LNTMG-(125) Account Synchronization

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 ”Dear Xiaoyu:

  Hey there! You must be surprised when you receive this letter? Haha, don’t be surprised by me. Actually, there is a little secret that I wanted to tell you. I like someone~ he is the most beautiful and outstanding person I have ever seen in the world!

  Yes, it’s ‘he’’. I like a boy. I believe you will not look down on me because of this, right? As for his name, I’m sorry I can’t tell you that yet. When I become as good as him, I want to confess to him in person. If the time is right, I will introduce him to everyone around me. I want to join hands with him and walk in the sun to see the most beautiful scenery in the world and enjoy all the happy things!


  The person I like is worthy of the best things in the world. So, after giving you your birthday present, I will join the provincial team to participate in the training camp. You are the first person to know about this good news. I was selected to enter the provincial team, so you have to play the piano well, I will run hard, and I will become great and win first place just like you!

  I hope that next year I can give you a medal as your birthday gift, and I hope you will fulfill your dream as soon as possible and play the best piano music!

  Best of wishes

  Learning to the next level!

  Your best friend: Guo Xiaohu.

  May 20″

  The young man written in the letter was as passionate and innocent as Guo Xiaohu, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy. He did not write the name of that person, but he can see how much he likes the other party, and likes him so much that he doesn’t want to destroy it, for fear of disturbing the other person.


  Tang Jinyu wanted to reply back to him, took a pen and paper from the drawer of the hotel, and began to write a few words, but didn’t know what to write down.

  Although Guo Xiaohu didn’t say who it was.

  But he can vaguely tell who he was talking about.

  In middle school, he had received a love letter from a little girl before. But this was the first time he received a pink letter from a boy.

  Tang Jinyu was particularly confused, frowned and thought for a while, then put down the pen in his hand and opened his laptop and searched relationships between two boys. The letter he got from Guo Xiaohu moved him a little.

  Tang Jinyu searched there, and in the next room, Xia Ye’s computer showed the message of “a little fish” synchronous login. Xia Ye looked up and continued to work, but soon he paused with his fingers and looked to the message prompt again. In the column, he went to see the information searched by “a little fish”, and his brows wrinkled.

  Song Yi was sitting on the opposite sofa and discussing with him. Halfway through the conversation, he saw Xia Ye’s face change, and he paused and said, “Does the terms of the acquisition need to be revised? In fact, I think there is still room for negotiation…”


  Xia Ye said: “Just follow the previous treatment.”

  Song Yi sat there and said, “May I ask, this acquisition of the hotel project, can this be regarded as the beginning?”

  ”What beginning?”

  ”The beginning of the competition with Mingcheng Company, or rather, with Mrs. Zhuang?” Song Yi considered it saying it politely, but gave up and said straightforwardly: “I want to know your opinion on this matter, whether you want to try to cross the border, or start a declaration of war.”

  Xia Ye thought for a moment, and wondered: “Why do you think so? Just because the Qin family is also in the hotel business, so when I touched it, I was targeting him? What’s the point.”

  Song Yi said: “You suddenly invested in Harbin this time, and many people came to me to inquire about this news.”

  Xia Ye said: “I don’t understand what those people are thinking. Didn’t I already tell you early on about investmenting in the hot spring hotel?”

  Song Yi laughed. The reason Xia Ye said earlier was because “it’s convenient to accompany his family on a ski holiday.” He believed this reason, but outsiders would never believe this if they heard about this, especially Zhuang Ya who took over Qin’s hotel. For her business, she has always been very concerned about Xia Ye and inquired about a lot of itinerary news. The most that she knows is that this was not Xia Ye first time visiting Harbin.

  Only Song Yi and the people around him knew about Xia Ye’s mother. Song Yi had seen Xia Ye and Zhuang Ya talk with his own eyes before. They did not act like mother and son, but more like strangers. The rift between them was absolutely impossible to repair. 


