LNTMG-(129) Qin Shuwei

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Old Ape also noticed the enthusiasm of the post, and there are newcomers who do not know the severity of this and want to steal his account.

  It was useless for Han Yichen and the others to take action, so Old Ape solved it by himself.

  Tang Jinyu’s account was usually taken care of by Xia Ye, which was basically equal to his backup account. After he noticed it, he asked Old Ape this, and Old Ape said: “There are only a few who don’t understand the rules. There’s only a few newcomers that dare to try a few Trojan horses, but what they don’t know is that it was made by Xiao Han in the past.”

  Xia Ye asked him: “Give me the registered accounts of those people.”

  Old Ape: “Which account, I just logged out.”

  Xia Ye thought for a while and said, “Keep them next time. I’ll check where they came from, just in case.”


  Old Ape smiled and said, “Don’t worry, I checked one, of them when I logged out, and there were an ordinary person, a kid who just started and doesn’t have much abilities elsewhere, can I not keep protecting Xiaoyu online?”

  Xia Ye laughed, closed the web page, and continued to work.

  However, for the sake of safety, he still made encryption settings for the “A little fish” account, and he didn’t even protect his own account so tightly.

  At the same time that he did this, Old Ape was the real overprotector. The three levels inside and outside three levels tightly guarded Xiaoyu’s account according to the website level, and even the inside of the “Loulan” forum would move. Xia Ye really didn’t understand Old Apes’s fighting spirit, he was absolutely high-spirited at this moment.

  When Tang Jinyu came home that night, he saw that his post had already had over a thousand comments, especially the additional gold coin quota that had reached hundreds of thousands. Not only did Xia Ye and Old Ape add money for him, but a lot of other people did as well. He scrolled down and read each comment, most of them wished him to find the “Grandpa Eight Treasure Rice” as soon as possible.

  Tang Jinyu obviously doesn’t know what happened to this post. Now the people who left messages have been strictly screened by Old Ape to ensure that they are all good people. Some aggressive and deliberate provocative remarks were deleted directly, according to the youth green Internet environment, making it very safe.


  After Tang Jinyu read every message there, there was still no useful information.

  Next to his post were a few other popular posts, but they seem a little mysterious. He opened a post called “today’s coin casting metaphysics”, and the comments on there were even more strange, with the main comment saying “Fate is wonderful, I left a comment, how about you?”

  The comment below responded that they also left a message successfully, but whether they left a message successfully or not, were very sorry.

  Tang Jinyu couldn’t understand, and clicked on another post called “Blessing of Koi”. The main building was beaming, saying that he had gotten 300,000 Koi, and asked everyone enthusiastically: “I passed the screening, and my message was successful. My fish blessed me! Today! Have you gotten the koi!!”

  There are a large number of people downstairs who scream and leave a message, but the probability of leaving a comment was up to chance, and some people cried and said that they were great people, and asked why their comments were rejected.

  A well-intentioned person replied: “According to my observations, these following three points must be met. One is that the account registration time must be at least half a year or more, the second is that the experience value must be enough, and the third is that there cannot be a bad commentary influence. I will help others to answer their questions. So don’t rub the host, go answer the questions and rub the koi next door!”


  Tang Jinyu has been using the web form for a long time, he knew that most of them were like this, but he still didn’t know what they were talking about.

  But he was also not too curious about figuring it out, and he looked for a while after returning to his post, and then went offline.


  He called Xia Ye before going to bed, and Xia Ye picked up after a while, as if he was walking to a quiet place, “Xiaoyu?”

  Tang Jinyu heard the faint voice of other people talking on his side, and said a little strangely: “Brother, are you outside?”

  Xia Ye said: “Yeah, a little social gathering.”

  Tang Jinyu was even more curious. His brother rarely goes out to do these things. “Who is there, are you busy…”


  ”Oh, then I’ll call you later.”

  ”…Not you.”

  Xia Ye walked a few steps again, and it sounded a lot quieter, as if he had entered the room, “I came with Brother Song, Yin Qing has some activities today. I went to give her the game endorsement that I told you last time.”

  Tang Jinyu gave a “wow” and became excited, “Which one is it? Is it the one we usually play? I like to use the mage in it the most. It also matches the image of Sister Qing. Sister Qing wears the suit of Zhaojun ‘Out of the Fortress’ . It must be super nice!”


  Xia Ye laughed and said, “I haven’t discussed the specifics yet. If you like it, you can go and discuss it with Brother Song. If he agrees, there should be no problem.”

  ”Brother Song must agree, what a beautiful set, the goddess of all the boys in our class!”

  ”You like it too?”

  ”Of course… No, I like my male god.” Tang Jinyu took a half step and immediately took it back and said in kindness, “Brother, I like you the most! When I was on the forum just now, I saw that you gave me a lot of gold coins.”

