LNTMG-(110) Emoticon Pack

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The next day was the weekend, Xia Ye got up early in the morning and took Tang Jinyu to eat early, and then sent him to his new teacher.

  Tang Jinyu was still waiting for him after getting out of the car, and was used to walking with him, but this time Xia Ye didn’t get out of the car, but only waved him to come over and tidy up his collar and said: “Go in by yourself, your uncle is already waiting inside, don’t be afraid.”

  Tang Jinyu was not very nervous either, because he mentioned that this is an old friend that Teacher Xia had worked with before. He was looking forward to it, but he was a little bit reluctant to leave his brother. He leaned over the car window and asked in a low voice, “Brother, you really don’t go? Why don’t we go together? And sit for a while, okay?”

  Xia Ye scratched his chin and felt a little better. “Don’t go, you’re the one taking piano lessons. When it’s over, call me and I will take you to eat delicious food.”

  ”Is it okay if we go home and eat there tonight? My father just sent me a text message saying that he had bought a lot of dishes, and is going to make a big meal for us.”

  ”It’s good.”

  With a little expectation for dinner in his heart, Tang Jinyu was full of energy, waved his hand towards Xia Ye and entered the house.


  After Xia Ye watched him leave, he drove to the company.

  There were no people working on the weekend. After he went to his top-level office, he was busy with his own affairs. Recently, he was doing a safety program, which he was very interested in, but since not everyone was at work. He bought two books and put them on the table, and he would read them during his break and read a different book to relax himself for a while.

  Although Han Yichen was in the branch, he always comes there a couple times a month, and also works hard to take care of his younger sister.

  This weekend, Han Yichen came to meet Xia Ye to talk to him in person about security procedures, since he couldn’t explain it all online. If he were to send a long e-mail to him, Xia Ye would always say a few words to him, and dryly poke at his weak points every time. Xiao Han felt his heart bleed, so this time he simply spared himself from writing an email and ran over in person with his problems.

  He was one of the company’s top executives, and he has permission to take the elevator that goes straight to the top floor. After going up, he knocked on Xia Ye’s office door.

  Xia Ye was relaxing, leaning on the leather swivel chair and flipping through a book. After seeing him come in, he was a little surprised, “Don’t rest?”

  Han Yichen said: “I wanted too, but you gave me no chance!”

  Xia Ye looked at him again with a hint of confusion in his eyes. Han Yichen felt that his heart had been hit, and waved his hand: “Stop, don’t ridicule, this time it’s not my problem. I’ve brought more than a dozen problems listed by the whole team, no one can rest today without resolving this…” He said, halfway through his sentence, his gaze suddenly stopped and fell on the book that Xia Ye was holding, and looked at him strangely.”

  ”Lao Xia, what are you doing with a collection of poems?”

  ”What’s wrong?”

  ”I just feel that something is not right, this feeling seems familiar, let me think about it.”


  Han Yichen quickly remembered back a few years ago, back when he was still a pure high school student. He once had to hack another netizen’s computer to hack another netizen’s computer. He had read a sour poem, and that person was Old Ape that he had hacked, and the girl he was chasing was Yue Yuan.

  Since then Old Ape has successfully embraced the beauty, and has been admitted to the academy.

  Han Yichen looked at Xia Ye up and down, “Lao Xia, are you in that situation?”

  Xia Ye turned a page and whispered: “What’s the situation?”

  Han Yichen said: “You are in a very wrong state, just look at what you are doing, do you have someone you want to please?”

  Xia Ye did not comment.

  However, if someone like him who has well-defined boundaries responds with his attitude, it would sound like he’s saying that he is in this type of situation.

  Han Yichen asked him vigorously, it’s not his fault that he was curious. People like Xia Ye wanted to fight for their career for their whole life. When they were in college, a lot of seniors wanted to chase him, but there was no one who could get close to him. There were only a few Xia Ye who could get close to him. The only ones Xia Ye could name were all assistants in the computer group. Han Yichen looked at the girls and felt distressed, but Xia Ye never looked at any girls, and was basically a tool man.

  When the computer group recruited people, it didn’t matter if they were male or female, since they were looking at their skills levels. But a lot of girls liked Xia Ye’s appearance, and there were even two girls who followed all the way from Beijing to Shanghai to start a business with them. The girls had gone through the hardships of society, and they were not so superficial, and were especially pure and high-paid.

  Han Yichen asked endlessly, guessing about the opposite sex around him, but Xia Ye denied them all.


  Han Yichen didn’t give up. He took another book of poems on the table and looked through it, seeing the carefully crossed notes on it, he was happy to see, “Lao Xia, your notes are written so carefully, how do they make you feel when you wrote these? It’s more comprehensive than the notes in your textbook when we were in school. If you let our teachers see it, they would’ve been moved to tears.”

