LNTMG-(115) Harbin

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Xia Ye stayed at home to rest for the next two days and took a short annual vacation.

  It so happened that Teacher Xia came back from Yecheng the next day and brought some gifts. Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu home and the two families got together.

  Teacher Xia brought two boxes of Yecheng’s mangoes this time, one weighing two to three kilograms. Although they were still green, they were sweet and sour after being cut, and they were still very delicious.

  There was no need to practice piano during the New Year. Since not only was Teacher Xia busy flying around, but Master Leo was also very busy. He has several New Year piano recitals. He has to go abroad and will not be back until the Lantern Festival.

  Tang Jinyu sent a New Year message to his teacher and classmates earnestly. He even sent one to Li He, who was not easy to get along with. Li He replied with a very long one, mixed with many emojis. This person usually doesn’t seem so easy to get along with, but he replies to his text messages very quickly, which was particularly good for the New Year atmosphere.


Tang Jinyu picked up a few interesting ones and showed them to Xia Ye. Xia Ye was too familiar with his good friends. They also received New Year greeting messages by brothers and sister duo. Their messages were exactly the same, except that their names were different and followed by a series of auspicious words, and it was hard to tell who copied from whom.

  Teacher Xia brought back Yecheng’s specialty products, and the family began to miss traveling like they used to a few years ago. Chen Suling said with emotion: “The past few years have been very busy. So much has passed and in a blink of an eye. I remember that time when Xiaoyu was still young, and he just dozed off in my arms and slept all the way back home from the airport.”

  Teacher Xia also nodded and smiled: “Yes, that was the first time I went back to attend a New Year’s concert. It has been many years now.”

  He underwent surgery and healed well, and the wounds in his heart slowly healed as he taught the child day after day. In the past, he really couldn’t imagine that he would have the courage to stand back on the stage.

  Tang Hongjun said: “If you have time, let’s go there again. The hotel was not bad last time. I took a lot of photos.”

  The adults were chatting, and Tang Jinyu was especially interested when he heard this. Tang Hongjun teased him: “Xiaoyu, do you want to go with us, or do you want to wait for your birthday? There are still a few days off on May 1st. We are still staying in the same hotel last time, didn’t you particularly like watching the big fish in their house?”

  Tang Jinyu was very interested, nodded and said, “Okay, is Loulan still there? I haven’t seen it in a long time.”

  ”It should be. Koi can live for decades!”

  ”Wow, that must be very long—”

  After a while, the adults went to make tea and play chess. After the adults were gone, Xia Ye sat up and raised his hand and lightly flicked his brother’s forehead, and said in a low voice, “Greedy, didn’t you say you went to Harbin? And now you want to go to Yecheng.”


  Tang Jinyu said frankly: “There are so many fun places, I want to go everywhere.” He pierced a piece of mango with his fork and fed it to Xia Ye’s mouth, flattering, “Brother, wait for me for a few more years. When you retire early, I will take you everywhere!”

  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows.

  Tang Jinyu immediately said: “Really, I have thought about it. From now on, I will go to a music school, and then I will go to the same orchestra as with my uncle and play the piano and travel everywhere. Then you will follow me, half of my hotel bed will be shared with you, so we can save some money hehe~”

  Xia Ye pinched the tip of his nose and smiled angrily, “How come you are so stingy with so much money in your pocket?”

  Tang Jinyu said aggrieved: “I don’t have any cash, just this little new year’s money every year, and I have to save for another year.”

  Xia Ye calculated it for him. The little guy was indeed rich now, but most of them were real estate and mine dividends. They were directly credited to the little guy’s account, but they are under the custody of a guardian, and he can’t really take any money out directly, so he could only go around him for some pocket money.

  There was no other rich second generation who was this miserable.

  Xia Ye approached him and whispered, “I will give you a secondary card, no limit, okay?”

  Tang Jinyu was very moved, but still shook his head and refused, “No, I’m afraid of losing it.”

