LNTMG-(117) The Past

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After Mr. Leo’s tour was over, Li He came back with him.

  As soon as he returned to school, he received an invitation for school activities.

  Li He didn’t really want to go, but when heard that Tang Jinyu from the first class was going to play a piano solo. He immediately followed up. He was very confident and felt that his skills are much better than his friend who practices alone at home.

  After Li He signed up, he specially prepared himself for this for a few days.

  On the day of the campus performance, he deliberately took out his costume and ironed it, then dressed neatly.

  While waiting backstage, Li He walked over to sit with Tang Jinyu. The beginning and the finale of their programs were both important.

  Li He coughed and said triumphantly: “I think that everything will turn up well. After all, I have studied longer than you, so performing first is normal. If you work hard, you will soon be able to catch up. Maybe not me, but definitely better than others.”

  Li He sat on the name that gave Tang Jinyu a name of “one person under ten thousand”, and his legs couldn’t help but shake.


  At the beginning, Tang Jinyu thought he was proud, but after a while he didn’t stop, he said strangely: “What happened to your legs?”

  Li He: “…Actually, I’m a little nervous, it’s my first finale.”

  Tang Jinyu tentatively asked, “Do you want to switch?” When he was in the small town, there were few people playing the piano, and he always finished last, and he got used to it, but he was not too nervous.

  Li He frowned and thought about it for a long time, but he resolutely rejected it. He wanted to finalize it himself.

  After the host spoke outside the curtain, Tang Jinyu was the first to appear. Li He slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Play well, don’t shame our teacher.”

  Tang Jinyu laughed and nodded in agreement.

  Li He looked at him without any pressure, and he suddenly felt a little envious. Although he has been getting a lot better, the requirements are also very strict, and he has never played so relaxed before.

  The song that Tang Jinyu chose this time was called “Summer”, because this time he mainly faced the students in the school. He didn’t choose those big pieces that were jerky and difficult to understand. Instead, he chose a piano song from a movie he also liked, and listened to it in school. There are a lot of people who have played this tune. The tune was light and easy to bring people in.

  It was only a show, Tang Jinyu was too familiar with this.

  When he visited his grandmother’s home when he was in elementary school, he would perform every New Year, which simply came in handy.


  As Tang Jinyu thought, the students in the audience were more receptive to familiar tunes and liked them more. After the first opening song, he bowed and the students applauded.

  But what Tang Jinyu didn’t know was that this was also related to his high popularity in the post bar. The name of “Little School Grass” continued from middle school to high school as his height increased. Most of the people who voted for Li He were there were from the same school, and the other half of them came from Tang Jinyu school and from other schools. After all, the small school grass, maintaining high face value all the way from middle school to high school, and from repeatedly winning piano competition, made a lot of previous fans very happy.

  Tang Jinyu could leave backstage after performing, but when he saw Li He became nervous, he stayed with him for a while.

  Li He couldn’t help shaking his legs as soon as he saw him, and said with a trembling: “No, my mentality is too unstable when you are here, you should go.”

  Tang Jinyu went back to his seat and sat there.

  He came all the way, the one-way aisle was narrow, and when he saw a girl passing by, he took the initiative to step back and let the girl go first.

  The female classmate passed by him and thanked him in a low voice, and showed a dimpled smile on her face, and suddenly blushed.

  There was more than one female classmate who saw this scene. Just like in middle school, everyone silently formed a protective circle and watched quietly and admired the school grass at the small school, and would rarely come forward to disturb him. It may be that the school grass in their school was really nice. They thought that falling in love with him might distract him, so not only did they not want to fall in love, but they also didn’t want their little school grass to fall in love with other people.


  Li He was the last one to play, and the chasing light hit him. Li He’s profile was very deep, and he was still very good at intimidating people, and he looked very handsome.

  But he was a direct disciple of Teacher Leo, and had inherited a bit of his blood.

  Raising his hand, slowly press the black and white keys——

  Then he turned into another Leo teacher, just like his uncle, once he was completely involved in the music, he would think of nothing else, dancing like a child. For this performance, Li He specially chose a very difficult piece. He finished it very well. His outfit and face made him look very handsome, but the audience was too shocked during the whole process.

  This guy was a handsome guy when he was still, but when he moved like a husky, his hair leaped up like he was smashing piano, and he couldn’t sit still on the piano stool as he watched, he was full of enthusiasm!

  The contrast between him and normal times was too great. After the performance, people took a long time to wake up before there were fragments of applause, which was a far cry from Tang Jinyu’s opening.

  Tang Jinyu was a little worried, looking for an opportunity to go backstage to comfort Li He, but then saw Li He’s expression on the face.

  Li He’s legs were not shaking now, and he seemed more energetic, and his eyes lit up and said: “I see, the battles when Brother came to the stage, the battle was different from others. Those people in the audience were left stupid. You will wait for three days, and watch them savor it for a while!”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  Tang Jinyu had never seen such a confident person. He felt that he was really worried for nothing just now. Li He, who had been knocked on piano scores for a few years, had a different mindset, and his self-esteem was first-rate.

  After the performance in school, there was also another major event.

  Li He’s school grass ranking dropped to third, and the previous small school grass rose to first place, and the number of votes was far behind the second and third places.


There were a lot of Li He’s fans, but after hearing his piano play, they switched over to Tang Jinyu.

  This can’t really be blamed on them. After all, both of them played the same piano, and they all have the same black slim-fitting dresses. Long body proportions were also still quite good. But Li He was different, his performance was too crazy, he completely abandoned his appearance, and letting lose…they really couldn’t do it.

  Neither Tang Jinyu nor Li He paid much attention to the past bar. They both go to school and learn piano on weekends. They focus more on various competitions than the post bar.

