LNTMG-(118) Mint Smoke

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Tang Jinyu stood there and shook his head without saying a word. Song Yi asked, “Do you want me to send you up?”

  Tang Jinyu wanted to go up, but stopped after walking two steps, a little hesitant.

  Song Yi said to him: “Otherwise, you go up and rest in my office first, and see if there is anything I can help with.”

  Song Yi took the child to his side. His office was clean and tidy, and it was arranged like everyone else in an orderly manner, and the display was more full than Xia Ye’s side. Song Yi specially gave the child more than ten minutes to sort out his mood. He was busy there for a while, watching Tang Jinyu’s mood recover a little, then poured him a glass of juice and sat there and asked in a low voice. 

  Tang Jinyu held a glass of orange juice and didn’t drink or speak. For a long time, and then whispered: “It’s nothing, just today… I didn’t play the piano well.”

  Song Yixin thought that he was being honest and laughed, “Just this? It doesn’t matter, you are still young, just take your time.” He looked at Tang Jinyu sitting opposite and rubbing his eyes, his heart softened a lot, and comforted, “Xiaoyu, You see, your brother and I don’t know how to play the piano. Even if you are not as good as others, you are definitely the best in the company, right? Be confident and catch up slowly. Your brother Han only got 59 points in mathematics, and still dared to apply to Qingbei, but in the end, didn’t he still get his wish?”

  Han Yichen wasn’t there, but the company still knows his story.

  59 points was really inspirational.

  Tang Jinyu nodded and responded.


  Song Yi asked the secretary to bring a small cake, chocolate flavor. After so many years under the influence of Xia Ye’s attitude, he also learned how to coax children.

  Tang Jinyu sat there and ate most of the small cake, and his mood recovered a lot.

  He was a little embarrassed. After asking Song Yi, he washed his face in the suite and regained his spirit.

  Song Yi always uses the company as his home. There was a single bed and a pair of sofas in the suite. The style was still business-oriented, with black and white colors. Tang Jinyu smelled a familiar smell here, and after smelling it for a while, he realized that it was a plain white cigarette case beside the sink. It had been opened for most of the cigarettes, and only a few were left.

  Tang Jinyu didn’t pay attention just now, and now it’s only now that he remembered that he smelled this menthol cigarette on Song Yi just after sitting in the office. He curiously said, “Song Brother, is this your cigarette? It seems to be different from the previous ones.”

  The cigarettes on Song Yi’s side were very thin, the porcelain-white slender cigarette looked very delicate, a bit like a lady’s cigarette.

  Song Yi was surprised: “Can you smell this?”

  Tang Jinyu: “It just feels that the smell has faded a bit, and it has a minty flavor, like candy for girls.”

  Song Yi laughed and nodded: “Well, I changed to a lighter cigarette recently, and I will quit slowly in the future.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him, eager to try, Song Yi coughed and said in advance: “I know what you want to ask, I can tell you, yes, she asked for it. But now she is busy, wait a while.  After she is done with work, and when we are all free, I will take her out to introduce you.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t understand, “Who are you going to bring out?”

  Song Yi said strangely: “Who else can it be, of course it’s my girlfriend——” He suddenly reacted when he said that, and stopped speaking and said, “Weren’t you asking about my girlfriend?”

  Tang Jinyu’s face turned red, and he shook his hands repeatedly: “No, no, I wanted to ask about that too, but isn’t that invading Song Brother’s privacy? I can’t ask too much. I just wanted to ask if my brother smokes too because I also smelled it on him last time. He never smokes normally. He must have smoked because he has something in his heart. I just wanted to ask this…”


  Song Yi listened to the child stumbling and explaining, and he still couldn’t avoid speaking about Xia Ye in three sentences. He laughed after hearing him for a while, “Your brother doesn’t smoke. He probably got that smell from me last time, he doesn’t reject tobacco, but he seems not to like it much.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded. He remembered that his brother always wore a mask before, and he really didn’t like the smell of cigarettes.

