LNTMG-(123) Yin Qing

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Xia Ye called and asked someone to bring Tang Jinyu a formal suit.

  Tang Jinyu was sitting on the side of the bed watching his brother dress up, like he was admiring a model who was about to take the stage, he was looking at this with enthusiasm and he waved his hand in embarrassment: “I’m not going, brother, If you are going to talk about business, I’ll just play in my room by myself.”

  Song Yi said to get ready at noon, Xia Ye was already ready, and the clothes were delivered soon. Xia Ye took the suit and gestured to him to wear it. The style was similar to that of his own, and he was in a much better mood. He hooked his finger and asked the little guy to come over and asked him in a low voice, “Do you want to see your Brother Song girlfriend?”

  Tang Jinyu’s eyes lit up immediately, “Is Brother Song’s girlfriend coming this time too? But aren’t you here to discuss business?”

  Xia Ye thought for a while and nodded.

Yin Qing was the spokesperson, and receiving advertisements was also a kind of work for celebrities.


Tang Jinyu got a little bit of energy, and soon changed his clothes and passed by Xia Ye.

  The location of the reception was also in the hot spring hotel, but it covers a large area. The reception was held in a special banquet hall. In order to walk from the inside of the hotel, they would need to pass through four or five glass doors. But if they walk through the courtyard, it would be much closer.

  Xia Ye wanted to take Tang Jinyu for a walk first, so that the little guy would wake up, so he deliberately chose the courtyard.

  Tang Jinyu walked beside him and asked in a low voice, “Brother, is Brother Song’s girlfriend the same as him?”

  ”The same as what?”

  ”That type that loves their career very much?”

  Xia Ye’s understanding of Yin Qing was limited to the few words Song Yi said to him at noon. After a little thought, he concluded: “Almost, I heard that her business ability is good. It took a few years to sharpen it from the bottom.”

  ”Compared with Song Yi, does she like working overtime?”


  Tang Jinyu was looking forward to it a little more, and with Xia Ye’s affection on his shoulders, he said warmly: “Brother, I used to think that brother Song’s partner must be the same as him. He treats his career as a hobby, especially the kind who can fight, even if that sister doesn’t have much reputation for the time being, she will surely be outstanding in the future.”


  Xia Ye raised his eyebrows: “Why do you think so?”

  Tang Jinyu made the gesture of counting with his fingers, and smiled: “I just calculated it, Song Brother has moved the red phoenix star this time.” He has always felt that Song Yi was particularly suitable for business women, and she might still be famous in power in a big company. Song Yi’s impression of his love of work is really deep.

  Xia Ye reminded: “After you go, look carefully, look for the most beautiful one.”

  Tang Jinyu shook his hand and said with a smile: “That’s definitely not the most beautiful.”

  Xia Ye: “Huh?”

  ”The most beautiful one is in my hand, here, look.” He raised his hand to let Xia Ye take a look. Xia Ye looked down and saw his hand, raised his hand and knocked on the little guy’s forehead, but he was not angry, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised a little.

  Tang Jinyu rarely participates in such occasions. At most, the grandparents of the two families love him and take him to gatherings or to meet some old friends. But on such occasions, as a junior, he just sits there and eats, and doesn’t speak much. It was the first time that he followed Xia Ye out. After entering, he was worried that he would not be able to handle it well at first, but found that his brother also ignored those people, taking him to eat and play, and accompany him through the whole process.

  Tang Jinyu asked strangely: “Brother, don’t you have to go to socializing?”

  Xia Ye brought him a small cake and said, “No, Song Yi is enough.”


  In the company, Song Yi usually appeared on such occasions. Xia Ye rarely participated in such events, and occasionally attended important projects several times. A reception such as today was an exception. He was lazy on the sidelines, and he had no thoughts of ​​dealing with those people at all. His abilities were all in his brain and hands, and he didn’t need to rely on any interpersonal networks anymore, he could create a world for himself.

  Xia Ye’s self-confidence is from the inside out, revealing that he was indifferent and strong.

  He can live the life he wants in the most comfortable state and take good care of the little guy beside him.

  Tang Jinyu, the second generation of the rich, did not have the consciousness of a wealthy child at all. He has lived in a very simple environment for so many years, and has a lot of family members, but it was not complicated. He grew up in a honeypot, but compared with his brother’s natural attitude, he was still a little uneasy, trying to hide in the corner of the long dining table to eat.

  They happened to be his favorite chocolate cake over there. It tasted sweet but not greasy. Tang Jinyu liked this since he was a child, so he took a piece and ate it slowly.

  Xia Ye doesn’t like to eat sweets, but likes to watch his brother eat. Most of the drinks here were not suitable to drink. He didn’t dare to let the little guy touch them anymore. He asked the waiter for a cup of hot milk. Tang Jinyu held the cake tray in his hand, so Xia Ye took the cup of milk for the little guy and talked to him in a low voice from time to time. Only when they chatted with each other, Xia Ye was easily amused by his brother, and his expression was much more gentle.


