LNTMG-(112) Playing The Piano

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On the weekend, Tang Jinyu really met a transfer student at Master Leo’s home.

  Li He played a little better today than the last time he saw him, but he still accepts the violent lessons. Master Leo was his uncle, and how he taught his nephew was obviously more stringent.

  Li He didn’t show enough feelings, so Master Leo asked him to practice that section repeatedly, “1, 2, shake your head! 1, 2 shake your head! If you can’t even play that well, then don’t shake your head! Use your body to feel it slowly, yes, that’s it… continue!”


  Tang Jinyu didn’t dare to say a word from the side. The transfer student looked very intimidating when he was in school, but was much more miserable than he thought when he was hit on the head while learning to play the piano.

  Li He, who was practicing the piano, was a little distracted. Tang Jinyu saw this as soon as he arrived. He probably felt a little embarrassed, and he accidentally made a mistake. His uncle was rude and knocked his head with the piano sheet again!

  Li He: “…”

  Li He resigned to his fate and let his head shake as he played the piano. He didn’t get beaten this time, but he was a little dizzy when he was shaking his head.

  He felt that the feelings were not emotional enough, and his stiff neck last night was cured.

  When it was Tang Jinyu’s turn, Master Leo was kinder to him, it was probably that he heard from Teacher Xia that he was not in good health. He did not teach according to his previous style, and used an ordinary and strict way by letting him start to play the piano slowly, and correcting his posture.

  Teacher Xia was an all-rounder teacher, and has always been with him, and Tang Jinyu has a solid foundation, and was not quite the same as other students. Other piano boys started to play the piano when they were around four or five years old, but they would not have too much self-awareness. He has been different from others since he was a child, and soberly aware of what he was doing.

  Others wanted to gain honor, but Tang Jinyu was different.

  He was able to make his fingers flexible, and is able to make himself look like other normal people after he works very hard.

  The piano was the icing on the cake for others. But for him, it has been integrated into his life for ten years, playing the piano was more like “rehabilitation”. It was normal for him just like eating, drinking, and even walking


  Tang Jinyu quickly jumped in. No matter what boring exercise he did, he completed it with the same seriousness, without any complaints, and he could quickly find and understand any tiny place that Leo taught him. After a few times, he began to integrate himself into his previous foundation.

  Leo was also observing this student.

  In terms of talent alone, his nephew Li He was obviously a little bit higher level than this boy. Although Li He sometimes arbitrarily re-arranges music and makes a little mistake inattentively, he always has some particularly bright sounds appear suddenly, which sounds really amazing when he has a flash of inspiration. At the beginning, the boy who was practicing piano seriously gave him the feeling that he was hardworking. When he looked at his old friend’s face, he felt that he would be at a middle level. But after this lesson, he changed his opinion. His old friend Xia was able to take the boy to learn piano for ten years for a reason. The child was like a sponge, constantly absorbing all the influx of knowledge from the outside world, and has a good understanding of it.

  He understood, and tried to integrate into his original foundation, turning all these things into his own.

  If Li He was rushing from left to right to find his own direction, ready to emerge from the cocoon and become a butterfly, this boy has already found his own voice.

  Leo looked at his new student, the music sheet in his hand was not rolled up for the first time. He stared at the hands that fell on the black and white keys without interrupting him and let him finish the piece. Leo felt that the boy might not have such a bright tone, but he was surrounded by a gentle tune from beginning to end. It was a very comfortable state, and he found that this sound suits him best.

  ”Very good, this state is right, keep it going and continue practicing.” Leo nodded and applauded him.

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and then went to practice the piano seriously.


  During the break between lessons, Tang Jinyu found that the transfer student was against him.

  He called him a transfer student because Li He was one day late for military training. In fact, it was not much different from everyone’s enrollment time.

  After hitting his arm twice on purpose and snatching the water he had just poured, Tang Jinyu felt that this person might only have grown in height, and that his brain had not developed particularly well. These kinds of intentional small movements were simply not too obvious.

  When he tried to snatch the glass of water that Tang Jinyu had just poured for the third time, Li He finally overturned his car, and his movements were too fierce, and Tang Jinyu couldn’t hold his cup firmly, and water splashed on his shoes.

When Tang Jinyu was able to grasp his cup of water firmly, water had already dripped on Li He’s slippers. The satin soft-soled slippers were wet, and even the trouser legs were a little wet.

  Li He raised his head to look at him. He has deep facial features, a tall nose, and golden-brown eyes. When he came over, he looked obliquely, staring at him while probing for a long time, as if he regarded it as Tang Jinyu ‘Challenge’. After a long while, he said in a deep voice: “Yes, if you have the ability, then play alone.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  He now wanted to give Li He the cup of water, but he doesn’t know if it’s too late?

  Tang Jinyu didn’t mean to go challenge him at all, but Li He had already regarded him as an opponent, especially when Master Leo treated them two differently, Li He felt unbalanced.

  Even if he was beaten alone, why wasn’t the newcomer beaten? This was unscientific!

  Was he not the most favored kid in his family?


  Tang Jinyu, who has been the most spoiled at home since childhood, also got into entanglement. He didn’t know what type of challenge Li He was talking about. He still wore a watch from his brother on his wrist. The dial was really hard, but since he plays the piano, it was fine……

It was impossible for the piano room to be used single-handedly. Master Leo was watching over them, and the two children failed to fight for the piano.

  There were two piano rooms here. The two were separated during training, but when the two boys got together in class, he could tell that the bigger one was bullying the younger one.

