LNTMG-(121) Female Star

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Li He said that there was a place he knew that sells yogurt and also sells popsicles. He bought a bowl of roasted cold noodles from the shop next door and introduced it to them as they tasted it. When Tang Jinyu heard that they can eat popsicles and drink cold drinks in winter, he was very envious. 

  Li He took them to buy some snacks, and took them to a few more famous attractions, “I can only accompany you for a day, and then I will go to see our sister Qing filming when I go back.” 

  Han Yixing curiously asked : “Who?” 

  ”Yin Qing, she is very famous, and she’s coming to film here during this time.” When he saw no response from other people, his eyebrows were raised. “You haven’t heard of her?” 

  The others stared at each other, they had no impression, but then Tang Jinyu said, “Oh, she must be very famous.” 

  Guo Xiaohu said: “She’s that famous? What series has she appeared on?” 


  Tang Jinyu was about to say something, but then closed his mouth again, he dared not say any TV dramas since he couldn’t remember if they were broadcasted or not yet. Anyway, Yin Qing became very popular with a Qing palace drama, and although she played a female role in it, she became very popular. Later on, she also created a movie, and star career seemed limitless. However, Yin Qing was most famous for serial dramas appearances, and was only able to shoot one or two dramas a year. Not only does she choose a script carefully, but her acting skills are also very good. She is the type of person that works hard, and after that, she has been filming major roles in TV dramas for ten consecutive years, and has a well-deserved number of ratings. 

  Tang Jinyu thought for a while and said to his other two friends: “Yin Qing is not the same as other stars, she went to an acting school.” 

  These words made Li He feel comfortable.

  Complimenting the people he likes is no different from complimenting him! 

  Li He and Tang Jinyu walked in front of them, sharing their own roasted cold noodles for him, watching how his classmates looked more pleasing to the eye. 

  He was kind to Tang Jinyu here and had no purpose at all, but Guo Xiaohu thought otherwise. The moment he saw Li He’s arms around Tang Jinyu’s shoulders, he felt sour in his heart, and stepped forward deliberately and pushed himself between them.


  Li He raised his head to look at him, feeling a little uncomfortable, and moved Tang Jinyu to the side a little. 

  Guo Xiaohu: “…” 

  He didn’t want them to get closer! 

  The little girl watched the two big boys huddled together, and she snorted, “Xiaoyu, do you walk with me? I don’t think you can squeeze anymore.” 

  Li He also felt that Guo Xiaohu was a stupid big man, he let go of Tang Jinyu and went to the back, “You follow him, I’ll accompany the little girl.” 

  He went to the back and chatted with Han Yixing and walked side by side. This time it was Tang Jinyu’s turn to worry. They were in the “radishes who love learning” group. Everyone knows that Xiaoji likes stars very much. Tang Jinyu was afraid that Li He would win love here, so he slowed down and went to join them. 

  Guo Xiaohu walked two steps ahead and stopped at the fork in the road. He didn’t recognize the way, and in the end, Li He and Tang Jinyu walked in front. He followed Han Yixing in the back row with a sad expression on his face. 

  It seems that it was not just Brother Xia Ye, even the new classmates around Xiaoyu, he was somewhat incomparable. 


  Guo Xiaohu was a little depressed. Han Yixing, who was next to him, saw this, and comforted him, “It’s Xiaoyu’s birthday, don’t do that. We should be happy that he has new friends. This just shows that Xiaoyu did well in school, right? After all, we can’t always stay with him forever.”

  After a while, Guo Xiaohu nodded and said: “Yeah.”

  Li He originally wanted to take them to the old town to eat authentic Northeastern cuisine. The red sausage here was very famous, and the meat in the pot was also delicious, but after walking for a while, he saw that the front was manually sealed for a short period of time, and the scene was blocked. Some people inside were holding a microphone to radio the scene, and several cameras were shooting there. Many staff members gathered around and vaguely saw celebrities filming inside.

  Li He was taken aback for a moment. After seeing the vest worn by the staff, he was immediately excited, “It’s the crew of Yin Qing and the others. They are shooting here today!”

  Many crews will release some gossip, such as shooting in the west of the city, and will deliberately say that they may be in the east of the city and want to complete the work quickly with as few people as possible. Li He received the news that they will be filming a TV series in the old city tomorrow. So he brought Tang Jinyu and the others here today. One is because the old store here had some really delicious food, and because it was one of his classmates’ birthdays, and the other was to explore this way in advance. He even brought fresh flowers, in order to meet his idol, and wrote a small note to remember what to say!

  Li He couldn’t pull his feet away when he saw the crew, so he walked over and watched for a while.

  While standing there, he could at most just see a figure from a far distance. Although, he couldn’t see clearly. He could tell from a single glance that the person wearing the pink dress was Yin Qing, he excitedly said in a small voice: “Look, Yin Qing is over there, follow my hand and look over there. She is taller than any other actresses. I also heard that she is also from Qizhou City and graduated from S University!”


  Tang Jinyu’s grandfather teaches at S University in Qizhou City. After Li He knew about it, he had a better relationship with him, and established an alumni relationship between Tang Jinyu, a small magistrate, and their big star Yin Qing.

  Tang Jinyu stepped up and took a look. Although he couldn’t see which one was which, he still complimented her.

  Li He was so proud. He wanted to hug Tang Jinyu to let him see how beautiful his idols are. “I’m not the only one who thinks so. In this small group of flowers, our sister Qing’s acting skills might have passed, but it’s just that she hasn’t been lucky. The two TV dramas they shot last time were not so good . We also wrote a letter to her agency and asked them to check it out, it’s too bad for our sister Qing.”

