LNTMG-(116) Peony

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After Li He considered Tang Jinyu as his own brother, the relationship between the two of them improved by leaps and bounds. Sometimes at school, Li He often brought Tang Jinyu some snacks. When they were sent to him, he always maintained his cool side and said nothing, and left after giving him something.

  Only when the two of them were practicing on the weekend would he proudly ask him if they tasted good. Tang Jinyu nodded and said it was delicious after knowing that these are Harbin specialty candies.

  Tang Jinyu asked him, “Have you ever had a fried vegetable ball when you were at home? That’s also delicious…”

  Li He waved his hand and said: “What kind of fried vegetable balls, we only make barbecue, you will know when you go and I take you to eat it once, the skewers are absolutely perfect.”

  Tang Jinyu talked a lot with him, and felt that this person was very innocent, straightforward, and very enthusiastic towards him.

  On Wednesday, Li He came to Tang Jinyu’s class to call him again.


  The female classmates in class saw Li He often came over, and they always called on their class monitor in a corner of the corridor, they often looked like they were sneaking around and she didn’t know what they were doing. But now they were always on alert whenever they saw him. Although Li He is handsome, this person has a really bad temper. Well, this kind of stinky temper of equality between men and women was far worse than their monitors. Moreover, Tang Jinyu has grown taller this year, and the number of female classmates who voted for him has rapidly increased.

  The female classmate ran to call Tang Jinyu over, and whispered: “If you don’t want to go, I’ll just say you’re not there, or let Wang Hui and the others go with you?”

  Tang Jinyu was lecturing a few students around during break, and he heard that he smiled: “It’s okay, I’ll go see it.”

  It’s no wonder that the female classmates were very careful today, Li He’s face is too stinky today.

  His facial features were already deep, and his eyes were sharper. Now his lips are tilted downwards. When he stands nice and tall, he has a particularly bad temper. Li He’s chestnut hair also flew up a little. Others might think that he was putting up a front, but Tang Jinyu has been more contact with him, and at a glance he could see that he was beaten by Teacher Leo with the music sheet, and he felt a little sympathetic.

  Li He saw that Tang Jinyu’s expression improved a bit. After all, he didn’t see Tang Jinyu crying in front of him. His uncle didn’t beat Tang Jinyu, and all the other people who were cried several times after scratching their heads. But now, he was at this stage where the eldest brother doesn’t smile. After thinking about this, Li He still looked unhappy, and pursed out his lips: “My uncle asked me to tell you that I don’t have to go to practice piano this weekend.”


Tang Jinyu said, “Oh, are you going home during the weekend? I can come over and practice with you. Since, I play those at home alone anyway.”

  Li He said, “I’m not going to be there either.”

  ”Oh? Are you going out with teacher?”


  Li He and Tang Jinyu applied for the art exam in the beginning of high school. They both want to go to the Conservatory of Music. Therefore, it was okay to ask for leave. But this time he was going out with Teacher Leo, not as a student, but as an assistant.

  Because he spent a lot of money on his uncle.

  Li He was a little aggrieved, but still said: “I spent more than 4,000 yuan in phone bills during the New Year…”

  ”Why did you spend it?” Tang Jinyu was startled, “Did you make an overseas call?”

  Li He was indignant: “If I call it, I will recognize it. I just sent some text messages. Do you remember those I sent you during the New Year? I added a few smiling faces and emoticons. Who knows that the mobile company charges by MMS, which is too much!”

  Tang Jinyu had a dazed expression when he heard this, “Charged by MMS?”

  Li He nodded, and said unhappily: “Yes, they charge a dollar for one expression. My New Year greeting messages were sent in groups. Anyway, it’s very miserable.” The huge amount of SMS fees made him pay a lot of money out of it. After receiving the local news, if his uncle hadn’t stopped him, he would have been the first quasi-pianist who became famous because of this incident.


  Although his uncle Leo gave him money, he did not spare his nephew. He asked him to set off with the team to complete the last tour, and only let him be an assistant. He decided to teach him a little lesson and let him know about the world.

  Li He: “My uncle is too unreasonable. Did I do it on purpose? Is it because I have a lot of friends?”

  Tang Jinyu had never seen anyone who sent five or six hundred text messages in a group, and was a little in awe of him.

  After Li He finished talking with him, he waved his hand and left.

  After Tang Jinyu returned to the class, the girls in their class even came over and asked, caring about him very much.

  Tang Jinyu was a little surprised, but still smiled: “It’s okay, Li He and I are friends.”