  Xia Ye scratched his chin, thought for a moment, and chuckled softly: “Alright, then when you need it, come to me, anyway, you are growing taller and you can have many more wishes.”


  Tang Jinyu got excited when he heard this, and took Xia Ye’s hand and asked him to measure himself again. The result was remarkable in the first half of the year, he grew a lot taller. Xia Ye looked down at the scale numbers and said, “Don’t stand on your tiptoes.”

  Tang Jinyu retracted the heel he was eager to lift up again, and asked in a low voice, “Brother, how much have I grown?”

  ”169.5 centimeters.”

(T/n: 169.5 cm= 5’5 ft)

  ”Wow! Just round me to one meter seven!”

  Tang Jinyu was overjoyed. After Xia Ye finished measuring, he looked at it for a long time, then turned around and said, “Brother, if I continue to grow like this, will I be 1.8 meters tall next year?”

  Xia Ye rubbed his head and said, “It’s fine now.”

  To be honest, the adults in their family have discussed the height of the little guy. Although Xia Ye does not have enough seniority, he still regards himself as a parent. The parents of the Xia and Tang families agree that as long as their child exceeds an average height of 1.67 meters was pretty good, but now that he has exceeded his goal, they were surprised by how much he grew.

  Tang Jinyu feels that he can grow better, but now he doesn’t eat much snacks, and still drinks two large glasses of milk every day. When Xia Ye approaches him, he can smell the milk fragrance on his body. It’s not the same as when he was a child, but it was fragrant and soft.

  Xia Ye was stunned, when he saw his brother approach him and sniff twice on his chest like a puppy, his head almost buried in his arms.


Xia Ye tensed, but his face was still calm, squeezed his neck and asked, “What are you doing?”

  Tang Jinyu picked up some of his clothes and said in doubt, “Weird, brother, you didn’t smoke yesterday, but why does this suit smell of smoke? It’s the same mint from yesterday…” Actually it doesn’t smell bad, but he hasn’t smelled it for so many years. He was really curious about his brother smoking.

  Xia Ye sniffed it himself, but he didn’t smell anything himself, and didn’t know how his little brother had such a good nose. He said to him, “Maybe the clothes were mixed before. I’ll go upstairs and change.”

  Tang Jinyu was behind him, following him like a little tail, whispering gossip: “Brother, are you smoking secretly?”

  ”No, it was your Brother Song who accidentally got a bit of it on me during the meeting.”

  ”Oh, I thought there was something that made you unhappy. If you have something on your mind, you can tell me, but although I can’t help, I can listen.” Tang Jinyu made a gesture of locking his mouth and said seriously. “I’ll just hear it with my ear and I promise that I will never say anything.”

  Xia Ye thinks that his little ears are also very powerful. It is estimated that whether it is the gossip news from Aunt Chen’s company or his gossip, his brother knows more than him.

  ”Be more obedient, and I won’t be unhappy.” Xia Ye shook his hand on the doorknob and looked at the little guy following. “I’m changing my clothes, do you want to come in and see?”

  Tang Jinyu waved his hand and stood at the door waiting for him.

  After a few minutes, he was called out , “Xiaoyu, where is my belt?”

  Tang Jinyu said outside at the door, and the person inside rummaged for a moment and said, “Come in, I can’t find it.”


  Tang Jinyu went in to find it, there was a bedroom here for Xia Ye, but he didn’t come here often. Every season, Chen Suling would pack a lot of new clothes for the two brothers, and it was normal that they couldn’t find some things. Tang Jinyu found seven or eight leather belts and put them on the bedside for his brother to choose.

  Xia Ye reached out and picked up a belt to fasten it. His hands were slender and strong, with well-defined joints, his fingers flexed around his waist, and he buckled the belt slowly.

  Tang Jinyu stared at his hand unconsciously. After watching for a while, Xia Ye called him, and when he suddenly reacted, he blushed inexplicably.