  Because of Xia Ye, Song Yi has been paying attention to Zhuang Ya in the past two years.

  Xia Ye was his boss and the lifeblood of the company. Since Song Yi was standing in the same boat, he naturally has to protect his boss. He has done a good job in all aspects. For at least a few years, he has never let some insignificant people go to disturb Xia Ye.

  With Xia Ye’s ambitions, the company was able to develop to its current scale in one go.

  In the past few years, there has been very little news about Zhuang Ya, and the only one is the shocking “success.”

  The Qin Group has a leading hotel business, but this huge family business had many drawbacks. Mingcheng Company was a branch in North China. The head of the company is Qincheng. The name of the company came from his first wife, Liao Mingzhen. She took the word “Ming” in her name, and then took the word “Cheng” from Qin Cheng, and then Mingcheng Company was formed.

  Qin Cheng was originally a romantic young man, and he didn’t have much of a strong ability. He relied on his father’s family business to make ends meet. Later, after divorcing and marrying Zhuang Ya, his business gradually improved. For more than ten years, the hotel business in Mingcheng has been managed by Zhuang Ya, President Zhuang. In recent years, he has slowly stepped up to the front. At the beginning of the year, when Zhuang Ya heard that there was a “success”, she took all the senior executives of the company and Qin Cheng was ousted from the position of chairman and replaced by Zhuang Ya.

Qin Cheng once insulted Zhuang Ya in public for this, but Zhuang Ya did not respond, still controlling the overall situation, without the slightest concession.


  The Qin family treated this matter with an ambiguous attitude and did not take back the power from Zhuang Ya’s hands.

  Some people say that Qin Cheng was too useless, and it was only just a side branch, and the Qin family will not ruin a company for such a waste, and others say that Zhuang Ya can bear the word “Mingcheng” and still sit down, and remain steady, forbearance alone was not something ordinary people can bear.

  At the beginning of the year, many people posted this on the Internet, and Zhuang Ya did not sit still and seemed to find someone to take down the post, but their skills were not good enough, and some still remained.

  Song Yidao: “If someone from Zhuang’s side comes to look for this again, do you want to respond?”

  Xia Ye said: “I have nothing to say to her. In business, it’s fine to come out forward.”

  Song Yi nodded and said: “Okay. I heard that Mrs. Zhuang just took over and did not work very smoothly. It seemed that there was difficulty in capital turnover a few days ago, but it may also be the news that Qin Cheng is in the company. There are also some old men whose sons stay in the company, and none of those people are easy to provoke. They fight fiercely in the nest.”

  Xia Ye was indifferent to Zhuang Ya. He and Zhuang Ya had chosen to live their life separately, and he did not want to have another intersection with her.

  Song Yi saw what he was thinking, and only said a few words before not mentioning it again.

  Xia Ye looked at his laptop, frowning deeper and deeper. After a while, of watching the little guy next door searched for certain words that were a little bit past child-level, he finally couldn’t help but locked the webpage for him. He closed his laptop and said to Song Yi:” Is there anything else?”


  Song Yi was stunned and shook his head: “Nothing.” He really wanted to take a vacation these two days, but Xia Ye forced him to work, and he failed to go to the crew for a visit.

  Xia Ye began to rush people unceremoniously: “Then you go back and rest early.”

  Song Yi got up and left.

  As soon as he left, Xia Ye knocked on the door next door with his back foot.

  Tang Jinyu was searching for new knowledge. It seemed that the internet was not working well and he was clicking on the webpage with his mouse, and was shocked when he heard a knock on the door, he closed his laptop and opened the door. After seeing Xia Ye, he felt a little guilty, “Brother, aren’t you busy?”

  Xia Ye stood at the door watching him, “Can I come in?”

  Tang Jinyu stepped aside and let Xia Ye in. Xia Ye came in and looked around. It was basically the same as when he left. There was a glass of water on the small table. His brother was very well-behaved and didn’t drink anything secretly.

