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Xia Ye took Tang Jinyu back by train, and Song Yi booked a flight ticket for the next day and stayed with his girlfriend for another day.

  Tang Jinyu was prone to get sleepy when he was in the car. It may be a habit he developed when he was a child, he used to take long-distance buses to the hospital, and they would go early. After going there, a series of blood tests were easy to make him fatigue, and long-distance bumps were easy to put him to sleep.

  There were only the two of them in the soft sleeper box. Xia Ye closed the door and let him sleep peacefully. He sat aside and read a book with him.

  The train was a bit cold, in the middle of the night, Tang Jinyu sneezed. Hearing the sound of the other bed move, his brother got up and went out and came back soon. He poured a bottle of hot water for him and whispered: “Hold it to sleep, and drink water by yourself when you are thirsty.”

  Tang Jinyu vaguely agreed, holding the bottle of hot water and fell asleep again.


  He was very lethargic on the road. If he didn’t eat during lunchtime, Xia Ye would have called a doctor to see him.

  They went to the restaurant car for lunch at noon. The food on the train tasted very ordinary. Someone in the restaurant brought their own instant noodles, and the smell came over making people itch. Tang Jinyu’s nose moved slightly and he smelled it. A staff member was passing by with a snack cart, he looked at Xia Ye expectantly, “Brother, do you see instant noodles~”

  Xia Ye didn’t see any, so he avoided him and continued to eat.

  Tang Jinyu smelled the scent of instant noodles. While looking at the snack cart, he pretended that he was also eating noodles, and choked a bit soon after eating.

  Xia Ye raised his head to look at him, Tang Jinyu hiccuped quietly, with an innocent look on his face.

The staff pushed the snack cart and passed them again, shouting “Peanuts and melon seeds and eight-treasure porridge”. When it was about to pass, Xia Ye stopped the people and paid for a cup.


  The staff member smiled while collecting the money and said, “You don’t buy a whole pack for your brother? Is this enough for him?”

  Xia Ye said, “I will give him a little bit.”

  Tang Jinyu was eager to try, and took the initiative to raise his hand to go make the instant noodles, and Xia Ye let him go. Tang Jinyu made sure to do a good job, and when the noodles were done. He pushed it to Xia Ye and waited for him to divide it, “Brother, here, you taste it. It tastes like braised beef, I don’t think I have eaten this for a long time!”

  Xia Ye didn’t really like these instant noodles, but he couldn’t let his brother eat them all by himself. He deliberately gave him less, he looked at his bowl, and there was only a little bit of noodles.

  Tang Jinyu ate with relish.

  Xia Ye saw this and smiled, “The first time you ate instant noodles when you were a kid, one piece was enough for you.”

  ”In fact, it’s not enough, but you just won’t give it to me.”

  ”Do you remember when you were a kid?”


  ”Yeah, I have a vague impression, I remember you fed me noodles.”

  Tang Jinyu had a good rest these past two days and got enough sleep. Many memories from his childhood can be recalled. He still remembers looking like a little radish next to Xia Ye. At the time, his whole family did not give him instant noodles, and he once saw Xia Ye eat so flagrantly, he crawled onto his brother’s lap while smelling it. At that time, Xia Ye had enough determination, and he sullenly refused to give him food. In the end, Teacher Xia couldn’t stand it, and let him share a piece to give him a taste.

  The instant noodles were really delicious, especially after eating, his brother gave him a sip of soup.

  The broth of braised beef noodles was the most delicious thing on earth.

  Seeing that he kept looking at himself, Xia Ye picked another noodle for him, and ate the rest by himself, but didn’t give the broth of instant noodles. He put a bowl of winter melon and bone soup on hand for the little guy to drink.

  ”Brother, I want to drink yours…”

  ”Do you want to grow taller?”

  This was too lethal, and Tang Jinyu immediately ate his meal obediently.


  The journey of one day and one night came to an end quickly. The two brothers got out of the car and saw the family who came to pick them up as soon as they got out of the station.

  Tang Hongjun and Chen Suling came to pick them up in person. After seeing them, they reached out to carry their luggage. But how could Xia Ye be willing to let them do it, and took them all by himself, “Uncle, I will take two pieces of luggage. It won’t get in the way.”

  Tang Hongjun didn’t argue with him either, patted him on the shoulder and smiled: “How was it taking Xiaoyu out alone, was your brother still obedient?”

  Xia Ye also smiled, “Always very obedient.”

  Chen Suling opened her arms and hugged her son first. Tang Jinyu was stunned at first, but he quickly hugged her back. When it was Tang Hongjun’s turn, he also gave a big hug with a smile, and all the things he thought about before getting out of the car melted in this hug. He truly lived with Tang Hongjun and his wife for ten years, and grew up little by little. They were his parents who raised him.