  Xia Ye said: “What’s wrong, is it not appropriate? Then I’ll change another one.”

  He said he was going to stretch out his hand to untie the belt, Tang Jinyu hurriedly said, “It’s suitable, suitable, this is the same color as your watch strap, and it’s both brown and pretty!” Tang Jinyu’s eyes were still in his hands, and he doesn’t know what he was doing that made him so attracted to him inexplicably when he saw those hands. When he was young, he admired him a lot. But now that he got older, he felt that his brother was very good except for one of his hands. The more he touched him, the more he liked to stick to him.

  It seems a little bit more than worship, but he can’t tell the difference now, as long as he sees Xia Ye, he is happy, and he feels a certain kind of joy from his heart.

  Xia Ye changed his clothes and beckoned Tang Jinyu to come over and smell it, “Is there still a smell of smoke?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, and the tips of his ears were a little red when lying in his arms. He heard the steady and powerful heartbeat from his brother through his clothes, and his heartbeat speeded up inexplicably.

  Xia Ye rubbed his ears and whispered, “What are you thinking, why did you blush so suddenly?”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, and when he saw his brother’s face, he forgot what he was going to say. It took a long time to bow his head and say that he was good-looking.

  Xia Ye was stunned for a moment and flicked his forehead. Although he didn’t say anything, he could see that he was in a good mood.


  Tang Jinyu used to think his brother was a little good-looking, but now he realizes that he was really handsome, especially when he was working, his meticulous look looks the most charming. It’s no wonder that Han Yichen and the others would tease that his brother is the best among their group. 

  Thinking of this, Tang Jinyu felt a little entangled and lost his mind several times.

  This phenomenon lasted until Master Leo came back. He continued to take piano lessons, but he still couldn’t correct it. During the class, Leo’s guidance was okay. When he was practicing, he repeated the same measure several times, but he forgot to play.

  Li He sat next to him and played with him. He saw that he was a little strange, and Tang Jinyu reacted after he touched him with his arm, and continued to play the tune with him.

  When he rested, it was rare for Li He to not make trouble. It was probably because everyone had a little communication with each other after the New Year’s text messages were sent. After Li He came back, he treated him a little better and asked: “What happened to you today? You look like you’ve been hit, who bullied you?”

  Tang Jinyu said, “You sound just like how my brother would say. No one bullied me, I was just thinking about something.”

  Li He laughed, touched his chin and said, “You can call me brother.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t say anything.

  Li He thinks that he is good. He doesn’t hate his new classmates so much now, because he was beaten by his uncle every day, and his shame has been smoothed day by day. In short, he was now thick-skinned and doesn’t care about it anymore. After giving up his self-esteem, Li He was very happy now, and also tried to be friends with the only other person in their piano room, “Tang Jinyu, what happened to you today?”

  ”It’s nothing, just thinking about what my brother will do if he starts talking about dating someone in the future.”

  ”Hey, what’s the matter with you, many sister-in-laws love you!”


  Even though he said that, Tang Jinyu was always a little bit uncomfortable. He once thought about it before, and decided to be alone, but in the end it was his brother who helped him and Xiaoji and the others. Brother said he doesn’t need to grow up, but one day they will separate in another way, and not be so close.


  Tang Jinyu sighed. When Li He next to him talked to him, he didn’t say much. It was not until Li He said “Hashi” before he turned his head and asked, “Did you go to Hashi during the winter vacation?”

  Li He looked at him and said strangely: “I am from Harbin, can’t you tell?”

  Tang Jinyu does usually hear that he has a little northeastern accent, but this accent can be contagious, especially when Mr. Leo has a big Russian tongue, there were a lot of tongue curls, and runs more sideways. So he really didn’t know Li He was from Harbin.

Tang Jinyu was now particularly interested in Harbin. Heraised his head to look at him. But before he could ask, he saw that Li He was looked at warily: “What are you looking at me for? You are still smiling, is it because I have bad pronunciation?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head repeatedly, “No, I just listened.”