  ”Sister Qing knows?”

  ”Of course, she specially mentioned our letter last time when she was recording on a show, encouraging us to study hard.”

  ”What kind of show did she record?”

  ”The Voice of Traffic Broadcasting.”


  Tang Jinyu thought to himself that it’s no wonder he has never stopped hearing Yin Qing’s name. She has just started her career and has not participated in any programs, and had frequent visits to a radio channel, so it was normal to not have seen her.

  Li He obviously doesn’t think so. He thinks Yin Qing is simply great, the best one among the new generation of actresses.


  Han Yixing was also very curious about filming, but the little girl was more sensible, and she watched for a while and talked to Li He in a low voice, “Why do they all have assistants? It seems that Yin Qing doesn’t have any? I saw that she went back to the chair and rested, does she have only a few lines?”

  Li He’s hair simply blew up, trying hard to defend his idol. “She has few lines because other people haven’t seen her talent, didn’t see the light on her body, these people only know how to use popular ones, and bother to cultivate talent to discover.” He said this earnestly, “And our sister Qing is just not big enough for the time being and has no lines. It will be fine after a while.”

  Li He himself holds a set of “temporary” theory, and firmly believes that as long as he remains optimistic, their fans will remain optimistic, and helping Yin Qing to work together will make her path smoother in the future. In general, they firmly believe in positive energy, refusing to say anything negative.

  Li He also said to Han Yixing: “Come on, the more people the greater the power.”

  Han Yixing: “…Well, sister Qing is a little bit down for the time being, after passing this level, it will definitely get better and better.”

  Li He was too satisfied with her comprehension, and praised: “Yes, that’s all!”

  Han Yixing thought Li He was very interesting, and chatted with him for a while.

  Guo Xiaohu has been paying attention to the relationship between Tang Jinyu and Li He, while Tang Jinyu was worried that Li He will like star, desperately stopping them, and interrupting the two of them for a while, inserting a few words about Yin Qing’s acting skills, and trying to keep Li He’s attention away. Then turn to the other side, helping Xingxing speak for a while, and talk about something the little girl likes to listen to.


  Guo Xiaohu opened his mouth and closed it again, he looked at Tang Jinyu and Li He again, feeling a little unreliable in his heart.

  It seems that Xiaoyu cares about this mixed race especially, as soon as Li He talks, Xiaoyu would say a few words, and he has never seen him so passionate about anyone.

  Tang Jinyu and his friends were playing outside, and Xia Ye and Song Yi were still busy at work.

  Song Yi invited people to dinner and discuss matters. In more private situations, he was able to perform well. Xia Ye sat aside and listened a lot and talked less, which gave him a lot of room for display.

  When it was time to toast, Xia Ye took the initiative to change the wine.

  The person in charge of the hotel looked at them and said with a smile: “It’s no wonder why our boss invited Mr. Song, but you weren’t willing to come, having such a compassionate boss, I feel a little envious.”

  Song Yi laughed, without denying it.

  In fact, anyone with a discerning eye could see that Xia Ye gave him more than this compassion.


  The person in charge of the hotel talked with them about the same thing. The two sides just walked through the scene to get to know each other over a meal. He chatted a few words there and then asked: “There is a cocktail party in the evening, will President Xia come and join us?”

Xia Ye originally wanted to push it away, but Song Yi rushed ahead of him and agreed.

  Xia Ye looked at him with some doubts. After Song Yi and the others had left, he coughed: “Well, isn’t their hotel merged with the ski resort to form a leisure resort? A new spokesperson was invited for the evening reception.”

  Song Yi didn’t dare to look at him, “It’s a female star named Yin Qing.”

  Xia Ye looked at him, “So?”

  Song Yi laughed, scratching the bridge of his nose with his fingers and whispered softly: “She’s my girlfriend.”

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  The author has something to say:

  Lao Song: I really don’t want to hide it. If I were to change a book, I would be the protagonist.

3 thoughts on “LNTMG-(121) Female Star

  1. Oh wow! Congrats to Song Yi for hooking up with an actual star! Your future is so bright!

    While at least the majority of the adults in this novel have their romantic lives figured out (apologies to a certain siscon older brother who keeps shooting himself in the foot), the kids are in full fledged adolescent angst. What a life stage!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

    Liked by 5 people

  2. WHAT?! I don’t expect that the new character will be Lao Song’s girlfriend. Congrats to you, Song Yi!!! Author you’re great in hiding a surprise!
    Thank you for translator-san who has worked hard in translating this chapter!!!
    How pitiful and broken hearted Li He will be later *I sympathize him*
    I see…. Xiaohu is still accumulating misunderstand. I don’t want any characters in this novel feel hurt, but for Xiaohu to move on from this hopeless love… I want him to just get his heart broken so he can feel a new love (maybe Li He LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This book could be renamed ‘The Life Long Entanglements of S University Alumni’.

    XiaoYu’s dad studied abroad, but I think his mum went to S Uni, his Grandpa is the idol of S Uni Math Department, Old Ape is an alum while his wife is Grandpa Tang’s disciple, also an alum. Song Yi is an alum who graduated with honors, his girlfriend is also an alum, Xia Ye attended S Uni, and if he weren’t aiming for the conservatory, XiaoYu would also attend A Uni.

    Liked by 3 people

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