LNTMG-(111) Transfer Student

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 Master Leo quickly gathered his expression, turned and whispered to explain to the boy in the piano room to practice the piano seriously, “Go, do high fingering exercises by yourself. you’ve been playing too much throughout summer vacation, and now you can’t play.”

  The tall boy with chestnut hair never lifted his head and went to practice there.

  Master Leo took them to the living room. Like all those who engage in art, he also has some hobbies of his own. As soon as he entered the living room, he saw that the entire wall was filled with his collections, hanging there. All kinds of exquisitely decorated silver plates, as well as crude and weird wood carvings, even an ashtray on the table is a semi-finished product of African crude wood carvings-maybe this is the finished product, but it looks distorted a little.

  Tang Jinyu went over with Teacher Xia, sat there and carefully listened to his question, and answered obediently.

  Master Leo and Teacher Xia had a good personal relationship, because Teacher Xia has always been mild-tempered, so when he saw Tang Jinyu, he restrained his temper and talked gently with him. After asking a few professional questions in a row, Leo found that this kid answered pretty well, and he could tell that he really liked the piano. He relaxed a little for a while and asked a few simple questions and chatted with the kid.

  ”Xiaoyu I want to ask you, if you don’t mind, why did you learn to play the piano in the first place?”

  Tang Jinyu told the truth: “In order to improve the flexibility in my fingers.”

  Master Leo raised his eyebrows: “Huh?”

  Tang Jinyu was too familiar with this emoticon, and immediately added: “Along with exercising the left and right brain balances…”


  Teacher Xia didn’t hold back and laughed, when he saw that they were looking at him, he immediately coughed: “I’m drinking tea, you guys continue, continue.”

  Master Leo shook his collar to maintain his aristocratic style, unaware of his old friend’s smile towards him as he talked and sat there in a suit with the child, “Your answer is good, your an honest kid, your answer was more better compare to the others who just said that they wanted to participate in competitions and become famous. You must first play the piano for yourself, and you must integrate it into your life. For a lifetime, you don’t have to be practical to have fun.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded immediately.

  He knows! One of his favorite emoticons at the time was the one that Master Leo sprinkled a handful of roses to the audience at the recital, and the wording was “Be Happy.”

  Apart from answering questions, Tang Jinyu was looking at the teacher with a little excited expression.

  Master Leo looked at him and said strangely: “What do you keep watching me for?”

  Tang Jinyu blinked, and felt like he was dreaming, “I think it’s amazing. I never thought I could see you in person one day…”

  Master Leo was proud of himself, but he did not show it on his face. He has seen too many little piano players working hard for him throughout their childhood. These people have grown up listening to his music since they were young, so of course they admire him very much!

  All in total, he was still very satisfied with this new student.

  He also put a piano in the living room and asked Tang Jinyu to play a short piece of music, wanting to hear his level.


  When Tang Jinyu was playing the piano, from the corner of his eye he saw a figure flashing by in the corridor, and was a little distracted, but he quickly stabilized himself and he finished that short period of play.

  Master Leo treats him much more loosely than the boy in the piano room before, nodding his head and saying: “It’s not bad. I can see that you usually have strict training. I believe that Xia’s requirements for you will not be better than that of the boy in the piano room. You are still young, so your lessons are going to be at least  five or six hours a day. As far as the amateur level is concerned, what you can do is not bad. In the future, I will put forward more stringent requirements for you, so you must be mentally prepared.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and hurriedly agreed, “Thank you teacher!”

  Master Leo looked at him for a while, then deliberately suppressed the smile at the corner of his mouth, and said, “Also, we will meet often in the future, so just treat me as your teacher. You don’t have to be too nervous when you see me.” He thought that since that kid was performing in front of his idol that he made a mistake.


  After chatting for a while, Teacher Xia took Tang Jinyu away first. Master Leo said that today was regarded as an official apprenticeship, by getting to know him and letting him play the piano for a bit. However, when he saw him roll up his sleeves and heard him yell from the piano room when he came in just now, Tang Jinyu felt that he was going back to beat his nephew.

Master Leo also gave him a music bookto encourage him to go back and practice well and look forward to their meeting next week.

  Tang Jinyu took it, knowing that this was his homework for next week, and nodded earnestly. He was still a little excited, and before he left, he asked Master Leo to sign his book


  Master Leo feels very comfortable. The other little piano boys generally did not dare to come up to him whenever they saw him, and would just follow their parents and say nothing. The one Mr. Xia brought today was very different, it was best to be bold and show it! He swiped a few strokes and signed his name generously, and then told him: “Next time you can come directly, you can come after nine in the morning on the weekends.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded repeatedly. When Master Leo shook hands with him, he was shaking with excitement as they both held hands.

  Oh my goodness, a living emoticon!

  The emoticon master shook hands with him, life is really amazing!

  On the way back, Teacher Xia saw the child keep looking up, and smiled: “Do you like your new teacher?”

  Tang Jinyu was so happy that he nodded his head repeatedly: “I like him too much!”

  But even so, there was no delay in today’s piano practice plan. Teacher Xia took him to his previous piano room for the last coaching practice.

  Teacher Xia watched the child slowly enter the state while sitting on the piano bench, with a loving expression. He still remembered that when the child first asked him to learn a musical instrument, he never thought that he would become acquainted with a small harmonica. Ever since this child saved him, their friendship had led them to have more relatives for the father and son duo.