  Li He: “Oh? Have you been to Harbin?”

  ”I haven’t been there yet, but I’ve made plans for more than half a year. I’ve already figured out what to eat there.” Tang Jinyu said with genuine envy, “I always wanted to go and see it. It snows on your side in winter, and it must be very beautiful, right? Is there an ice sculpture exhibition?”

  Li He proudly said: “It is, our house is the most beautiful, you should come, and I will take you to play.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, but quickly shook his head again: “I can’t go out in winter. I’ll cause trouble for my family when I get sick, but my brother said, “When the weather gets warm, he would take me to see the indoor ice sculptures…”

  Tang Jinyu praised the city of Harbin all afternoon. He really did a lot of strategies, and Li He didn’t repeat his tricks. Li He could not hold back, and his tail was almost up to the sky, and he was too proud.

  Li He let go of his precautions, and generously praised: “You are very good, I didn’t see it, but you have a good aesthetic.”


  Later, even Teacher Leo knew about it. He touched the beard on his chip, tried to suppress the corners of his lips, and said: “Hashi is very good, don’t worry, there will be more opportunities to go out in the future. As long as you play the piano well, you can participate in the competition. Many international competitions are held in Harbin. If you play well, I will recommend you to go.”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes lit up and he nodded repeatedly.

  Li He glanced at him, and when the teacher turned around without looking at them, his gaze fell on Tang Jinyu, and suddenly he had a bit of fighting spirit. This little guy next to him also wants to participate in the competition, very competitive, not bad.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t think about the competition at all. He just wanted to go to Harbin City, but when Mr. Leo said this, he was much happier. He could go to Harbin City if he participated in the competition, so as he was shortlisted, he could go to Harbin two or three times a year, and he could go a few more times, which made him happy!

  This was the first time that Li He heard Tang Jinyu praise something else besides his brother. He used to hear Tang Jinyu praise his brother and wanted to boast to the sky. He felt very upset in his heart and felt that this person was bragging.

  Unexpectedly, this time he was bragging about his own home, and he felt so comfortable!

  Li He thought to himself, why is this classmate so good at talking?

  When class was over in the evening, Li He took the initiative to send him to the door, and casually introduced him to a few common scenic spots in Harbin. He heard a “wow” next to him, and his self-confidence was soaring.

  ”Anyway, you come when you are free. I often go home. When you come, I will take you to play. The travel magazine says that we locals will not go at all. They are all things, and there is no energy at all. I will take you to ski when you come.”


  Li He wanted to say something else, when he suddenly saw the little dwarf eye’s lit up. He thought that he saw a celebrity, so he followed Tang Jinyu’s gaze and saw only a few cars on the road. Before he could ask, the boy next to him waved his hand, bent his eyes and said, “Thank you, my brother has come to pick me up. I’ll be leaving first, see you tomorrow at school!”

  Li He waved his hand with him, watching the top student trot over, and he was not as steady when he was playing in the piano room. After seeing the person getting out of the car, he jumped up and hugged the other person, like a little leather monkey.

  He felt that Tang Jinyu didn’t have the sense of alienation that top students had before, and that he was quite real.

  This person was nice.

  He was a good friend.

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  The author has something to say:

  Li He: People in Kuaha are all friends.

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  1. Hahaha, new friend!! Good job author. Thank you to translator-san who always work hard in updating this novel.
    I’m still believing 95% in my opinion that the mint scent in Xia Ye’s body is from soap scent that he used when he suddenly feeling h*rny or…. whatever *naughty laugh*

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  2. At this point I buy it’s either the scented soap to cover up certain, ummm, activities or actually brushed off from our industrious employee Song! Xia Ye wouldn’t want to expose his Little One to that after all!

    I think Jinyu is also having a spring awakening? It’s happening!!! Look at that jealousy and stirrings of attraction!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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