  Xia Ye said: “There are bookmarks inside, don’t mess it up for me, I still have to read it again to summarize it and organize it.”

  Han Yichen: “…”

  Han Yichen felt that it was not just the teacher who wanted to envy these collections of poems. But if he were to take it down to Song Yi to have a look. Manager Song would be jealous on the spot.

  Xia Ye sat there looking at the sour collection of poems, and he was quite devoted, holding a two-color pen to mark the key points, Han Yichen knocked on the table, hit a straight ball and asked him: “Lao Xia, aren’t we brothers, can’t you just tell me if you are in love?”

  Xia Ye thought for a moment and said, “It doesn’t count.”

  ”What do you mean?”

  ”I still have a few years to prepare, so I’m not in a hurry.”

  Han Yichen felt his head was in the clouds after hearing his non-urgent attitude, “Is there any urgency to fall in love? I see, you said you prepared something, but you haven’t caught up yet, right?” Seeing that Xia Ye didn’t say anything, knowing that he had guessed it correctly, he hurriedly said, “You have to work harder if you don’t catch up. If you don’t work hard, someone else will snatch them away from you, what will you do then?”

  ”No, I am watching them carefully.”

  ”Oh-I see, then this person must be by our side, so you can always watch them, is it someone that I know?”


  Xia Ye closed the book and said to him: “Have you seen the person Song Yi is looking for?”

  Sure enough, when he looked at Han Yichen, who was sitting across from him, with a shocked expression, “What, does Lao Song have an object?”

  ”You don’t know?”

  ”I don’t know! Lao Song, the great Buddha, is finally willing to go down to earth. Come and tell me, who is Lao Song interested in?”


  Xia Ye glanced at him unpredictably and shook his head slightly, “It’s not convenient for me to say too much, it’s better for you to ask Lao Song yourself.” He doesn’t know if anyone else knows, but he only knew about this now, since it was the little guy that told him.

  Xia Ye threw Song Yi under the bus, and Han Yichen switched his attention and regardless of Xia Ye’s unidentified secret love, he went to ask Song Yi.

  Manager Song: “…”

  Song Yi: “Who said that?”

  Han Yichen scolded him: “You must not understand the rules here, you can’t talk just ask about the informants who gossip. Anyway, you know the one in the top floor office.”

  Song Yi really couldn’t run up to face his boss, and could only be silent on the phone, which was regarded as acquiescence.

  Han Yichen asked, “Where is my sister-in-law from? How did you know each other? Is she pretty?”

  Song Yi replied simply: “College, beautiful.”

  ”Childhood sweetheart, not bad, not bad.” Han Yichen rubbed his hands and asked again: “That’s right, can you help me ask to see if my sister-in-law can also introduce me to someone?”

  Song Yi nodded and said, “I will ask her when I go back.”

  ”Okay, okay, thank my sister-in-law for me first. When I get news later, I will invite you to dinner. It just so happens that everyone will meet each other and get to know each other!”

  ”Sounds good.”

  Song Yi didn’t talk to him much, he was resting today, and hung up after a few words.


  Han Yichen sighed with emotion, Lao Song knows too much about who he is. For so many years, he wished that he could take them as cattle and horses all year round, but now he knows that they have a free day on Sundays!

  Comrade Xiao Han immediately told Old Ape about Song Yi’s love interest. After hearing about this,, Old Ape showed the same shocked face: “Old Song is interested in someone! When did this happen? This person secretly concealed it from us, and doesn’t want us to treat him!”

Old Ape has lived on the campus for a long time and still maintains a good school tradition. If anyone was interested in someone, they should bring them over to dinner and introduce them, just like in the college boys’ dormitory.

  Han Yichen said, “What kind of dinner, my sister-in-law has introduced me to someone, and I will invite you to eat when it’s my turn!”

  Old Ape smashed his mouth, thinking it was too early to eat.

  At the beginning, Han Yichen was crying and begging Yue Yuan from his family to introduce him to someone, and Yue Yuan actually introduced him to a few of her younger sisters, all of whom are very gentle little girls, who were young. Yue Yuan gave him their online accounts, so that they could chat with each other online and get to know each other.

  Unfortunately, it happened to be around the time for the football game. After a few conversations with the other girl, Han Yichen said that he would leave a little bit in advance.

  The girl naturally said yes.


  As a result, the boy was gone forever. The girl waited for him but she heard no news until midnight, and there was no news from him for a few days, so she simply told Yue Yuan that they were not suitable for each other. Old Ape hurriedly called to ask, but he heard Han Yichen crying over there, “Old Ape, you don’t know, the German team lost, I waited until midnight and watched it, but in the end they didn’t make a come back, can you believe it was 0 to 3! It’s over, my life is meaningless!!”