  While they were chatting here, they saw a few people coming in in the lobby, all handsome men and beauties, brightly dressed, the woman with long wavy curly hair, bright red lips, warm and generous when she laughed, and took the initiative to go to Song Yi and talk with the person in charge of the hotel. The people behind her also said a few words, but they didn’t focus on them. They also scattered to talk with others, it seems that their goals were different.

  One of the short-haired girls wore a conservative little black dress with a shawl over her shoulders. After not being able to squeeze into Song Yi’s circle several times, she touched her nose and took two steps back and went to eat.

  Tang Jinyu was still trying to find the figure of the business lady, but couldn’t see it. Xia Ye pinched his chin and asked him to turn around to look at the people who had just come in, “Look, who is here over there?”

  ”It seems to be a star…”

  ”Look carefully.”

  Tang Jinyu took a closer look, and he seemed to have seen a familiar figure, and didn’t remember until he saw Yin Qing. This was the crew that he and Li He saw on the street during the day today. After careful identification, it was not Yin Qing and his crew, it was just that Tang Jinyu had no impression of other stars. After all, Yin Qing will be the only one who will continue to be popular after ten years.

  Tang Jinyu watched for a while and was eager to try, “Brother, do you think I can go find a celebrity to sign for me later? I saw Yin Qing!”


  Xia Ye searched for photos on the Internet in the afternoon, but he still couldn’t distinguish these female stars. After asking his brother to show him who Yin Qing was, he asked, “You also chase stars? Do you like watching Yin Qing’s acting?”

  Tang Jinyu seriously recalled the series he had watched before, nodded and said: “I like it, she did a good job.”

  Xia Ye laughed and said, “It’s hard for others to say, Yin Qing should be fine.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t understand what he meant, and saw that his brother had already approached Yin Qing to have a conversation. Tang Jinyu was a little surprised, his brother had a rather cold personality. He had never reached out to communicate with other people like this before. In his impression, his brother usually talks the most on his computer at home, or to him.

Xia Ye spoke to Yin Qing briefly over there, and pointed at Tang Jinyu who was not far away. Yin Qing froze for a while, and quickly blushed for a while and waved her hands and nodded. She seemed to be a little helpless, but when Xia Ye stretched out his hand, she also smiled heartily and shook hands with him.

  Tang Jinyu looked at the hands they were holding together, and suddenly he didn’t want to step forward that much.


  He feels a little weird in his heart. His brother was actually a bit clean and didn’t like to contact strangers very much, and would get along with Song Yi friends for a few years before meeting. In a sense, he was very cold towards people.

  But today his brother seems to have made an exception?

  Xia Ye waved him over, and called him.

  Tang Jinyu moved a bit, but couldn’t get up. For the first time, he was a little bit reluctant to go over.

  However, Yin Qing has a very good personality, and she followed him generously. She also shook hands with Tang Jinyu and smiled and said, “You are Xiaoyu? You can call me Sister Qing. I’m a few years older than you!”

  Yin Qing blinked at him, she was a little more amiable than what Tang Jinyu saw on TV, like a big sister, she was not particularly gorgeous, she had an oval face, big eyes, and the corners of her lips rose when she laughed. Tang Jinyu thinks that she is very beautiful, the kind of beauty that was very mature, standing next to his brother without being suppressed by his momentum at all. She deserves to be the queen of ratings in the future.

  Tang Jinyu felt that standing next to her was as if he was a child compared to her.

  The way his brother and Yin Qing were standing and talking together looked relaxed and comfortable. They were on a different level than him.


  They talked here and attracted the attention of other people. Song Yi quickly got out of the small circle and came over with a wine glass. The female star next to Song Yi was the female number one in today’s crew. She knew that Song Yi was the protagonist of this banquet, and walked over with a glass of champagne.

  She saw that Song Yi had a different attitude towards the people here, especially after the teenage boy called out “Brother”, he just treated it as the younger brother of the management, and said with a smile: “Little brother, I can talk to you for a while, and take a photo with you and give you an autograph.”

  Tang Jinyu waved his hand: “No, no need.”

  The female star said: “It’s okay, don’t be shy.”

  Tang Jinyu: “…”

  He really didn’t know her, he was just hanging out with Yin Qing.

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  1. Wow, thank you translator-san for updating today too!!!
    Xia Ye is so considerate, he even asks the hotel’s waiter for warm milk… ONLY for Jinyu!!
    Ouch, Jinyu can feel jealous now!! Xia Ye is acting ambiguous with Yin Qing, you naughty man!!! You purposely didn’t explain that Yin Qing is Song Yi’s girlfriend to Jinyu!!!
    That number 1 female star (atm) is so shameless LOL. Jinyu only wants Yin Qing autograph for Li He you know, shame on you LOLOLOLOL

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  2. I do wonder how long it’ll take for Jinyu to realize its jealousy he’s feeling! It’s destined to not get much further right now due to Yin Qing being Song Yi’s girlfriend of course, but enough hints may eventually cause our dear little teenager to have that feelings realization moment! In the meantime, I really do have a weakness for the scent of vinegar!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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