LNTMG-(114) Demolish

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Tang Jinyu walked in and put the lunch box aside on the small table, and showed him his pocket first, and said excitedly: “Brother, touch it!”

  Xia Ye touched his straightened belly, and Tang Jinyu turned sideways and said: “Not my belly, you touch my pocket. Your New Year’s money that my grandfather brought you was double this year!”

  Xia Ye reached out and took it out, but not only did he get a few thick red envelopes, but also a few pieces of toffee. Among them, a chocolate ball had melted a bit.

  Tang Jinyu felt that it was a pity: “It’s a pity, this one was the best.”

  Xia Ye put the red envelope back into his pocket, peeled off the wrapper, and ate the candy, “This is enough for me. You can keep the money and buy whatever you want.”

  Tang Jinyu still took out the thickest envelope and put it on Xia Ye’s desk and said, “Then keep this one. Grandma said to take it since you are not married yet.”

  Xia Ye nodded and agreed. The red envelope was printed with auspicious words.


  He also prepared a copy for Tang Jinyu, he originally wanted to wait a few days for the little guy to come back. But now that he arrived early, he took out a small red box from the drawer and gave it to him. As usual, it was made of a handful of gold. The gadgets were bigger than those Tang Jinyu played with when he was a child. They were some gadgets such as peanuts, jade and small ingots. Under each of them, the master goldsmith has specially engraved the word “Yu”.

  Tang Jinyu held it for a while and counted them with joy. Xia Ye likes to see his little money fan. Every time he sees him, he feels better. Even the candy in his mouth tastes a bit sweeter. 

Tang Jinyu put away the box and urged him to eat. Xia Ye usually takes a bite in the afternoon when he is too busy working overtime. But he was really hungry at the moment, and followed him over and sat there.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t eat a few bites at home. Tang Hongjun knew that the two brothers were close, so he deliberately brought some extra meals for them to eat together. The portion was enough for two people.

  Tang Jinyu accompanied him to dinner and didn’t say when he would leave. Xia Ye was busy in the office, so he played by himself.

  Xia Ye looked up, just in time to see him answer the phone, lowered his voice and went to the cubicle inside to pick it up: “Hey, grandma? We’re home now, didn’t my mother say… Oh, yes, I was just now coming out, I’m looking for my brother, yes, he is still at work, so hard!”

  Xia Ye’s eyes fell on his back for a few seconds, and when someone entered, he turned his head and continued to look at the screen.

  Seeing the person he was worried about, eating hot home-cooked food, he recovered a lot of energy and took care of the work at hand.


  If Tang Jinyu weren’t there, Xia Ye would most likely continue to make do with the company for one night, but whenever his brother comes, he wants to finish his work as soon as possible and take him back to rest.

  Despite this thought, by the time he was done, it was almost ten o’clock in the evening.

But there were also some benefits. Xia Ye got up and raised his arms, staring at the computer for a while, making sure that he could take a short break tomorrow and give himself a day off.

  He went to the cubicle to look for Tang Jinyu. As soon as he went in, he saw that the little guy was asleep on the sofa over there, he was still holding a mobile phone in his hand, and he fell asleep after taking a phone call for a while.

  Xia Ye lightly walked over, put his  hand on the little guy’s face and squeezed it lightly, “Xiaoyu? Wake up, let’s go home and go to sleep.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t respond, sleeping like a pig. He was a little tired when he came back all the way. In the morning, he stayed with Grandma Chen to receive his New Year’s gift for a day. The old lady liked him and stayed with him, and introduced him to the people around him.

  Xia Ye couldn’t wake him up. After thinking about it, he took a thick woolen coat that he had, wrapped the person , hugged him in his arms and carried him to the parking lot. After he hugged him, he realized that his brother has grown up a lot. He could barely hold him like he did when he was a child, and now he can’t do it anymore. After he grows taller, if he hugs him like he did before, he will probably have to carry him on his shoulder.


  Xia Ye was used to taking care of the little guy, and holding him was not a burden. He kept holding him and carried him to the car. After putting him down, he drove while calling Song Yi. He was wearing headphones and deliberately lowered his voice when speaking.

  Song Yi listened for a moment, and tentatively said, “Is Xiaoyu on your side?”

  Xia Ye said: “Yeah, he came back early. Now he is asleep, so I am taking him back. I made a backup and put it on the U disk on the office desk. You can take it to the Ministry of Security to see what you have time tomorrow. If you need anything just ask Han Yichen, I’ll be taking a day off.”

  Song Yi hurriedly said, “Take a two-day rest. You have been too hard during this period, and you never went back during our rotation.”

  Xia Ye thought for a while, did not decline, and agreed.

  Tang Jinyu heard a vague voice in his ear, but he was too sleepy and he tried to open his eyes, but he couldn’t open them. He could hear Xia Ye’s voice, so he slept in the car for a while until he was almost home. He woke up when he rubbed his eyes and called to his brother in a low voice.