  If it was back then, he would never have imagined that Xia Ye would call Mr. Tang Hui “Grandpa”, or would ever call “Grandpa” or “Grandma” to the two wealthy elderly people in the family…but since the child at home has a sweet mouth, and calls out when he sees people. He not only calls out their names, but would also introduce his brother to his elders. Dragging Xia Ye step by step and crossing the threshold, so that he is no longer alone, but able to have a lively home.

Teacher Xia stayed with him for the whole day. After practicing the last lesson, he helped him close the piano sheet and smiled: “Xiaoyu, you graduated with me today. There will be a new teacher to teach you in the future, so please work hard.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and gave Teacher Xia a big hug just like he would do as a child, “Uncle, I will go to your symphony orchestra when I’m ready to play in the future. Let’s work together. Uncle is still a conductor!”


  Teacher Xia’s slight sadness was resolved at once. He scraped the tip of the child’s nose and chuckled, “Okay, let’s make an appointment. I’ll wait for you.”


  In the evening, the Xia and Tang families had dinner together at home.

  Tang Hongjun bought a lot of dishes and made some good dishes. He also left a hot pot for Xia Ye to give him a chance to perform. In the kitchen, he taught Xia Ye how to prepare ingredients in advance. The lamb he bought was very fresh, and it would taste more delicious after marinating it, and better when sliced ​​and cooked in a hot pot.

  Xia Ye studied hard by his side, he didn’t have to, but when he heard Tang Hongjun say that “Xiaoyu always likes this flavor” was enough for him to be patient.

  After dinner in the evening, the adults chatted while watching TV. Xia Ye sat on a single sofa by the side. Tang Jinyu brought a plate of fruit and leaned against the handrail of the sofa to feed Xia Ye, “Brother, this cantaloupe is so sweet, try it. The apples are delicious too, here’s a big one!”

  Xia Ye never refuses those who come, and what to eat.

  After eating for a while, Xia Ye hooked his finger, and the little guy leaned over curiously, “Brother?”

  Xia Ye asked in a low voice in his ear, “Would you like to come to see the fishes on weekends?”

  ”Yes! Brother, I will live with you Saturday night. Uncle and I will go to my new teacher for my piano lessons, and we will go there after we finish.”

  ”Okay, I’ll take you out for a good meal on Sunday.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t dare to agree this time. He didn’t know how strict his new teacher was. “Wait until I see him on Saturday, I will have to study for another day on Sunday.”

  Xia Ye squeezed his face and said with a smile: “Call me after your lessons, I’ll pick you up.”

  For the next whole week, Tang Jinyu was looking forward to the weekend, not only to see Master Leo, but also to see fishes and the baby fishes. He checked a lot of information and asked other fish farmers in class what they were doing, and prepared all their foods.


  There were many people in high school who secretly brought their mobile phones to school, and Tang Jinyu also brought his, but he didn’t use it during the day, and only kept it to stay in touch with his family in case of any accidents. He usually uses this mobile phone at night. His brother will send him a few text messages every day before going to bed to talk about the situation of fishes at home. Tang Jinyu was looking forward to the baby fish while replying to his message.

  On Friday, the teacher asked a few classmates to help move workbooks. Tang Jinyu, the monitor, also followed.

  People from other classes were also queuing to collect them. Tang Jinyu went to his class early and went back after collecting books. When he passed the corridor, several tall boys came to other classes to collect books. One of them deliberately bumped into Tang Jinyu when they walked by, and he looked down on him and his face looked wrinkly as if he smelled something bad, and said, “I’m sorry, too short, I didn’t see you.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  He grew a centimeter during summer vacation! His brother personally measured it!

  The other party left after speaking. Several other students in Tang Jinyu’s class were a little angry, and Tang Jinyu was also angry, but it was simply because of his height.


  ”Squad leader, don’t be angry. That person is a transfer student from Class 9. He is particularly unlikable. I heard that when he first came, he was assigned as a literary committee member and he was not happy, and fought with a girl in his class who was a literary committee member. And when he finally came to speak on stage, he said that all girls were the same, and said that all they did was cry. What was even more annoying was that he resigned within two days after becoming a member of the literary committee. He said that he was busy on weekends and wanted to practice piano, so he didn’t have time to participate in the school choir…”

  Tang Jinyu’s mind flashed, and he suddenly realized that the hair of the person who hit him just now was also slightly brown, and asked, “What is the name of that person in Class 9?”

  ”His name seems to be Li He. He is a Chinese-Russian hybrid. To be honest, he is handsome, but he has a bad temper.”

Tang Jinyu has determined that Li He from Class 9 is the boy who he had seen in Master Leo’s piano room before. In all fairness, his temper would not be that good after being beaten on the head by piano sheets every day… Tang Jinyu felt a little sympathy for him.

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xiaoyu: Some people are so tall that they get beaten badly every day.

  Li He: …you’ve got some balls, just you wait.

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  1. New rival= get! The real question is, is this a rival for Jinyu with playing piano or a rival for Xia Ye for Jinyu? I’ve ran into too many rival turns to love stories! My brain is corrupted. Haha!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for updating today too, translator-san!! Wow, Li He is so arrogant!!! I guess he saw Jinyu in master Leo’s home last time and maybe… he felt jealous(?), because master Leo treats Jinyu better than him. LOLOLOL

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