was very heavy, and they were all carefully selected by his family.


  Although he was not allowed to bring food, Chen Suling brought him a little dried jerky, and told him: “When you go, share it with your classmates. Get along with your classmates, and call me if you need anything. Also remember to take time off if you feel uncomfortable, your body’s health is more important, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, put on a uniform outfit issued by the school and saluted them, then smiled and waved his hand in.

  Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling had been standing outside the school gate and looked at him. They were really reluctant, and went back until their child disappeared and was integrated into a freshman team.

  Tang Jinyu heard Xia Ye talk about his participation in military training, but there was a slight difference between the north and the south. The north requires more than ten days of military training, and the intensity was also high. While his current school can be completed in only four days, it was relatively easy.

  Two days after the military training, he was calm and relaxed. On the third day, Tang Jinyu had a heatstroke, and he reported to the instructor and asked for leave to sit in the shade of the tree for a while.

  A school doctor came to give them Huoxiang Zhengqi water, and some of the boys and girls sitting beside them were drinking while pinching their noses, and some of them made a bitter face after taking a sip. They really couldn’t drink this thing.

  Tang Jinyu drank a little bit with a straw, but he made no response.

  The school doctor saw this, and pointed at him and said: “Look at this classmate, everyone, this is your role model, it’s just some medicine, is that so hard?”

  A guy saw him, and closed his eyes and did the same as Tang Jinyu, he felt bored. Although his mouth felt uncomfortable, his head was indeed not as dizzy as before. It is still useful to get rid of the heat.


  A person in the same class sat beside him and asked in a low voice, Tang Jinyu had a good temper and smiled: “I have been drinking medicine since I was a kid and I am used to it.”

  The classmate stared at him with a stunned smile, scratched his head and said, “I can’t see it, looking at it now… seems good.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded: “Yeah, it’s better now.”

  He took too much medicine. He grew up in a big medicine jar, but he still likes to run and jump. He laughs and smiles when he sees people, and he doesn’t seem sick.

  After sitting for a while, feeling his body recovered, Tang Jinyu stood back in the team.

  This time they kept going until the afternoon, and he also played a song with everyone in military training. When it was his turn to compete with the next class, Tang Jinyu was right in tune. The instructor told him to take the lead and he completely suppressed the next class.

  The class next door was not convinced, and took advantage of their break time to compete again, and found a female classmate who sang well.

  The female classmate has a good voice, and she looks like a pure little beauty. She has a small face with big eyes. After singing, she raised her chin and asked, “Do you still have a show in your class?”

  Wherever he was willing to admit defeat, he immediately selected a boy from his class to challenge. The boys also sang, but this time they also brought a tune. Tang Jinyu picked two leaves from the tree beside him and gave it to him with his fingers. After playing a minor tune and putting on a little music, it was much better than the class next door.

  In addition, the boy’s voice was already loud enough to overwhelm the crowd, not only the next class, but also with the competition with other classes.


  When he sang, Tang Jinyu sat cross-legged in the first row to “accompaniment” him. Sometimes he didn’t listen to the other party’s popular songs, so he just played along. The boys followed him out of tune. The two boys dared each other to sing and the other dared to play, which made everybody on the scene laugh together.

  The instructors almost couldn’t stop laughing, coughed, and praised them: “Anyway, the courage is commendable!”

  With the last day of training left, the instructor selected a few students who performed well to go shooting. Tang Jinyu had taken a break from a mild heatstroke before and was not selected.

  He already guessed this himself, and didn’t take it to heart. The people who didn’t get picked stayed with their squad leader. Tang Jinyu was the temporary squad leader of their squad. He took everyone to find a shade of the tree to stand for a while, then to dissolve and rest on time, and a small half of the people who went to the target shooting, and there was a lot of space around them, and they were also very particularly laid-back.

  Tang Jinyu’s bag of dried jerky was distributed in the boys’ dormitory early in the morning. When he sat with the boys in the classroom to rest, everyone greeted him, and some people handed him mineral water, “Squad leader, do you want some?”

  Tang Jinyu took it and drank for a while. He was really thirsty. He was a little tired from shouting just now.

  This male classmate went to the same middle school as Tang Jinyu, and he was quite familiar with him, so he leaned in and said in a low voice: “Squad leader, your position as the school grass in campus may not be guaranteed.”

  ”What school grass?”

  ”Don’t you know, the girls from our middle school used to give you this title before”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, he didn’t know about it.


  The male student leaned forward a little and said, “This time there is a transfer student from Class 9 who just came yesterday. He is very handsome. He is a mixed-race boy. His nose is so sharp, but his eyes are a bit fierce. He usually looks like this…” He made a demonstration, evened his eyes, and looked like he was tired of the world.

  The mineral water that Tang Jinyu was drinking, almost made his spit out laughing, and said with a smile, “Nonsense, no one has eyes like this.”

  ”Really, I’m not lying to you, he is tall, I saw him looking down and talking to be people like this. Anyway, he’s not someone you want to provoke, he didn’t even go when the instructor asked him to shoot, and said that he would hurt his hand.”

  Tang Jinyu thought for a moment, then asked: “How tall is he?”

  ”It’s about 1.8 meters, he’s quite tall.”

(T/n: 1.8 meters= 5’9)

  Tang Jinyu was really envious. He grew one centimeter tall during summer vacation. His brother personally measured him three times before he believed it. Right now he was 1.64 meters, and he doesn’t know when he will grow to be 1.8 meters.

(T/n: 1.64 meters= 5’3)

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5 thoughts on “LNTMG-(108) Military Training

  1. It is a well known trope at this point that the shou/uke is not allowed to be taller than the gong/seme. I do not think your growth will meet your hopes, Xiaoyu! I personally like the subversion of the typical position stereotypes (cutesy tops with more masculine bottoms, younger top with older bottoms, CEO bottom with subordinate top, etc… Though as a rabid fujoshi I read about anything as long as it doesn’t violate my bottom lines) but this isn’t likely to happen here. Sorry sweetie!

    Petitioning the author to give Jinyu a sibling! I love his parents so much. Their little one is growing up so quickly! Off to military training and high school dorms. I misunderstood and thought he’d be living at home for HS. I love this fluffy family, related and not. I want them all to be happy!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for updating today too, translator-san!!!
    Really, really appreciate how the author tells about Jinyu’s interaction with his classmate. It’s relatable. If only I’m signing myself to participate in military training, will I have many besties like Jinyu does? LOL

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