  The female classmate blinked, a little puzzled: “Friend? Didn’t he bully you before?”

  Tang Jinyu scratched his finger twice, “It’s over, and now he’s a friend.”

  The girls looked at each other, and did not relax their vigilance because of this sentence. Instead, they decided to go back and help them to vote higher for their small squad leader from the school’s grass selection on the school post. Now was the critical time for voting, and it must not be taken lightly!

  During the period when Teacher Leo was out, Tang Jinyu had nothing to do with him. Except for class at school, he went to see the little fish with his brother. During this period, he also received a few letters from his old classmates. Guo Xiaohu didn’t write to him much last year, and he didn’t know what happened . As he wanted to open, he got three or four letters in one breath, and the contents were the same as the weekly report of his student life.


  Han Yixing and Ji Yuanjie write a very regular letter, one letter on average every two weeks, greeting each other.

  The little girl was keen on making  a cross stitch recently. She said that she had embroidered several fine products, and everyone had a share. She would give one to Tang Jinyu once he comes back.

  Li He, who was on the tour, occasionally texted him to complain about Mr. Leo, and also sent him several photos of his uncle when he was performing. The various distorted expressions and the grip were in place. Tang Jinyu was even a little suspicious of the first picture, and thought that maybe the person who made Mr. Leo into an emoticon was Li He, this sneak shot was too proficient.

  Tang Jinyu thought about this while saving the picture.

  Teacher Leo’s emoticons were really easy to use.

  In addition to having a good relationship with his friends, Xia Ye often takes him out to eat at some delicious restaurants. Some were quite famous restaurants, and there were also small restaurants hidden in alleys, which tasted very good. They also found a special restaurant, it was seafood shop, Tang Jinyu likes to eat sea urchin rice, and can eat a large bowl every time.

  Tang Jinyu had a very comfortable life, but a few days later, Mr. Leo told him if he didn’t practice the piano for a day, that he would tickle him. So then, Tang Jinyu began to practice the piano consciously.

It was not only on the weekends, but usually for a couple of days. On one weekend, when the adults were not at home, he was too focused on playing the piano and forgot to eat. He didn’t think about it until his brother came home at three o’clock in the afternoon and was caught, and honestly ate two bowls of rice on the dining table.

  The villas of Xia and Tang’s two houses in Shanghai were also adjacent, but both sides were detached, and the courtyard between them was a little far apart. They didn’t make fences like other homes. Instead, they planted some fruit trees and flowers between the two families in the same way they used to be in the small town. They also planned a small area for the children at home to plant a watermelon every summer according to tradition.


  It was still early, and the weather in early March, and he has not yet planted melon seedlings, but the peonies in the yard have begun to get rid of signs of winter, and started showing some signs of turning green.

  The peony seedlings in the courtyard were sent by Grandma Chen. When they were sent last fall, they looked like fire sticks. After planting for a period of time, the branches and leaves were much more beautiful. Even though they were still dormant, they were also very good looking. There was a small sign in front of it that says “Xiao Bai”; a small wooden sign next to it stands in front of the vacant spot, and it says “Seedling”, which was prepared in advance for the melon seeds.

  It was said that this peony grows as white as snow. Grandma Chen knows that her grandson likes snow, so she specially selected the variety.

  As the weather gradually warmed up, Tang Jinyu planted a watermelon seedling on a warm afternoon. At the same time as the seedlings sprouted, there was also a peony on the side. It was well taken care of, and the leaves appeared in a few days with a touch of tender green which was the most charming in the early spring.

  Xia Ye helped him set up a small sign on the side, helped him to hold things, and asked his brother to record the date and weather. Looking at the last marked watering time, he laughed without knowing what he thought of.

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him, thinking that he had made a mistake.

  Xia Ye didn’t look at him, but fell on the peony on the side, “Write a note for Xiaobai, don’t miss the watering time.”

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The author has something to say:

  Xiaobai: …shivering.

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  1. Thank you for all the hard work in translating, translator-san!!!
    Vote for Jinyu, girls!!! I’ll cheer you. Jinyu must win because he is the most handsome, fluffiest, and kindest among all the high schooler in this book!!! *Happy*
    I’m wondering… When Jinyu will have all his memories back?

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  2. Jinyu has this fantastic ability to make friends and fans wherever he goes. How can he not be the number one school grass? Vote vote vote girls!

    I’m still amused by the watermelon. Hopefully at this point there is no need to sneakily buy a replacement!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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