  Tang Jinyu has also started to participate in competitions. Li He has more experience in this matter, and comforted him: “It’s okay, just like when you performed that day, relax your mind, and you will almost win after playing.”


  ”Yes, at our level, I’m not bragging, as long as you don’t let the two of us collide, you basically won’t run away after winning the prize.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t believe him very much. He took part in a few small competitions in Shanghai, when he was still uncertain.

  Li He raised his chin and said arrogantly: “I studied piano at the age of three, and won first prize at the age of five. I took all the Harbin awards at the age of eight. I started to compete abroad at the age of ten. Even if you don’t believe me, watch it. Look at my uncle, why did you think he was so busy when he accepted me as a student?”

  Tang Jinyu opened his mouth, his situation is different.

  It was Li He’s turn to comfort his companion. He sat there and said, “Think about it and cheer yourself up. You must have won a lot of awards before, right?”


  Tang Jinyu said a few, it was pretty okay among ordinary students, but Li He thinks it’s pretty normal, frowning and saying, “Where did you practice before? Didn’t you practice with a small band?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded and said: “Yes.”

  ”What band?”

  ”The ‘Xiaoluhao’ Band.”

  ”Oh? Where is it from?”

  ”Our city’s Children’s Palace.”

  ”…Are you kidding me?!”

  Li He gave Tang Jinyu a brief introduction about the competition. Li He has already begun to challenge the awards of International Youth competitions. Tang Jinyu listened for a while and learned a lot. In Li He’s words, he heard teacher Xia’s name several times and said curiously, “My uncle used to be so powerful?”

  Li He raised his eyebrows and said: “Of course, he’s as famous as my uncle, don’t you know?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head.

  ”He used to be the chief violinist of the symphony orchestra, and has worked with my uncle many times, if it wasn’t…” Li He pursed his lips, vaguely did not say any more, “Anyway, something happened, and then my uncle came back. When he heard what happened, he rushed to the hospital to have a fight with him. Lot’s of musicians are a little stubborn. Uncle Xia mentioned that he wanted to quit at that time, and my uncle was so angry that he left. He hasn’t returned to China for several years. At that time, I played with him abroad for a while. Later, when uncle Xia came back, my uncle got in touch with him slowly. “

  Li He was a little embarrassed. In his opinion, only Teacher Xia was the only one of his uncle Leo only friends who he didn’t quarrel with, and he was considered a close friend.


  Tang Jinyu only knows a little about the past. He remembers that Teacher Xia told him that he had made a mistake on stage, but he never mentioned it specifically. Even his brother never said it. Since then, it has been tight-lipped and everyone avoided talking about this topic.

  He asked Li He, but Li He only knew a little, scratched his head and whispered what he knew, “I only tell you secretly, don’t tell others.”

  Li He glanced around, and whispered: “I heard that the wife of Uncle Xia had a problem, and it was unclear what kind of relationship she had with the big boss who funded the symphony orchestra. There was a lot of trouble at the time, but Uncle Xia always defended her. But later, something happened in the family, and it seemed that she was almost sentenced, and it was the big boss who helped Uncle Xia find a lawyer. At the time, he and Uncle Xia were brothers. But soon after, Uncle Xia got divorced, and his ex-wife married his good brother within two months…”

  Tang Jinyu stood up angrily, and the piano stool was knocked to the ground.

  Li He was taken aback, “What are you doing, be careful if my uncle comes over.”

  Tang Jinyu felt uncomfortable. Li He went to help the piano stool. He stood there for a long time and didn’t want to move. If what Li He said was true, how old was his brother at that time? Nine years old? Ten years old? How did you survive such a big change at home?

  As soon as Li He lifted the piano stool, he looked up and saw Tang Jinyu raising his sleeves to wipe his tears. He hurriedly leaned over to wipe him, “Hey, don’t cry, if my uncle saw that I was bullying you, he would want to beat him again!”

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t hold in his sadness, and couldn’t play the piano in the afternoon. He wiped her eyes indiscriminately, and went to ask for a leave, and only said that he was unwell and wanted to go home early.


  Teacher Leo saw that his face was not good, and allowed him to leave, and then asked: “Can you go back alone? I’ll have someone drive you, or let Li He take you back?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, his eyes flushed, “Teacher, I can go by myself.”

  Teacher Leo was worried, and walked him to the door, and called a taxi to watch him go up.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t go home, so he asked the driver to take him to Xia Ye’s company.

  But when he arrived at the company, he didn’t know what to say after going upstairs. He stood in the corridor on the elevator downstairs, squatting on the side in silence, thinking of several things in his mind, but he felt that he couldn’t say anything.

  The wound in his brother’s heart has healed, and he didn’t want to tear it open.

  But now he really wants to see his brother…

  He wanted to hug him, if his brother doesn’t cry anymore, he can cry for him.

  Tang Jinyu squatted for a long time before someone passed by. The elevator here went straight to the top floor, a few people came to use this elevator. The sound of footsteps came slowly, and a pair of leather shoes appeared in front of him.

  ”Xiaoyu, why are you here alone? Are you uncomfortable?”

  Tang Jinyu raised his head and slowly stood up after seeing Song Yi, carrying his school bag for a long time before humming.

Song Yi saw his eyes flushed and frowned, “What’s the matter, who is bullying you?”

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  The author has something to say:

  Song Yi: Bullying Xiaoyu, the lawyers will send a warning.


  The song played by Xiaoyu is also called “Summer of Kikujirou”. It is very cute, you can search it up and listen to it ^口^

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  1. Xia Ye has known all along what type of person his mother is. There’s a good reason he wanted nothing to do with her. I can’t stand cheating. Such scum. He and his father deserved better!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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