  Tang Jinyu: “Brother Song, next time you bring my sister-in-law, I will invite you to dinner!”

  Song Yi laughed, “Do you use your pocket money?”

  Tang Jinyu scratched his face and smiled, and whispered: “My pocket money is not enough, but I can take my brother there, I order food, and he pays.”

  Song Yixin readily agreed, she will get to know everyone sooner or later. It was not the right time to bring her out before, but now it was okay.

  Song Yi deliberately turned off the topic and chatted with Tang Jinyu for a while. He was a unfamiliar, and asked him what young people like nowadays, and asked them what they were playing with. Tang Jinyu sat there thinking for a while, and honestly said: “I usually go to the piano room except for school, and I rarely go out, but my classmates are playing games.”

  Song Yi: “Oh? What game?”

  Tang Jinyu: “As for the new game launched by Brother Song and your game box, the new hero I bought has only one of the most common skins. The limited one requires a lottery. It’s so hard to get.

  Song Yi asked him for an account, opened a laptop for him, and recharged him two thousand yuan after logging in, and said to him: “Slowly draw, I calculated the probability, you should be able to draw within two thousand.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  There were a lot of people coming and going to Song Yi here. He was busy with work. Tang Jinyu sat aside to draw the lottery. He was lucky enough to get the limited skin he wanted. But he didn’t bother Song Yi, so he played there by himself. After playing games for a while, doing tasks, he decided to draw up the rest.


  After a while, he drew 7 or 8 epic skins, and one was extremely rare. He took out 1,500 yuan, and a lot of people used their horns to collect it. Song Yi gave him 2,000 yuan to draw a lottery, and he drew it. After he finished, it probably doubled.

Song Yi was shocked by his probability when he came to see him, but he was relieved after thinking about it, and smiled: “Last time I told your brother that you were lucky. The school district houses were demolished, including the one you once lived in. If you buy a house next time, tell me in advance and I will buy it with you.”

  Tang Jinyu said: “Brother Song, don’t you have a house in Shanghai?”

  Song Yi said: “Yes, but if you want to change to a bigger one, it will be convenient to live in the future.”

  Song Yi said it very seriously, as though he was going to get married. Tang Jinyu laughed, he always thought that these friends around his brother were very good, especially Song Yi. He had been with him since the beginning. When he first met Song Yi, he felt that he was very kind, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

  Tang Jinyu had been sitting at Song Yi’s office, and when he was about to get off work, he went up to Xia Ye with his school bag on his back.

  Xia Ye still wanted to pick him up from Teacher Leo. As soon as the elevator opened, he abruptly appeared up in front of him, and said in a daze, “Did you get out of class early today?”

  Tang Jinyu nodded, and when he went to the car with him, he whispered: “Brother, let’s go eat Su Ji’s food.”

  That restaurant was the one that Xia Ye prefers. He glanced at the little guy and said, “What’s the matter?”

  ”I’m in a bad mood, I want to eat something good.”

  Xia Ye laughed, “You are in a bad mood, so eat food that I like? Okay, let’s go, I’ll take you there.”


  The two of them went to Su Ji together. The store was not big, but there were a lot of people. After they went there, they waited in line for a while to find a place. Xia Ye asked for a private room and ordered something they usually like to eat, and also asked for the sign of Buddha jumping over the wall.. The chef here is good at cooking, the soup was golden and rich, and the fish maw inside almost melted inside his mouth, very soft and tasty. The abalone was also very springy. Tang Jinyu ate a small bowl of abalone bibimbap and was basically full. After the crab noodle dumplings came up, he only ate two, and the rest was eaten by Xia Ye.

  They had eaten, and in the evening Xia Ye took him for a walk along the riverside.

  Tang Jinyu pulled Xia Ye around it at first, and Xia Ye looked down and looked at him, stretched out his hand to hold him.

  Xia Ye doesn’t coax children very much, his brother doesn’t speak, so he doesn’t speak either.