  Xia Ye saw his schoolbags scattered on the sofa and wanted to tidy up for him. Tang Jinyu was taken aback and hurriedly shouted: “Brother! I want to eat fried rice!”

  Xia Ye looked back at him, “Didn’t you eat at night?”

  ”Eat a bit outside, but not full.”

  Xia Ye went to call the kitchen to deliver food, Tang Jinyu hurriedly stuffed his coat into his schoolbag, pressing the letter he had just received underneath.

  The fried rice was delivered soon, Tang Jinyu honestly began to eat his meal, and Xia Ye sat aside to accompany him.

  Xia Ye watched him eat for a while, then suddenly said, “Why did you suddenly search for those?”


  Tang Jinyu spit out fried rice, choking and coughing.

  Xia Ye took a tissue to him, “Slow down, I didn’t mean to see it. You logged in to your account with my computer last time and you accidentally synced it.”

  Tang Jinyu didn’t know if it was a cough or what he said, but he blushed all the way to neck, sitting there at a loss, his spoon moved twice in the fried rice dish, but he couldn’t eat it, and then said, “It was just about a friend of mine, I suddenly remembered and searched casually after he told me.”

  Xia Ye twisted his eyebrows: “Who? Guo Xiaohu?”

  Tang Jinyu waved his hands again and again, “No, no, my other friend!”

  ”Li He? Ji Yuanjie?”

  Xia Ye named all of Tang Jinyu’s friends, and he kept denying each one. He has been playing those same friends well since childhood. If Xia Ye kept going, he wouldn’t be able to hide it. So he stopped him, and said, “Brother, don’t ask, it’s a friend of mine anyway.”

  Xia Ye looked at him for a while, and the little guy in front of him was sitting on a chair with red ears, and his head looked like it wanted to be buried into his chest.

  Xia Ye spared him, and then suddenly thought of a possibility.

  He occasionally went to the Loulan forum to take a look at the posts. It seems that there was a saying in a recent popular post that when a person says “I have a friend”, the friend is often himself.

  It was probably that he was too embarrassed to speak about it, or for other reasons, he used the word “friend”.

  Xia Ye’s adam apple rolled a little, and for some reason, he suddenly became a little nervous.

  He was silent for a long time before asking in a low voice, “Xiaoyu, your friend…does he reject those?”


  ”If they like men, does your friend find it disgusting? Would you hate them?”

  Tang Jinyu shook his head, digging his fingers into the desktop twice, and he was embarrassed and felt like he caught doing something bad, and said in a flustered voice, “No, many people are like this, they didn’t do anything wrong, why should I hate them?”


  The corners of Xia Ye’s lips raised a little, and he coughed quickly before covering up.

  Tang Jinyu secretly raised his head to look at him. When their eyes met, he avoided him inexplicably and scratched his head, but he couldn’t figure out why.

  His heart beat fast, as if he was about to get a heart attack. It felt a little stuffy, and a little excited. When he got excited, he couldn’t tell whether he was happy or what. He could hear his heart beat in his ears, and could hardly hide it.

  He felt that he had been caught browsing a web page that was not suitable for teenagers, but there was another voice on the other side, whispering to him that it was not right.

  He couldn’t specifically figure it out after a while.

  When he couldn’t see his brother before, he would feel unhappy, but now that he sees him, he doesn’t dare to look up him and take a closer look.

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  The author has something to say:

  Small Theater:

  Xiaoyu: Brother, I have a friend who wants to know this!

Guo Xiaohu: It’s me, it’s me!

  Xia Ye (indifferent): I don’t believe it.

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  1. Not going to lie, I laughed as soon as Xia Ye started reading the search history and didn’t stop the rest of the chapter (no offense to Song Yi’s work!). Whst a glorious misunderstanding! It may not be true now, but it will eventually be reality! This is even better than my original bet about Xia Ye happening upon the letter like I thought would happen at the start!

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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