  ”Yeah, it’s useless for me to leave it there, so I just give it to you.”

  Xia Ye stayed in the room for ten minutes and listened to his brother’s compliments. He didn’t feel upset at all, and felt amused, “I’m so good in your heart?”

  ”Of course, brother, you are the best to me!”

  Xia Ye said, “I’ll help you look for him. You go to school first. On weekends, I’ll send you to your piano lessons, or should I send you to eat at Su Ji?” Hearing the other side agree, and checked his class time. Xia Ye just hung up the phone.

  He was not used to social gatherings, hiding in the room made him feel more at ease. This was a guest room, and he sat here for a while, thinking about Su Ji’s new dishes, and sent two text messages to his brother to ask. Tang Jinyu went to bed early, and the two texted and chatted for a while.


Xia Ye asked the little guy to list the menu himself. Tang Jinyu really quickly wrote a copy. Su Ji can serve half of the dish. Tang Jinyu wrote a lot and took photos in his hand and sent it over. Xia Ye took a look and remembered that those dishes were the ones they often ate. His attention was quickly attracted by the blue corner of the menu—there was a cartoon car pattern on it. He had seen it before and helped washed.

  Xia Ye typed: “Go to the bed, cover yourself with a blanket and don’t catch a cold.”

  Tang Jinyu posted a salute emoji over there, and soon followed another: “Brother, I’m sleeping, good night!”

  Xia Ye replied “Goodnight”, and the corners of his lips rose.

  There was a voice outside the door. Not long after someone knocked on the door twice and opened the door and walked in. He was a little surprised when he saw that Xia Ye was already sitting on the sofa, but he quickly smiled and said, “Sorry, I thought there was no one in the room.”

  There were two people standing outside the door. The man in front looked around the age between twenty-eight or nine. He had good facial features and looked bright, he smiled and wanted to shake hands with Xia Ye to get to know him, while the one behind him was younger, his hair was too dark. His skin seemed a little pale, and seemed as though he had never been touched by the sun for a long time. He raised his hand and yawned, not caring about these vainly social interactions.

  The man in front had already walked up to Xia Ye and said with a smile: “My name is Qin Shuwei, this is my cousin Qin Ke, may I ask who you are?”

  Xia Ye’s eyes fell on him for a moment, and he already recognized who he was. Qin Cheng’s son, one of the reasons Zhuang Ya would leave without hesitating and abandon her husband and son. She said that Qin Shuwei was at least more normal than him, and not a monster. He hasn’t seen him for ten years, and this man was still disgusting as always, and the utilitarian disguised with euthanasiasm can be seen through at a glance.


  Xia Ye’s eyes turned cold, and he stood up and said, “After knocking on the door, it’s common sense to wait for a response.”

  Qin Shuwei was taken aback, the smile on his face was a little reluctant.

  Xia Ye avoided his outstretched hand, got up and left, walking neatly.

  The moment the door was closed, Qin Shuwei’s expression changed, but he still held back his anger, went to pat on the sofa, and took a soft cushion and put it over to please the young man behind him: “Qin Ke, sit here, This kind of salon is like this. It’s noisy outside, and only here is a little quieter. I will drive you to the riverside for a while. The night view is still good…”

  Qin Ke walked over and sat cross-legged on the soft cushion, as if he were at home in the dining room, he was particularly relaxed, leaning back there and smiling suddenly: “Why does that person hate you?”

  Qin Shuwei said: “I don’t know him at all!”

  Qin Ke had sharp eyes and was still laughing while holding his chin, with a playful tone: “I think that what that person is quite right. Your etiquette class is really not up to standards. If you were like this before, I wouldn’t have seen it.”

  Qin Shuwei’s face was green and white. If his father had not repeatedly confessed to take good care of this young master from his own family, he would never bend down to serve people, let alone be insulted tonight without a word, and the other party go. He added Qin Ke’s ridicule to the person just now, thinking that he must double the price if he has a chance.


  Qin Ke didn’t reflect on what he meant after reprimanding others, and looked out the window with her chin, before calling him: “I’m hungry.”

  Qin Shuwei said, “There is food outside, what do you want to eat? I’ll get it for you.”

  Qin Ke said: “I want to eat McDonald’s, you run down and buy it for me now.”

  Qin Shuwei said, “Well, I will let the driver go now…”

  Qin Ke turned to look at him, raised his eyebrows and said: “Did you not understand what I just said? I’ll be frank with you. I just think you are not pleasing to my eyes, and I am too lazy to see you. So go buy it and let the driver come and accompany you.”


  Qin Shuwei blushed, gritted his teeth, and still agreed, got up and left.

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  1. Of course the mother’s family drama gets dragged back into the picture! I don’t tend to blame children for the sins of the parent, but that doesn’t mean I’m prone to like Qin Shuwei here either since in the end my loyalties lie with Xia Ye.

    Thanks for your hard work translating!

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