  They have been walking here for a long time. The wind on the riverside has a slight coolness. After a busy day, walking here was much more refreshing.

  Tang Jinyu held hands with him and moved his fingers and said, “Brother, I must practice the piano well.”


  ”I came back with a lot of awards, and I will get one for you.”

  Xia Ye laughed: “You were depressed for a day, just because of the piano?”


  Tang Jinyu gave a hum, lowered his head and did not look at him, and Xia Ye teased him. The deeper he buried his head, Xia Ye noticed something was wrong, scratched the little guy’s chin to make him look up, and saw that the other person’s eyes were red.

  Xia Ye said: “Why are you still crying?”

  Tang Jinyu hugged him just like in the past, and rubbed his head in his arms to prevent himself from crying. “Brother, I think I am particularly incapable and can’t do anything well. I want to grow up and help you, but if I can’t, what should I do?”

  Xia Ye only thought he was still talking about playing the piano, so he touched his head comfortingly and said: “What can I do for me? I don’t need your help. You are in good health, so just stay at home obediently. When I come home from work every day and see you, I will feel content.”

  ”I want to help you…”

  ”Give me a pension?” Xia Ye smiled after he finished speaking, pinched his ear and said, “You have helped me a lot, accompany me to eat every day, and tell me stories to relieve my boredom, and will deliberately come back two days before New Year’s, you did a lot already.”


  The more Tang Jinyu listened, the more he felt that this was what his brother did for him.

  Xia Ye pulled the little guy away and wiped his face, “That’s great.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him and buried the little secret he found out today. His brother no longer needed comfort, but he still felt sad, tears rolled down, and he raised his hand and wiped it casually.

  Xia Ye was distressed when he watched him. He opened his mouth and wanted the little guy to stop playing the piano, but when the words came to his mouth, it turned into a sigh. He wiped the corner of his eye with his thumb and said, “You didn’t do this before when you were young, and now you can’t play well and you cry…well, if I don’t cry for three minutes, I will tell you one thing.”

  Tang Jinyu looked up at him.

  Xia Ye was also looking at his watch seriously. When Tang Jinyu cried when he was a child, his family would also keep track of the time. It has not been used for many years. That was to say, when Xia Ye just went to college, he cried a lot. Tang Hongjun coaxed him like this several times, Xia Ye had learned a lot from him, Tang Jinyu felt a little funny when he looked at him.

  Xia Ye waited earnestly for three minutes to see if he had stopped crying, and then said: “I have agreed with Uncle Tang and Aunt Chen. This year, I will take you out on your birthday and go outside.”

  ”Where to go?”

  ”Ha Shi.” Xia Ye glanced at him, paying attention to the little guy’s expression. “Although there is no snow, I can take you there to eat and play.”


  Xia Ye saw that his eyes were reddening again, and immediately said, “Don’t cry, you will get sick if you cry again. After you get sick, you won’t be able to go anywhere.”

  Tang Jinyu nodded with tears in his eyes, looking even more pitiful.

  Xia Ye’s face was sullen, and after a while, he felt soft, raised his hand and wiped his eyes, “How come the bigger you are, the more you love to act like a baby.”

  Tang Jinyu looked at him and thought, his brother was so good, so good, why would anyone not want him?

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xiaoyu: I want to support my brother!

  Xingxing: I’m different. I want my brother to support me and Xiaoji, happily!

2 thoughts on “LNTMG-(118) Mint Smoke

  1. Aww, Jinyu… don’t cry! It makes everyone around you fret over it! You just need to love your brother enough to make up for what he’s lacking! ❤

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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  2. Thank you translator-san for updating today too!!
    LOL, the small theater is so adorable!!! Xia Ye’s past is so pitiful!! Jinyu don’t cry!
    I’m curious about Song Yi’s girlfriend… Is she younger??? *curiosity meter maxed out*
    Hmm there are still no explanation about the mint scent in Xia Ye’s body huh… I’m really really curious.

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