  Old Ape: “…”

  Old Ape didn’t know if his life had any meaning, but he knew that Han Yichen had no sisters to talk to anymore.

  Han Yichen only talked about gossip with Old Ape about Song Yi, and forgot about Xia Ye. He only remembered it when he hung up the phone, but he didn’t get any real answer from him after thinking about it, so he just put it aside.

  On the other side, in the mansion house.

  Tang Jinyu rang the doorbell after entering, but it was Teacher Xia who came to pick him up. Teacher Xia came over in advance. He touched the child’s head and smiled: “Did you just arrive? It’s still early, I will take you to the piano room to have a look.”

  Tang Jinyu said, “Uncle, is my new teacher also in the piano room?”

  ”Yes, he is teaching his students, and two students are here. One of his students’ names is Li He. He is the teacher’s nephew. He is fifteen years old and the same age as you.” Teacher Xia took his hand and treated him the same as before. Particularly patiently, and whispered, “Xiaoyu, do you remember the band video that Uncle showed you before?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded. Teacher Xia showed him a lot, and many of them were not online, but because Teacher Xia was also involved, there was a backup souvenir. Many masters participated and the scene was very spectacular, even though the TV screen did not hinder the momentum, it did not hinder the majestic music from pouring out.

  ”Do you remember the recital of a piano master I saw you last time…”

  Teacher Xia took him to the piano room on the second floor, and heard a roar in the piano room before he could finish speaking.


  A blond teacher was teaching a boy to play the piano. The boy had chestnut hair and was quite tall. He looked about 1.8 meters tall, but he was knocked on his head in a storm. The teacher rolled up the music sheet in his hand and knocked it unceremoniously, his face was distorted with anger: “What’s the matter with you, ah?! You can’t even do such a simple thing, why are you drawing there? What are you looking at me for? Is there a music sheet on my face, look at your music sheet in my hand, look at the score!”

  ”You drinked water as soon as you came in, and now you’re squealing like a monkey as soon as you finish. Do you think Bach has this skill? Look! Dad! Ha! Look what I’m doing!”

  ”You are a monkey, why is this rhythm chaotic? Louder, brighter, more enthusiastic… Did you practice the piano for me? Compile it for me here, did your mother supervise you during summer vacation? She went to work, then what about your father? Back home? This is the reason why you didn’t practice piano well during summer vacation?

  ”What are you playing, my mind is buzzing from hearing it!”

  ”If you can’t do it, you can stop playing the piano and try playing the guitar.”


  The door opened, but Teacher Xia knocked twice and coughed softly: “Leo, I’m here to bring someone here.”

  The new teacher inside looked back, the expression on his face hadn’t been well controlled, and looked a little distorted, but it was this expression that made Tang Jinyu recognize who he was!

  Master Leo, a well-known figure in the piano industry, an aristocrat who was a lunatic on stage, every time his performances will be widely known, and mostly controversial. But no one dared to question his technique, and unlike the elegant performance of other pianists, as long as this master sits on the piano bench, he only has two actions like other pianists—slowly covering his body and raising his hands.


  Then after a moment of silence, his body would lean forward and back, fully engaged, with hands waving on the keys, and any photo taken of his face were all full of excitement, even if it’s not the first time seeing him play the piano, the audience would still be surprised by him. It was as if he was not playing the piano, but like he was swallowing the piano whole.

  The sound of the piano in his hand was also different from that of other people. It was a kind of roar that sounded at the climax, it was like the sound of the sky and the earth cracking, sweeping the audience with the force of destruction! If other masters were elegant princes, then this one was a barbaric emperor. But at the same time, his piano music was as steady as iron and cold as ice, so the extreme collision of ice and fire has made him famous.

Tang Jinyu didn’t just know him from Teacher Xia, he vaguely remembered that he had met this master countless times before. In the next few years, this man would become more popular, but not because of his music, but because of himself.

  Since his piano recital was put on the online platform, netizens found that any picture taken could be cut out and be used as a perfect emoticon package, and then after the emoticon package of Master Leo quickly became popular all over the Internet.

  Even Tang Jinyu himself has used his emoticon pack!

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  1. Xia Ye taking a slow boil approach I see! He’s fine letting Xiaoyu grow up, but the net is tightening considering Xia Ye has an immediate response to the rival question! We’re all rooting for you!

    I already love the crazy piano teacher! Very strict but wild! Jinyu will be fine though, we know his skills!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for updating like always, translator-san!!! LOL, I want to know what expression the new teacher wear that interest public so much, his photos became emoticon pack, LOL!!!
    I’m rooting for you too, Xia Ye!!! Fortunately, Jinyu still not understand (or too dense??) about love, LOLOLOL!!!

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