  Although it was a bit mysterious, Tang Jinyu felt that they were really his parents. The kind of intimacy through blood cannot be changed. When he saw them, it was like a baby bird recognizing their parents, and he was very dependent.


  Chen Suling touched his face and then smiled and asked how his birthday was. Tang Jinyu answered each of them one by one. Chen Suling looked at him on the road, which made Tang Jinyu a little strange, “Mom, is there anything on my face?”

  ”No, I think you have become a little more lively when you come back this time.” Chen Suling tapped the tip of his nose and said with a smile: “It’s a good thing.”

  Tang Jinyu chuckled and called her mother again.

  Chen Suling patted his hand, “Mom is here, you must be homesick, it’s the first time you have left us for so long. Let me tell you, your father prepared food at home before you guys came, and he bought one big fish, just wait till we come back to make braised fish!”

  Tang Jinyu rejoiced, and immediately began to praise, “My dad is so good!”

  Tang Hongjun’s waist was sore and felt that his legs no longer hurt. He straightened his back and strode forward, and was full of energy, wishing to rush home to cook a table of delicious food for his son.

  When Tang Hongjun drove back, Chen Suling took her youngest son’s hand and sat in the back row, drove Xia Ye to the front, and said with a smile: “Xiaoye sit in front. I haven’t seen Xiaoyu for several days. I really miss him and I want to talk to him more.”

  Xia Ye was generous and went to the front immediately.

  On the road, Chen Suling couldn’t help but ask about her son’s travel in Harbin carefully. Tang Hongjun couldn’t get in a word when he drove in front, and was able to talk after waiting  for tens of seconds when he reached the red street light intersection. Chen Suling dismissed him, “You drive well and don’t interrupt.”

  Tang Honjun was afraid of his wife, so he dared not ask them again, so he turned his head and chatted with Xia Ye.


  Xia Ye always answers questions. Although his responses were not as interesting as Tang Jinyu, they were detailed enough. Tang Hongjun and him have similar topics. Although they studied different majors, they can talk a lot once they got together. He asked what his child had done in the past few days was enough for them to talk for a long time.

  Tang Hongjun heard that his child ate a little more than at home, and felt relieved.

  Tang Hongjun said: “The chef in the cafeteria of our unit happens to be from Harbin. He cooks really good stew! If Xiaoyu wants to eat some, I can take him along. What does he like to eat over there?”

  Xia Ye thought about it seriously, “It’s all okay.” His brother was really not picky about eating.

  Tang Honjun didn’t give up, “Was there nothing that he wanted to taste?”

  Xia Ye: “…the instant noodles on the train.”

  Tang Honjun immediately denied: “That won’t work.”

  After a while, the silly dad reluctantly said, “It’s okay to taste a little bit, but he can’t eat more, it’s bad for his health.”

  Xia Ye understands his feelings at the moment, that is, he has strong self-control in front of the elders in his family, but he has already given some for the little guy to eat.

  For dinner at home in the evening, Tang Jinyu helped peel the beans. The fresh broad beans were fried and sweet, and a little meat foam and soy sauce were used for special meals. This was the most tender and the best of the season. Tang Hongjun went to the kitchen to make braised fish. Xia Ye went upstairs and changed his clothes. After a little tidying up, he found a reason to sneak in to learn some cooking skills. He still didn’t give up on his cooking, and he always felt that there was room for improvement.


There was only one side of the braised fish in the evening.

  Tang Hongjun’s secret method was to fry first and then stew. The outside is crispy and the inside is tender, and it was very tasty. He watched Xia Ye’s determination, and fried one side and let Xia Ye try. The end result of the fried fish turned into a caramel color.

  Although the taste was not affected much, the texture was obviously harder, which was not very good.

  Tang Jinyu served a bowl of rice and ate fish in a big bite. He ate some on both sides. The other dishes that Xia Ye had left for him. He really liked the fish cooked at home, especially the half of the fish made by his brother. Although it was a bit burnt, it was as delicious as the soup. This dish was also much more difficult than the soy pot noodles.

  After eating, the family sat and chatted for a while. Chen Suling watched the two brothers get up one after another to wash the dishes, and when they came back, she said, “Why does it look like Xiaoyu grew a little taller?”

  Tang Hongjun was most concerned about this matter, and took a meter ruler to measure his son, “172…it’s taller, taller! It’s 1 centimeter taller!”

  Tang Jinyu was a little excited when he heard this, he raised his head and said, “Dad, let me see, let me see!”

  Tang Hongjun crossed the line and watched happily with his son for a long time. Both father and son were very satisfied. Tang Honjun thinks that his son only needs to pass 1.75 meters. Tang Jinyu feels that he is two centimeters taller compared to winter vacation. The half-year goal has been achieved. Wouldn’t he be 1.75 meters by the end of the year? How beautiful!