  Li He was also fifteen years old this year, but he was like any ordinary fifteen-year-old teen, and had just entered a rebellious period, his loose clothes were not easy to wear. He wears a silver engraved necklace with a special mark, and his whole body seemed to be filled with annoyance. He was quick at grabbing everything, and grabbed the music sheet with his long arm and pressed it to his side.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t bother to talk to him. The other party didn’t want these at first sight, but just wanted to fight with him.

  Just like a child, everything must be acquired.

  Li He raised his eyebrows to look at him: “Would you like to see? Please me.”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Give it to you, I have already memorized it.”

  Li He: “…”

  Leo didn’t notice the little movements of the two students. This time he planned to explain the emotions to his students in a simple way: “Li He, you just can’t sit still, I’ve told you many times before, that it is okay that you are not smart, you can just work hard! Practice more! How can you experience it if you don’t master it!”


  Li He’s face was already showing dissatisfaction. He opened his mouth and wanted to talk, but he glanced at Tang Jinyu next to him. “The kid from someone else’s house” sat next to him blatantly, his face blushed with suffocation, and he did not dare to say anything.

  Leo’s enthusiasm to mobilize his nephew was only one sentence, “Can you still do it?

  As soon as these words were spoken, it was clearly a provocation!

  Li He started to play the piano without frowning, he looked handsome whenever he shook his head, with his chestnut hair was shaking made him look like a fierce husky.

  Leo turned his head and looked at Tang Jinyu again, “Xiaoyu, your feelings are too introverted. I don’t know what kind of feelings you are worrying about, but you should open up more, and let go! You have to release yourself, just like you practiced just now. That little section, it must be light, a little disturbance, and itching… can’t you let it go? Here let me help you.”

  Tang Jinyu sat there with a dazed expression, watching his teacher walk up step by step and roll up his sleeves-and then began to scratch his armpits with a steady hand. Tang Jinyu fell to the ground with a smile.

  Master Leo scratched him and said grimly: “Itching to the bones, does it itch or not?”

  Tang Jinyu: “Hahahahahahaha!!”

  Tang Jinyu laughed and cried.

  After half an hour, the two children were so tired that they were lying in the piano room.


  Master Leo went downstairs to have a drink and rest, and gave them ten minutes of free time.

  Neither of them wanted to move now, Li He’s head was struck and his hair was messy, and Tang Jinyu looked unlovable on the piano.

  The two students now looked at each other with sympathy on their faces, but after this brief sympathy, they even wanted to switch with each other.

  When class started in the afternoon, Li He finally couldn’t help but questioned him, and said, “Why only hit me!”

  Master Leo: “He is sick, are you sick!”

  The person from across: “…”

  Tang Jinyu whispered: “Actually, my illness is getting better. I’m okay now, and quite healthy.”

  Leo waved his hand, “I’ve heard from Teacher Xia about your situation. You spent more time practicing piano when you were sick than when Li He was healthy. Anyway, from the point of diligence, Li He is not as good as you, he needs to hurry up to catch up.”

  Li He still refuses: “Why am I not as good as him?”

  ”Have you memorized the sheet you played today?” Master Leo gestured to his nephew’s size and then Tang Jinyu’s, heartbroken: “How old is he, and how old are you? Ah? Well, if you don’t learn a little bit more, aren’t you embarrassing yourself when you compare yourself with others!”

  Li He: “He is the same age as me!”

  ”Nonsense, even if you make him stand on tiptoes, he is not as tall as you!”



  Tang Jinyu silently retracted his foot that was trying to stand up.

  What Li He received was a physical attack, but he got a mental attack, and the two children were all sluggish at once.


  Tang Jinyu has now changed from envy of transfer students to jealousy. It was estimated that the other party was also the same. The two have no communication with each other except for a little conversation they had in class. Li He wanted to seem indifferent, but the number of times he got knocked on his head was too much, and often looks more like a silly dog ​​who has been taught, and a bit handsome when he was sullen. But then he would become a husky after being knocked on the head. If it weren’t for his uncle sitting here, he would like to perform a live-swallowing piano on the spot.

  Tang Jinyu called his brother after his piano lessons. When he was sitting in Xia Ye’s car, he was still lying in the co-pilot with no energy. He put his fingers on the glass of the car window and looked faint.

  Xia Ye couldn’t help but glance at him, and asked, “What’s the matter? Teacher criticized you for not playing the piano well?”

  Tang Jinyu looked tangled, “That’s not it, brother, when will I grow taller?”

  Xia Ye laughed and said, “Who told you that?”

  ”…Just a classmate.”

  ”The other student who plays the piano with you?”

  ”Yeah, he’s my teacher’s nephew, Li He. He transferred to our high school, but he is in Class 9.”

  ”Is he easy to get along with?”

  ”Not at all!”

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  1. LOLOLOLOL, I have to say that this chapter is the funniest chapter from all of the chapters so far. LOLOLOLOL. Thank you to translator-san who has worked hard in translating this chapter!!
    Master Leo is the funniest character so… THAT’S THE REASON WHY HE BECOME AN EMOTICON PACK!!! LOLOLOLOL, and what shaking head had to do with playing piano??? *I’m confused but still LMAO*

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  2. See, if the story started at just the last couple of chapters tell me if you wouldn’t feel like shipping these two piano rivals together? Dumb husky gong and delicate but talented shou makes for a cute couple! Hey hey hey, don’t throw knives at me everyone! Haha! Don’t worry, I haven’t changed my OTP at all. I just still predict a change from rivals to friends to potential one sided crush. I just can’t help but like dumb dog characters! Also helps I’m hoping go see some real vinegar!Xia Ye. Hehe!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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