  Xia Ye just went to a convenience store to buy a little oden and a cup of coffee. He saw the little guy sitting up wrapped in his clothes and handed him food to eat while it was hot. “Eat something first. The weather is too cold, be careful of catching a cold.”

  Tang Jinyu took it, opened the coffee cup and was delighted, “Brother, you forgot to put coffee in this cup you bought!”

  Xia Ye said: “What kind of coffee? I bought you milk. Drink it while it’s hot.”


  Tang Jinyu took a sip from the cup and finished the drink. His body was warm. He slept in the office for a few hours and now he was just a little hungry. He ate some oden brought by his brother, and sent the fish balls he liked to Xia Ye side, “Brother, this is so delicious, do you want to try it?”

  Xia Ye opened his mouth and ate it. He thought these were things to coax children. The taste was actually quite average, but Tang Jinyu liked him and nodded and said, “It’s okay, just eat a little bit. If you’re hungry, I will cook noodles for you at night.”

  ”Wow, really, I haven’t eaten it for a long time! I want to eat hot pot noodles!”

  Xia Ye’s craftsmanship was pretty average, but it’s comfortable to treat someone like this. He used to think he might avoid the kitchen as much as possible. After all, a lot of time was wasted in making a bowl of noodles and what he got back was too little, but now he doesn’t think so. His little brother’s mouth was like it was smeared with honey, endlessly boasting. One bite of noodles can boast the good food all night, and the spiritual rewards were high enough.


  Xia Ye hasn’t returned to the apartment for a few days, and things were a bit messy. Tang Jinyu rolled up his sleeves and helped tidy up. Xia Ye saw that he did a good job alone, so he went to the kitchen and cooked him a bowl of noodles.

  The two brothers were both good at work. After Xia Ye has cooked a bowl of noodles, Tang Jinyu has cleaned up the house, and found the sheets and quilts that had been washed before, and replaced the ones in the bedroom.

  Xia Ye cooks a lot of noodles and put them in two small bowls.

  When they ate, his brother would always eat slower than him, because he praised the hot noodles with chopsticks while he was eating, and he did not forget to praise him: “Brother, you can just smell the noodles you cook smell very good. When I was at my grandma’s house, I wanted to eat it every morning!”

  Xia Ye originally ate mediocre food, and was praised by the little guy, but then he also thought that this bowl of noodles was good.

  After eating, Tang Jinyu went to wash the dishes. Xia Ye stood behind him and looked at him. When Tang Jinyu turned around, he almost hit him with his nose. After getting out of the way, he quickly came over and smelled him like a puppy, and asked him strangely: “Brother, do you smoke?”

  ”Does it smell strong?”

  ”It’s okay, it smells like mint.”

  Tang Jinyu wanted to get closer and smell it again, but Xia Ye pushed his forehead away and flicked his forehead and said, “I’ll take a bath and change, come over after a while, there will be something for you.”

  Tang Jinyu obediently washed the dishes. After cleaning, he went to the bedroom and waited for a while. Xia Ye took a quick bath this time, came out in a bathrobe and brought him a document, and asked, “Xiaoyu, do you remember the school district where you live in middle school?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded. Of course he remembered that. He  was only half a year of high school, and had lived there for three years before.


  Xia Ye gave him the documents. Tang Jinyu didn’t understand these, but he still recognized the two big characters “demolition”. He blinked, then looked up at Xia Ye and said, “Brother, it’s not that those houses are going to be demolished?””

  Xia Ye sat aside and said, “Yeah, there was some news last year, but now it became official. The house you lived in before is close to the road, so it needs to be demolished. The location there is special and the compensation area may have to be doubled. The specifics will be confirmed after a few days.” Xia Ye turned a page and pointed to the copy above. “It was originally prepared for you. When you bought it, you wrote your name. After it’s dismantled, you can choose a few sets.”

  Tang Jinyu: “What?”

  Xia Ye laughed, pinched his face and said: “Little fool, this is the house I bought for you, of course it is also yours if it’s demolished.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head repeatedly and pushed the documents over, “I don’t want it, brother, this is too expensive!” After a few years, the Shanghai housing prices soared, Tang Jinyu did not dare to think about how much it was worth.

Xia Ye put it away and said, “I’ll put it for you first, and I’ll talk about it when it’s done.”

  Tang Jinyu was an optimist. He feels that his brother is rich, just like him and he has been happy for a while. He can calculate how many times the cash can be realized in the future by just counting with his fingers, and it may take dozens of times to figure out, which was a little exciting thing to think about.

  Although he can be regarded as a rich second generation, this was a house in Shanghai! Even if it’s not a school district room, wouldn’t it be worth six sets in one go? He’s rich!

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2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(114) Demolish

  1. Xia Ye, it’s not good to smoke, you know… don’t you want to grow old with Jinyu?

    Alright, nagging over! These two are still so cute! Age may be maturing Jinyu, but his moth us as sweet as ever!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you for translating and updating every day, translator-san!!!
    I don’t think it’s a smoke scent, I prefer to think it’s a soap scent, because Xia Ye in previous chapters often taking a bath especially if he just has been with Jinyu

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