(T/n: 1.75 m= 5’7)

  Chen Suling watched her husband and their silly fun there, and couldn’t help but laugh. She went to touch her son’s head. From such a young age, a little baby that she needed to hold carefully, has grown taller than her.


  Tang Jinyu proudly said: “Mom, I will grow taller!” He remembered that on the other side, when he was in his second year in high school, he was 1.78 meters tall. The two sides of himself were exactly the same. It was very likely that they will be the same height, so reaching his goal shouldn’t be a problem!

  Chen Suling smiled and nodded, “Yeah, such a big kid!”

  Xia Ye didn’t stay overnight, and went back to the company early.

  Tang Jinyu was going to school tomorrow, so he simply packed his school bag and quickly went to his bedroom upstairs.

  There was a computer in his bedroom. After turning it on, he typed “Tang Zhengde” and started searching. There were quite a few pages of this person’s name, but most of them were not what he was looking for. After thinking about it, he added “Pingcheng”. “Chef Recruitment” and other words, a few people were found this time, but the ages were wrong, and they were not who he was looking for.

  He remembered a lot of things, and also remembered the name of his grandfather who took care of him on the other side. Now all he needed was time to find him.

  Tang Jinyu opened the “Loulan” forum and posted a post in the chat section, remarking that he was looking for an old grandfather surnamed Tang, but he was confused again in the input clue column. Although he remembered his grandfather’s name, he never asked about his grandfather’s hometown, he grew up with the old man since he was a child, and didn’t even consciously inquire about this. He never thought that one day he would be separated from his grandfather.


  Scratching his head, he could only write down a few clues he knew, such as “the chef”, “can make special eight-treasure rice”, “fried vegetable dumplings”… these things that he could remember.

  His account in “Loulan” was very high, and there were many virtual coins that Xia Ye transferred to him, which can also be used as coins to circulate in the forum. Tang Jinyu thought about hanging 10,000 gold coins and exchanged them in a basic 1:1 virtual currency. In terms of currency, this was already a lot.

  After Tang Jinyu hung it up, refreshed it again. Sure enough, some people left a message, but most of them were banging up and watching the excitement, but no one really answered his question.

  He brushed it a few more times, knowing that it would take time, and didn’t wait much, so he washed and went to bed.

  After 11 o’clock in the evening, this post was pinned to the top by the moderator.

  Ten minutes later, 100,000 gold coins were added by the great god code-named “x”.

    Since it was not too much, the top administrators of the registered account successively added tens of thousands of gold coins each, which became popular in the middle of the night. If the task of searching for people on this post is solved, they will really be rich overnight, with a monthly income of dozens.

  Some people were also interested in the owner of the account “A little fish” and opened a few more posts to pick up his identity. Some people found that the registered account of “A little fish” was within the top ten, even in sub-forums “00”, this account can express more meaning, at least it means that as early as ten years ago, when the “Loulan” forum was first established, “a little fish” was one of the founders.


  There was even speculation that this person may be the pioneer of the sub-forum.

  ”I guess they are one of the founders of Yava Box, so this tracing post should be true. If you have clues, you can boldly submit your paper and give it a try. The chance of getting rich overnight is here!”

  ”‘A Little Fish’ is very nice to have not broken the rules and use a real name.”

  ”What are you thinking upstairs? He is also a big hacker. One of the founders from back then, of course they understand this rule! Look carefully, Xia Shen personally named and helped to add 100,000 gold coins, OK!”

  ”It should be the boss who fought with Xia Shen ten years ago!”

  ”In order to eat an eight-treasure meal, it costs 300,000 yuan…too true temperament, I don’t understand the big brother’s world.”

  ”Worship the boss!”


  Tang Jinyu didn’t put his name in his post because of some considerations. On the one hand, he was afraid of affecting his grandfather’s life. On the other hand, he couldn’t explain to his brother-quiet literally, he tried to, but now he could only write his grandfather’s name and the extra words can’t be said or written down, and they could only be held back.

  He never expected that one of his posts would attract so many onlookers, and even because of the “x” who hadn’t shown up for a long time, he added 100,000 gold coins, which caused shock in the hacker circle.

  Tang Jinyu spent only half an hour before going to bed at night, and went to school on time during the day. In the world separated by the Internet, the popularity of posts continued to heat up.

  Hundreds of kilometers away, in a mansion.

  The spacious living room was decorated with magnificent and delicate decoration. The huge crystal chandelier was three stories high. The curtains in the whole room were tightly drawn, and the crystal chandelier was on, reflecting the light on the polished marble floor.

The villa near Qianping was very quiet, with only a small sound of typing on the keyboard.

  A young man sat cross-legged in the corner of a long dining table, looking at the screen lazily with his body tilted, and pressing the keyboard from time to time, skipping the information he didn’t need until a message flashed.

  His fingers paused, he opened the message and stared at it for a moment, before he smiled for a long time: “How interesting.”

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